Enya - Pax Deorum Lyrics

... Athairarneamhdialiom

Omnem crede diem
tibi diluxisse supremum.
Omnem crede diem
tibi diluxisse supremum.


Father in Heaven, God bless us..
Father in Heaven, God bless me

Believe that each day
which breaks is your last.
Believe that each day
which breaks is your last.

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Enya Pax Deorum Comments
  1. Johnathan william Léon north

    What is she saying? Language? Greek or latin maybe.

  2. s k

    this angel comes from middle earth i am sure of it

  3. Michael D. Williams III

    I’ve always loved the Mysteriousness about this song 🍂🕊🍁 One of my favorites from the incredible Enya catalog. 💛

  4. Soy La Soñadora

    So underrated. Anyway this sound does match perfectly with the artwork

  5. gemini enigma

    Voice of an angel

  6. Glittershank the Diabolical

    Domineo veniteo sacramentum eodeo
    Domineo veniteo sacramentum eodeo
    Domineo veniteo sacramentum eodeo
    Athairar neamh dialinn, athairar neamh dialiom
    Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum.
    Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum.

  7. Karen Wilson

    What's pax deorum

    Soy La Soñadora

    Peace of the Gods

  8. MGstaR17

    Enya's best album.

  9. Robert Bradfield

    This song is evil sounding and excellent. It reminds me why I'm no longer a nice person and why I give the world the asshole it created over 4 1/2 decades of pain and suffering.

  10. katrina johnson

    Mark 1:15 repent and believe in the good news.

  11. aramanth

    Love this song! I want to dress like a monk and chant this!
    I love Enya's more spookier songs... ok lol maybe not so
    spooky as *atmospheric* and ethereal. Beautiful piece, I love the Latin pieces... music of the centuries... Thanks for posting!

  12. Shar Lee RV

    When I die, I would like to resurrect in an Enya song

  13. Alfons Olszewski

    Latin is an interesting language, me thinks!

  14. Dream Big Productions/Plush Bat Fan

    This music is perfect for funerals.

  15. Rebecca Spaulding

    I like listening to this song when a storm is coming. It's so intense!

  16. charles thomas

    This music reminds me of the movie The Path Finder.....staring Blood Moongood.

  17. Sir Chess

    All hail enya

  18. Adria Taylor

    never heard this one, but i like it!

  19. cipppy


  20. Qu Mu

    This strong british/Irish accent is murdering the Latin words in the song, but probably people who are not native English speakers, like me are bothered.

  21. Nour Luluh

    Enya is from other world

  22. Theresa Griffiths

    I'm very much into enyas music its very relaxing for me to listen to I feel very close to her alot I love her so much.

  23. John White

    she does have heavy side to her music that I like

  24. Romulus The Maine Coon

    Somehow I always imagine someone in Roman times being led on their way to be executed and then pardoned at the last minute (where the beautiful soothing music comes in) and then the executioners just leave one by one...

  25. Multi0703

    I love her and her music. She is sure an angel of God ! :)

  26. Karen Campbell

    I have loved this piece from my teenage years, every time I hear it I get images of Viking invasions, love Enya

  27. Sue Lee

    It sounds like funerals.

  28. f.micheal benadict

    Nothing abt its a nice to hear with and nice song forever

  29. Amilcar Flores

    The best artist of all times.
    Her sound is so unique. Her melodies so catchy. Amazing layers of voices.

    My daughter is named Enya.

  30. Theresa Griffiths

    Enya is my number one fan

  31. EL Caballo Blanco

    please, more Latin translations​from her other songs too

  32. Bruno LeCathare

    Love how she quotes Flaccus in the end... “omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum
    grata superveniet quae non sperabitur hora.” Enya is full of hidden references and grateful surprises.

  33. Bright Eyes

    I grew up with Enya's music, it takes me, in spirit, to a place that's always been what I'd call my center or true home, if that makes sense. She is such an amazing person and I am thankful for hearing her music, she's a blessing on this world. 😊

    Bright Eyes

    Does anyone else have a baked potato craving after hearing this song?! 🤔🥔...

  34. Cure Kiara

    1,000 years ago, there lived a man of honor and a creature of legend

  35. domenico cosentino


  36. Ray Orthodontics

    Today is Saturday, March 24, 2018, 12:53 pm. and there is nothing better than Enya right now.

  37. Rickus Kruger

    This song or chant sounds just like a storm about to form, then at the chorus the sunlight peaks through. I can even feel the cold wind on my face when I hear it. Her music is very attuned to nature.

  38. Natasha Kershaw

    Her music seems to date back to ancient times, doesn't it?

    Simon Raahauge

    Perhaps she was sent forward through time to fill our world with Celtic music?

    Hannah Dyson

    No , we have no idea what ancient music sounds like


    I was going to say this resembles the Game of Thrones soundtrack, for Daenerys' scenes....it has a trekking through the dessert, conquering empires vibe.

    Silly Goose

    dude, thats cool ! 😊

    Sal lumetta

    Actually, I don't think so.

  39. Kyle Bochart

    We used this song in a production of Henry the 5th, right as the French were meeting the British for the first time. It was freaking epic.

  40. Caoimhin LeFevre

    and also deora mor choi

    Ian Davidsson

    deora ar mo chroi
    Tears on my heart

    mor = great/big
    choi doesn't mean anything

  41. Caoimhin LeFevre

    just like cursum perficio and tempus vernum

  42. littleHOTTIE87

    Translation of this song:
    Domine o veniteo. Sacramentum eo deo (Lord, oh come, oh sacrament from God)

    Athair Ar Neamh Dia Linn (Father in Heaven, God bless us)

    Athair Ar Neamh Dia Loim (Father in Heaven, God bless me)

    Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum (x2) (Believe that each day which breaks is your last)

    jessie mayfield

    Thank u❤❤❤


    Ohhhh thank you so much

  43. AKAHimself

    We had a church drama where we used this song during the trial and passion of Jesus. The effect of this song was astounding!

    Jacob Harris

    AKAHimself well that's very ironic because it's a testament to Gaelic Pantheism


    Not quite. Some the words are Gaelic but the text is more tied into ancient Romans trying to appease (all) the gods. (and the way that connects to Passion is open to interpretation)

    Sarah Riedel

    @AKAHimself personally I always interpreted it as a reference to the conflict between Roman religion and Celtic pantheism

  44. Prank Castle

    I'm here because of Jay Dyer.

  45. Blue Jedi Saber

    When u set speed to 0.5 it's so creepy

  46. bopykiria

    Athairarneamhdialinn, athairarneamhdialiom

    Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum.
    Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum

    Marissa Patterson

    bopykiria well I've been wondering what she said since 5th grade and I'm 26 so thanks for that

    Soy La Soñadora

    Anyone knows what is 'discesm'?

  47. Joshua Gamboa II

    Language of this song sir?

    Simon Atkins

    Its Latin.

    Joshua Gamboa II

    Simon Atkins so it's Latin American Spanish.

    Ian Davidsson

    No, just Latin. And a little Irish (the "Athair ar neamh, Dia linn. Athair ar neamh, Dia liom")

    Joshua Gamboa II

    Ian Davidsson okay.

  48. My father had a very interesting dream while listening to this song.

  49. geewdanger

    still love this song

  50. Holy shit, it's a talking muffin

    Viking music..

    The Battlefield and Valhalla are equally connected.

    Lady of Shalott

    Hardly. And this is mediaeval Church Latin she's singing.

  51. americaneagle2076

    "Pax Deorum" "Peace of the Gods" If ONLY Peace could actually be....whoever can create it.

  52. King David

    sensual....mind captivating....takes you far into the world of thinking

  53. Kevin Lopez

    Very dark and brooding, it's like a war between gods.

    Soy La Soñadora

    Yet the title tells the other way around, Pax Deorum = Peace of the Gods. :v

  54. Oge Emmanuella na celebrity o

    who is listening to this song this year apart from me

    Carson McIllwain

    Oge Emmanuella na celebrity o

    I am! Hello from the future! It’s still kinda shitty but there’s silver linings as always

    anne capel

    This song will be hearing even after your death because this song belongs to a culture

  55. phobos2k2

    Pax Deorum and Tempus Vernum have been my go to tracks for when I want to create dark drawings for many years.

  56. cipppy

    la solennità di una messa in latino

  57. mad660

    This song is as old as me lol


    I was about 2 when this was released :) lol

  58. warden phil

    Could whoever posted this add an english translation of the lyrics to the description?


    Pax deorum was the peace between humans and the gods in the roman empire.

    Domineo veniteo - Oh lord, oh come
    sacramentum eo deo - oh sacrament from that god

  59. Yohanna Bravo

    Remember Vikings

    Holy shit, it's a talking muffin

    Yohanna Bravo I think of Vikings when I hear this as well.

  60. Blake Pinette

    Ashen Veil!


    Fall from heaven 2, best civ4 mods ever

  61. The Zenith Point

    Very Powerful stuff; sends shivers down my spine!

  62. Michelle Jewell

    The Romans are coming......tutump tutump

    Holy shit, it's a talking muffin

    Michelle Jewell More like The North Men are coming!

    EUSSR olygarchic Kommissar

    pax deorum was the roman religion.

  63. darkened93


  64. Leire A.

    This is the most misterious song that I've ever Heard from Enya.

    Cana Dude

    La Sonadora is for me

    Mudenge Mukundwa

    Cana Dude me too

    Jaidee Sky

    For me it's Tempus Vernum

    Soy La Soñadora

    Boadicea and Isobella as well

  65. buggabuggaboy

    Can you say meditation? Simply the best...

  66. Merina Moseley

    i was terrified of this song when i was little. Whenever my mom or aunt tried to listen to Enya, i told them i didn't like her music because it was "scary", now this is one of my favorite songs in the world.


    my dad told me the best music is the sort you have to chew thoroughly before you manage to swallow it. i think he's right!

    Bright Eyes

    This one did kind of remind me of an Indiana Jones scene in Temple of Doom, also Young Sherlock Holmes movie scene, and on a lighter note, Monty Python Holy Grail...

    Bright Eyes

    (Enya, if you read this response, which would be a weird coincidence, you should know I hold you in the highest regards, but I definitely am a huge fan of Monty Python... 😝 Love your amazing work!)

    Massinissa Semai


    Brian E

    Hah! That's eye-opening because -- and this will sound weird -- but Duane Eddy's songs from the late 50s/early 60s scared the crap out of me as a 4 - 5 year old kid. That deep-toned twangy Gretsch guitar just sounded evil to me, like a bunch of zombies were coming to eat me up. I HATED it when my brother would put on a Duane Eddy record on his 45 rpm record player. I'd cover my ears or go out to the living room where my dad was playing Sinatra or Henry Mancini. :-D

  67. USF Aura

    Reminds me of the funeral of my twinsister who loved hearing the music of Enya. This music was played during her memorial

  68. G School of History

    Ohh I love this song

  69. Calmminded94

    I'm going to play this right before my test tomorrow :)

  70. James Best jr.

    Would love to see Enya and Tarja Turunen do a duet. :P

    Rickus Kruger

    Fascinating idea.

    Glittershank the Diabolical

    Oh yes.

  71. Nanoforge1

    For some reason this song reminds me of Terminator 2's future war scenes.

    Simon Raahauge

    I get the feeling of silence befor the storm. Like two large armies standing before each other, waiting for the battle to commence.

  72. Simon Raahauge

    Peace of the Gods!


    Someone knows latin (i dont ;~;)

  73. The Wandering Menstrual

    So intense. The woman blows my musical mind.

    Fang Lei

    so you dont mind its Christian music

    Rachel Ramsey

    Be who you are and say what you feel,
    because those who mind don't matter,
    and those who matter don't mind.

  74. rachel

    Love it :) I love her music

  75. museluvr

    I love this piece of hers.  Very intense, yet old world.. you can see the knights riding into battle, or a sacred ritual being performed.  Beautiful vocals.  Also very inspiring for my writing.

    Pigs and Pipes

    I always picture horses running without riders

    Ricky Alton

    I always picture nocturnal thunderstorms when I hear this.

    Rob McGrory

    I used to masturbate to this song because she sounded so sexy.

    Or is that TMI?

  76. TheDolphinTuna

    "The Ashen Veil has been founded in a distant land"


    +TheDolphinTuna Distant land? More like my capital. Hail Agares!! :)

    Russian Bear

    Atom-Phyr Long Live the King of Hope!

    Paul Hummell

    FFH is the best mod of a game possibly period...

  77. bluebirdsinead

    She is the Mozart of our age.

    Hanane Abbane

    Oh yeah...❤

  78. 島田金魚


  79. James Garner


  80. Sirina7

    Whatever this is, it's awesome. Scary a bit.