Eric Bellinger - Malibu Nights Lyrics

Crashing waves, waves crashing
Crashing waves, waves crashing
Crashing waves, waves crashing

Do you feel the breeze in the air?
Do you feel the wind through your hair?
Oh no, wait, that's just my hands
Tempting your legs to expand
Do you see the stars in the sky?
Do you see the way that they shine?
Oh no, wait, that's just your eyes
Why am I acting surprised?

Something 'bout those Malibu nights
There's something 'bout those Malibu nights
Got me wondering if I could swim in your ocean, girl
Silhouette of your hips got me thinking 'bout stroking, girl
Malibu nights
Nights in Malibu
Malibu nights, Malibu nights
Crashing waves, waves crashing
Malibu nights
Nights in Malibu
Malibu nights, Malibu nights
Crashing waves, waves crashing
Waves, waves crashing
Waves, waves crashing
Malibu nights, Malibu nights
Crashing waves, waves crashing
Crashing waves, waves crashing
Crashing waves, waves crashing
Crashing waves, waves crashing

Under the stars
Malibu nights
Listen to the waves, can you feel the waves right now?
Can you feel it?
Listen to the waves, they got so much to say right now
Crash into me, I need you tonight
Crash into me, I need you tonight
I need you tonight, I want you tonight
So bring that lil body over here
Come let daddy whisper in your ear
I'ma tell you what you wanna hear
Rub my fingers through your hair
Put your legs up in the air like
Put them legs up in the air like
Taking off your underwear like
Like Malibu nights

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Eric Bellinger Malibu Nights Comments
  1. Mny Mar

    The beat rides so nice. Nice joint to cruise to💯

  2. Shell Patron

    Tbh, this knocks at the Jersey Shore too 💃🏽🌠🌙😍💞🥰

  3. Division One

    2:30 And On Background Vocals Sound Like Shawn Stockman

  4. DJ G

    still trying to figure out where I know that saxophone melody @1:06 from 🧐 "you knowwww what I want, you knowwwww what I need"

  5. LipTease: Sex, Love, and Relationships Vlog


  6. Jet Life

    with that saxophone ride, i really can’t see why this isn’t at a mil already...

  7. Initially JB

    Best track on the album so smooth

  8. Initially JB

    Man this song is my favorite on the track I can Listen to this with my main and just feel her heartbeat. Will forever be a Eric Bellinger fan

  9. Initially JB

    Lyrics thru this song is amazing

  10. Menna Mohsen

    From the very first 4 seconds I knew that this song is gonna be my favorite song....he never disappoints 😍

  11. Key Jack


  12. Hana Yi


  13. Rastacamz

    Just sexy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Reyshawn Jackson


  15. Leah Renee


  16. Charde Harris

    love your songs

  17. ash p

    🗣 That saxophone in the back though !

  18. Logan Royalty

    Waves crashin 😎 lit

  19. Jesse

    That run at 1:16 is so damn 🔥 🔥 🔥

  20. Clementine Florence

    way better than Miley's song Malibu

  21. Hollywoodcole Larkins

    Relaxing, smooth,..feel good r&b 🤗😊😎💑🎤🎶🍹⛵🌊

  22. vinnie osborne


  23. Lauren S. Clark

    I am never disappointed by his music! Such great talent!

  24. KekePfan16

    So happy they teamed up again!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  25. isabelle Elizabeth Wal

    Yess. I've be patiently waiting for this (;

  26. SummerKissCrush

    before i listened to the song for some reason i knew it was going to be good just from the title aha


    Yeah, i get what you're saying hah

  27. Charity V

    yo wtf happened to JUST CHILL!!! it DISAPPEARED from the face of the earth.

    nobruminatti bruno 7

    BEYONCE4life97 ikr

  28. Kyla Jcx

    everything he makes is a banger

  29. Crystal Harp

    Eric did again 😍😍😍😍

  30. Karol DaFlame

    Love this sm ❤️😍👌🏾

  31. Big Jas

    My fav. 💕

  32. Andrew Adeogun

    this song puts me to sleep. but in a good way

  33. Alyshia Moore

    waves crashing !!!!!!!! take me away

  34. Aisha

    "Do you see the stars in the sky
    do you see the way that they shine oh no wait that's just your eyes why am I acting surprised"😻😻😻

    Alicia Harris

    Favorite line

  35. B. Marie

    He's not underrated at all. L0L! He's actually one of the best songwriters out today. He's put out some of our favorite songs! Do your homework.


    B. Marie I think what she means is he isnt getting enough aknowledgement for his work like he should be! tbt , ive never heard of him till just now

    Tyrael Mack

    Kareeshia that's exactly what she meant.. he is underrated.. he's able to pen hits for other ppl but not for himself when he's clearly one of the most hardest working man in the music industry collaborating with damn near everybody

  36. Tim Kruse

    clicked when i saw victoria monet lol

  37. KBC33

    So many bangers on the new album but Malibu Nights is just a different wave. My favorite one off Term 2.

  38. Dai Washington

    #yourfavoratesong as usual ❤️🔥

  39. Krystal J.

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️ love

  40. Tawanda Batana

    What's the name of the whole Album? Need to Listen to him more


    Tawanda Batana you're favorite song

  41. RadxKr

    can't wait til he gets the recognition he deserves (:

  42. Lux Norris

    bro..dun stop till ur dead

  43. PrinceTheRealest1

    #Smooth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. joshua

    Oh if there was an acoustic version of this

    One1Six_ __

    There is !

    Aaron Norris

    Terra Brown where?


    just look it up

  45. PC Consulting


  46. MamzellePistache

    Magnifique 😍

  47. Malyse Lindsey

    He's do damn underrated yo, and so is Victoria. Love them ❤👌🏾🔥.

    King Playa

    Malyse Lindsey you underrated...looking hot to def ma

  48. Building Success

    omg I love him I love him

  49. Lyrically Grown

    Yep👌🏾 This guy don't miss🎧 #onrepeat

    Elisha Williams

    He never disappoints! #fav

  50. Manuel Perez

    Quality music every time

  51. mesha G

    Loving the jazz vibe, so soothing and relaxing 🌃🌉🌌🌊🍃

  52. mary janes baby

    Nice soothing melody.

  53. Jenn M


  54. Maicie Xiong

    Always Lovin you~♡♡
    Your voice always be slaying my life! Great job Eric. I'll always be looking forward for more♡