Esham - God Lyrics

We wanna ride, we ride
Wanna get high, we get high
We wanna touch the sky
Like angels we can fly
We wanna piece of the pie
Get the money before we die
We wanna la-de-da, la-de-da

It's all about the Benjamin's, the Thomas Jefferson's
Gettin' ya shine on in Detroit on Jefferson
Amen to my chrome wheels and my chrome skills
I grew up off flexin', money interceptin'
Never steppin' without the weapon
Disconnected with no papers, niggaz eject it
Watch me wreck shit wit' this style I've perfected
Carry a concealed Tech, shit for the next bitch
On the ego-trip or some God complex it's
The U-N-H-O-L-Y, murder lullaby
Yellin' out die, die, die, die
My, my, my, my
Oh my, oh God
Tell me why the wicked shit hits so hard
First of all we ball like Sammy Sosa
And keeps the toasta in case I gotta roast ya
I'm thinkin' suicidal, so don't step close to me
I'm from Detroit and dead's what I'm supposed to be
Dead's what I'm supposed to be...


I'm finna bust, so call me a Mausburg
Fuck whatchu heard all I see is crow birds
Flowin' 'Word After Word', droppin' shit like a turd
Watch my energy surge, wit' the cannon, murders occured
I'm rollin', still holdin' my nuts, controllin' what I call
A super-high skydive, balla freefall
In the water wit' piranhas, suicidal Nirvana
I hydroplane and walk on water, marijuana
Ecstasy hexin' me, next to me, sexin' me
Bitches on my dick so much I need a vasectomy
Scientifically analyzed my style dissectin' me
Situations like this make me grab the Tek and squeeze
It's all about respectin these nuts I hold
Or I'll watch ya body turn cold with ya soul,
Out this atmosphere, out this hemisphere
Out this stratosphere, out everywhere


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Esham God Comments
  1. Samantha Chee

    fuckn aye that's funny asf

  2. Psycho Dad

    this is the type of music that made my son try to kill me

    Critical ImAge

    its prob cuz ur a psycho dad

    Chris Romero

    Wat,really.... it's not the music bro,...we all have self restraint.... it's bigger than this music..... back in the day, they said rock and roll was devil music.... now it's nothing......idk bro...

    Chris Romero

    Here in nm , there was a kid that killed his whole family... just because they told him to stop playing video games...... I'm just saying, it was not do to music..... some people are just weak......

  3. Metatron wzz

    I had to laugh about all the comments about the bird... when this came out I tripped all the time and that bird would get me every time.

  4. Rodeo Francisco

    I thought this sounded familiar...

  5. DrChimRichells

    droppin shit like a turd

  6. lolfast

    the bird sounds fucking evil, fucking wish I can keep thumbing this song up

  7. DJSuckafreeTV

    this song is my shit! thanx for posting it

  8. Critical ImAge

    @KillaCorleone33 to trip you when you're on acid

  9. Chrisaaad

    @TheZigzach i guess you could make the case for it being 2nd best, but nothing could ever touch closed casket.

  10. Zigedi Zach

    @Chrisaaad Dude what a bout Booming?

  11. mo thuggz

    @KillaCorleone33 THATS ACID RAP FOR YAH..LOL

  12. Chrisaaad

    @HipHop9re9 closed casket was his best imo, dead flowerz 2nd

  13. Chrisaaad

    goddamn i cant believe this is 10 years old.


    I cant believe 7 years ago this was 10 years old

  14. somehow888

    just ordered the cd can't wait for it to come in the mail :))))

  15. Chris Yonge

    classic. one of my favorite esham albums to date. sits there with dead flowerz and sacrificial lambz

  16. BAD MiND

    droppin shit like a turd!

  17. Sinner1ner

    i love eshams music but some of his songs are shit like this one

  18. Zak

    @WEEDfalloutUFC if you dont like it just go click something else dumb shit

  19. John Joseph

    @jakescott0789 i'd like to "get along" with you all right

  20. jakescott0789

    alright then its cool. we can all get along now

  21. John Joseph

    i actually mis-read your original comment, i thought you said that this was sham's 777th song
    I'm not tough either, i'm tuff. Why can't us Jake's just get along>?

  22. jakescott0789

    @jakerobida08 oh look aha damn this guy must be tough makin smart ass comments on the internet, wow dude you got balls i never would have thought of that...i guess i was just too busy pullin numbers out my ass

  23. jakescott0789

    whoa thats weird my view was the 777th and this song is called god, kinda ironic

  24. PapaShango619

    Same hear I was listening to the song at school with headphones on and everyone in class heard a random bird

    Young Tee

    Man 10 years ago I was 7 how this comment only has my like on it I have no clue but damn bro same kind of shit happened to me too💯

  25. J C

    Best Song on the cd never understood why he made that bird so loud though.....

  26. Fargone1