Enya - The Spirit Of Christmas Past Lyrics

When tears are in your eyes
It's time to look inside
Your heart can find another way

Believe in what I say
Don't throw this time away
Tomorrow will be Christmas Day

Christmas Day...

So let the shadows go
And drift away like snow
Tomorrow will be Christmas Day
Tomorrow will be Christmas Day

Christmas Day...

So dream until the night,
Becomes the morning light
Tomorrow will be Christmas Day
Tomorrow will be Christmas Day

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Enya The Spirit Of Christmas Past Comments
  1. Elizabeth Gilliam

    So Love This Song !!

  2. dionne moreno

    Thank. U. Thats. Me. Love you sister. Enya from your sister Dionne

  3. Elida Ortiz

    Un canto celestial! Maravilloso. Simplemente espectacular.

  4. Carmen Vico

    La Navidad es la añoranza, es la fecha más triste para las personas que viven en soledad, la fecha más gélida, para los que su techo es la calle. ❤️

  5. Soi Viet

    Chúc mừng ngày Chúa Giáng sinh 2019 tới tất cả mọi người

  6. Teresa Burke

    I wish you Peace within.

  7. Marccelo Mar

    Perfecta para hoy !!

  8. Diana Gonzalez

    Hermoso Video Gracias !!!!!!!! ❤

  9. Cristina Calle

    Linda la canción 😘

  10. Naveen Bokolia

    Tomorrow will be Christmas Day and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2020:)

    May God Have Mercy on us and the whole world

  11. Khanyisa Meke

    Merry Christmas to everyone around the world as whole. ❣

  12. Asta Araminienė

    I am🤗. Mery Christmas for you, people.😊

  13. Carmen-Elena Serban

    Merry Christmas 2019! from Romania with love❤❤❤👏🎁🎀😙🌹🎶🎤🙏💖🌷💑😘❤❤❤

  14. Daniele Succo

    Buon Natale ....

  15. Krystyna Matka

    Magia Świąt Bożego Narodzenia! 🎄🎄🎄😇🤗

  16. claudia nava

    Feliz navidad mi amor t _q,_m_c.

  17. heather quigley

    Just what the doctor ordered, wonderful music Happy Christmas to you all xx

  18. Erzsébet Miknyik

    Angyali zene - földi angyaloknak ... vagyis Nekünk ..Csodálatos !

  19. RodCornholio

    Even without the lyrics, the music evokes such memory and nostalgia. The genius of Enya. Honestly, I can't help but think of ones who have passed...

  20. Ivanka Matjaz

    So beautiful ❤️Merry Christmas everyone

  21. Hanseat1977

    🎄💖•*¨*•MERRY CHRISTMAS•*¨*•💖🎄

  22. Tarana Aliyeva


  23. Shahinaz Ismail

    Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 for everyone on the earth 🌎

  24. The Visual EDM Archive Project - Music, Re-Imagined

    💝🎄💖 Beautifully Archived. Thank you Everyone at MagicOceanflower! Congrats on the over 10M views! (coming soon 😉) - Adonimus. 🎧💖🎄

  25. Claudina Subirats

    Maravilloso te llena el corazon

  26. Anada Dawson

    Someone sang this song at my Christmas Recital today, and I was legitimately crying, its like everyone else is happy and excited for Christmas, and then I just can't seem to find the happiness, all I feel is sadness and worry

  27. Deborah Victoria Edwards

    Greetings from THE BRIDE OF JESUS CHRIST 🌟✝️✨
    Merry Christmas children of God
    Love and Light 💖🙏
    Cheers 🤳
    Bee 🕊️🌈🐝

  28. Adela Fabriczi

    Krásna Enya 🎄💞😇

  29. fasx56

    I would like to hear her sing this live without the studio input, the echo chamber makes it sound surreal.

  30. Ismael Alves da silva

    Very good music

  31. Danilo Guimaraes Da Silva

    Enya é linda. Que voz. Sensacional.

  32. reza alahmad


  33. Simone Galati

    È anche una diceria che Bergoglio è papa ,è una diceria che Bergoglio si e fatto Sacerdote per devozione ,è una diceria che l'inferno e una diceria ,però fa tutto da dittatore comunista bergoglio!

  34. Simone Galati

    Il bergoglio già dice ; che è una diceria l'inferno, è una diceria che Gesù Cristo è Risolto ,è... una diceria che la Madonna e nata Santa ,e una diceria che loro hanno fatto milioni di miracoli ecc ,ecc ,!

  35. Simone Galati

    Queste dolce canzonette, se bergoglio sarebbe un giovanissimo papa, nella sua esistenza non verrebbero ,più considerati ,perché piano piano sta combinando l'interno, il paradiso ecc ,

  36. Nadia Franchin


  37. zoubek 69

    Super, excelent music, thanks Enya. :-))

  38. Clair De Lune

    Who’s listening to this in December 2019! Can’t believe it’s gonna be 2020 very soon! How fast time flies

    Christian Saint-Pierre

    Happy New Year !

    Ditte Datte

    My, my, time flies...🍀🎩🐷💰

  39. Helio Izadir Ribeiro

    Eu amo estas músicas, elas me faz transporte para o além. Me revigora e entra dentro da minha alma, ouvir isso restabelecer a paz interior.

  40. Dickson orleans

    Who is listening with me this December 2019

    Jaana Henneri

    Me 🎄🌟

    Muhammad Ali Eesaa

    I am, the last 3 days left of 2019

    Christian Saint-Pierre

    Moi ! Bonne Année 2020 !

  41. Hans Lindquist

    I have the CD,love it...mindful energy...christmas feeling...

  42. gary stevenson

    The 25th of december is a symbolic date. It represents the winter solstice, the rise of the sun in the sky, thus of celestial light, that of God, opposed to the 24th of June, Saint John the Baptist, which is the summer solstice, the lowering of the sun. It also ties into the 8th of january of the roman calendar, thus the 8th capital sin madness, God's madness who created us with His mad love, the 8th day of the week, reuniting the 3 weeks in one eternity, the 8th realm after the 7th paradises, the conscious void in which we reincarnate into better and easier lives as we move towards the paradise of all paradises which is where the beginning of all beginnings and the end of all ends is to be found. It also represents the 8th day since the birth of a true prophet when he must have is sex bleed. +++ I am the 3 mysterious letters of the Quoran, Alif Laam Meem. Satan asked me 3 questions, I went to Hell often, saw paradise and the Great Void. If you want to get into paradise Respect and obey women that have the keys to paradise. I am unfit to undoe their shoelaces. Remember the 25th of december and Jesus and the 24th of June, St-John the Baptist ? Come and see us in Montreal.

  43. Anita Imrik


  44. Nijolė Žudienė


  45. Taputu& HinaNui


  46. Kirwan JoNs

    BEUTIFULL super bomb music ❤❤❤👍👍👏👏👏

  47. Osvaldo Sanchez

    The best voice eternal Songs magic's interpretación celestial the best of best from 1993 listen the best músic Enya

  48. Adele Parry

    I came here last year dec 2018..and im here again this year..I still like this song from enya

  49. Heinz Gud.

    Thanks from Italy

  50. Clair De Lune

    One of my favourites. Enya’s voice is so ethereal ❤️ other worldly! Check out our cover of stars and midnight blue x

  51. Isabelle Deguines

    Thank you❤❤❤❤❤

  52. Savergym Criscillo

    Soltanto la musica o gli alieni un giorno ci salveranno...

  53. kelly vosburg

    And God said I just created the most beautiful Angel ever, she will bring much Love, Joy and Happiness to the world,I give you ENYA!

  54. Gerson Barros

    Acalma a alma relaxa traz paz parece que sou transportado a um outro mundo. Amo todas as músicas de enya. Essa mulher é simplesmente celestial

  55. andre paris

    How is 2019??

    Philip Champ

    A rough year its been. Good and Bad. Looking to God for hope and restoration!

  56. Elina Himanka

    So Beautifull and gives Hope...😍🤲💓

  57. Baboune

    Beautifull !!

  58. Deus Vult

    Peace be with you, all. God bless.

  59. Doe Harris

    A beautiful song sung by a beautiful singer. Thank you so much for sharing. Hope the world has a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful Her Year. X😊😊🐱🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  60. Julius Sahetapy

    Laat je licht en liefde stralen komende kerstdagen 2019. En wens iedereen zalig kerstfeest 2019 💕😘

    Ditte Datte

    Leuk om eens een Nederlandse reactie te lezen.
    Voor jou ook een heel goed 2020 toegewenst...💰🐷🎩🍀❤

  61. claudia pellizzari


  62. Jock Marais ASMR

    Such a beautiful original Christmas song. Enya’s Christmas album has become one of my favorites. Full of elements of ethereal, nostalgia, and wonder.

  63. Gerson Barros

    956 pessoas devem ter espírito de porco

  64. Tiffany Woods

    Beautiful Jesus is the reason for the season. Read your bible all of your answers are there our listen to Lion of Judah where he wipes the bible. None of the convenient Christianity

  65. sesuJSister tsirhC

    Just Beautiful! Tonight was my first time hearing this gentle song. I'm glad I stopped to listen. Thank you for posting! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE - MANY BLESSING IN THE NEW YEAR OF 2020!

  66. Elisabet Karlsson


  67. Wamani Ivan

    I'm hear jst because of Enya's sweetie voice 😍

  68. Jan Zoubele

    Beautiful song, excelent video. :-)) .

  69. Litsa Macri

    DON'T THROW Your Unique Moments AWAY If You Have ANY..... 🤧⚪🏳🌬 A N G E L

  70. Nadja Galvao




  72. Chris Evans

    Merry Christmas to everyone watching in 2019 ⛄🎅🎁🎀🎄❄

    Peter Petelski

    Merry Christmas 🙏💒 Chris 🍷🎼

    Gloria Lodge

    Thank you ~ Have a Merry Christmas yourself as well ~ my fav time of year. Sleigh rides in the park, outdoor bonfires with hot chocolate, if you're lucky to hear Carollers, people getting together to help wherever they can, people giving gift surprises to hospitals patients, increase in job opportunities in retail, what's not to like? It's a celebration of one fabulous element of our past that legends have it; dipped deep into self to create a cosmic miracle. It was that long ago that spiritual manifestation at its most marvellous sacred height and depth took place.

  73. Robert Lee Davenport Jr


  74. Ja Ktosik

    Enya💖 13.09.3019.

  75. Yan Ka

    I like this song 🙏💖💖

  76. Omar Bastidas

    Que musica mas refrescabte

  77. Omar Bastidas

    Super Hermosillo

  78. Ronald Horváth

    Diese Engelsstimme gerade zum richtigen Zeitpunkt.......

  79. 焼きおにぎり


  80. Gra Marx

    Que lindo..

  81. Angela Porter

    11:11 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  82. Victor Ponniah

    Never heard such a beautiful song. I was searching this song for years. Only once I heard this. Thank god I got it back

  83. herman aon

    Nice Christmas song👍

  84. Chris Hambidge

    What a beautiful voice and amazing song thank you for showing

  85. Luis Erlacher

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  86. Luis Erlacher

    Solarzellen mit leuchtfarbe angemalen glasleuchtfarbe

  87. Fernando Vera Arce


  88. Theresa Griffiths

    I have a birthday coming up on the 21st of june it will be on a Friday I will be 46yrs old would you like to call me on my birthday this year.

  89. j d

    Enya はやっぱり冬だよなぁ

  90. Lorraine Côté

    J'adore! Merci Enya !

  91. саид садыкоф

    После такой песни хочется принять христианство

  92. Theresa Griffiths

    I love enyas music so much its very relaxing and spiritual to me I feel her spirit inside of me and around me it like a beautiful perfume fragrance that is around me and it feels so nice she is very special to me enya got intouch with me through her agent had sent me a message from enya saying happy new year to me and she that she loves me very much.

  93. Marcos Alves

    How somebody could dislike?

  94. lory991959 guzman carrasco

    Enya thanks for this amazing video and song

  95. SNURRE sprætt

    Merry christmas From Norway🇳🇴