Europe - America Lyrics

You'd think by now I've learned to fake it
You'd think by now I'd find my peace
And there's no risk for me worth taking
You'd think that I'd go quietly
But the journey's still on for my America

You'd think by now I'd take the easy way
And be content with what I've seen
You'd think by now I'd get it in to my head
I'm the same boy I have always been
So the journey's still on for my America

You'd think by now I'd be to jaded
To feel what love can do
You'd think by now that I've done everything I can
In finally reaching you

But the journey's still on for my America

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Europe America Comments
  1. Tiitus Pykälämäki

    America has money but they ain't got any education on how to use it... Greetings from Finland :)

  2. RMJ

    I am honored she has hope in the younger generation. I hope we can make a positive difference too.

  3. Maxime K-G

    Not calling an ambulance in Belgium could land you jail time and a hefty fine.

  4. S De vos

    to be honest America is the laughing stock of the eu at the moment...

  5. J W

    mean while europe has riots constantly and pay $16 a liter for petrol... ok

  6. HaywireEagle

    The thing about our drinks. We put a lot of ice in them so it cuts down the drinks by more than half... usually.

  7. Leftist at the Party

    Why we need Bernie

  8. taliesin halliday

    these idiots do not reprisent europeans. half the males look homosexual. we are also not all socialists like these examples.

  9. Dragonborn Skyrim

    I grew up in america and became depressed.

  10. ChampionChains

    Regarding the drink sizes, isn't it due to americans putting ice in their drinks and europeans not using ice? Any soft drink you buy at a fast food place in the US is like 70% ice. So yeah, the cup would be 70% larger.

  11. Shane Beisler

    Just like ole Lee Greenwood said “I’m proud to be an American” yeeyee

  12. Poli

    *1:34* I hope Americans will figure out that "European" is European and it differs from murican perspective. The European includes; appearance, race, history, culture, identity and so on. Europe is racially homogenic family of nations that has its own extraordinary rich heritage and that heritage has nothing in common with the miscegenation. So, the next time you put the name of Europe in the video title make sure things are under control. Otherwise it's ridiculous and pointless. Best wishes.

  13. May04bwu

    Americans: Hate Obamacare and want it to be cancelled
    Also Americans: Why can't I afford health insurance

  14. rebecca rupley

    This is super biased. They only showed negative aspects of the US.

  15. Baye

    We have the best music

  16. Bloody Wolf

    Me before this video:MERICA
    Me after this video:merica???

  17. ADHAiiN7

    “Mmmm cancer brownies”

  18. Dmitri Kozlowsky

    I love Europe, but I am glad that I am an American.

  19. Dmitri Kozlowsky

    Umm... thats becouse US pays forEuropean defense. Instead of Europeans paying for it themselves.

  20. R0RAT44

    It's really upsetting that the people who agree with me about this country are more likely found anywhere but HERE

  21. Advait Singh

    Why do I feel like the EU is a little bit better than America?

    It’s not a ‘think’ anymore..

    Btw no hate to America i live here :)

  22. Marcos Freire

    I think the situation is a little easier for you when your nation has colonized and stolen from so many different countries 🥰

  23. Emma Johnsen

    In America they see guns as a right but healthcare somehow isn't, i will never understand that

  24. ezra kahihia

    "It's diabetes to go, " 😂😂

  25. Queenkitty8000 Parrott

    Living in America you learn really fast to avoid getting sick. Lol it comes naturally (God bless my American mother) As a child in America I was forced to play in the dirt growing up. Never get sick now lol. With monthly doctor checkups too. (Scooted back a bit bc that was a bit obsessive).

    Also if another persons child got chicken-pox ( Older days) you were brought to them so you would get it too xD
    Y’all we got sabotaged as kid 😂

  26. Merly Hughes

    I don't think "free" means what they think it means

    caty moonlight

    What she means we pay over taxes or healthcare systems not privat

  27. RB4K

    In Estonia, we have 85.1 weeks of paid maternity leave, in the US it's 2.8 weeks... Wow... That's sad...

  28. Luis Augusto

    I mean, an american without money just can't live. It's supposed to be life a basic human right. Americans don't live, but survive.

  29. vidkidxyz

    Huh.. more New York Times propaganda trying to convince us that life in the EUSSR is better that American traditional society. If that's so, then why are all these foreigners so damned anxious to move in with us ?

    (Your propaganda is failing NYT.)

    caty moonlight

    If you call the eussr you stupid b3cause the eu is capital markets with social care for it's people and has zero to do with communism

  30. Jake The Snake

    What do you guys mean when you say “AR-15 style weapon”?

  31. John Salchichon

    So much hate in this video, thats the only thing I find disgusting

    Angry - Vault - Inhabitant

    Hate? Where?

  32. Shueb Khan

    I would walk to Canada if this happened

  33. Stringer Bell

    In Sweden you get paid to go to school from 16 years old👍🏾


    socialism 👍🏻

  34. Zarah A

    "In Germany we don't wave flags"

  35. SLVRwill7

    Nowhere has ‘free’ healthcare because you pay for it through tax..

    Angry - Vault - Inhabitant

    You'd still be paying less.

  36. Gastão Faria

    this paint a very wrong picture. we might have some advantages, but its not like its free. here in portugal if you buy 50 euros worth of gas, 30 is tax. the price of gas is 1.60 €/liter. just to travel 250kilometers you have to pay a 25 euro toll. some people have to wait 6 months just to get a doctors appointment. our average yearly income is around 20.000 euros. and it goes on

  37. Xx DanTheMan16

    It’s nice to see people feeling high and mighty in the comment sections bagging on each other’s countries. But in the end of the day, who cares? Get over yourselves.

  38. Wild River

    “In Germany we don’t wave flags”
    Ouch...that’s our problem in Lebanon

  39. 八木キッドYagikidd

    "No one call an ambulance." I felt that. I drove home with a broken leg because I would have had to pay 3,000 or 4,000 for a ambulance ride out of pocket -__-

  40. Seksikas

    Are they trying to say that mass shootings are a typical American pastime?

  41. Carl Von Henri

    It's not American just because you have a dream

  42. halifaxx55

    NYT is suddenly so progressive and yet endorses Elizabeth Warren instead of Bernie XD

  43. IN1029

    I'm American and for most of my life I thought everyone was supposed to pay for university and healthcare, and then I see THIS.
    Why didn't my parents move to Europe instead?

    caty moonlight

    You pay over taxes or healthy care system bit jsut a small amount because all paybib all can get out if they get sick . That called solidarity a society is seen how good it takes care if its weak people old sick children

  44. Terry's Art

    They pick the unhealthiest food, a much more expensive than average university, and also fail to mention how some of those European clowns have to pay 50-70% taxes. Well, we should turn socialist I guess

    caty moonlight

    No really true

  45. annmms

    That’s it, I’m moving to another country. I had no idea we sucked so much.

  46. Gaurav

    In India 🇮🇳 we have 26 weeks paid maternity leaves for working women.

  47. Pieter leegte

    They all sound british

  48. MB Politics

    It's outrageous that maternity leave and paternity leave are not equal under the law.

  49. Celia Marie

    My English teacher saved her vacation days for years so that she could have a baby with maternity leave smh🤦🏼‍♀️

  50. I Don’t Know What To Eat

    I’m questioning y I live in America...

  51. John R.

    Sadly, people are still ignorant that laws that apply to countries with a population as much as 2 cities in America cannot work in a 350 million population country. It's not perfect, there is a way to go (of course) but can we stop making them seem like they're equal?

    caty moonlight

    It works world wide also the eyropenhas more then450 people and if you ask. Your goverment could also make this over states so it would be easier

  52. 김수쿄

    My country, portugal is the 3° most safest country in the world , i just can't imagine how is like to live in a country where people are killed in school massacres

  53. Bianca wants books

    To all the Americans here in the comments that want to move to Europe: I'm waiting for y'all :)

  54. yummiwatch

    0:46 my mom told me about that as i had no idea about it; I was somehow not surprised.
    It's also one reason why she never wants to go to the US.

  55. Cassandra Cataldo

    Oh good- love hearing from the jealous losers of a revolution where liberty was actually gained...

  56. Freya Buxton

    Yeah I agree. I’m an American and I really disapprove of a lot of things such as health care, lack of education, inequality etc. especially compared to other countries. Even though the rest of the world might not realize it we do know what’s going on it’s just hard to express yourself even in a country of free speech when the only people who make the rules don’t really represent the people but their own interests.
    Edit: recently moved to Australia ( this is a perspective of someone who has traveled and has material to compare with. Most of the time I try not to judge harshly until I have lived in the reality of the other person or in this case country.)

  57. it's A

    how does he only pay 18€ per semester


    it's A it’s Europe

  58. madamewho

    Since the us is run by CORPORATE INTERESTS! No care for human integrity!!! Lovely how the Nytimes is in on it. A proud member of the state ideological apparatus.

  59. Tabitha Elkins

    This, in a nutshell, explains why I left the US. The American Dream- it's called that because you have to be asleep to believe it.

    Billy Bob

    Tabitha Elkins where did you move to?

    Tabitha Elkins

    @Billy Bob I moved to Germany. Subsidized health care with private option, (almost) free university education, great food, wine and beer, excellent public transit, usw.

  60. battyclout

    One thing annoys me about America is how they know little to nothing other than stereotypes about the rest of the world . Like I'll easily know everything about the US but as soon as I mention something about the uk they are like WHATS THAT and they assume it was the same

  61. Violeta Diaz

    I came to the U.S. when I was nine years old from Cuba. I expected it to be so much better and wonderful but I’m sad to admit it is not as good as I imagined. Cuba is dictatorship and the U.S. is too capitalist. If a balance between socialism and capitalism could be met, everything would be better...

  62. Gaby Texca

    First, you have to stop calling America to USA !!!!!

  63. Riley Johnson

    They used a college with a high price some instate colleges are only 9000 dollars a year

  64. Aiveen Curley

    America the country where you have the right to own a gun but not the right to free healthcare.

  65. Reid Krupps

    People are implying that the belief that the US is the best is a sense of false bravado fueled by propaganda, but this itself can be seen as propaganda in the "message" that a vast amount of people are getting a wrong sense for, the majority of the statistics and examples are grossly used in the sense of a majority perspective and implied meaning and are picked in a way that does not accurately describe the majority or minority of the US (depending) in the way that these people now "understand". Almost every "pro" has an underlying "con", in one country does something better than than another country of comparable virtue, then there will almost always be something opposite of that in a different area of comparison. It's "give-and-take" 😂 not super hard to grasp

  66. shaf Mohamed

    Their currency is so powerful that it could buy you a new country

  67. Subhadeep Das

    SoB in India we give 26 week paid maternity leave for first 2 children. N our public educational institutes are affordable...........
    N now with ayuhman Bharat scheme you can get 0.5 million ₹ (7.5k$) cover for healthcare......
    Goooooood bleeesssssss americaaaaaa


    You should change the title into; Europe is Better Than America.

    caty moonlight

    That's not true but I think americans get screwed by their own goverment a lot. I am sorry for them b3cause they dont deserve this. By the the way hi exol♡

  69. Susann Eipeldauer

    "In Germany we don't wave flags" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  70. Squidicus Pastry’s

    Yeah my younger American self knows it sucks but I can’t really do anything and just deal with it

  71. John the Greek

    *Laughs in European*

  72. nzlotrfan

    1:05 "So Pubes! We have a baby!" Google auto captions really fails in this video haha

  73. Some1rishGuy

    In all honesty, the one time I ever said “wow, why can’t Ireland be more like the US” was six years ago when my then housemate from Illinois said he only paid like $15 for his full driving licence. His lessons and tests were all done through school and he only had to pay to print it once he passed. Fair deuce.

  74. Azares Xxx

    America is a continent 😉

  75. gabriel h

    Wow it's so nice to see a video on YouTube with No AgEnDa At AlL.

  76. gabriel h

    They picked MIT?

  77. 2ar.P

    What really shooks me about usa is that school shootings are a reality.. I have only heard about one in usa on my local news when i was younger and that was it. But i only realized that school shootings are "normal", and kids are actually afraid to go to school bc of it, now bc my english improved a lot and im able to read more stuff like news or posts about the world and that broke my heart :(
    (and in my country public schools are considered better than private ones so i never get the memes about public schools bc i cant relate)

  78. 2ar.P

    2:18 ONLY 18????
    2:21 FREEEE???
    I had to pay around 108eur per month and i only could afford that because i won a scolarship ;^;

  79. 2ar.P

    What I don't understand as a European is why do you say 'american' if its only usa? I see this in several comparison videos, but like.. why compare a country with a continent?

  80. Micah Waring

    Leave it to the New York times to portray America like this...

  81. IBallisticxx

    I love how Europeans always compare 44 countries to 1

    Gon Kaien

    Us is bigger in area than Europe.

  82. Paco

    The problem is they took people from western Europe,and the thing is that people there are big snowflakes,they should bring some people from Balkan countries or eastern side...And that's true picture of Europe,only exception is Bulgarian dude

  83. Shad

    the amerikkkan government hates its citizens

  84. Young Nasir11

    I live here in California Americans are very individual not collective. In one house there 4 to five cars.

  85. Katy McNiff

    I am an American and I am equally angry about these issues. I went back to work nine days after having my son because my job didnt qualify for the FMLA. I could barely walk. My husband ignored a potentially cancerous lump on his head for years because our deductible was $10,000. As a teacher, I run active shooter drills with my students, knowing that there is little likelihood that they would actually help. In my state, anyone could walk into almost any business with a gun in a holster. My husband and I owe thousands in student loans while we are also saving for our son's tuition so that he doesn't have the same struggle. Childcare takes almost a third of my post-taxes income, just enough to keep us struggling despite a middle class income but too low for me to quit my job and stay home with him.

    I look at countries like Finland in which I might lose 38% of my income to taxes (the average according to their own government websites), but in exchange I would have cost free childcare, healthcare, college tuition, and paid maternity and paternity leave. I spend much more than 38% for these things now.

    A commenter on here has it right: America is the world's richest 3rd world country.

    To those asking: yes, like anyone with common sense, I would be happy to leave. My husband and I are both certified school music teachers. Not a lot of call for our skills in Europe right now.

  86. BestIntentions

    In state University fees are cheaper

  87. Kevin-Charles Beaudry

    I mean it’s pretty bias. I have both Canadian and French nationalities and I know the US have some pretty strong and cool qualities too. Nobody is perfect folks, we all have our little national weaknesses.

  88. Léo Pereira

    America is a continent? no?

  89. Ever Dyne

    Make one about Asia.. I would love to see that. Or perhaps, a reverse version of this video.

  90. Mister Sean

    That it's unhealthy!

  91. Amber King

    Culture shock is one aspect of this video, another is the fact that the U.S. is so big and people are so small-minded. Yes these things that are completely backwards are still there because when you have a lot of people and everyone has small minds nothing gets done. The US in a nutshell.

  92. som d

    🇺🇸 is the best country in the world, so back off!

  93. Jared Jayme


  94. Venus

    I would rather live in Germany and raise my own family than stay in America. Sad fact is, i am broke. XDD


    The Liberals have taken over!

  96. Andrew Vermeltfoort

    I hate Europe, I'll go anywhere I don't pay any taxes.

  97. Anisa Hashi

    Yaaaa.... please dont move over here

  98. CrushingWizard

    As a kid i always wanted to live in the US, then i grew up.

  99. sky blue

    I'm italian and I have: free university (I pay 16€ per year) and free university books, free and universal Healthcare (including dentist and I'm soon getting braces and im paying it a ridiculously low price), I live in Florence, i don't own a car because public transport is efficient, fast, frequent and free for students (otherwise it would be 200€ per year and i find it pretty cheap), grocery shopping is cheap and the food is healthy. I FEEL PRIVILEGED. Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am to be Italian and European