Erasure - World Be Gone Lyrics

Before we ever seize the day
The calming of the season's end
Life becomes a hidden play
Imparted with a furtive glance
Was it everything you'd dreamed it'd be
Or illusions shattered into glass

World be gone
Or are you filled with loving
The way that you promised us
Long ago
And will it tie us to the mast of our souls
As in ancient lore
And as I saw you standing there
Holding your head in your hands

Though it hurts to say goodbye
Silver linings in the leaden sky
One day we'll return again
And surely we will make amends
Consequences never seen
Broken shadows on an empty screen

World be gone
Or are you filled with loving
The way that you promised us
Long ago
And will it tie us to the mast of our souls
As in ancient lore
And as I saw you standing there
Holding your head in your hands

World be gone
Or are you filled with loving
The way that you promised us
Long ago
And will it tie us to the mast of our souls
As in ancient lore
And as I saw you standing there
Holding your head in your hands

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Erasure World Be Gone Comments
  1. Simone Gomes da Silva Rodrigues

    The Andy Bell AMD Vince Clark are the persones in big magnific strad of life, persons brilhantes!? God, priece...happy happy, happy forever...
    Abraços Sinceros
    Simone Gomes da Silva Rodrigues.
    Friends and my artists predilects!!!
    Music is my favorite Robby...true...
    Is study my predilect dever!!!
    And daughter 13 anos dia 06/ beautifull is puppy girl, is my baby...


  2. nadine richards

    I liked this song love everything they do erasure forever !

  3. pocket change

    can't believe they are still around...

  4. Nathan Farias

    Poor album

  5. Luciano Gelio Siviero

    ERASURE é a perfeição da música eletrônica, ERASURE é a melhor banda de música eletrônica do planeta, ANSIOSO para a chegada de 2020 quando ERASURE vai completar 35 anos de história e sucesso. Onde será a comemoração dos 35 anos de ERASURE,eu Luciano fã do ERASURE a mais de 34 anos, cadê a campanha no YouTube e no Facebook para trazer o ERASURE no rock in rio 2019.

  6. Tamás Juhászi

    Bad music.

  7. Evgene Zat

    Masterpiece 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  8. Mee Howski


  9. edgar quezada


  10. Surabhi Chandorkar

    Love it!!
    Do you believe ERASER?

  11. Michael Reeve

    Piss poor, weakest first single release, since Freedom

  12. pick1888

    Bucket list....Saw Depeche Mode last Year and seeing Erasure this MONTH!!! OMG!

  13. patrik6184

    gracias erasure son el soundtrack de mi vida

  14. Andrea Alarcon

    Admiro mucho Erasure...pero este disco es muy flojo...voy a esperar el proximo

  15. Jaldie Araceli Aguilera Orellana

    I wanna kiss you baby (8) ❤❤❤❤

  16. Joe Whittle

    Over a year has gone by and I still think this is the best song Erasure have ever made.

  17. Gianni Vieri

    Best British. Duo .

  18. Ronie Supi

    I'm looking forward to the show in Brazil in May 2018. I love Erasure😍😍😍😍😍

  19. love my friends xx tame

    yes I love the song

  20. Stanley Bert

    Very very good!!

  21. Mark Heidema

    Like it or not this IS the current Erasure, techno sound. They're not in their 20's anymore. Good album.

  22. Melinda Parker


  23. Hermaphrodite Doro

    erasure will come in mexico

  24. Georges NemHb

    Not impressive...

  25. Suharinos

    I was hoping to see the boys on this vid..

  26. yvette tejeda

    Their sound & beat have mellowed a bit with age, but I still love them from here to the "Sky"...<3

  27. Radek Ventruba

    Thank you Vince, thank you Andy!

  28. hungarybulldog

    ...and this is the a best song from the Erasure Duo discografy...!!!

  29. hungarybulldog

    Brand New song and this is a brand new sound for the Erasure, but is more cool song from the Erery Electro-Beat Duo carrier.!!Thanks Andy and Vince...!!!Breat Song

  30. Brendan Young

    I #
    love this song!

  31. MrRamto13

    cool !!!

  32. Dartmania

    This Song is Awesome I hear it up and down

  33. Tim Chorzempa

    This song and "Just a Little Love" are my favorites on the new album.  The extra song in the Japanese release "Nothing I could say"  and "I Need You Now" really should have been on it. It's almost a crime that they weren't.

  34. Duncan Smedley

    another brilliant track from andy bell vince clark you are a master of mixing brilliant tracks welcom back


    a ver cuando vienen otravez a mexico estoy dispuesto ir otravez hasta cd. de mexico


    ya se habian tardado erasure en sacar su musica

  37. jar google asco

    Siguen coleándo 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆💪😘

  38. Frederico Andrade

    Erasure with great songs again😀 They are amazing

  39. NothingHereMoveOn

    I hated the tribal drum track with the super-pop chorus in this song until I listened to it a half a dozen times. It was then I realised it's VERY Erasure. It's the beauty of the melody against the angst of the percussion that makes this exactly what I love about Vince and Andy. Maybe not my choice as a "First Single" - that's up to the record label - but having bought and thoroughly delved into the new album I know it's something you can't just casually listen to. You have to listen to the words. "World Be Gone" is poetically an incredibly deep album.

  40. Edu Hesse

    Welcome Back...Nice Song!!!

  41. miss NINA Politi


  42. asalvio

    Great song!

  43. Marah Noemi Bistrain


  44. Suzy Lux

    I love erasure to pieces, but I'm not feeling this album so far...

  45. Susanneh Nilsson

    Great song Erasure!!!!!!

  46. Lynn Gustafson

    Very dull. Those double entendres tho. O.o

  47. John Johnsen

    recently heard this song in Wales on BBC2, hasn't been out of my head after......

  48. Eff Yiew

    Could have had potential but they're just phoning it in at this point.

  49. KAOS Community Radio

    Rad visuals

  50. AJ Sarabia

    When are y'all gonna tour and come to Houston?

  51. Kenny Trcka

    This song is magical. I love the combination of techno and romanticism. The best song of the album World Be Gone.

  52. Robinson Nigrin

    Without knowing the author, would say that who created the little respect would create this in 5 minutes. Sorry for the language because I do not speak English.

  53. MrPp Rivero

    I want to hear this LIVE!!!

  54. Music InDaMix

    only good song of the new album. It's got gusto

  55. Jackie Carroll

    Love it

  56. David Herridge

    Fantastic! Erasure on four cylinders!

  57. Robcop Westton

    ***I Got it it's Gwen Steffani of NO Doubt band song "The Sweet Escape"*** chorus is from her song!

  58. Robcop Westton

    ..........the tune is from another song by a female simger but I can't remember who?

    Robcop Westton

    Gwen steffani Sweet

  59. Robcop Westton

    Erasure are like on time warp but I love it!

  60. Sandra Munton

    love the new song yay😀😀😆

  61. ghostnation

    same shit he was doing in the 80's sorry

  62. Samuel Coffey

    Erasure is as brilliant as ever!!!!!!!

  63. hugo pistachia


  64. König live hardware techno

    Still incredible music after such a long break. Compared to all the generic money making shite that fills the charts today it's nice to hear acts stickin to their guns and producing music that is still as intoxicating as it was in the 80s. Drum machine, a few synths and an inspirational vocalist is all it takes. Best, most emotive tune I've heard for a long time. Respect erasure !!

  65. Sergio Mcfly

    I miss the ERASURE 80's

  66. rault thierry

    Vince Clarke a encore bien assuré sur le plan de la composition. Des synthés analogiques comme d'hab. Andy Bell assure au niveau des voix. Très belle chanson.


    La Communauté des Fans Francophones d'ERASURE sur Facebook, c'est par ici :

    rault thierry

    Face book ce n'est pas mon truc, mais je te remercie quand-même du renseignement.


    C'est dommage : ce groupe Facebook permet aux fans français et francophones d'être en contact et de commenter l'actualité Erasuresque, compensant ainsi quelque peu l'absence médiatique d'ERASURE en France... C'est quasiment un forum de discussion à l'ancienne !
    Si vous changez d'avis, n'hésitez pas à demander à rejoindre notre communauté de fans !

  67. Tina Ryan

    How can I get the lyrics?

  68. ilysvengeance

    The end of the chorus reminds me so much of The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani.
    I do like the verse though.

    Graham Johnston

    ilysvengeance yes ,I thought it was a remix of Gwen Stefani's song when I first heard it .

  69. Suzy Lux

    it's erasure.

  70. Nathan Farias

    The chorus is so teeny bopper sappy yikes

  71. Carlos Jose Bofi Garcia

    Please come to Madrid! 🎉 🎹 🎶 🗣 🎙

  72. MrNosreme70

    Miss the old days when erasure wrote some great melodies. Now all we get are cheap pop songs.


    What a thought! Maybe recreate Yazoo. I'm sure Alison would go for it.


    Did you like "Snow Globe" ?
    I think it was their best effort since "Nightbird"


    Snow Globe falls into the category of disappointing but still decent. Thinking back to their upbeat, whimsical sounding albums like Cowboy and I Say x3, I think they could have made an amazing Christmas Album. But Snow Globe had such a stripped down, dismal tone, it was not the Christmas joy I expected. But even still, there were some good songs on it so unlike everything else since Nightbird, at least it's worth listening to.


    Last album I liked by them was Cowboy. And it was clear even then they were moving in the wrong direction.


    I seem to be the only person to feel this way, but I thought Loveboat was a great album.  I loved its weird sound and quirky beats.

  73. Kordo

    erasure great synth/pop duo,Greets from Poland ;)

  74. DJA 67

    Heard this on radio 2 it's a great tune! Great to hear a new tune from Erasure!

  75. charliehotel04

    Great catchy song ruined by Compression (I bailed out at
    1min 42secs). It really is about time that the Music Industry (namely Music Execs and
    Mastering Engineers) stop over compressing music to make it sound louder perceptively.
    Sadly this song will probably be forgotten by the end of the year because of this but we
    will all still be singing 'A Little Respect' for another 20 years and beyond.

  76. Amanda Louise

    as soon as he starts singing you know who it is....😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  77. mike

    awesome song....Erasure forever

  78. RobinPM100

    I think it´s time Vince should write lyrics for the next records instead of Andy. He wrote great and deep lyrics for Depeche Mode´s Speak and Spell, much better than this horny teeny crap type of lyrics :-D

  79. Donna Snowdon

    absolutely love this song. my boyfriend linked it to me last night. he is such a romantic

  80. Jonny Mac

    Love it! :D WB ERASURE! Love Ya!

  81. Richard Smith

    this is the best tune erasure done for a long time.

  82. Victor Indarte

    Suena muy bien!!!

  83. Mixelangel

    It sounds awesome on my surround sound system with the volume turned all the way up!

  84. Дикий В'ячеслав

    дуже люблю гурт erasure

  85. Luke Tzuiio

    It's cool hippy music 👍love it

  86. Allan Kent-Fisher

    I think this a rather brilliant 💕

  87. Ellie Reeves

    Yet again Erasure come back with a great song. Loving the slightly changed sound will be interesting to see what the album is like

  88. skintrade

    As long as its not tomorows world I will be happy. The production was terrible.

  89. JOHN

    what the heck this an erasure song comment about this not about Depeche , you dont like DM dont talk about them talk about erasure, or you all are gelous about tha fact that DM sells more even if they are not so comercial as erasure . Enjoy the fuking music and shut up. I like the song anyway. And SPIRIT even more

  90. secretsymphony

    This is my first listen. The chorus reminds of Moon & The Sky - single version with the chorus - for obvious reasons...

  91. zicoskywalker Music & Synthesizers

    amazing song

  92. Bob White

    Heard this on the radio and felt an urge to comment on just how terrible this song is. The lyrics sounds like something written by a couple of 11 year old girls writing spoof love song.

  93. Michael Jurney

    I'm loving this song.  It has the Erasure distinctive sound.

  94. Blauwstar Style

    im a erasure fan from my youth but this is such a boooring song pfffff

  95. HoleyHouseOfAir

    just got into erasure, found out they released a new song, disapoint

  96. fffrankk

    i honestly love the drums in this song.

    but ...

    i still remember the old days when i had to listen to some erasure songs a couple of times until i got familiar with its melody structure. complex they were, changing harmonics where you wouldn't quite expect it, suddenly tossing in another melody like from another song. sometimes that didn't seem to make sense at first, but when i finally got the song into my system i couldn't get it out of my head for days. the cleverly interwoven little synth lines in the background, the playful coloring of the sounds that ... all that made me want to hear the songs over and over again, discovering all of vince's magical beauty.

    now it's enough to listen to the first line of a song and you can safely guess what follows. repeat, shift, repeat, shift. an alteration of that as the hook line, perhaps a bridge up, and the usual short interlude. nothing is surprising anymore. it almost kills the songs i really love, hearing those cheap knock-offs.

    the lyrics became also interchangeable. love, love, love. i got used to them rarely making any sense at all and sounding like a teenager girl's pubertal writings, desperate to sound mysterious. should the next album be also called 'whatever with WORLD' in it and one more song rhymes 'saturday night' on 'all right', i'm sure it's andy's experiment to test out the die-hard fan's ultimate vomit border. i used to sing along with every erasure album for decades, but now i'd just be ashamed to do so.

    i still gave it a thumbs up and hope there are songs with much more substance, innovation and depths on the album.

  97. Paul Edwards

    it's like their old stuff. so brilliant

  98. Simone G S Rodrigues.

    Cadê you?

  99. Markus M

    strong tune!