Eric Clapton - Easy Now Lyrics

Holding you, you holding me,
Everyone could see we were in ecstasy.
Making love against the wall,
Feeling very small when we didn't need to be.

Easy now; don't let my love flow out of you.
Please remember that I want you to come too.

Oh my darling, help me please.
When I'm without you I fall down and graze my knees.
I look so funny and I feel sad,
Your love is all I've ever had, so please don't tease.


Yesterday, you know tomorrow,
Could it be I'll have to borrow someone new?
I know that I'm the one to blame,
But all the same, there must be something you can do.

[Chorus 3x]

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Eric Clapton Easy Now Comments
  1. Jacqueline Daniels

    Simply beautiful

  2. Mike Hotte

    I was watching a documentary of Eric and they were talking about this song so I youtube'd it. What a cool song. I've heard it before but it was in my subconscious and this just brought it out. Really cool song.

  3. Jose Enrique Agutaya

    I used to hear this on DZRJ Am.i like it very much that I went to a record to buy the 45rpm of this and was told its not available.Later I found out it was released in 1970.I was able to find it available in reel so I have the whole album from this song was taken.Unfortunately somebody borrowed my copy and forgot to return i am glad its in for uploading it.

  4. flyingfishsurf

    It was early this morning at dawn, when I was stirred from my sleep with this song playing loudly in my head.  It was eerily crisp and clear.  There were no lyrics, just the tune.  I couldn't place it at all.  I woke making a conscious effort to retain the melody.  I couldn't place it, but kept playing over & over in my mind.  After walking about for a while and whistling it, it hit me.  I haven't heard this in years.  I used to own this on vinyl, but sold it decades ago.  Just weird as fuck.

  5. Maurizio Goldoni

    No matter how hard I try, to me this is George Harrison

  6. Danny Adamson

    All those signs in London are true Clapton really is God

  7. Kenton Kirkpatrick

    This song and "Badge" -my fav Eric songs. "Spoonful" -My fav epic of all time.

  8. mike maurer

    Cant believe I NEVER heard this song before! and I lived through the 60's ....what a GEM I've uncovered here...awesome!

  9. me & you

    Oh my darling help me please when i'm without you i fall down and scratch my flea's ,

  10. Kamala2111

    I really like this Clapton gem

  11. Cynthia Fradelizi

    So sensual always. A better love song than Layla. CF

  12. Tim Burr

    No wonder the Beatles loved him.

  13. Tim Burr

    He could sing the octaves back then.

  14. Tommygunner 86

    Happy birthday slowhand...

  15. me & you

    If you like this song you will like "13" By Big Star it is the same thing , only different- if you like both songs let me know there are 9 more songs just like this one- Simple popish bubble gum love song teenagers would love

  16. Danny Adamson

    You can understand where the CLAPTON IS GOD came from when you listen to this gem.

  17. Susan Czajkowskyj

    My favourite song of his

  18. johnny zell

    Holding you, you holding me,
    Everyone could see we were in ecstasy.
    Making love against the wall,
    Feeling very small when we didn't need to be.
    Easy now, don't let my love flow out of you.
    Please remember that I want you to come too.
    Oh my darling, help me please.
    When I'm without you I fall down and graze my knees.
    I look so funny and I feel sad,
    Your love is all I've ever had, so please don't tease.
    Yesterday, you know tomorrow,
    Could it be I'll have to borrow someone new?
    I know that I'm the one to blame,
    But all the same, there must be something you can do.
    [Chorus:Repeat x3]

  19. Sublime Music Channel

    This is from my favorite solo Eric release.

  20. Tim Burr

    Still awesome .

    Francesco Soriano

    Despite he's British?

  21. Tim Burr

    He and George could play lead-guitar hosts. Open the suite door inside and throw the box springs on the floor with all the mattresses and pillows. Just keep the bathroom light and TV on. (If I was a guitarist at a hotel with the keyboardist)

  22. Rex Felton

    Written in a taxi to the studio. Recorded with Stephen Stills on the 2nd guitar and the harmonies.

  23. John Zane

    This was Clapton's first solo album released in early 1970....... It was followed later that year by the amazing the Derek & the Dominoes classic, "Layla"

  24. Randal Toma

    Jack Gillespie - I agree, very Harrison-ish.
    "Here Comes The Sun", George Harrison's second song on Abbey Road was written on an acoustic guitar in the garden of Eric Clapton's house in Ewhurst, Surrey.
    _Also, "Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun" -prophetic Lennon lyric from "I Am The Walrus"? (1967) ~ "Here Comes The Sun" (1969)

  25. maazvdo

    Really nice sounding !

  26. bumpdunlop

    Clapton is Jesus Daddy! His fans are fools.

    John Ciriani

    Why do you have to be rude about people who recognize a talent.? I pity you.


    I love this awesome song!

  28. John Valverde

    I remember hearing this song from the Eric Clapton at his Best LP that I had bought at a garage sale I knew most of the songs but when this one played I fell in love instantly and it is one of my most prized LPs

  29. Tim Burr

    god  has game. for sure.

  30. Tim Burr

    Justin Biebler and Smiley Cyrus can only pretend how it was in their parents' days. (wimp punks)

  31. Tim Burr

    He's British.

  32. Tim Burr

    He was such a romantic against the walls at parities, I'm sure,  Even the Beatles were amazed.

  33. Riley Wallace

    i do believe this is my favorite clapton song, its so hard to say

    Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    Riley Wallace I love this song.. I hadn't heard it in many years but glad I found it here..

  34. 320 Parks

    not really god but this song is pure heavenly bliss.

  35. Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    I wish he had written this about me. !..(. lol.)

  36. Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    Love this and Clapton is STILL god.,!

  37. 西葛西中学校1997年3月卒業渡辺ショウタの弟


  38. evan morrow

    Clapton is either God or his brother.....a mere mortal wouldn't be able to do what he's done.....

  39. TheFishMiester

    You have to remember this is 1970 and didn't get recognition until 1972/3, Excellent !

  40. David cawrowl

    Yesterday and no tomorrowCould it be I had to borrowSomeone new.

  41. TheFishMiester

    Probably because they played together so much !

  42. Jack Gillespie

    Sounds very George Harrison-ish

    david W

    I was just th inking that

    Sublime Music Channel

    George's influence at the time, I should think.

    Danny Adamson

    How perceptive  Clapton was spending a lot of time with George when the song was written


    ...also his wife at the time, very Harrison-ish...

    Michael Rizun

    And ofcourse we all know the story behind Layla. This is another great love song to Patti Boyd.

  43. Herbert Wells

    One of the worst lyrics ever written.

    Riley Wallace

    i laughed so hard at your reply😂

    giuseppe pirris

    I say a little prayer for you !

    SiBorg Jonnie

    Agreed, it's trash - no artistic license here just straight up laziness

    joseph petrov

    Fuck off Herbie

    cat fan54

    you are nothing more than a pathetic troll.....or ,more likely a disgruntled justin bieber kind of guy ,,,,just saying

  44. Isabella Hale

    what an amazing song. :)

  45. Brian McNevin

    I bought the "After Midnight" single as a kid in about 1970. When I turned the record over, and heard this, I was surprised that it wasn't the hit and on the radio. I still love it to this day. From everything, which I read, Clapton had discovered his singing voice at this point, and just wanted to begin shifting his focus to that, Although everybody admires him for his guitar playing, he is one of the few rock stars from that era with class.

  46. Angelo Mercure

    I remember this song from late 1970.
    Really loved it and still do.
    Clapton is GOD.

    Angelo Mercure


    Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    DealReal12 Hey dude , don't you worry about it.. God likes E.C Too !! I'll say whatever I like .

    SiBorg Jonnie

    Angelo - If Clapton is GOD then it follows that we all are GOD. Unless maybe it's a personal thing and you feel that to be GOD you simply need to have the ability to manipulate your fingers in certain patterns on a musical instrument ... Maybe you need to say " To me, Clapton is GOD" then there should be no argument.


    Jimi is GOD and Clapton is one of His archangels.

    Frank Kalisz

    No one is God but GOD!!

  47. Kenneth Blixt

    Love this one...

  48. UngKristen

    uuh the chorus is so gross, what the hell.

    Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    Anita McGuinn So very true


    I've been listening to this tune for around 8 years and have never thought of the lyric "don't let my love flow out of you" that way.


    you watch too much porn

    Jukebox Jonnie

    Hazor777 - if you have another interpretation of the chorus, we'd all love to hear it fella

    SiBorg Jonnie

    Anita - The greatest Love songs paint a picture and leave the bare mechanics to the imagination. This is a sex song... might as well be 'I want your sex' or 'I wanna sex you up' - The lyrics are just as awful to listen to although I don't think the melody is that bad..

  49. Debra Knight

    Easy Now

    evan morrow

    Debra lets have dinner some Knight together. I'm serious if you live near Seattle. Anywhere except the Space Needle. Ok? Get back to me...

  50. i maria gonzalez-triana

    One of my favorite songs!! Makes me fly in love...aahhh

  51. Timothy Cicirella

    This is really one of my most favorite songs of his.

    Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    Timothy Cicirella .. so beautiful ! I love love this song !

  52. evan morrow

    very cool tune but harder to play than i thought 

    Garret Fitzgerald

    +evan morrow

    Open tuning on a 12 string guitar...

    PRetty unique sound.

    evan morrow

    What would it be??...... Like an open G ???? I must know.

  53. MeloLand

    I love this song

  54. Fide Fide

    Unpretentious charming song.

  55. alberto luciano fernandes

    Simply beautiful!

  56. David R. Purnell, MA

    A fine song by Eric!

  57. Peter F.

    why should I be accepting of no talent music that asshats like Justin Bieber make? I think not

  58. Peter F.

    its not that I can understand it, but really I can see it , its boxes cause I dont have Japanese characters installed on my computer.

  59. Michael Rudnick

    This much was painful for some reason listening to this song for the first time in a long time What It looks did has been strongly influenced by the George Harrison Eric Clapton. For those that dont understand Japanese

  60. sjsn35


  61. Wally Dow

    Eric Clapton, if you ever do read this, know that this song touched my heart deeply. I have 2 daughters. My youngest was conceived with this song in my heart.

  62. Wally Dow

    That's the kind of luck I have LOL

  63. Wally Dow

    That is from the Patty Boyd era. I was at Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa, FL and heard the whole Layla album performed live in 70 or 71. I had this album. i remember Clapton from The Yardbirds and have always followed his career. Came really close to getting to getting to meet him when my manager was Sid Rudeau. I am still hoping to get to work with him before I leave this world. RAP is NOT music.

    hobo_billy psychedelic

    Rap is tribal noises

    Konga 5000

    Funny that you say that : this sounds like George Harrison song !

  64. Glenn Echo

    He wanted her to come too. What a guy.

  65. karukinka

    my first album of clapton , circa 1976

  66. Mike VanKempen

    How the hell did shitty rap ever make it in the world?

  67. sghutner

    hasn't any one noticed the subtle placement of an apple(harrison)and an orange on the floor(perhaps clapton)just happen to be there.Amazing song-amazing album

  68. unclebill68

    I also recorded the track for "Badge" but that's another story.

  69. unclebill68

    So Eric walked into a Stills session in London and said "I just wrote this song in the car and could I record it before I forget it. I set up a couple mic's and away we went. Stills harmony vocal: my mix: finished in a couple hours. Delaney got production credit but was 6000 miles away in LA.

    mark keller

    I would not ever stand for that kind of shit. Spread this news till the day you die.
    Without a doubt this is pure genius from performance to production. Were you running 2 compressors in series on any mics? Fantastic job sir.

    evan morrow

    That's not fair unclebill !!

  70. Tuan Muda

    * * * * *

  71. Deana Williams

    Thanks for reminding me of a good song, but more importantly of a wonderful time in my life.

  72. Alex Oliver

    Thanks for posting this song! Absolutely love this one - and my fave from that first solo album, to boot! Cheers!

  73. dylan324

    Harrison was one of his co-writers on "Badge"...good ear ;)

  74. Don Tessier

    this tune puts the girls in their place,single hndedly!

  75. 124slowhand

    I am an expert. This is one of his best. Very Beatleish.

  76. socrates1818

    @Neversleeps1979 what is his best then?

  77. unclebill68

    This version has a crappy extra guitar o/d.

  78. makatube

    He played this in Pittsburgh many moons ago...quite a response from the crowd in the arena.

  79. Loren Touch

    not his best song

  80. shinybald36

    @bloodsageman love clapton ,but this album is way underplayed, such a wonderful time for clapton fans. thanks for posting one of my clap favs, just wish he never left bf.

  81. boko milchevski


  82. MarioXMan100

    i love this song

  83. Der Glaetze

    Thanks bloodsageman!
    I had this on cassette, may years ago, in 1970, back in high school.
    I have been searching for this for many years, since I first lost the album cassette.
    It gives me the chills. One of Eric's best, for sure. (And never played on the airwaves in L.A.)

    mark keller

    Was and still is played in St. Louis, Mo. on KSHE 95.

  84. ritter89

    Excellent! Thanks for posting. Hope it stays up.

  85. Ken Kucel

    I agree! I was chilling to satellite this afternoon and heard the song for the first time in 30 years. It felt good like an old favorite pair of jeans.