Estefan, Gloria - Can't Stay Away From You Lyrics

Time flies
When you're having fun
I heard somebody say
But if all I've been is fun
Then baby let me go
Don't wanna be in your way
And I don't wanna be your second choice
Don't wanna be just your friend
You keep telling me that you're not in love
You wanna throw it all away

But I can't stay away from you
I don't wanna let you go
And though it's killing me that's true
There's just some things I can't control

Your love is slipping through my hands
And though I've heard it all before
I know you're telling me the truth
I know it's just no use
But I can't stay away from you

Hold on to every beat of hope, that's all I ever do
Hoping you might change your mind
And call me up to say how much you need me too
And though you're leaving me no other choice
Than to turn and walk away
Look over your shoulder, I'll be there
You can count on me to stay...

'Cause I can't stay away from you
I don't wanna let you go
And though it's killing me that's true
There's just some things I can't control
Your love is slipping through my hands
And though I've heard it all before

I know you're telling me the truth
I know it's just no use
But I can't stay away from you

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Estefan, Gloria Can't Stay Away From You Comments
  1. Mazoon Zuna Al- Mashani

    Amo demais

  2. Dimitris Papalaios

    Come to me then...what are waiting for?

  3. Michael david Hainsworth

    When I was with first love maxine

  4. Jimmy Joaquin

    What a beautiful lady and amazing voice.

  5. DBradshaw25

    WOW THE HAIR!!!!

  6. Dale Von Minaker

    Such a powerful song, I think the fact a girl is singing it makes it more sad :(

  7. John Smith


  8. English Rose

    Fun? Thanks 🤷‍♀️....🦊👉🐰

  9. Stewart Snape

    Mid 80s great music back then, great example is this lovely song by Gloria and the sound machine

    Tyran Mathurin

    All of the 80s had great music.


    Gloria is my lifespan of music. My mom played her over and over. Miss u mom

  11. ed jolly

    Beautiful song the way women used to love or is that a fantasy that feminism has destroyed

  12. andy humphrey

    give a like if gloria should release this again. 30 year anniversary. like 2019. :)

  13. George Armerding

    1:57 the best part. Seems like the song is ending then she goes "Hold on, to every bit of hope" (Laura from 7th grade call me) How the music builds up to the chorus. All the instruments including her are beautiful (there's a fn harp in this song.) My favorite Gloria Estefan ballad. One of the best love songs ever.

  14. darrel strickland

    Awesome song love it forever

  15. Lynne Armstrong

    Such a beautiful song and voice ❤

  16. grace thomas

    Me listening 2019

  17. curb your enthusiastic ass

    Gloria knows how to sing ....Not Not over sing like you know who....

  18. Ramona Carrothers

    Boy this hits home

  19. Connie Sue Abel

    I just love the song "Can't Stay Away From You" By Gloria Estefan 💓

  20. James Coleman

    Fantastic real heartfelt classic

  21. Gabriel Moreira

    Linda música qualidade tudo perfeito

  22. Olsen Mutaba

    December 2019, who is with me?

    clinton hogben

    Yup , having a nostalgic moment:-)


    Reminiscing to this beautiful song...

  23. Charles Rhodes

    Canada 😳

  24. Robert Kelly

    I LOVE GLORIA ESTAFAN, she so hot and good LOOKING, I reckon SHE could be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!

  25. Good Times Music74

    Gloria Estefan was young this time. Beautiful woman.

  26. Roger Morgan

    This is her best song.

  27. Hector Rodriquez

    Damn Gloria your beautiful special

  28. Judy Mulder

    This is what you call meaning beautiful songs that have ❤

  29. Sheikh A.J. Abrahim

    at a time when a woman's nudity was frowned upon...that isn't the case now... nudity sells plenty records.

  30. Julie Rose

    my fave Gloria song.

  31. Myer barry

    Beautiful song by a Beautiful woman 💓

  32. BONKERS936 h


  33. Keith Au

    [email protected]@@lovely,tendering,thrilling music and song,ever since listening it
    coincidentally from the radio Fm/Am broadcasting from my dearest
    moto-town Detriot,Michigan,30 years from now.still remembering and
    reviewing by myself daily,weekly and monthly,30 years ago the only
    available,economical and convenience entertainment was to either watched
    TV or listened the radio."Obsessed "by your pretty,music and song.and
    never forgot you at [email protected]@@@@Words get in the [email protected]@@@@Con los anos que me [email protected]@@@@No [email protected]@@@@

  34. Porettob70

    Deze muziek zal altijd te horen blijven. Fantastische zangeres uit Cuba!!

  35. Mark Dennis

    So beautiful

  36. Michael Leon

    Gloria is very special her music is legendary time machine

  37. Neil Cartwright

    Im about to marry Mariah Carey wish me luck xxx regards DJ smidnightcaller

  38. Vivienne Smith

    Lovely to hear this again

  39. Holly Datsopoulos

    When my boyfriend went back to Greece in 1989 and told me that he wasn’t coming back, I listened to this song over and over again. Turns out he couldn’t stay away from me either. He came back, and we were married 2 years later. Just celebrated our 28th anniversary a couple of weeks ago. :)

    Bernadette Hynes - Cafferkey

    Ahh, that's lovely

    Arnel Valencia Espiritu

    Holly Datsopoulos that's so sweet..he is a sweet guy

    Kelley Frazer

    Yay! Love a happy ending!❤❤

    Carol R. S.

    What a story! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 I wish you both endless love and happiness 💖💖

    Eftijis Karavasilis

    What an idiot hahaha

  40. Buyannemekh Chimeddorj

    Listening in 2019 in Mongolia with all respect to Ms. Gloria Estefan!!! This song is more than a classic...

  41. al100ad

    Who's going to listen in 2020, thought I would get in first.

  42. M S

    The most beautiful voice came from Cuba

  43. Jj Jj

    what a beautiful song. true and simple for the heart. A weapon against the hedonistic madness of today.

  44. Arthur Weems

    1987 . I was in 11th. Grade . I think it was around Christmas. I so love this song and the beat. This song and Uh Oh Falling in Love. Just brings back that 80s vibe.

  45. Christian Metatron

    A beautiful and soulful song preformed by a beautiful Latina.

  46. BONKERS936

    Back than we had no internet no u tube we had to watch mtv waiting for this song to play ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Ott Manes

    I remember it being played on vh1 all the time

  47. John Barnes

    They dont make women like her anymore

  48. Ali girl 80's born

    All the feels🥰💔🤦🏽‍♀️

  49. Tiffany Frehley

    ... I can’t stay away from you. 🤗🥰💙👫

  50. RJ Johnson

    I love Gloria Estefan, but I can't understand Spanish songs lol

  51. Sudhakaran Ayyappan

    Memories flooding back.... Can't stay away from the roaring 80's and 90's

  52. OPAL UK

    nourishment for the soul

  53. Kevin Richards

    U leaving me no other choice than to turn n walk away

  54. Hector Rodriquez

    Time fly's enjoy it ,I'm 42 know I now what she means enjoy it leave it to the fullest with the person you love

  55. TheIkaika777

    Every time I hear Gloria Estefan I think of Agador Spartacus.

  56. Tonya

    What a beautiful timeless song

  57. Brian Graham


  58. Mark Thomas

    Still love her after all these years. Incredible music!! Such emotion.

  59. Vincent Bellamy

    Que de souvenirs j'ai même retrouver un vinyle PEACE AND MUSIC

    Leslie Aspinall

    Great music 😁

  60. Simon Yip

    'love is slipping through my hands.. though I've heard it all before..'

  61. C Ram

    Just a perfect song

  62. Diding Winarko20

    Love this song...still listening now..nov 3 2019 Indonesia here

  63. Alden R. Davis

    Still love Gloria Estefan and her timeless classic music in 2019.

  64. Mick.T. Shaft

    Gloria Estefuck me that's a big nose!

    sophia Graanoogst-sweet

    At least it is no fake!!

  65. hypertension prevention

    I can't stay away from youuuuu

  66. redhotsuperskunk

    HMP Graham Torrington Late night love , followed by Beverley Craven promise me .

  67. LadyAnne

    Can't stay away from you..💞💗💕💖.. I just can't. ...I sleep with my arms as she does in tbe video at times. Hugging myself.

  68. Elton M. T.

    I still feel the feeling of falling in love in my teen years now that I'm in my late forties.

  69. Gabriel Battista

    esa e melhor música topi di masi

  70. John Beckham

    Can't Stay Away From You was released by Gloria Estefan in June, 1987!

  71. Nicholas Hill

    Gorgeous melancholic melodies by a talented artist. So refreshing to hear these romantic oldies in a time which has been so corrupted by lust and greed.

  72. Sonia's Scrapbook

    Don't wanna be just your friend... I'm back in the summer circa 1980s in Brooklyn, NYC baby.

  73. Joe

    October 2019?

    Kevin Murnane

    I can't stay away from this tune!

    John Smith

    22 November 🙋🏼‍♂️

  74. mirage G

    This song is amazing!

  75. Arjen Simon Scheer

    i now ancien yore a gosth i am a human before dead must have childeren i do not live foreever

  76. Marco Julio Quiroz Najera

    umchalas puro ingle esto es mexico cabrones

  77. john e Lawler

    better than brilliant

  78. Charles Hames

    i bp9

    bought the cd almost wore it out

  79. David Wood

    Brilliant. X

  80. Jethro Steenkamp

    my all time favorite song....i had a cassette of Gloria

  81. Anthony Cohn

    Without Gloria there would be no Jennifer Lopez or Arianna grande.

  82. judith Drexhage

    So much nostalgia with those songs

  83. Beth mc

    This breaks my heart 💔I can't stay away from you ever

  84. Maya Drumwright

    This is jus how it be sometimes this song is a full mooooood

  85. ZamRas Machine

    Still listening in 2019...

    Volker Quacken

    Non stop?

    John Smith

    22 October

  86. Nathan Lee

    Wow I forgot this!! Am back in 1988/1989

  87. Robert Joseph


  88. Boxing Icons and Legends

    Being 18 back in the Spring and summer of 1989 sitting in my girlfriends room listening to GlorIa, Deacon blue, heart and Cyndi Crawford. Memories. Back in the day 1980’s

  89. John Dyer

    The quality of music in the 80s was absolutely brilliant. Music back then had so much life.


    I totally agree with you.

  90. James Mcdonald

    Song always gives me

  91. MONEYovrbchzz

    80's baby!! All the way, the Miami Vice, A Team, Knight Rider, Max Headroom days, back when I was a lil boy having to get up out the couch just to change the channel, LOL HAHA

  92. Hector Rodriquez

    Number 1 fan Gloria

  93. ZipGB8

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I'm a fan of Gloria Estefan
    And so are you

  94. My2CommonSense

    Advice for a woman in this situation, run and don’t look back.

  95. Rower Rodriguez

    Lovely with straight hair

  96. Ramona Carrothers

    She picked the words from my heart

  97. Ray Bracamonte

    Oh, and also "Here we are" Great songs...

    Karen Anderson

    Those 4 songs you mentioned are some of my favorites by her. Also "Don't Wanna Lose You" is another good one.