Europe - Wake Up Call Lyrics

Hello what keeps you going
The way we're running through these years
I guess they're showing

I don't have no clever lines
To explain my state of mind
Well it doesn't matter
It's just a while since I could feel
This song is what I need
Like a wake up wake up call

Hello what made you come here
You defy all kinds of logic
When you don't stay clear

I don't talk the way you do
I guess you feel the same way too
But it doesn't matter
We meet somewhere in between
This song and what we need
Like a wake up wake up call

We're just laying down this track
Guess I'll have to call you back
But it doesn't matter
We'll connect again one day
An the song will find it's way
Like a wake up wake up call

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Europe Wake Up Call Comments
  1. photographer belgium

    Best band ever

  2. Хыыы Ъеь

    Cool song, actually beginning

  3. Daniel Szyfman

    Q música maravilhosa !!!!!!

  4. amy mikhaeian

    What an amazing song. I love this album. What a great voice. Joey gets better by age. Just love it.😍

  5. MBJ861

    Fine head banging tune. Though their stuff nowadays are more blues oriented.

  6. Raffa M

    My idols when I was a girl !!

  7. Rheanna Logston

    I love you Joey tempest. You are the best. Europe always!!!!!

  8. predelites

    I love u John leven and always will love europe and u john leven EUROPE FOREVER !!!!!!

  9. Ryan Walsh

    Hell yeah!

  10. Carol Coelho

    y love you joey tempest

  11. Ozan Bektas

    great song.



  13. perryfan49

    Good song! I guess they brought their specialty to this song. The only things that Rock today is The Rock of Yesterday!!!

  14. Michael Eckhardt

    WAKE UP CALL!!!!!

  15. Kishore Shenoy

    man, this is the kind of music i like to wake up to
    please let the new album be like this!!!

  16. AnFiNiTyy

    love this song i'm from sweden and europe is from sweden:D

  17. Jallebulle

    Norum is great :)

  18. Jallebulle

    where tok Kee Marcello away?? He whas a gittar hero in Europe a long time a go!!!

  19. Jallebulle

    What a rock :)