Eric Clapton - It Hurts Me Too Lyrics

You said you was hurting,
Almost lost your mind,
And the man you love,
He hurts you all the time.

When things go wrong,
Go wrong with you,
It hurts me, too.

You love him more
When you should love him less.
I pick up behind him
And take his mess.


He love another woman
And I love you,
But you love him
And stick to him like glue.


Now you better leave him;
He better put you down.
Oh, I won't stand
To see you pushed around.


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Eric Clapton It Hurts Me Too Comments
  1. Loca aaa

    0:01 sounds like the Red Bull F1 V8

  2. Newcastle

    The original is from Elmore James, very good, check it out 👍. Eric Clapton did a great job with his cover version, too, though

  3. Paramos

    Eric Clapton is an amazing guitar player, but he also sings like a capo :)

  4. Tek Sight

    Give me Elmore James any day!

  5. lendl kaiser

    Tearing it up!

  6. Daniel Melo

    What a tribute to Elmore James!

  7. Kyle Hooks

    Goddamn that tone is good.

  8. Eras Aditya

    any songs like this? please.

  9. Gerald King

    Of all Claptons classic epic albums this is my favorite.It totally distills his whole reason to play for me

  10. Mango's Durruti Ascaso

    EC is GOD

  11. Marcellus Bull Miranda

    elmore james  ,really  cried out his own  pain and sorrow  trough this piece of masterpiece .

  12. Tom Palmer

    What an incredible song. Clapton at his best.

  13. Rafael Oliveira

    eu sou gay

    Daniel Laiser

    +Rafael Oliveira meu irmão também....



    Red Lince

    Isso não é pra gay ouvir
    Isso é música de macho

    gyorgy lukacs

    @Red Lince eu também sou e escutou blues desde a adolescência

  14. Ross Cicero

    Wow. I'm surprised how heavy this is.

    Mike Young

    +Ross Cicero Don't be. Hard Rock is blues scale based music.

    Milica Djuric Comy

    @Mike Young you are totally right. thanks a million for someone who's understanding it!

  15. thekingcobra63

    Some mean ass slide guitar on this song.

  16. Milda Dovydiene

    Manifico Lui drande legenda a tuto mondo

  17. Strat Cat

    A lot of good blues tunes on this album.  This is one of them.

  18. Orkhan Efendi

    everything was messed up. I love you, you love another man and he loves another woman, wtf :D

  19. Pamela Rodrigues

    amoooooooooo =D

  20. weisz attila

    one of the best blues albums...

    Mike Young

    +weisz attila Up there with Me and Mr. Johnson, The Cream of Clapton, Journeyman, and Riding With The King.