Erasure - Elevation Lyrics

It's more than just a feeling
When it gets inside and takes a hold of you
You don't want to beat it
'Cause the pain subsides and the hurt is gone from you, woah

It makes you kinda wonder
What are we supposed to do, woah
When the fate of many
Is guided by the hands of few

Elevating, elevating

No more hiding
Love is elevating love
Your light rising
Love is elevating love

You can't fight it
The love gets higher
The love gets higher
You can't fight it
The love gets high
Always gets higher

It's more than just a feeling
And it's growing stronger, brighter by the day
You just gotta feel it
And you just can't doubt it, you can't hide the truth, woah

All this light and this beauty
And it's shining down all over you, woah
When the fate of many
Is guided by the hands of few

No more hiding
Love is elevating love
Your light rising
Love is elevating love

You can't fight it
The love gets higher
The love gets higher
You can't fight it
The love gets high
Always gets higher

You can't fight it
The love gets higher
The love gets higher
The love gets higher
The love gets higher
The love gets higher
The love gets higher
The love gets higher
The love gets higher
The love gets higher
The love gets higher
The love gets higher

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Erasure Elevation Comments
  1. Katinka Jarabik

    What a beautiful dance song! I never heard this before I got the greatest hits CD!

  2. Jaci C.

    Love their classics, but this is so fresh and beautiful.

  3. Dan Tyler

    I love every single track on violet flame . Pop at it’s very best

  4. Rafael Fontes

    The song is severely edited :(

  5. Alan Fox

    They are still going strong songs get a bit same after awhile but Richard x did wonders with their sound I would not mind getting the deluxe edition of the album because love to hear the old hits live gigs at the roundhouse in Camden town passed that venue a lot never been there for a live gigs any goods?

  6. Mack Sarnie

    Great song, didn't appreciate it enough when it came out

  7. Gilson Partyka

    Pio bella la music

  8. Elianatube Mi canal

    I Miss Andy and Vince

  9. Laxmu Naidu

    Swathi Naidu Lakshmi

  10. Sabine Michel

    The best voice ever

  11. Edgardo Gregorini

    This is life. I love this song of Erasure

  12. marcioeq

    unbelievably awesome!

  13. Edgar Duarte

    One more mastepiece of the genius of erasure

  14. Bernie Tobin

    welcome back erasure

  15. edgardo gregorini


  16. edgardo gregorini

    Summer anthem

  17. Andy Ock

    This and 'Breathe' and 'Chorus' are my favourites, loved them from the off, Brilliant!

  18. James Mcmillan

    Love driving with this song on loudly

  19. Laynielouxu

    awesome XxxxxxxX

  20. Nitesh Tak

    under-rated !!

  21. adalgiso arzuaga

    nice erasure 😎

  22. Shawn Duffy

    love this song!

  23. El Cupa


  24. Alex Pilgrim

    As Erasure's fan-I don't like this song.Just saying


    Then I assume you lied about being a fan. That's just what I think.

    The RebornRebel

    @Alex Pilgrim

    No more hiding
    Love is elevating love
    Your light rising
    Love is elevating love

    I'm loving the song, regardless, don't know why you don't, you say you are erasure's fan, makes me question that.

    The RebornRebel

    @Alex Pilgrim

    I guess these Elevation lyrics are true what they mean.

    This song is more than just a feeling, the song has got inside and has took a hold of you but you don't want to beat it.

    *Bows Down
    "Thank You very much, nice to cheer people up.

  25. Matt W1

    You are not the only one Karl!

  26. Juan Muñoz

    Great song!!,, muy buen tema, siempre Erasure los reyes del tecno pop

  27. TheRildobr


  28. Karl O'Connor

    Why am I only hearing this now? What a great tune. I like it. Erasure. I know they had the bulk of their success in the late 80's and early 90's though it is strange, for a lot of their tunes outside of that time frame are fantastic.


    +Karl O'Connor  I agree the 80s 90s they were riding high but they are still class andy bell great vocalist and what can you say about vince many bands Clarke he can still tinckle a tune

    WTF how bizarre

    i don't know. i've been getting a lot of weird but good videos on YouTube lately, too. But my phone's been hacked.

  29. 5oclockbanana

    Quickly became one of my favorite Erasure songs.

  30. Mugglematron

    Beautiful song!

  31. Milan Muenchen

    Super !!!

  32. Jennifer G

    Andy Bell really reminds me of Freddie Mercury in regards to his vocals. He has the same clear tone and good diction, as well as excellent pitch control.

  33. Heldersounddj

    I S2 Erasure!

  34. Vape dog

    Great,I,ve always thought these guys are underrated,they have been up there for a long time,let's hope there's more of this fantastic up lifting music to come

  35. Mike J

    I finally got to see them live after 20 years on my to do list!  Such an awesome such at the best venue in Oakland!  I hope they come back soon!!!

  36. Rebecca Kelly

    I have The Violet Flame on repeat! Love it! 

  37. Samir Memmedli

    Cool as always! :) Bravo, guys!

  38. Logan-47

    Please listen my remix on Sacred:

  39. Raymond Leggs

    erasure doing trance? I'm actually okay with this!

    vince clarke worked with bt on his new music project. guess the influence wore off on him :-D

  40. TheEsacitsuj1

    Thanks for sharing all this great music with me @Richard Price Elliott You're a Scholar & Gentleman Richard :-) ♥♪☮

  41. Chet Willi

    Classic Erasure!

  42. Piotr Nowak

    dinozary potrafią..


    I nieżle się trzymają jak na dinozaury ;-)

  43. Francesca Roberti

    Bellissima tutta quanta è in tutti gli aspetti


    The album is like the last 3 or 4 albums, not bad but  come on Vince! You can do better, stronger and darker. I miss when you were in Yazoo  When the melody and the voice were eclipsing the programming of the song. All so real

  45. Mike Rudell

    i love the new album! This is not the stand out song in my opinion. I prefer "Reason" and "Sarcred" but this one is good too. I saw them live on 1 October in Detroit, MI and let me tell you they were amazing---they didn't disappoint. Andy looked and sounded great and Vince is just . .well  . .timeless :)

  46. qbanoz

    Is this even the video for the song?  I love the song and the whole album, the video, however, lacks. 

  47. Jaime De Oliveira Andrade

    Perfect video.

  48. Kordo

    ERASURE Best Group of Techno/Pop!

  49. barry casey

    poo video great band like the song

  50. DanMeister94

    I think the criticism some people give this song is slightly unjust. I mean, the way I see it, Erasure are actually adjusting and modernising their sound. This is a very modern, upbeat dance sound which will help potentially attract younger, newer audiences but I still think it maintains what made Erasure great in the 80's/90's. I like the song a lot and as has been mentioned, for those that aren't fans of the track, there are other songs in the album which are fans of Erasure are accustomed to listening to. But, the way I see it, Erasure are adapting to change in music and I think the people listening should also adapt aswell. This is a very catchy track! :)

  51. Jason Rutherford

    Best erasure song for ages! Richard X is a genius


    For me The Violet Flame is their best album since Cowboy and 50% of this is thanks to Richard production


    Vince Clarke Too ;-)

  52. Chris fox

    William North: Most erasure fans are not Gay, you have alot of preduces yourself my dearest friend, erasure are for all their fans whether they are straight, gay & bi. andy bell is a fantastic artist who is openly gay, perhaps the video is showing mixed sex couples instead of just 4 guys to show a balance towards the bulk of their fans. ?  just a Suggestion, so as andy would say please don't be nasty, if thats whats coming next, erasure are about Love & Tolerance, Good Title for an erasure song ? i think what they have been doing is "perfect"


    Well said Chris. Erasure is for everyone. And they are about Love and Tolerance. I love them.


    I'm seeing them live in Bristol. I think they are fab and the music is great. Andy bell is a top performer and Vince Clarke is brilliant. Am I allowed to see them as I'm married with seven kids....Hell yeah William north take note of what chris said.

    aldo alda

    @Bryan Snyder
    Thanks Bryan. Erasure is about LOVE like u said and breaking walls, bi, gay, staright, trans. When I was 16 and God knows I was so afraid and felt shame for who I was I heard Hideaway I even used the song as a project for the college and it was 1992 and the song changed the way everybody in the classroom thoght about social rules. I have so many straight friends that love Erasure and we go to concerts together. This planet is better cause Erasure sings their songs. Vince and Andy.... Gracias

    aldo alda

    @Bryan Snyder  Hey Bryan thanks for share and yes Erasure brings hope. I have been listening E songs for so many years, there is healing and forgiveness when i am upset and angry. For example Piano Song, Miracle, Stay with me and so many others. When someone think the way u do the people around u are very lucky. It is the same with my family and friends. There is hope for this world. English is not my mother language but when I explain the meaning of the WORDS of E songs to my people they understand why Vince and Andy make this planet a better place. Then is up to them to understand what their music can do for them. Please tell me if u have to choose 1 only 1 song from Erasure what would be and why. Bless ur heart man.


    +Chris fox I agree with you. Just last month I saw them in San Juan, Puerto Rico and it was a mixed crowd in a packed ballroom and most were adult straight couples and straight folks compared to the gay fans that were there! It was a magical fun evening for everyone and someone in the audience at a moment yelled "Hurray for diversity" lol.

  53. Theo Theodoropoulos

    Great song and an amazing new Album!!!

  54. simplyeighties .com

    Andy and Vince are now sounding like everyone else in the charts and the video is dull - where has the originality gone?

  55. victor melendez

    love it

  56. Vincenzo Sabella

    song 7/10 videoclips 3/10, damn Vince and Andy!!!

  57. ThirdLantern

    Did Vince step out for a curry on this one?

  58. Brendan Jones

    Their album (Violet Flame) has entered the UK charts
    at No.20.
    Fantastic considering it is their highest charting album since 2003!

  59. Chris Maughan

    Stunning, love it!!!

  60. macrodisio

    Excelente, jamás Erasure ha hecho un tema malo para mi gusto. Respecto al video, todo lo contrario, creo que si tienen 2 o 3 videos buenos es mucho, parece que no les importa mucho ese asunto, a mi tampoco, con su maravillosa música estoy encantado, Gracias por seguir haciéndola!!!

  61. SonofGrok

    Is this the same Erasure from the 80s? Like break these chains of love Erasure? Because if they are still around and coming out with a new album... that is awesome!

    Paulo Henrique Nagase Moreirao

    Yep, that's the same one, actually since the 80's they didn't stop their career, to me their best album came out in 2005,its title is "Nighbird", songs like "Breathe", "I broke it all in two" and "One more rocket to the moon" are outstanding!


    I'll check it out!

    Mack Sarnie

    Violet flame was a great record

  62. TheNouveauxdecadence

    Terrible, Erasure don't sound like Erasure anymore and the video is terrible. They have sold out to Gen Z. Booooooh, wish the video was at least camp!


    Not the best choice for a single. You should listen to the whole album though. A lot more "Erasure-y" stuff there, just wrapped-up in a more modern beat.

  63. בוריס לכטרמן

    Amazing! Enjoying them almost 30 years

  64. Charlito

    Something is wrong with Erasure logistics. First, they start a tour before the release of the album, I was at the first show of the tour and enjoyed their classic hits but didn't have the chance to relate to the new songs because no chance to hear them before. Second, this video where the performers are not in... I have to say something to them (I am stealing this from someone on youtube): May I talk to your manager?.

  65. Andrei Valentim

    Love the song and the video!

  66. Dadaista

    Excelente video y nueva canción. No esperen mas a que salga a bailar Andy Bell y actuar en el clip. Lo hizo cuando tenia 20 años menos, no hay tiempo para la nostalgia, me parece bien que se adapten a los tiempos. 

  67. Lee Greveson

    Vince hates being in videos and thinks they're a waste of money. Perhaps Andy just couldn't muster the enthusiasm to appear in it on his own - so what's wrong with this? Shows a younger generation having fun in the context of this dance track. However, the band members could have cameod as DJs as it seems that's what they both enjoy doing when not working on band material.

  68. Steve White

    After Gaudete being one of their best videos ever its hard to believe that this is an actual music video for this song or any song for that matter. I hope there was a director with a large whip forcing those models to keep those ear to ear smiles going the whole time. 

  69. Jesper Ottonello

    The music sound like Mother talking,not like Erasure.

  70. Douglas Oliveira Bnei Noach - Filho de Noé

    new time. nuevos tiempos. 

    very good. muy bien.



  71. Steve Jones

    not good at all... Vince Clarke is not using his truly amazing talent at all these days... its too camp ..too cheesy and has no build up to a big chorus.. The days of Erasure are gone... The quality of tracks such as "Chorus" ... "stop"... "sometimes" .. and even "always" ... are just not being topped since 1996...all the tracks since then aare all just so flat and boring and dont capture the emotions and attention..  i think its time to throw in the towel... do some classic tours (86-96)  and call it a day... The video is just crap! .. so disappointing after seeing them so many times in the "good" decade

  72. William North

    Not bad, but why not 4 GUYS? Erasure, we get enough of the straight vids from Ricky Martin, I thought I could depend on you to reflect what is a great part of your fan base's reality. Shame.

    Richard Price Elliott

    @William North Erasure is now, and has always been, gay as the day is long.  Music does not have sex.  And, do you still listen to the notorious pedophile Michael Jackson?  Can you see his sex practices in your imagination?  Where did that self righteous, judgemental attitude go? 

    Maxim Lobanov

    Don't behave like a real fag man, I'm quite straight, and a fan since 10 years old, so for 17 years now! P.S. And btw you have Conchita Wurst, so just search for "it", and enjoy your daily "load"=)

    Richard Price Elliott

    @Max Wham just over 300 people have looked at you.  I think you have overestimated the value of your opinion.  

    LePants Pants

    +nadx2006 spot on

    Inside Gaming Online

    I have been an Erasure fan since Wonderland, been to 5 Live shows, love every album and I am straight. Soooo....

  73. Miguel Juiz Garcia

    Erasure ???

  74. lαyєทє ƒєrrєirα

    Olha so erasure de volta agora com musicas dance....bacana 

  75. lαyєทє ƒєrrєirα

    Olha so erasure de volta agora com musicas dance....bacana 

  76. Brian Mattes

    great song. crap video.

  77. Djbofi1

    Un video un poco insulso, no hace justicia a la canción salvo la última toma.
    Una gran canción a la altura de Chorus. The Violet Flame is incredible, take a look at soundcloud

    Edgardo Gregorini

    Djbofi1 No para mi al contrario el video re pega con la canción

  78. blackleesecond

    super good tune...

  79. Tass Rassel

    Why spend money for a video when it's utterly pointless and brings no extra meaning or feeling to the song? I actually like the song less now and I fear a non Erasure fan who happens to watch this will be put dismiss them.

  80. Man Sta

    Why, oh why? We love Erasure but... where are they in this totally pointless video that could've been made for any other artist in the music industry? If they think that this is the right way to make younger people listen to their music then they couldn't possibly be more wrong...


    You just defeated your own argument.  It's obvious you don't like the video, but it is also obvious you speak as an old fan of yesterday.  What if this is how young kids today relate?  Everybody else in the industry is doing it as you said.  As a fan of old myself, Erasure must innovate to get younger people on board.  I went to a Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins) and Howard Jones show recently in Dallas, TX.  The striking thing is these acts only attracted the loyal old guard to the show.  Not that I'm complaining, we have a great culture already.  Depeche Mode still does Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Without trying to reach out to other audiences, they just become an oldies act. 

  81. Jonas Eriksson

    I hate to say this, but this new single has absolutely nothing that appeals to me. Rutinary and irritating syths, a boring chorus. Erasure has always been one of my favourite groups and I still consider "I say I say I say" a music masterpiece. 

  82. PSB81Fan

    Great track but why did they use a commercial spot to promote it? Their most not sense video at all.
     This video could be really nice with them appearing on the stage of the disco.

  83. andrejus victorovicius

    yes erasure the best

  84. rocargnel1

    Uau!!!!!! ERASURE RULES!!!!

  85. alliance166

    Very good guys! Really looking forward to the new album..
    Erasure filling dance floors for 30 years..

  86. L.L Mode

    Decepcionada esto no parece un videoclip, no te dice absolutamente nada! que paso? y lo que no se habia visto en siglos es un video sin sus componentes Vince y Andy

    Gonzalo Jorquera

    Muy de acuerdo..lo que si vi que el nuevo tour viene con versiones mucho más dance...cosa que me encantó !!

    Eduardo Jablonsky

    Lo importante en realidad es la música mas que todo el circo que rodea  en un video 

    Rut Danon

    @Eduardo Villarreal
    A mí como video clip me ha gustado mucho. Buena música, buena fotografia y sobre todo la sonrisa de uno de los actores que aparecen. Muxutxus

    Juan Pedro Checa Noguera

    @Rut Danon Gracias! ;)

  87. BUSTA K


    I'm Karim go listen my last video called "Revenge" I'm sure you will like it :)

  88. girl power

    im one of the oldest fan of erasure but this one is not so good as a song.

  89. ariel y guille depaoli

    erasure es lo mejor!!!! buen video pero falta Vince y Andy

  90. Marcos Melo Mixes

    An Andy and Vince cameo, djing in the dance parts, and would ve been perfect.


    Totally agree, it could give a sense to this video


    I love this song soooooooo much!!

    Edgardo Gregorini

    PLANETAMURCIANO Es un temazo de los mejor que han hecho en éstos últimos tiempos

  92. Dennis Alexis Hellström

    LOVE IT!

  93. erasure1378

    Much love to Vince & Andy. Can't wait to see u guys in Austin. I must be dreaming.

  94. Starfish1

    Excellent track. Congratulations on the new album.

  95. CarlitosDJmx

    cool but.....where's Vince, where;s Andy?

    Alejandra Arellano

    They are... older!! :-P

  96. FaSCoRP

    GREAT SONG. Hope there is a easter egg somewhere with the duo at the video.

  97. ellie tuck

    Omg I'm loving this so much