Enya - Smaointe... Lyrics

Eist le mo chroi,
Go bronach a choich
Ta me caillte gan tu
's do bhean cheile.
An gra mor i do shaoil
Threorai si me.
Bigi liomsa i gconai
La 's oich.

Ag caoineadh ar an uaigneas mor
Na deora, go bronach
Na gcodladh ins an uaigh ghlas chiuin
Faoi shuaimhneas, go domhain

Aoibhneas a bhi
Ach d'imigh sin
Se lean tu
Do fhear cheile.
An gra mor i do shaoil
Threorai se me.
Bigi liomsa i gconai
La 's oich.


Smaointe, ar an la
(A) raibh sibh ar mo thaobh
Ag inse sceil
Ar an doigh a bhi
Is cuimhin liom an la
Gan gha 's gan ghruaim
Bigi liomsa i gconai
La 's oich'


Listen to my heart
Sorrowful, alas
I am lost without you
And your wife
The great love in your life
She guided me
Be with me always
Day and night

Lamenting the great loneliness
The sorrowful tears
Asleep in the quiet green grave
In a deep peace

There was happiness
But that departed
It was he who followed you
Your husband
The great love in your life
He guided me
Be with me always
Day and night


I think of the day
That you were beside ne
Telling a story
Of the old life
I remember the day
Without want and without gloom
Be with me always
Day and night

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Enya Smaointe... Comments
  1. Judy Sherry

    Enya was of the universe's first voices to awaken the world of the beauty and compassion that humanity is in need of! Lady Judith

  2. Peter Jongsma

    Anyone out there that can write out The Celtic Modes.
    Just use C to C with sharps and flats.
    Want to learn them.
    I'll Google them.
    C plus white notes.
    G plus white notes.
    D plus white notes.
    A plus white notes.
    These modes all have names.
    Learn em up.
    Learn Gaelic.
    Sing like Enya.
    Get rich.
    Merry Christmas 2019.
    My gift to you.

  3. ahmet Polat

    Özgür İskoçya ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇹🇷❤️

  4. martin godinez

    es un video muy bonito enya tiene una voz bella te amo por siempre

  5. Max Vettorazzo Veiga

    love you Enya.

  6. celia siccardi

    Conocer Escocia es un anhelo de toda mi vida !!!

  7. cesar manuel cano torres

    ALBA GU BRATH!! ❤❤❤

  8. El Lobo de Wall street

    4:32 :o I love enya is beautiful

  9. Casey Casey

    All us Celts are fiercely independent!!! Great music!!!

  10. Rob Laight

    Started her music career in 1980.. love your page glenboyz do you have an insta or email???

  11. Casey Casey

    Pure and beautiful Celtic Gael music!!! Best of the best!!!

  12. LeinesX

    Wonderful with the bagpipe,
    great 👍

  13. Royal By Nature * Amit Kapoor *

    Melodious 🎶
    Love from India🇮🇳(Bharat)..

  14. Silly Goose

    dude, this is cool

  15. Silly Goose

    dude, enya is irish

  16. Moffat

    I see alot of people arguing about enya being Irish and how Gaelic is not Scottish it's Irish well i just have to say why I'm hell are you arguing about this Scotland and Ireland are basically brothers both gaelics are almost the exact same just some different pronunciations and we have fought along side one another for over 1000 years we should be respecting each other not arguing about a language that is almost uncanny besides we all should be more pissed off with how we all speak now adays considering we used to speak this beautiful language 😐.

  17. Daisie

    Always moves me to tears as I reflect over the loss of a close girlfriend Janet, a few years back and to whom introduced me to Enya and her music. We shared this music together so many times and with the passing of my Dad only a year before, it was a heartbreak. Such a hauntingly beautiful song. Thank you Enya for your gift to the world! Namaste, D

  18. Ursula Shutko

    I wish I will see Scotland same day most beautiful place in the world..

  19. Roxana Tapia

    peaceful and wonderful song, thanks Enya!

  20. Derek christmas

    My friends at work can't believe I listen to enya because I'm black. As a former drummer I love all music I really love enya she's a fantastic singer.

  21. Jeanne bréant

    Thank you for the irish song i love enya

  22. Nick P

    Up there with May it Be.

  23. Lauren Wallace

    RIP granddad! Never met you* but I feel that I know you.*

  24. Brian Callan Glancy


  25. Paul Conway

    Mi gusto mucho 😀

  26. Edilberto guanzon

    Sorry,Keith “ my Sympathy...

  27. Angelica Costa

    Transmite paz e suavidade! Alma elevada!

  28. Karen Richards

    Beautifull hope to get there this year my dream for my family xx


    Magnifique Ecosse, pour son paysage, sa musique, son climat qui vous rappelle que vous êtes tout petit et qui inspire le respect pour ses magnifiques montagnes. Il ne faut pas oublier ses Lochs et ses rivières, paradis des pêcheurs

    Jocelyne PAULAT


  30. Patrick Mcluty

    Most beatiful, music calms me.

  31. ScotsLyon

    Alba Gu Brath|!!!

  32. Heimrik01

    Vive l'écosse ! Salut à tous les écossais !

  33. Rachael Humphries

    Beautiful x


    Too much beautiful videos. Thankful

  35. Protacio Corate

    Wow, what a beautiful music. Just soothing and enlightening. Beautiful voice Enya !

  36. R McGuire

    God Bless My late Father....William Stodart Young McGuire, RAF, MBE, and a Scot to his very bones. God Bless the Union

  37. Durin andré alain

    Depuis longtemps déjà, ta voix, nous à plus. Subjuguée
    De par ça pureté et sa grâce.
    Enya, je te jure que c'est vrai.
    Des soirées d'amour avec toi, nous accompagnant de bonheur.
    Le soba nous couvrant de sa bonté
    Je te le jure.
    Jusqu'au petit matin.
    Dehors la neige et le froid
    Cet amour est parti, mais je pense ne sera jamais mort.
    Toi, lui, moi, nous,
    que de beauté et de tristesse
    mais quels souvenirs.
    De folies, de passions, d’honnêteté, de sublime.
    Avec ta musique, ta voie.
    Nous étions en Roumanie
    avec une femme
    une femme
    une extraordinaire femme
    elle était

    Merci ENYA

    Elle , elle t'adore
    moi, c'est plus

  38. William Sousa

    Lindo 👏👏👏

  39. Pili Gil

    La censacion ke sientes estando en escosia no se expresa con palabra esmaravillosa era mi sueño y lo e cumplido asta siempre escosia. Te llevaremos siempre en nuestros corazones

  40. Emi Mugi

    Sehr feinsinnig

  41. graham donachie

    I still wander over the byways of my homeland every day of my living life.........and I hope, in the otherworld, I will still remember her....

  42. Rafael Martín Serapio

    muy bella melodia ,gracias

  43. enmaya ua

    may Jehovah bless her

  44. Shane Kennedy

    I first heard Eithne sing for the TV series "The Celts". A few weeks later, I just happened to be in London the day her first album was released. I immediately bought it, and the next, and the next, when they "came out" I went to a signing by her in Dublin some time later, she was scared stiff, but managed to handle the publicity. Her music and voice are wonderfully mystical, but later albums did seem to be more of the same. Scotland is beautiful, as is the West of Ireland, only bigger. I would like to take my boat/home there for a few months, but unless I seriously improve the heating, winter would likely be too cold.

  45. Marco Iacomini

    I've always had Scotland in my heart, it's a country that I've always loved for its wonderful landscapes and its traditions

  46. Marco Iacomini

    Bha Alba daonnan nam chridhe, is e dùthaich a th 'ann a bha mi riamh air a bhith a' còrdadh ris na cruthan-tìre mìorbhaileach agus na traidiseanan

  47. glesca100

    Both are Celtic folks as I m now living in Canada. Still miss the land of my birth! Slainte.

  48. glesca100

    Lovely song whether in Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic

  49. Andalusierverkauf Yeguada Vives

    Special land with special people. But why not take a Scotish singer, better than a Irish

  50. Rais Ahmed Qazi

    I am from Pakistan and moved to Scotland (Glasgow) for my Masters degree in 2005 and since then I m here..I visit Pakistan regularly and call both Pakistan and Scotland my home as this great country has gave me alot and has won my respect and heart. I compare Scotland with North Pakistan which is extremely beautiful (search on youtube to watch breath taking North Pakistan which has worlds highest mountains covered in snow most of time)..though I am from South Pakistan which has its own beauty including sandy beaches and Thar desert..I pray that Pakistan prosper and world get to see its immense beauty and Scotland and Pakistan share knowledge, education & work together for the better world

  51. Keith Curry

    Fada liom uaim tú SANDY mo resize ghrá i síocháin

  52. Josef Schacher

    Das ist Enya

  53. ElaineAndy Bell

    Beauiful xx

  54. William Elliott

    Very pretty. Thank You for posting.

  55. Adrien Kasprowicz


  56. M Zeeshan Iqbal

    Beautiful Sight and Sounds. Thank You ☺

  57. Chuck Mossey

    you know you are of Scottish blood if you love this music, shiver in your heart at the sound of bagpipes, act like a grouchy old man sometimes, will fight at the smallest slight, eat oatmeal and saw the movie 'men with brooms' HA lmao.

  58. Gerry Sóna

    To all those who think that Scotland and Ireland are different; Brian Boru, High King of Ireland was Brian, Emperor Scotorum. Scot means Irish. Scotia Major=Ireland, Scotia Minor = Scotland. Common language, common enemy, common history, common musical heritage.

  59. sekretaer48

    Wunderbares Lied.

  60. Renate Weltlich

    Wunderschön!! Danke!

  61. Edilberto guanzon

    Reminds me of Wallace (Braveheart) when Girlfriend to be married.

  62. zzxjoanw

    Is álainn ar fad an t-amhrán seo

  63. Karl Chism

    I have to visit the homeland of my forefathers and our family history has been traced as far back as 1254 A.D. my name is Stephen Chisholm, really love the music and seeing photos of my homeland and will go there someday, the problem though will be I truly know in my heart I will not want to leave.



  65. maureen bernhardt

    Yes it would bring me to tears. The music is like a beautiful dream of the Scotland gone by

  66. 1 of a hundred


  67. Mahin Rahavi

    Behold her, single in the field,
    Yon solitary Highland Lass!

  68. Katies Aura

    love bu this is irish gaelige

  69. Lucas Sands

    Celtic magic everywhere Alba gu bràth !!!!!

    Gideon Stupke

    Is toigh leam e!

  70. Keith Curry

    Moves me to tears. I miss you Sandy my love. R.I.P.

    Keith Curry

    16 years ago today

    Yuki Chan

    Keith Curry be strong, my friend 😙

    Derrick Murphy

    Keith Curry hope you have great memories of Sandy. Wife or child?life can be tough hope you are surrounded by good family and friends.take care.

    Keith Curry

    Derrick Murphy wife and thank you

    Adam Lewis

    Keith Curry respect brother

  71. Kelly Kelleher


  72. dede hermawan indonesia

    Elf in this human body still waiting helped by elf

  73. Theresa Griffiths

    My family are all from Scotland mum and some come from Ireland northern Dublin city, Wales and England. What a mixture of British background.

    Philip Brennan

    Ireland, apart from some descendants of immigrants, is not British. Despite centuries of murderous intent, the English, supported by their subordinate provinces of Scotland & Waltes, failed miserably to ethnically cleanse Ireland (they only succeeded in two of the 32 counties, which is the reason for all the trouble)

  74. Bill Hauber

    Intensely peaceful.

  75. Mark Cook

    I'm not interested in whose got "Scottish blood" or Scottish roots, or once Scottish etc...but what's important is we are all Gods creation, and are all the same regardless of colour, country, or bloodline
    . Bless you all

  76. Emily&Stirling Dinwiddie-Cole

    My family is from the lowlands of Scotland, have found my ancestral home and wish to save it from developers. I respectfully ask for your help. There are several incentives available, but any amount is welcomed. gofundme.com/dinwoodielodge

  77. Андрей Холин

    Очень красивое видео, музыка ангельская, завораживает.

  78. Tjyamaha Racing

    On the 8th day god said fuck it " let's make the most beautiful country in the world and call it scotland "" ile bring you home margaret xx

  79. joao lucas Duarte

    so seu fan

  80. Angie Strong

    love this music it beautiful and sweet.

  81. Alba Mellon

    haunting beautiful from an Irish girl.

  82. james copen

    a moving tribute to our celtic neighbours

  83. Jorge Flores

    Un millón de colones vale ir desde costa rica ha escosiaok

  84. moweddell

    Generally, before there was an Irealnd and a Scotland, there was Gwynedd and the Celts. Thus, depending on time references, that are all "Related". I am proud of both by Irish and Scottish heritage and families. The Weddell family of Scotland, the Marchalls, the De Bruces, Wallases, and on back to Aongus and Fergus and back to antiquity.. Of course there is my English heritage......

  85. Colette Downey

    Please read "God Smiles With You Today", "Life is a Cracked Smile", "Superheroes Trek on Light Beams" on Amazon Kindle for joy!

  86. Amos Maclin


  87. Darren C B

    And they voted against independence, Enya is from Donegal in Ireland, the gaelic speaking part like much of Scottish Isles still do. Same people, same language, same geography, same amount of bloody rain and wind. Can't get my head around why Scots voted to stay with England. Ah well sín agat é.

    e causey

    scots speak erse-not gaelic

  88. Sicilian Gecko

    Am so proud of my Scottish and Irish heritage both my grandparents taught me Gaelic slight difference in pronunciations though which I still speak my mothers side was Sicilian...

  89. mike kavanagh


  90. Kieth Brawls

    Born in Liverpool to a Scottish dad , love everything Scottish, I'm 62 year's old not seen my since I was 6 but I still love him and that's why I love everything Scottish.

  91. John Gialanella jr

    I have to admit Scotland might be a small country, but wow it has Beautiful scenery. The Mountains, valleys, Meadows and Loch's.

  92. Mauricio Martins Silva

    Nossa qui voz !

  93. Duncan Young

    Is Enya from Scotland

    Gerard Cummins

    No ...!!! From The Ghaoith Dhómhair Gealtacht of Co. Donegal, Ireland...!!!

    In English Gweedore,Co. Donegal.Originally a member of "Clannad" A famous Traditional Irish Music Group of the 70's-90's,who still perform,comprising of her siblings from the "Ó'Bhraonáin" Family and her Uncles from The Duggan Family."Enya's" Name is actually "Eithne Ní Bhraonáin"...!!! Her sister Máire Ní Bhraonáin is the lead vocalist with "Clannad" still.


    I miss the scottish people and there culture as been left 60 yrs plus.

  95. Rebecca's Path

    Did you ever get home? With all my heart, I dearly hope so, dear lost one. I pray you are there now, happy and smiling; surrounded by your loved ones and the sweet air of Scotland.

  96. Elison Ribeiro

    i love this song just because it's beautiful. but i love it still more after having watched Outlander and this video XD

  97. Sven Teegen

    Wonderful Song.Best Voice from World

  98. Roberta Kennedy

    I love beautiful Scotland and Scotland and Enya together cannot be beat.