Escape The Fate - Chemical Love Lyrics

Why do we keep repeating
What we know is unhealthy
My body aches without you
Addicted to you like a drug

My hands are always shaking, with you I'm terrified
The thought of me without you, it's got me horrified
'Cause only being accused while living in this lie
Never satisfied

Chemical love! I can feel you in my bones
Chemical love! Can you feel me in your soul
Nothing you can do to save me, I am on my own

This situation's clockwork
Always rising up from the dirt
Only to repeat disaster
Addicted to the way we hurt

Can't breathe for the life of me, I'm drowning in your eyes
I must be under a spell, you've got me hypnotized
Constantly running away but there's nowhere to hide
Always on my mind

Chemical love! I can feel you in my bones
Chemical love! Can you feel me in your soul
Nothing you can do to save me, I am on my own

Chemical love! I can feel you in my bones
Chemical love! Can you feel me in your soul
Nothing you can do to save me, I am on my own

Chemical love
Chemical love
Chemical love
Chemical love
Chemical love

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Escape The Fate Chemical Love Comments
  1. Mario mondragón

    2013 © Sony Músic Entertainment

  2. jg cole/sims

    My whole family loves your videos and your songs they have great meaning I appreciate your words my kids are 14,10,9,9And they can’t get enough of a scape the fate

  3. Soul Eater Evans

    Also dont hate on me but FIR is probably my least favorite band 1. The extreme change in their styles 2. Ronnie is actually a bad person 3. Its my opinion i can voice it i respect every FIR fan its their choice not mine dont hate

    Gareth Davies

    And? What does FiR have anything to do with this song?

  4. Soul Eater Evans

    Ungrateful and Hate Me are the best albums in my opinion Hate Me is my favorite song with ungrateful in second

  5. Abhishek Maurya

    holy shit, such an underrated song

  6. Lord Dragon

    2018 people?

  7. Ian Valdés


    Sexy Toad The Third

    Ian Valdés dammit that's all I hear now

  8. Lee Ara

    Craig's got insane vocals. I love this song, don't know why I haven't listened earlier to it :x

  9. Josefina Rodriguez

    From the moment that I saw you yeah it had to be love

    Yes I understand this is a different song but same title soo..

    Kelly LaFontaine

    Yeeeeeeeesssss dopamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

  10. Prince Of Thralls


    Luy Mansilla

    IKR!!! I'M THE 110.382th VIEWER PLUS THE 943th LIKE!!

  11. noemi kormos

    <3 i love this song

  12. Lovely Luna

    This song is orgasmic. ;)

  13. Darral Peoples

    The chorus makes me think of Def Leppard so much!

    Ethan Tonnberg

    Darral Peoples same

  14. Divine Light

    Good lord above, this song describes the feeling of limerence too well. All too often I feel this way, so addicted to it as much as I am this song.

  15. Lyrisea

    Apparently this is TJ's favorite song off of this album. I loved this song before I heard about that and now I love it more. Lol

  16. Andrea G.

    I dont understand why Escape the Fate is not one of the chart topper groups right now...

    Janise Romero

    They're not really mainstream they're sort of in-between

  17. Sasha Baca

    This is my fav song from this album :D

  18. Cj Ryan

    They are going on tour together(:

  19. BooMc


  20. RocksCrasher

    But a little "awesomer" ! in my opinion

  21. Jaydalee Rivera

    Love this song!!!!

  22. Jessica James

    One of my fav. songs from them. This whole album is good from beginning to end. That's rare to find.

  23. Ronni Lyon

    :( I don't get what the deal is with Craig and Ronnie. I feel like if they at least tried to get along, they would, and I love them both a lot :).

  24. Mike Hunt

    This song is so catchy lol

  25. xanimesimsswagg


  26. xanimesimsswagg

    Im making this band my guardian angel <3

  27. Kier Ivan Talao

    Is there a new member in escape the fate ?

  28. Mila


  29. MusicIsMyLife

    oh I see. Yeah I was thinking the gorgeous nightmare video.

  30. Cordell Therealking!

    I love the new album :) Escape The Fate is amazing <3

  31. Frank Aldair

    i could hear TJ's voice

  32. gal090909

    this song didn't make the cut for ETF (the previous album) so that is why it sounds like a song from the ETF album, but I personally think it a fine song,but it'll never be my favorite from this album.

  33. Anonymous asdfg

    Favorite song from the album

  34. Anonymous asdfg

    No, I think it sounded like "choose your fate"

  35. Kody Price

    Have you not heard Ungrateful the single?

  36. Kody Price

    Its beautiful

  37. Death Cat

    Uhhhh lost in darkness and gorgeous nightmare I think it sound like in the beginning

  38. Thomas Samson

    Your grammar is terrible.

  39. Yesenia serna

    Omg, I love this *-*

  40. Maria Linda

    Oh my goodness, Craig's voice in this song is amazing

  41. Sydney Rangel

    I wish when they write there new songs it wuld have meaningful lyrics tht talk about issues. Tht way they wuld b unique :)

  42. Sydney Rangel

    This is more like it :) great sound and lyrics are pretty good too

  43. cachorro gato

    it isn't any of these. it just sounds alike

  44. Elliotte Arsenic

    bestt song on the album.<3

  45. Mortis Thorne

    I wish I could me a music video producer/director. I have a cool idea for a song like this ;~;

  46. Holy Logos

    its not the begining of massacre or gorgeous nightmare. its choose your fate. they did that on purpose. it has the same feel of the self tutled.

  47. Death Cat

    I love these guys

  48. Terrarabear

    Amazing song! X

  49. Ryan James

    Lol, not the begining to Gorgeous Nightmare, the begining to Massacre

  50. MusicIsMyLife

    Did anyone else think the beginning sounded like gorgeous nightmare?

  51. Jesika Lopez

    This should the next song ETF makes a music video for

  52. Gingy

    Awesome!!! <3

  53. roni alvara


  54. My Pace

    Amazing!!! 1st