Enya - My! My! Time Flies! Lyrics

My! My! Time flies! One step and we're on the moon, next step into the stars
My! My! Time flies! Maybe we could be there soon, a one way ticket to mars

My! My! Time flies! A man underneath a tree, an apple falls on his head
My my time flies a man wrote a symphony, it's 1812

My! My! Time flies! Four guys across abbey road, one forgot to wear shoes
My! My! Time flies! A rap on a rhapsody, a king who's still in the news, a king to sing you the blues

My! My! Time flies! A man in a winter sleigh, white white white as the snow
My! My! Time flies! A new day is on its way, so let's let yesterday go
Could be we step out again
Could be tomorrow but then,
Could be 2010

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Enya My! My! Time Flies! Comments
  1. Jonathan Hart

    Enya is honestly one of my favourite singers ever along with Loreena Mckennit. Entya,s music is really unique and original especially considering when she started making music. Her music can’t really fit into any genre because of how unique it is. Enya is a musical genius imo.

  2. Zh Donn

    2019-11-20 still

  3. Meaghan Edwards

    I know the references are there but this so sounds like it could have been a Beatles song.

    Soy La Soñadora

    Indeed in my ears this song does sound like one of Beatles song, "Your Mother Should Know"

  4. Franco Alarcón

    I think her voice is an angel's

  5. Vera Suckow

    I never heard this before...

  6. Alberto Eli Peraza


  7. J K

    The people who gave this a thumbs down should be ashamed of themselves.

  8. Gain boon-long

    Nearly ten years, time flies so fast. 2019 Anyone?

    Miss Universum

    I hear it for the first time today! I have tears in my eyes..

  9. aLeX Pi

    Most sexy woman ever

  10. Daniel Q.

    Enya, linda!!

  11. Kasper Wronowski

    This one is Awesome and rare

  12. Eltiron72

    My (my, my) first experience with Enya was (of course) the Orinoco Flow. Maybe the late 80'-s, or the early 90'-s. She was all over the radio. I started to buy her records, Watermarks, Celts, etc. When I was about to finish higschool, (I was like 19) I stood at my kitchen, watched the night, how the stars are shining (ofc I was drunk af) and listened Caribbean Blue. And I still looking for that one perfect moment in my life. Listening this particular song got me close to that feeling.


    Beautiful, her songs remind me of my childhood, my mother listened to her music all the time and sung her songs to calm us down. Good times...

  13. Shayla Bellard

    That guitar solo is magnificent!😉👌

  14. Aleksander

    Enya so very :* ..(''',).. ..(,``)... mmmmmmmmmm

  15. petrencoEVIL666 Def

    Zapata la encontre!!!

  16. I am Chappy

    Could be tomorrow what then?
    Could be 2018.

    Soy La Soñadora

    *should* be 2010 ;)

  17. Kimberly Sterling

    My beautiful boo! <3

  18. Thiago Pedroni

    MELHORES MÚSICAS, para relaxar a alma!!! Tem essência espiritual.

  19. Rosivaldo Ferreira

    Minha vida...amo Enya...

  20. I am Chappy

    my my time flies who's watching in 2017

    Rob gingerviking johnson

    2019 time flies

  21. Moh la france


  22. Laurindo Costa

    Muito bom esse tipo de música

  23. fluffymcdeath

    Ironic. Posted nearly 8 years ago? Time Flies.

    Rhinos Paint

    You posted this 1 year ago?... time flies


    Rhinos Paint 😂

    Richard Major

    My, my times flies! Again in my heart....Bravo....to Enya.👄👄👄

    Soy La Soñadora

    3 years ago? Time flies indeed

    JP Gamer

    11 years? Time flies

  24. felipe candeias

    Muito boa essa musica

  25. Psikochick2

    This song makes me think of Downton Abbey. Or if not that it should belong on some Britcom.

  26. Natividad Ahumada

    Me encanta este estilo, simplemente bello ideal para bailar con Enya un tarde soleada...

  27. José Bernardo

    Nossa ! o Tempo Voa!
    Quatro garotos cruzam a Abbey Road,
    Um deles esqueceu de por os sapatos.
    Nossa ! o Tempo Voa!
    Uma batida numa Rapsódia,
    e um rei ainda é notícia.
    um rei para lhe cantar um lamento.

    Nossa ! o Tempo Voa!
    Um homem em um trenó,
    branco como a neve.
    Nossa ! o Tempo Voa!
    Um novo dia está a caminho
    então deixemos o ontem para trás.
    Podemos todos sair de novo
    poderá ser amanhã ou então...
    talvez em 2016

  28. Helaman Baez

    wow, i love this song

  29. niro deniro

    i remember hearing enya Caribbean blue when i was a child and now i have a child that will listen to the song ... my my time is flaying


    Omg 26 years ago i was 4, I still remember first time I heard Orinocco Flow. Enya always forever

  30. La Bizarra Romina

    So true! Time actually flies so fast!

  31. Federica Fayrouz


  32. woofie011

    Like the electric guitar.  Maybe what Enya and Mark Knopfler might sound like?  I don't know??

  33. Firsty Lastie

    She's so classy (Y)

  34. Sam Winchester

    "My my time flies, four guys across Abbey Road, one forgot to wear shoes" <-- I see you, Beatles reference. 

    Vane Nochu

    ¿Eeh? xDD ¿Paul? D;

  35. Liudas Astra

    So good!


    liudas? O_O

  36. Vasbygrabben08

    Even corrupted souls would find redemption after listening to one of her songs.

  37. melodymaker

    she made sense to me!

  38. flaash1991

    Everytime i hear this song, i belive in the good in man. <3

  39. Ivaldo Pereira de Souza


  40. Phil Fleming

    This Is a Pleasant Departure From Her Usual Beautiful Style. It Sounds Like It Could Have Been Written For The Beatles Abbey Road Album.


    Funny you say that cause she sings "Four guys across Abbey road, one forgot to wear shoes" 😛

  41. marco brenni

    not only "beautiful": she is one of the greatest artists nowadays !!

  42. marco brenni

    Questa di Enya non l'aveva mai sentita: bellissima !

  43. rafael trejo

    enya is a beautiful women!!

  44. Whassup Vietnam

    Beautiful melodies - beautiful lady...

  45. estrangedbrian

    Great song, does anyone know where I can get an enya t-shirt with an album cover or tour dates on it?

  46. CANDIDVOICE 4Humanity

    what !!!!

  47. trish1916

    this lady has got something in the way she sings and can't no one i have ever heard .love her

  48. jgranger3532

    She's the best at what she does. And 20 years after Watermark she finally included an guitar. Her outfits for the CD photos are a whole lot better this time out.

  49. Eivyll

    Are you sure about the Santa part? The other people mentioned are all real, so I'm thinking maybe its a reference to a real person or event.

  50. J077535

    A rap on a rhapsody >> Queen
    A king who's still in the news >> Elvis
    A king to sing you the blues >>> BB King

    A man in a winter sleigh >> Santa

    My! My! Time Flies! ..... Seriously.

    jose manuel carrasco sanchez

    J077535 jjkkjķjķkkkkkjkkkķkkjjjķjkkkķjjķkķ

  51. Agatha Karina

    cool ! i'm from Brazil :)

  52. Eivyll


    1. Moon Landing
    2. Isaac Newton
    3. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky- The 1812 Overture (?)
    4. The Beatles
    5. B.B. King
    6. ?

    Anyone know the last one?

    LEGO man

    You forgot Elvis and Queen :)

    Harry Taylor

    The Cure

  53. frizzlefrap

    first time for me hearing this song too ..... very, very nice ..... more upbeat ..... a semi-happy arrangement! ...... bellissimo!

  54. Jason99942

    Holy cow! I've never heard this song before. Smack me silly and call me Suzy!
    She's every man's ideal partner. Super cutey, perma-smile and a look of honesty if such a thing could be said about facial expressions.

  55. Steve Berry

    She is such a talent, an so beautiful too. A rare combination.

  56. artistdeterminedmsv

    an unusual enya song isnt it? hm

  57. Jorge Luis Zenteno Escalona

    enya te amomuchoooo <3 <3

  58. MsShirleyD

    Great song. I love her music.

  59. JrMynt

    Wow this is so modern! I love all of her songs, but she should experiment more with this kind of sound. :3

  60. Obed Santa

    I love you so much, little Irish one.

  61. erailea

    OMG! Been a good while since I last listened to Enya. She's a master musician *dies from her awesomeness*

  62. tweety1246

    i randomly clicked on this song, and i absolutely love it!

  63. Leandro F Souza

    Esta musica é uma das +lindas que já ouvi de Enya!

  64. Grizwald Dinglebat

    @Marokitawagata Who needs top catwalk models...... she is totally stunning in the picture above. She has it all; beauty, talent and maturity, everything a man needs.
    I understand she's quite well off financially too............... but who cares, it's only money after all!!!

  65. Daily Me

    Shes great.... Great voice

  66. Arrinao

    @Marokitawagata true she could be perfect for Galadriel (don't have anything against Cate Blanchett though shes perfect too:-)

  67. Eszter Bajza

    no problem, you're welcome

  68. Frank Cole

    Thank you for the info.


  69. Charlie Smith

    Thank you. I thought it might be the Beatles but didnt get the reference.
    Muchas gracias

  70. Eszter Bajza

    The cover photo of their album Abbey Road was taken outside the studio on 8 August 1969. The cover designer was Apple Records creative director Kosh. The cover photograph was taken by photographer Iain Macmillan.McCartney is bare-footed and out of step with the other three.

  71. Charlie Smith

    Thanks. What is the significance of One forgot to wear shoes?

  72. Lizfan2

    You're welcome.

  73. Lizfan2

    Enya's new album doesn't come out until November 16, 2009. You have to wait a month. It's called "The Best OF Enya".

  74. Eszter Bajza

    The Beatles

  75. Frank Cole

    Abbey Road is a famous music studio. (many legendary artists recorded some of their songs there)

  76. Charlie Smith

    okay, the apple is Newton, 1812 symphony is Tschaikovsky, and the king is B.B. King but what is Abbey road?

  77. Gawaine687

    wonderful song by one of the world's greatest bards. and great pic, i've never seen enya looking so beautiful!!

  78. Fran12

    Stu, you are nasty

  79. berrypickers

    And a good guitar solo to boot

  80. friedulien

    absolut genial

  81. Ashleigh Alaway

    There's a line in there about the beatles 'Four guys cross Abbey Road, one forgot to wear shoes

  82. Eric Fischer

    Hey, made me think of the Beatles too. Maybe something from the White Album? And how many Enya songs have guitar solos? Great song!

  83. Beautiful Life

    Have you listened more closely to the lyrics? There is a line going:
    "My, My, Time Flies! Four guys across Abbey Road - One forgot to wear shoes."
    Very funny and clever of Roma Ryan to do so, as this at times is Beatles-inspired.

  84. Madde B

    It's a really good song!

  85. Beautiful Life

    This song from Enya's latest album "And Winter Came" is very special I think. At first I actually thought of Beatles somehow. It is nice to see this new side of Enya, don't you think.

  86. Zofia Lewandowska

    my favourite song from the new album :)

  87. Luzitanium