Europe - Words Of Wisdom Lyrics

So many words have passed through my mind
Never thought I'd be so blind
I wish I could understand you

So many things I've heard and seen
But still I don't know what you mean
When you say "I'm leaving you"

I wish I could remember
Everything I've learned
I've tried and I've tried to be so good
And I know i should
Say something before you go
Cause every time I've done something wrong
It's so hard to be strong
Gone are the feelings I want to show

Oh... words of wisdom
Oh... teach me more
Oh... words of wisdom
Oh... so much more

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Europe Words Of Wisdom Comments
  1. Nigel Tempest

    Swedish Heavy Metal/Melodic Heavy Metal🤘🏻

  2. Rubel Ahmed

    Best song of this album.

  3. Doug Masters

    Europe with John Norum in the band were a real force.

    Noor Bjurstrom

    I agree ! (was the thing with Force supposed to be a joke ? lol)

    Doug Masters

    @Noor Bjurstrom Haha yeah inside joke for big fans of Europe.

    Noor Bjurstrom

    @Doug Masters haha yeah 😉 private joke right ? 😂

    Doug Masters

    @Noor Bjurstrom Yeah! Elite Europe fans will get it.

  4. Alex Mustata

    Otherworldly song. Their debut and wings of tomorrow are some of the best sounds ever produced

  5. Ivan A

    Great !

  6. Rahulrawat grg220

    Beautiful Song...!!!

  7. MsKiara68

    Europe always great!!

  8. Alice Aliveness

    Such a beautiful voice and feeling

  9. Andrew Olson

    One of my favourite guitar solos at 2:22

    Doug Masters

    One of Norum's best.

  10. mf Garganus

    Questa è storia

  11. Bernardo Barcelos

    2016 here!

    Izziggio NDRS

    +Bernardo Barcelos i'm here in 2016 LOL

  12. vickyfanEurope fabiani

    joey tempest is the best singer

  13. vickyfanEurope fabiani

    great song

  14. Tecno Soft (Technosoft)

    Awesome guitar solo !

  15. Emma Tempest

    This song is AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!! One of the best songs of Europe !

  16. Richard

    Le solo de guitare dont j'avais toujours reve... Europe l'a fait!

  17. DarkLordVeil

    Europe 4 ever ............. esta música é espectacular, mesmo brutal :)

  18. Lyndon Cook

    this album is empowered by the spirits of rock! this is one of my all time fav albums and has so much influence in my musical journey!

  19. Rorschachxx1985

    @EuropeFactor i would agree :)

  20. Mark Chaplin

    I love their first album, I think it has some real classics on it and a magical feel