Equilibrium - Prolog Auf Erden Lyrics

Halt Wand'rer, halt
Geh langsam hier
Wie du jetzt bist
So waren wir
Wie wir jetzt sind
Wirst du bald sein
Zu folgen uns
Rüst' du dich fein

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Equilibrium Prolog Auf Erden Comments
  1. Aumann04

    It's my first time listening to this song, and I'm almost crying, it's so fucking beautiful... It's so sad that a band which puts that much effort in their music gets so little attention.

  2. Balázs Fényes

    It has the least lyrics of all tracks yet while i'm listening it I can feel the Power.

  3. Peace Keeper

    Das is anscheinend echt was Einzigartiges .

  4. Vinícius B

    The word epic is simply not enough anymore.....

  5. Joel Martel

    Nothing like this album!cheers from New Hampshire USA

  6. Thomas K

    one of the most underrated metal bands of all time

  7. Chari6666

    ab 2:54 ist totaler overkill, da gibts Gänsehaut und die "epic"tränendrüse wird auch etwas gedrückt^^

  8. Vinit Shandilya

    Is anyone listening in 2016?


    Vinit Shandilya
    Hah, which part? Straight from the beginning? That's a good one for that purpose - eases in with calm, low sounds, and increases slowly. I need my alarms to be this way. Transitional wake-up. I hate sudden burst alarms that wake you up harshly.

    Vinit Shandilya

    Yeah, straight from the beginning! That tolling bell and rich orchestra! Absolute epic :D I tried Ruf In Den Wind, once. But that scared the hell outta me. It has a kinda burst start. Amazing, though.

    Kevin Rodriguez

    @caim I aswell....and always

  9. SharkanKuthoshqea

    Rosé wine and Equlibrium while I write short fantasy story. This evening couldn't get any better! \m/^^\m/


    Tell me more

  10. Rodrigo e gabriel123 Almeida

    02:14 - 03:40 holy shit this is wonderful


    Rodrigo Oliver
    isn't it!!! it is great already with the synth on that part, but when the guitar lead joins in... Holy. Fucking. Beauty.

  11. Sleepin Memory

    chuso es una buena banda de Alemania ..lml

  12. irek zastawny


  13. Grant Stoutenburg

    Epic.  Simply epic.

  14. Mario Mario

    yyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2:54 \m/

  15. Máté Ágoston

    Cheers from Hungary!!! It deserves more than 100 000 000 views!!!

  16. pirottino

    the very BEST Album of equillibrium!!!!!!

  17. DrInternetPseudonym

    ab 2:10 der teil is so geil <3

  18. Patrick Star

    no problem dude :D greetings from germany ;)

  19. D.Aguilar

    No...it's from the Future...jajaja... XD yes, sorry my fault XD

  20. Patrick Star

    sagas 2088 ? :D
    mistake in your description ! ;D

  21. Jagvillboienhatt

    Everything Equilibrium touches turns to EPIC!