Enya - The Loxian Gate Lyrics

Through the gates of night
There is wisdom is waiting to be found…

That first place of night
Was an island in the colour of stars
Green grew and the flowers blossomed

…a lost time, for in the distance…

The sun and the sand
The shape of yellow leaves falling

…a lost time, far in the distance…

The sky sang snow
Written into the night;
A world of stars

…a lost time, for in the distance…

Now, is the season of water;
The island, the cities, the darkness
Through time this became our world
But our quest is not yet over

Now, is the season of the moon;
Soft breezes whispering
Night and day
But our quest is not yet over

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Enya The Loxian Gate Comments
  1. Andy Beck Music

    Classic Enya 😊 Best song on the album, in my opinion.

    Welcome to the sound of the ocean.

  2. Jamica M

    Tell me a better trio than Enya, Nicky, and Roma. I'll wait. : )


    How she managed to not cross professional paths with Mike Oldfield is beyond me.

    Andy Beck Music

    @jsm666 Very good point! They still might. Oldfield himself is half-Irish as well.

  3. Theresa Griffiths

    Hi enya it's Theresa here how are you doing today

  4. K. S.D.

    This is my absolutely favorite song of her.
    Soooooo nice and I give 5 stars for that!!!

  5. E Sola


  6. q0w1e2r3t4y5

    This song would have been perfect for ending the album. It feels like a song at the end of an awesome movie where the audience is crying in joy.

  7. q0w1e2r3t4y5

    This album is very much on par with her best albums. Amarantine was just a hiccup. She is back.

    David Jared

    She should have got a Grammy for DSI instead!

  8. little daggers

    I listen to this at home and I travel to another world. Thank you, Enya

  9. John Daniel

    Who can play Enya songs more than 10 times a day like me?

    Dominick McKoy

    John Daniel


    larry vanvoltenberg

    @ John Daniel You're easy. I lost you at eleven....lol

  10. John James Lincoln

    If there is a Heaven this is what you hear on the journey up.

  11. Silvio Alves

    Very good

  12. Theresa Griffiths

    Enya it's Theresa here I thought that you really loved me as your special friend because I loved you so much what am I supposed to do now without not having you near me I do miss you.

    Soy La Soñadora

    So what is Enya? Your friend or your mom?

    Theresa Griffiths

    @Soy La Soñadora my mom

    Legend of the Blue Macerator

    @Theresa Griffiths wat

    Kimberly Sterling

    Theresa she is not your mom. Enya has no kids of her own, not even adopted ones. You are too old to be adopted anyway. You have to have papers signed for it to be legal adoption.

  13. Theresa Griffiths

    Love your music it reminds me of you enya being right next to me in the flat with me right now.

  14. Elsa RM

    One of the most beautiful songs of Enya, as the 120 others... Excellent!

    Luiz Dias

    Corretíssimo .!!!!! .

  15. Juan Manuel López Arjona

    I love It!

  16. Rhubarb Method

    Imagine you're walking along a forest trail miles from anywhere. Suddenly the air turns beautifully warm and you hear THIS music from ahead.....

    Keith Mettie

    I can imagine that!

  17. WangleLine

    Astonishing <3

  18. martin godinez

    es la música mas bella te amo enya

  19. Jim Gamble

    Better if it was mixed better.

    Sicilian Gecko

    Jim Gamble BULLCRAP HATER !

  20. Reinder van Til

    Brilliant. Just brilliant. I discovered Enya by accident in 1987 when I noticed the CD Enya in a LP/CD/DVD shop


    Did it already have Orinoco Flow? The funny thing is her songs sound like 80 now, always futuristic, ancient as stone age, and current avantgarde - all at the same time :)

    Soy La Soñadora

    @timomastosalo if Reinder mentioning the "Enya" album, it could be The Celts soundtrack album

    Andy Beck Music

    Must have been around the time she did the soundtrack to The Celts 😊

  21. rvufo

    the songs where she sings in made up or “art languages” are her best songs, tbh. the artistic freedom of singing mostly for the quality of the sound is most beautiful. hope her and Roma develop more languages to sing in

    Kri MD

    rvufo that’s kind of odd actually. If she’s not speaking in tongues , how do ya know the languages are simply artistic impressions or whatever?? For all we know it could be a spiritual thing and not something where we can truly know unless we
    Pray to GOD ALMIGHTY and test the spirit.

    Rivet Squid

    @Kri MD because they've spoken before on developing the language?


    @Kri MD Nice job, projecting your incomprehensible and indefensible nonsense onto something any human should be free to enjoy without reservation. If you like the way it sounds, just buy the album to show your appreciation to a great artist. Like @Rivet Squid said, there is plenty of documentation about the creation of the Loxian language/sounds.

  22. Rose Nygren

    Such mesmerizing music!

  23. Demonizar

    Enya, timeless classics each and every track she has created

  24. Michael Zaum

    Ich glaube sie legt keinen Wert auf Public Relations und hat auch keine Lobby. Warum sonst habe ich nie von Dir gehört? Obwohl ich schon immer auf der Suche nach Schönheit und Harmonie war? Gott sei Dank gibt es nun YouTube, so daß ich diesen verborgenen Schatz finden konnte.

  25. Guigley

    I think this is her best album. And that's saying something.


    I have to agree. It's like she went off on some really great side-quests, then came back home.

    Blade Zero

    @ZorkFox Well, considering she went on vacation after And Winter Came, that is more or less valid.


    @Blade Zero Well, sort of… but I meant more like: we had Enya (now labeled The Celts) which was like her introductory adventure; then, we had Watermark and Shepherd Moons that were like her first two really big victories over the antagonist or problem, the things that made her known to all the people; then, she went off to explore the kingdom with The Memory of Trees and A Day Without Rain; then, she visited a different star system with Amarantine; then, she had a spectacular and magical and sad adventure in another reality with And Winter Came… then, saw Dark Sky Island up in the firmament and remembered where everything started. :)

  26. Alison Davies

    I love this one!

  27. united with britian

    Loxian Gate and Ebudae! Enya has returned.


    I've just heard Ebudae at the end of a Northern Exposure episode, yesterday night. 4th season episode 18 Northern Lights.

  28. Lisa Capri

    To be honest, her music all sounds the same after a while & becomes boring. I liked some of her original tracks but, her newer stuff is not diverse enough & is not much different.

    Curt Malismo

    You disgust me

    Berenice Robertson

    I'm surprised you think that about Dark Sky Island. Some of the tracks are very different.

    David Wasike

    You need to see a psychiatric

    Red Torn

    That's because you feel the songs deeper than others. You feel the energy and vibes. Hence, your feelings are legitimate. Ignore those shallow minded freaks who wrote nasty comments. They understand only up to their level of perception.
    *Hint : Sweet things taste good if consumed moderately and sparingly.