Eric Benet - My Prayer Lyrics

I don't want to live this way no more
I don't want to fight this endless lonely war
I don't want to stand alone, without the only love I've known
And never find that ray of light we had before
I never meant to break your precious heart
And what I did can't be undone and it's tearing me apart
Far too late for promises, but if you gave us one more chance
You would see a better man worth fighting for

Love sweet love I feel your power
Hear my prayer, we're in your hands now
Take these hearts so lost and broken
Bring us home again
If this prayer for love is never heard
Oh, and if you have to walk away for these are only words
Baby I will understand but I will always be that man
Waiting here for you with love and open arms

Love sweet love I feel your power
Hear my prayer, we're in your hands now
Take these hearts so lost and broken
Bring us home again
Remember all the times we had, the dreans that we once shared
I swear I'll bring them back to you again

Love sweet love I feel your power
Hear my prayer, we're in your hands now
Take these hearts so lost and broken
Bring us home again

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Eric Benet My Prayer Comments
  1. WA'AD 98

    I’m here after listening to RAVN sing this

  2. mrpchannel

    The Greatest

  3. 구민우

    박효신 승!

  4. Kurt J

    Beautiful seriously

  5. Gela Metreveli

    i love this song

  6. Wanda Howell

    Hear my pray lord mend broken hearts mines first.

  7. Wanda Howell

    Sing son

  8. tiffani bell

    Love this song its powerful and beautiful for the soul Eric benet keep the music coming old school soul 90 baby Rockstar momma

  9. Cynthia Young

    I Love his music. The artist is awesome.

  10. Puleng molebatsi

    I love this Song. I cant describe the feeling i get when i listen to it 💟🙏

  11. Thapelo Mokoena


  12. NOMFUNDO Gwiji


  13. Water Moon

    인간적으로 프랑스어 나올때 그냥 천사 그자체....ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

  14. 2012 2012

    Beautiful song .2019 ?👑❤

  15. sophie kal

    Quelqu'un pour traduire cette magique chanson, svp

  16. Gela Metreveli

    i love this song.bravo eric

  17. Dana Moultrie


  18. 행복GBV

    이것도 좋아 했던 곡

  19. Anna Nasario

    Oh, I thought your getting married. I'm So confused!

  20. Sheila Jones

    So touching. Love it!


    I cried ....

  22. shymickey6

    Hear me out: I dedicate this song to myself. I'm split in two from constant heartache and heartbreak, and a part of me now wants to only be alone while the other part still fights and yearns to try and try again for love. I am not whole and secretly cry because I want to be home (whole) again.

    SU H

    shymickey6 I know exactly what you are saying. Every single word you wrote is describing my mind. I have had to stay home for the last 2 weeks as I got aphasia. I would fall asleep, crying and hoping not to open my eyes ever again... I would not eat properly nor meet people.I am gettin better little by little but still barely eating or sleeping, turning into a skeleton. I just got on my computer today, thinking I might go somewhere and do something really stupid unless I do something not stupid. While listening to good songs, somehow I came across Eric Benet's playlist, and here I am writing to you..I know what people would say, "Not the end of the world." But I would like to ask you(who wrote this comment), no one else, "How are you doing these days?" Have you overcome the pain and the sorrow? Have you been able to fall in love again? What helped you do so? How is everything compared to last year? I find it hard to tell my people how I am devistated now... They'll probably keep telling me to move on and meet new people but that's not the answer to me... I wish to hear from you.

    Shelina Whit more

    @SU H I can relate to every word you said

  23. Mrs.Audrey:Aliengoddess Roberson

    beautiful song

  24. Andreea Vraciu

    we have 24 deaf people can you dislike this!!

  25. Masixole Kosi

    simply awesome


    하나님.' ' .' 저를지켜주소서...
    하나님을..만나는 그날까지.
    저를.. 하나님의 딸로 받아주소서..


    하나님..사랑하고..또 ..감사합니다

  26. rbharena

    sad song......ㅜ ㅜ 맘이....아린다....

  27. Lisa Kyle

    Beautiful song

  28. Venisha Butler

    So why the 17 haters?! This is a beautiful song...

    And i Oop MonstaxBts

    Well now it's 40 people are crazy 😂😂😂


    @And i Oop MonstaxBts now 62 😢


    @딩동 now 68 😭 r u Korean?

  29. Martina Zemanova

    😢😢👍❤❤❤❤❤i love you

  30. Gerald Johnson

    Oct.15: Happy birthday Singer-songwriter Eric Benet. God bless. Thanks for the upload. Blessings

  31. Martina Zemanova


  32. leo

    very nice eric

  33. Claire Mercidas


  34. Tanukid Works

    he hit that lil climax with everything. The guitar solo that came through it just makes it better.

  35. Céline Choquette


  36. 원동원

    what the ........

  37. Shawne Lenae

    Such a powerful voice

  38. safefonzy

    Powerful song...Thankyou Eric

  39. kevin mitchner

    Damn good song

    hailey ayisha cruz

    kevin mitchner i

  40. Jacqueline Brown


  41. Devour Backstrokes

    Cmon with that long ass comment dafuq outta here

  42. CrazeeLovableCrocGirl