Enya - The Longships Lyrics


Hoireann is oro
Ta muid beo
Him oro ho
Go Deo na ndeor


We are alive

Forever and ever

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Enya The Longships Comments
  1. Curt Chase

    My favorite song to destroy subwoofers! You need a powerful sub that is flat to 20Hz or lower to "feel" that last octave! It's crazzzzy!

  2. Amy Stewart

    Should put this in the Uncharted movie :D

  3. itallia666

    I concur, th vikings had th longships - long vessels, single sail & huge figurehead, usually a creature fr Norse myth. Th sbips shown in video are th Tallships & of old English design. I wish makers of videos wud get their facts right! It doesn't take more than a few mins to get it right.

  4. Van Radosevich

    Are these African ships?

  5. Jarol Escobar

    Enya lindas canciones q hacen soñar

  6. timomastosalo

    Sounds like the time when the Oceanians first met the Tall Ships.

  7. James Hallman

    What magnificent creations.

  8. Sharon Allison


  9. rjampiolo32

    very difficult to say which is my favorite Enya song, this one I always come back to, it's magic to me.

  10. mary alice webberking

    All of Enya is among the greatest creative music of all time - expressive of humanity and all womanity

  11. Da Big Kahuna Catfish

    funny, it was more inspiring to look at then it was to listen too.

  12. Lentini Enrico



    Hoireann è oro

    Tá muid beo

    Lui oro Ho

    Vai Deo na ndeor

    Siamo vivi

    Per sempre

  13. AliZum1

    Live by the cliffs love this xxxx

  14. dunruden

    Why is the picture a square rigger, when the song is "The Longships?"

  15. Tilen Novak

    Gnupha lip.raisa pinsa schtain.brupur liptir.am ta pis austr.Sweden Viking rune 930 Ad.Hopful ship ruler im writhing in this stone nambering ship liptir from this wreithers from east./austr =east.Viking language.

  16. Pendeta Rudolf H. Pasaribu

    I really like this background and music very much. May I be permitted using in
    my video sermon, please?

  17. stacie eldon

    Thank you so much listening to music Engelbert is good

  18. Tim Hill

    Ah to have lived during the Age of Sail!

  19. Sandra C

    I have always wondered why Enya songs take me to a fantasy land where all is perfect! 😌☺️😥No pain, suffering, hunger, wars, poverty, evil, diseases...For a moment I live in that world and it feels so right. Madness? 🤔👀 No, dreamer 🙏🏻☺️To get away from this mad world we live in...so very sad once life’s so short. We are passengers, “ nothing “is ours... only time and memories💞 Carpe Diem

  20. Eternal Consciousness

    Divine Sublime Soul-food💠🙏🏼🦋🐝🌈🌀⭐️🌟🌟❤️🐝🍯🐝🍯🌞🐳💚🌎🌏🐬🌙🐳

  21. Stian Jensen

    The emotions Enya creates, and must create all over the world for ANYONE who listens.....
    This goes beyond religion.

  22. Janette Dewar


  23. Richard Ezeakacha

    She's a true definition of a good music 🎶

  24. Celma Garcia

    Está musica mi.dar uma sessão de liberdade assim como eu vi o mar pela primeira vez

  25. MrBellinghamster

    Enya and tall ships...what a magic combination. Thanks for putting these two things together so well.

  26. Evan Biktjorn

    O Shit
    There's water rushing into the galley
    It's coming from the forepeak
    A seam busted ?
    Are we going down ?

    I guess we can't use aluminum manhole covers on the bow.


    Me parece, desde siempre, la más bella composición de Enya

  28. Raakesh Madoo

    Longships were VIKING Ships!

  29. flinkostememniak grant

    God loves sailing

  30. Limitless Trading

    An absolute Fucking Masterpiece! This plays as the doors of heaven open and the Lord welcomes you home.....👌🎩

  31. Dave Roberts


    Social Media

    Irish vikings

  32. Carey Carson

    And all too quickly, the song ends.

    Lonnie Craig

    Yeah I agree. If someone who is more technically knowledgeable made an extended cut of this, I would convert it in a heartbeat.

  33. Virginian Wolf

    Beautiful music, Enya and gorgeous video !! ;-)

  34. Funny videos With Gary

    Lovely music

  35. На дворе дрова!

    Sailboats are probably the most beautiful artificial objects you ever find. That song multiplies the feeling and finalises that belief.

  36. jose cantos lopes


  37. Faya Horton

    I love all your music 😍❤️♥️♥️♥️😍

  38. David Cadman

    this is from The Doctor Who series... NOT Enya.. sorry, but this is nothing to do with the Long Ships....

    Galman Ferguson

    You mean the pictures or what? Because this song is performed and written by ENYA HERSELF

  39. Daniela Petkova Kotova

    tra sea echo se portare musica di ENYA.

  40. Jimmy Grant

    Love this Viking chant.

  41. Robert Gillon

    Navigate by the 🕊️🦅🦆🌲🌼🕯️🔺🔺Mountainzzz 🔱✨✨🌐🗽🗼 land marks 🌟🌟🐝💐🌳 and you will find your way home 🌿🌱🍁🍂🌳__👆 👨‍👩‍👦 famileee Amen

  42. Leo Geerts

    the long ships refers to vikings ships: 24 rowers on a ship 1 sail

  43. Marcus J

    the dolphins and whales are calling

  44. Jerome 84

    this song seems so powerful glad I found it after liking enya music for awhile now

  45. BESSADATE rachid

    So spiritual waves

  46. Francisco Benet Molero

    I love you Enya all sounds favourite

  47. Jose Diaz Espadas Conde de Samborondón

    De José Díaz héroe Español en América y Conde de Samborondón les deseó un a feliz tarde a todos mis Buenos amigos de YouTube del Mundo .Gracias por vuestra amistad y confianza es un verdadero placer estar junto a ustedes [email protected] 🌊🌴🍃

  48. todaystarr

    ...to sail beyond the sunset....

  49. Odd Sigve Tengesdal

    Not really longships in this video, but it does not matter. Seems I've been on board on a couple of them though :)

  50. edroma mexiah

    I luv classic music

  51. Ezra Stardust

    Now I wanna sail an enchanted pirate vessel out to sea on a magical adventure

  52. Carlos fermin Perez

    Uno de lo mejores temas de enya siempre escucho musica new age

  53. David Roberts

    Hi 👋 maximus love the music sum of those areas of the mountains in the back ground are of Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 were i use to life nice 👍 recognise of the areas were iLife before ❤️🇬🇧👍

  54. David Roberts

    Beautiful song love all those ships great 👍🇬🇧❤️David

  55. David Stewart

    I was kayaking down the Mississippi and I had my headphones in listening to music. I had the player set to random song selection and this song came up and I immediately was overwhelmed with emotion and I just started to cry uncontrollably. Music is just so powerful and Enya knows how to reach the depths of our souls. Every time I hear this song it takes me back to that moment in my life. Thank you Enya

    Galman Ferguson

    I feel ya man. It's so perfectly beautiful

  56. Ulti2407

    Does anyone else hear a bit of HTTYD in this?

    Soy La Soñadora

    Yes! On 0:49 and through

  57. sylva chissy

    As if I'm in a very large church to worship the Almighty

    Raphael Yvens

    Well thats fine

  58. Kitty Purrs

    They shall come carry the saints of our time away

  59. Luciano Scheffel

    Esperança.... amo essa música....❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙌

  60. Jef Natuurfilmer


  61. Gary Edwards

    'Long ships' were Viking ships.
    'Tall ships' were clipper ships.
    'Junks' were chinese ships.
    'Lollipops' were good ships.


    Is being skint a hardship ?

    William Baynes

    Gary Edwards thank you! You're dead right!

    Jakob Bergen

    Friendships never sailed alone.

  62. Maria Jose Moreno Guerrero

    Soy navegante y he soñado tantas veces con esta música mientras mi barco conversaba fabricando diamantes en la proa....

  63. P H

    I love this song for many years. Greetings from Czechia.

  64. aramanth

    *We Are Alive... Forever and Ever!*
    For some reason I have always loved this
    song and Enya's use of mouth music with
    sparse Gaelic paired with a sense of a grand
    journey on the horizon... love the drums.
    Funnily enough, there was an ad for something called
    Sailors Wanted that played before showing old ships LOL!
    Thanks for posting!

  65. Martha Cain

    If you are my longship, my Serpenliber, then I ~your loving oceal be...so then with billowing sail, trace my oceanic heart & thrill to my unending current ~Love

  66. Bryan Head

    And all i ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by

  67. Tyrone Marcucci

    "Long ships" are viking ships

  68. Tyrone Marcucci

    Actually they are called "tall ships".

  69. Shin-i-chi Kozima

    I will be covered in the crystal of deep emotion while listening to this music .

    From Tokyo in the dizzying Megalopolis ablaze with neon .

    Which national are you watching this video ?

  70. Rennie Ash

    Turn it up at the beginning and then get a shock from the first drum hit at unexpected time

  71. navts

    Favourite ¥¥ 19

  72. Daniel Faerber

    To err is human; to forgive, divine.

  73. mike price

    like these old sailing ships

  74. Aquarius Savior

    Who knows how long the boundaries of a psychopathy - a circus - of understanding and free-will - could, or would, last, and what when it unfolds, when history does and forever continues to, who cared about and guarded any legacy, more than the simple lives of each and every thing with no guarantee of our human retirements. It's a valid choice, that I would not want to see made unhappy (miserable) as a state of victorious competition, unable to sense or limit projecting the scope of what individuality means, not to build upon a grave of something better. Without as my preference being unable to see the limit love provides for living things, not to get hung up on the wrong belief that what's down from someplace was always above God as an expanding power and the sizzle of warlike meaning and competition, as infintessimal as anything bad should have ever been measured with that much joy as spirit, that much respect itself.

  75. Najdorfa6

    My most beloved of all Enya's songs...

  76. jeff theriault

    "These aren't the ships you're looking for"

    William McMillen

    I love you

  77. danylively

    This song reminds me of big ships sinking (castaways).

  78. Rebecca Spaulding

    I'm just enjoying the music. I am not really looking at the pictures. So I don't care if they are accurate or not.


    Well they're tall.
    And they're ships.
    Tall ships.

  79. friedolin1263

    I imagine Vikings' long ships sailing throu' space and stars, flying by Jupiter and its moons !

    Haim Lalisho

    Are you high?


    How strange


    Lot of strangeness here

  80. Edsia Reciclados

    Música de mi infancia. Siempre me llevó a conectarme con el universo y lo sigue haciendo todavía.

  81. jaja a paja

    Superb music, beautiful song.

  82. Leandro Lemen

    Its fitting that she lives in a castle😮

  83. Lucas A Sampsel

    I absolutely love Enya!!!!! ❤️ Pure meditation right here!!

  84. Goran Horvat


  85. Akashi Takahashi


  86. MrEpeeFencer

    Beautiful vessels.

  87. Maria Gonzalez

    Linda misica para meditar y practicar el yoga,hermosa voz la escucho y dan ganas de vivir 😘😘😘😘😘


    Enya, es como una hechicera blanca, su musica abre portales celestiales, da paz, lo conecta a uno con la vida

  88. Arsène KOMBILA

    C'est très agréable, la terre porte tellement de dons et talents. Dont Enya

  89. d p

    Magic Music

  90. gedhession

    Used in a Vauxhall Senator advert (1989).

  91. David Roberts

    Hi 👋 maximus love the music like the long boats in scenery ❤️🇬🇧David

  92. TruthSeeker

    I will listen to Enya the rest of my life. I love you Enya. Thank you.

  93. MC Elsner

    I want to know, in the name of Jesus, Satan, Shiva--whatever...what kind of freaks of nature could possibly give this aural expression of Divinity a thumbs down? Shame on you!!! :-)

  94. nomon95

    keep care with your loudspeakers the bass notes go in crescendo.

  95. Global narcissist RESISTSANCE ANTIfascistia

    Beatiful sailingships🌷💓🌷

  96. Arif Setiadi

    longship or tallship?


    Long tall ships