Equilibrium - Shingo Murata Lyrics

Legst du nieder deine Klingen
Leg nieder Schild und Speer
Lausch die Heide Lieder singen
Lausch dem Weltenmeer

Schüre deine Flammen stärker
Sieh ihren klaren Schein
Sag an, was willst du ferner
So schenk dir ein

Wo dereinst die Asen gingen
Weit über Feld und Stein
Wird stets ihr Lied erklingen
Wird Sehnsucht sein

Als diese Nacht sich kehrte
Am Hügel kam die Sonn
Ahnte er des Liedes Werte
Ahnte er was da wird kommen

Und so zog er seine Klinge
Aus der Scheide in die Höh
Als just des Nordens Winde
Sandten ihre eisig Böe

An jenem Tag errang die alte Sage einen Rahmen
Der ihre Werte hält wie einen Speer in seine Welt
Und als die Asen sahen nieder hin auf sein Betragen
Der Funke glomm, die Mien' aus Stein erhellt

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Equilibrium Shingo Murata Comments
  1. Илья Лебовски

    mix of every fcking style of music) and it still sounds awesome

  2. Philipo Pruesse

    Kann jemand mir erklären, was "die Asen" sind?


    Die nordischen Götter, also Odin, Thor, etc.

  3. Julian Fitz

    bestes folk metal ever

  4. Der Wolf

    Hat mich irgendwie sofort auf unsern Hermann gebracht, wenn man sich seine Satue so anschaut :D
    Geiles Lied, egal welche Einflüsse oder wie viele Genres. Das Lachen von Helge am Anfang ist der Hammer!

  5. Naomi Cristerna

    this song has a plenty crossover genres lmao is just creepy and awesome


    +Naomi Cristerna In other words: it's true music. I'm not saying that metal, be it Heavy, Thrash, Folk, Death, Brutal Death, Black, Progressive and the like is the only true music and other genres are just trash. I'm saying there's both rubbish and true music around in all flavors, be it also R&B, Synthpop, Pop, Pop Rock and Classical (the other genres i often found myself listening to). I enjoy true metal and i also tend to enjoy every kind of true music even outside of the Metal realms and stay away from the rubbish, even within Metal itself. Then, notice that i tend to prefer brutal Metal music, but when i'm outside of the Metal mood, towards R&B and synthpop, calm and relaxing music is what i mostly enjoy, but when i start traveling back to Metal and stop into the indie-alt rock border (bands such as The Servant and Placebo) i start to like darker music.

    Naomi Cristerna

    of course i am :)

  6. TeraVolt

    Reggae-ish beat at the start and Caribbean influences, Japanese title, German folk metal band and lyrics, epic/viking-ish sounding parts... what am i missing?


    +Björn Mätal It's not brutal enough for me... i tend to headbang to brutal music. This is epic/heroic music instead, where i think of frozen northern lands, seas and heroes instead of headbanging. Different points of view.

    Björn Mätal

    Then you should start using "I" instead of "you" in your sentences, in case you're talking about your own taste.
    Makes stuff easier to understand.
    What say you, deal?


    No problem. I'm sorry.

    Björn Mätal

    No need to apologize, it was but a minor misunderstanding. :)


    try unbesiegt.it is lambada

  7. Sandman

    Dafuq? Is that a gutteral growl? It seems like a cat growling! 0.0

  8. speedy11131

    hahahahahahah, oh wait, you're serious? HAHAHAHAHAHHAH

  9. Will

    That is jsut a damn good song, specially the outro

  10. Maddolis

    Hahah you're trolling, right?

  11. 35gears

    I think you mean go listen to whiney little emo kid metal? Nah, I'll stick to "Dork Metal" and all the other real genres of metal.

  12. qeV

    jaja esta cancion es la raja, reggae folk metal xD

  13. LesMuise

    @thevillageyid afaik

  14. jedi mind trick

    @LesMuise Seriously?

  15. LesMuise

    @thevillageyid its a japanese man who bought their first cd

  16. jedi mind trick

    What does Shingo Murata mean?

  17. DaRkGliTcHerR

    sounds so happy \m/

  18. MCPumphead

    Ich liebe besonders die Stelle ab 4:10

  19. Alex Maximoff

    I'm german, but I live in Holland. There that our languages dont differ SOOOOO much, it's not hard to understand some parts for you.

  20. Parus86

    Music brillant, but i don't like his voice:(

  21. Robin Aitchison

    helge du bist der beste!!!

  22. Tengila

    @FerralD3mur And the whole song kicks 50 more.

  23. nospaulatu

    @braveraxeblade check out his new band, Arafel. they play a pretty different style of metal, but it's really awesome, the first great album from 2011.

  24. VerSus1922

    you just cant dislike...

  25. braveraxeblade

    god, i miss the old vocalist. the new one is good, but just not the same.

  26. mrspuffsitekick

    Awesome song

  27. Sofía Cristerna

    1:10 symphonic metal part \\,,// yeah

  28. BodyslamBE

    I live here in West Germany, but in don't understand the text.....^^

  29. tox0tes

    the beginning sounds really rainforest/tropical-like

  30. Gorillaz1178

    The part at 4:17 is sick through out the end, its just so cheerful its creepy. Great Black Metal

  31. superkackmaster

    @WingedFlames Kann ich nur zustimmen aber auch Deutschland hat viele geile Metal BAnds das is zwar in Europa aber nich in Skandinavien ;D

  32. Mekros05

    could our germen friends tell us what this songs about please ? :D

  33. Herr Wackler

    ich kann beim besten willen keine ähnlichkeit mit monkey island finden Oo

  34. HinnStormur

    Bei dieser Qualität kann man bisweilen das Lied fast nicht wiedererkennen... Auf jeden Fall hab' ich das Ende noch net verstanden :-P

  35. allenamenverben

    aber jetzt ist ja Robse da vielleicht metallt er uns alle weg

  36. Olilol

    schade, dass Helge weg ist :(

  37. jedi mind trick

    Hmm, quite possibly the best song I've ever heard.

  38. hahahadracula

    @cottonballs47 i am european :) and i like folk metal

  39. Mandred2008

    It's the name of a Japanese friend of the band, they once promised that they would name a song after him :D

  40. odd-andreas indstø

    @DerekLicon a big viking THANKYOU from norway :) you naild it!

  41. Trevor Hays

    ha ha ha

  42. Weeload


    And he doesn't say any bands that should be better than Equilibrium :) I wonder why!

  43. Kane BAMBO

    AHAHAHAHA i love trolls

  44. hahahadracula

    @Weeload XD

  45. Weeload


    Nice I am not the only one :P

  46. hahahadracula

    @Weeload meeeeeee toooooo....loooooool merry christmas guy

  47. Weeload

    1.08-1.18 reminds me of Christmas. Dunno why. Love this song

  48. Weeload


    Nordheim and Widers Hallen are also my favorites

  49. Turindo

    When this night turned
    at the hill the sun came
    He divined the values of the song

    he divined what will come

    And so he drew his blade
    from the sheath to the high
    When suddely the north winds
    sent there freezing flaw.

    Last paragraph is missing because I can't translate this really good :P

  50. Turindo

    Rake your flames harder
    watch there bright shine
    Say: what do you want?
    So fill you up!

    Where someday the Aesir went
    far over field and stone
    there song will sound
    will be craving.

  51. Turindo

    Hm... I tried to translate the lyrics: Sry 4 Bad English!
    If you lay down your Blade
    lay down shield and spear
    Hear the heathland singing songs
    Listen to the ocean

  52. Jay Ef

    jah ok im gegensatz zu zB suicide silence , stimmt das schon ,wobei an vielen stellen is es tdem schwer ;) , aber das is mal ne Musik hören Vorderung ;)=D!!

  53. Dosenbiertier

    Was? Der Sänger ist ja schon überdeutlich ^^

  54. Nils M

    check out "Snüffel",
    also a good song

  55. Jay Ef

    dann bräuchste dann aber tdem die lyrics , weil so was verstehen , aarrghh.., is nich ganz einfach =D ;) aber übergeil !! O.O einself !

  56. Mike

    if their was a reason to learn german i think this would be it :P

  57. Pedulum UKF

    so geil is des lied smb

  58. Nucksen

    Genial, einfach nur genial.

    Das ist der wohl einzige Pagan Calypso-Metal-Song !!!

  59. Dosenbiertier

    Ist ja auch nen Bonus Track ;)

  60. Dranel Ffohkrek

    shingo murata is a japanese friend of the band and as heroic shingo murata sounds, his surname means ricefield village^^

  61. SG987

    @ S0up3rD0up3r:

    u can learn german but you dont will understand any word :D i am german and don´t understand all words right ;)

  62. S0up3rD0up3r

    ugh i have to learn german sometime in my life...oh well awesome songs from an awesome band!

  63. RalleKama

    Wie san die Deutschen gell und die Bayern Equilibrium vorever!!!!!

  64. epiCmee

    some time ago i heard in an interview that it´s an name...

  65. Jijuro

    Ok, i was wrong AND right. Shingo Murata is not a word with a special meaning and so not found in the Japanese Vocabulary.
    BUT it's a Name, a japanese name without any real meaning, AND it's the name of a good friend of the Band Equilibrium, a japanese friend.

    Oh , and the intro really is from Monkey Island ^^ it's purpose

  66. holzi

    jeder spricht so
    ä everybody speaks this german it is normal german
    (you can`t understand the text but it is normal german)

  67. .r0bo

    both :D

  68. zetha90

    folk metal ;)

  69. KoolRak

    Is Shingo Murata German or Japanese? it sounds like a heroic Japanese name

  70. Asura1984

    I can tell ya why u cant find a translation, they sing in OLD German, no one speaks now in Germany like that. Maybe on LARP .....but thats another point ^^

  71. confessor_el_papi

    what? hairmetal? beardmetal? :D

  72. Glitch

    Maybe it's because that carribean stuff sounds very natural and archaic and Equi simply knows how to use that stuff to make it sound "nordic"? :S

  73. Michael

    I'm liking this a lot :)

  74. LeoCB

    Still their best track. I don't know why, but they are incredibly good at combining Folkish metal with "carribean" influences (Unbesiegt is the other example) Turis Fratyr reigns as one of my top Album!

  75. myrtorp

    Think you can find them at Darklyrics

  76. Skavenhoden

    Zu geil das Lied

  77. Kale1800

    Songs like this are why I love this band. We all know how great these guys are at black/viking/folk metal, but to be able to incorporate a raggae sort of style into metal (which I don't think has ever been done before) and actually have it sound great, is what makes these guys such musical geniuses.

  78. FeministKJ

    Good Lord, I LOVE this song!

    My new favorite band ♥
    But I can't find the English translation for these lyrics anywhere :(

  79. Nicolás Giaquinta

    the whole song makes me happy ^________^

  80. Nicolás Giaquinta


    qe grossos qe son estos tipos


    these guys are so fucking awesome

  81. Glitch


    Hell yeah!

    Equilibrium hamm's einfach druff!

  82. Galmion

    So go and buy it on amazon!

  83. verbrannte

    what does it mean Shingo Murata?
    mit jelent az, hogy Shingo Murata?

  84. epiCmee

    Ja das stimmt hat nich wirklich viel bezug zum Text ^^
    andere Frage soll das Mandred in deinem nickname zufällig auf den Mandred in "Die Elfen" anspielen ? xD

  85. Mandred2008

    Ok, hat mich nur gewundert, weil der Titel ja keinen Bezug zum Text hat. ^^

  86. epiCmee

    wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe dann ist Shingo Murata ein Japanischer Freund von Equilibrium ;D ( kein scherz ).
    Desweiteren war der song ein ziehmlich spontaner einfall ( was ihn umso bessr macht ^^)

  87. Mandred2008

    Der Tiel klingt irgendwie asiatisch, weiß jemand, was das bedeutet?

  88. Ali Hassan

    Yeah, exactly like that ;)

  89. KoolRak

    same here its like a Paganmetal Beach party in Hawaii.

  90. Ali Hassan

    Hell fucking best German Metal.

  91. Ali Hassan

    The begining makes me happy ;)

  92. SpaceCadetMarty

    :D i love the bass

  93. epiCmee

    it´s german
    trust me

  94. Gornn

    Stimmt.. ;)

  95. faselblaDer3te

    woher die schlechten ratings????
    er hat doch recht Oo

  96. faselblaDer3te

    auch fresse halten!

  97. faselblaDer3te

    halt die fresse

  98. Robert Blackwell

    This song jams it has a awesome riff!!!

  99. Poisonkarrot

    und auch der dritte kann nix anderes als lob aussprechen^^ echt geil.

  100. epiCmee

    lol zweiter
    kann dir nur zustimmen
    hammer lied!!!
    Equilibrium rules!!!