Europe - No Stone Unturned Lyrics

I, I walk this Earth
Until I stagger and fall
To my knees

I won't rest my bones
If I'm awake or asleep
There'll be no relief

They say we're tired of love
That we're running away
Leave no stone unturned
Leave no stone unturned
Believe and you shall arrive

The trust has gone bit by bit
'Cause they've been twisting the truth
But our skin is too thick

They say we're tired of love
That we're running away
Leave no stone unturned
Leave no stone unturned
Believe and you shall arrive

They say we're tired of love
And that we're running away
Leave no stone unturned
Leave no stone unturned
Believe and you shall arrive

You shall arrive

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Europe No Stone Unturned Comments
  1. Paula Louise Collins

    Ohhhhhhohhhhohhhhhhh, to see you Mr Tempest on Guitar 🙏🏻

  2. Paula Louise Collins

    I shall Arrive....this song takes your mind away!! ❤️❤️❤️🥰🤟🎸🎤

  3. Barry Walling

    21st century rock. These guys have ascended to a level unknown.
    they deserve every little plankton of praise.

    Barry Walling

    and hey! try 2019.....

  4. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny koncert oraz super piosenka oraz wspanialy zespol europe

  5. Barry Walling

    not enough views.

  6. Barry Walling

    I am about to turn 59 in January, I think Joey is right about my age. Man this is one of the greatest rock bands of all time, I just love these guys, they continue to impress. From Final Countdown to Superstitious , I'm rediscovering with the "Last Look At Eden" album and "War of Kings", "Bag of Bones", "Walk the Earth" , they just keep gettin' better and deserve the upmost recognition.

  7. Paula Louise Collins

    Love this song ..........❤️🤟🎄🎸🎤

  8. Art Kryss


  9. Paula Louise Collins

    Brilliant! 💕 you Guys!! See you 2020 in Birmingham, England! 💋💋💋💋💋

  10. Bianca Modder

    Greatful Song ‼

  11. Yoly Domino Fuenzalida del Solar

    Joey(Tempest):Follow,Oki?,HiHiHi=LOOOTS"THAAANKS":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi..."my1'DUPLEX":Ricky:x+15Years:Huuuf,Oki?...&Before:"BiSexual",Oki?&Now,"Gay":uf,Oki?...&Not"BiSexual",Oki?=Only"Hetero","myBBs",Oki?,HiHiHi&"ALWAAYS"have"TOOLD"you"myBBs",Oki?,HiHiHi...So,Then:"my2'DUPLEX":Enrique:x+10Years+:Huuuf,Oki?...but he"PREFEERED"Annita:uf,Oki?...&So,Then:"my3'DUPLEX":Chayanne:x+5Years+:Huuuf,Oki?...but itSeemsStill,"PREFEERS" "hisWIFE":uf,Oki?...Better,Don't"SAY"How?"Muuch" "EFFOOORT"in"WRITTING"uf,Oki?&xHow?"Maany"Years:uy,Oki?...&Also,How?Muuch"PAAAIN":uf,Oki?...Huuuf...Well,"Finaally" "aSINGLE" "BB-Man",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi&Also,Without"CHILDREN":Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHi:PabloAlboran:Next"Viña delMarFESTIVAL",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi=UntillEndsFebruary,Oki?=Still,4&1/2Months+,Oki?=Stiill,CanFollow"SINGING"x me,"myBBs",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&Then,"SING"x"yourOfficialCOUPLES",Pleaase:Huuuf,"myBBs",Oki?...Exceept"myDUPLEX":1'Ricky:Huuuf,Oki?;Then,Enrique:Huuuf,Oki?;Then,Chayanne:Huuuf,Oki?&Now,PabloAlboran:Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHi&Also,"their+CLOOSE",Oki?,HiHiHi=CanFollow"SINGING"x me,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi&Also,x"EVEER":Wooow,Oki?...&So,+Months toBe"ReCOOVERING" "mySelf-STEEM":Huuuf,"myBBs",Oki?,HiHiHi...&asStill"TOGEEETHER","myBBs",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...Pleaase,Follow x a+"HUUMAN"World:Wooow,Oki?&Also,Pleaase:x"CLIMATE Change":uy,Oki?=causeStill,+"NATURAL DISSASTERS":uf,Oki?..."myBBs"haveAlready"CHAANGED" "theWorld":Wooow,Oki?=LOOOTS"CONGRATULAAATIONS","myBBs":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...💖💗💝💟💓💕💔💋:"myPuppy"Sends youAAll"hisHEAAARTS","myBBs",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...withAAll"myGRAAATITUDE":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...xAAll"yourAFFEEECTION"of"ALWAAYS":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...PD1:&JoeyTempest(1990):Wooow,Oki?;Then,Ricky(1993):Wooow,Oki?&Then,Enrique(1997):Wooow,Oki?:"HOOPE" "toMEET"you,,Agaain,Oki?,HiHiHi:in"AnotherDIMENSION":uy,Oki?&Also,in"NextENCARNATIONS":Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...cause"Saame" "SOOULS"are"ALWAAYS" "TOGEEETHER":Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi..."GODD Willing":Huuuf="AMEN":Huuuf...

  12. Yoly Domino Fuenzalida del Solar

    Joey(Tempest):Agaain,Hello!!,HiHiHi...asNow,We're+"FRIEEENDS",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...Stiill,Didn't"DAAARE"with you:uy,Oki?...Still,So"NAAIVE":uy,Oki?&Still,So"IN-SECURE":uy,Oki?...&"BELIEEVED"you'reNow"MARRIED":uy,Oki?&Also,with"CHILDREN":uy,Oki?...&youWantedOnly"anADVENTURE":uy,Oki?...ifNot?,you'veBeen"myBB-Man" "INVITED",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...causeStill,"REMEEEMBER"WhenWe"MET"(1990):Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...Well,"myAnglos-BBs":"atLaast",Have you"theEEnd"of"ThisSTORY":Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHi...Now,+91?or+92?BOOKS"INSPIRATION"Letters or"IDEAS":"META-PHYSICS"or"SPIRITUALITY";"PSYCHO-ANALYSIS"Jung&"ECOLOGY":Huuuf,Oki?...&Also,,AAll"myLIIFE":Huuuf,Oki?...&x+26Years:uy,Oki?...&Ricky:+91?or+92?"BOOKS"SoROMAAANTIC"Videos-Letters":Wooow,Oki?...&Also,Enrique:+91?or+92?"BOOKS"SoTEEENDER"Videos-Letters":Wooow,Oki?...&Also,x"Maany"Years:uy,Oki?...So,We3:"RIGHTS AUTHOR":Huuuf,Oki?...&"SINGING"x me:"myLatins-BBs":"FAME"&"FORTUNE":Wooow,Oki?...&Also,"myAnglos-BBs":"MundialFAME"&"MundialFORTUNE":DoubleWooow,Oki?...&Now:x"3DECADES":1990-2000-2010=JustUntill2020,Oki?,HiHiHi...&"KNOW"Who?"myBBs-Men":Still,"RETUURN"x me:Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&Also,"DisneyRadio":Who?Still,"DEDICAAATE"x me:Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&Even,Who?Still,"RETUURN"to"Viña delMarFESTIVAL":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&Also,to"LollapaloozaFESTIVAL":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&Also,Even"Rock inRioFESTIVAL"=in"Santiago"(2021):DoubleWooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi..."yourSUPPOORT"hasBeenSo,So"AMAAAZING","myBBs":AAll"theWooows",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&"atLaast":"theFinaal"of"ThisSTORY":Huuuf,"myBBs",Oki?,HiHiHi=Only"1 LETTER"+,Pleaase,"myBBs",Oki?,HiHiHi...

  13. Dyan Sari

    Love u europe....!

  14. Rute Aparecida


  15. Lyana B

    Great Song but better title is *Better Is Unturned Stone * 😎Peace 🌍🍀TRUE LOVE. 💕HAPPY from ALL FOREVER 😏💕💕💕


    Unique, un super groupe

  17. Stefano Wolfler

    Eccezionale!!! grandissima band , credo la più importante in circolazione ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  18. Lea-Anne

    Epic song.. excellent musicianship & song writing as always!🤘🏼

  19. Dude D haha Dinkli

    The surchhh goes on🤔🤘rock on

  20. Lyana B


  21. Michele Perrin

    All Songs Europe , Joey are so Good💝💝congratulations, we love YOU💝💝 Thank you so much 👋 Mr. TEMPEST , RESPECT 💋🥰

  22. Adrian Mario Bravo

    Como viajo por todas las galaxias con ese teclado¡¡¡

  23. Adrian Mario Bravo

    Bellesa Rock del norte¡¡ genios¡¡

  24. evelyn campos

    Gran tema es el que mas me gusta virtuosos todos

  25. Edith Orellana

    la escucho mil veces,con que sentimiento y fuerza la canta.espectacular cancion!!!

  26. Adrian Mario Bravo

    Que show maestros que conmosiono el corazon y el alma....

  27. Dominika Fus

    Awesome 💓

  28. Teresa Teresa

    Amo Europe !! Joey Tempest la voz !!! impresionante !!!

  29. Purjo Brmel

    Awesome !

  30. Elena Cavicchi

    Svedese .

  31. Elena Cavicchi

    Gruppo Musicale Meraviglioso.

  32. Elena Cavicchi


  33. Elena Cavicchi


  34. Elena Cavicchi

    Unico Grande Joey. Grazie alla Tua Musica.😗🎆🦁.

  35. Elena Cavicchi

    🎤☀️ Joey.

  36. Verónica Silva

    I love that song! that mixture between hard and progressive rock is perfect ;)

  37. Rosana Ochoa


  38. nancy gomez


  39. Ingrid Halbrecq


  40. Montserrat Serrano Abarca

    Os quiero os quiero europe siempre la mejor banda del mundo os quiero

    Mirta Maria Gatica Gatica

    Los amo

  41. Elena Cavicchi

    Bubi,assimiglia a piumino,B N.🎅

  42. Elena Cavicchi

    un abbraccio grande a piru yellow 💛, B.N.

  43. Elena Cavicchi


  44. Elena Cavicchi

    ..abbraccio imieiamici"piumini"🎅

  45. Maria Ferrari

    maravilhosos sem comentários essa banda Europe


    Awesome, this is Europe.

  47. andrea spotti

    capolavoro assoluto

  48. Silva


  49. Montserrat Serrano Abarca

    La mejor banda del mundo y por muchos años siempre os quiero europe

  50. Twentiethcenturybaby

    Joey is hot! Literally.

  51. Alejandro Vargas

    WOW ...

  52. SuperMassimo20

    I've been loving europe all my life!!! keep it up guys <3

  53. Edycjusz Control

    This song is just exquisite!!! Love it and admire Europe!!!!

  54. Meryfer Ilussia De Khy

    I'love Europe!!!!

  55. Mario Israel Gonzalez Telleria

    I,ve been a fan of Europe since 1986 and they will always be the soundtrack of my life!

    Sabah Zarid

    I too became a fan of Europe about the same time. I was in school back then and deeply aspired to be the frontnan of a rock bank if the likes of Scorpions, Motley Crue, Wareant

  56. Mario Israel Gonzalez Telleria

    I,ve been a fan of Europe since 1986 and they will always be the soundtrack of my life!

  57. Followingeuropetheband

    Where is this performance taken from? Which country, ,city, year?


    Itunes Festival 2010 London.

  58. cosetilo5

    Brilliant melody. It's a matter of time for Europe to release an album with a symphonic orchestra. Some songs such as No Stone Unturned deserve it. But War Of Kings(2015) is on the way!

  59. niculinasimona

    fantastic song !!!

  60. Angelo Miele

    love this song...amazing!

  61. Nelson Vilaboa

    Fantastic song!!!

  62. Marco Adriaans

    I really like this song more and more. It's also very symphonic, which I like about it as well.

  63. Emma Tempest

    Killer song !!!!!!!!!!!!! So amazing


    and the back grond cover :)


    ya 2009 just look at the close they r wearing the same in the music videos of last look at eden and new love in town

  66. Jorge H

    linda de mais este som

  67. Mark Chaplin

    This is such a great, great song. They should do more in this style

  68. Europe Rock Band

    Europe = perfection!!)

    Lucas Nacho

    Me gusta tu música👌👍👍👍

    Barry Walling

    I just discovered this song a few weeks ago, I live and breath it 24 hours a day now.Joey is singin' his heart out. Awesome music!

  69. Leppardized92

    i love this song so much ... awesome performance

  70. Europe Rock Band

    yes! this song is awesome!
    sim esta musica é espectacular !:))

  71. Vitor Garção

    Lindo grande som

  72. Europe Rock Band