Enya - Even In The Shadows Lyrics

Even in the shadows
I turn around
To find you walk away
And even when I whisper
The winds will come
To steal the words I say

I could fall and keep on falling
I could call and keep on calling
Wonder why this love is over
Wonder why it’s not forever

Even in the silence
I hear my heart
It’s still a part of you
And even in the morning
When light has come
I don’t know what to do

I could fall and keep on falling
I could call and keep on calling
Wonder why this love is over
Wonder why it’s not forever

So high, so low
Love is gone and love is gone…

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Enya Even In The Shadows Comments
  1. Shift Assist

    The video flow and ambiance is amazing 🖖🏼✌️

  2. Jorge Cabrales

    Me gusta esta bella música de Rnya

  3. ibs santos

    Muito magnífica a música.

  4. ginaginasa


  5. Snake Plissken

    I was just having the worst day and Enya took it all away. Amazing how her music can calm the most turbulent mood and bring you peace

    Paula Erthal

    Ikr? Today I was very sad, I started listening to some of her songs, even sent some to my friends to listen too, and I got better very fast.

  6. joe ward

    Top 5 artist of 2020
    1: Enya
    2: Enya
    3: Enya
    4: Enya
    5: Enya

  7. Ezra Stardust

    This should be trailer music

  8. Grace MT


  9. Jean Anderson

    Do you think Enya is pleased her music puts us to sleep? I mean that in a nice way. This song is so beautiful. I love to listen to the layering of voices an instruments. Exquisite

  10. Nathan Hunt

    Adele has got nothing on you Enya

  11. Ευτυχία Happiness

    I Love Her!!!! 💓❤️💞💖💋💕

  12. dionne moreno

    Im. Here. Sister. Angel enya. Im. Hiding. Hi

  13. Christopher Johnson


  14. johnzappa h

    amazing voice . unfortuncelly we didn/t have a new album

  15. MedicPaul

    I must be in my dream now, please don't wake me up forever

  16. Katia Martins

    Enya traz paz e tranquilidade com sua doce e bela voz.

  17. summerbutterfly7


  18. wayne taylor

    alexia play enya that's all i do after a crap day after work - she takes me places - love her x

  19. Missy Glitter Vlogs

    I’ve never heard this song from her! It’s so beautiful! She’s still got it! Her music and voice is heaven sent!

  20. dragon knives

    Ojala viniera a México :(

  21. Carlos Miguel

    Sua voz é reconfortante.

  22. 사랑의 화신

    I love her songs.
    I met her song today and from second one, I could knew I would love all the other her musics.

    Thank you for the meme, RWBY

  23. Frank Verduzco

    Esta es la cancion que mas me gusta de este album desde ke lo escuche x primera vez fue mi favorita ojala unieran echo video con enya

  24. Maxpein de Valle

    memories are remembered... beyond eternity...

  25. Mama Bear

    This cant be all there is to life. There is just too much beauty and LOVE.

  26. Dan Nullvoid

    I discovered this song after watching the Diablo 4 trailer. 😅

  27. Richard Hill

    My wife only has 1970 to 1990 Guys in her record collection. Women don't cut it in her book.

  28. nomon95

    beautiful song, one of the best.

  29. Agustin Lemos

    ¡Hermoso! Tús veladas musicales me traen paz. Voz angelical, que siempre perdurará en mi corazón.

  30. Cekku-W-9 GFO

    Enya would you release another new album?💜 please!🙏

  31. carina agnarsson

    Enya is forever number 1 💖💖💖

  32. John Hemp

    I first discovered Enya while watching Lord of The Rings, the song "May it be" played, and it was the most beautiful voice I've ever heard, it was that day my ears fell in love. Every song she writes is just as beautiful as the others. So relaxing.

  33. Sweet Breath of Morn'

    Just so you know, the universe contains up to the same of anything, however much you value judging - or allowing it’s destruction. If it’s that moral itself as selfless, know that the joy of living anywhere equals as a scope heaven fairly that way, that kindly, all those stars. It gives me solace to know that as infinite - beyond many times like a plane of a phalanx of hate to any minority - gross stupidity matches a limit.

  34. Libertas ex Deum

    This is poetry in movement. Despite is extremely beautiful... sublime! for some strange reason I feel in someway this music has something dark. A sensation of a catarsis between life and death like an elegie of lost, sorrow mixed with consolation, ineffable..wonderful!!

    Christina Velasquez

    Libertas ex Deum. Yes siirrr. More than anyone knows .

  35. Rosemarie Donaghey

    yes have we not been here once in our lives caught in such emotion.x

  36. Annette Frisch

    Wundervolle Musik, einfach zauberhaft- geht sehr zu Herzen!

  37. didi didi

    Other dimension thank you dear❤❤❤

  38. Yo Mero :v

    Creo que soy el único pero esta canción me provoca estrés xd

  39. The Forlorn Bat

    This is such a pretty and soothing lyric video.

  40. Sidonie Ngonda

    So magical her songs and it touches right deep into your soul tears in the eyes

  41. Paul Kinsella

    Well done Enya! Great stuff!! 👍


    Beautiful video

  43. Antonio Panetta

    did she ever try to combine electronic music with her voice?

  44. Priority 1: Kindness

    This made my cat purr. 😎😸

  45. Владислав Петренко


  46. Minh Nguyen

    The last Enya album that I have in my collection is Paint The Sky With Stars. It was such a long time ago, and I could not even locate the CD any more. Then my son and daughter were born, and I could no longer follow what happened to Enya over a period of 8 years when we struggled to raise the kids. I did not realize she came back with Dark Sky Island during that time. And to my surprise, what a powerful album it was! I was so happy listening to my 7-years-old daughter singing Even In The Shadows along with Enya, and her other favorite songs now include Long Long Journey, Only Time, and Echoes In The Rain. I'm also happy because I was able to introduce and attract my kids to Enya's music and instill in them the appreciation for the beauty in her music at such a young age. Maybe when I'm no longer with them, hopefully they will remember me when they hear Enya songs somewhere.. Thank YOU, Enya, for the music!

  47. Fury 101

    You must be more famous on Youtube
    Who agree with me , like the comment👍

  48. wendel salomao

    Todas as músicas da Enya fazem parte do meu espírito

  49. David Roberts

    Hi 👋 what beautiful music this is love 💕 all the lyrics in this song ❤️🇬🇧david

  50. elfo nero

    Enya always masterpieces🌹🌺

  51. John Surabian

    ! ,,,, ,, ,,, ,,,,,,, !!!

  52. Angelo Butera

    j'aimerais connaître le titre de l'album

  53. Theresa Griffiths

    Enya it's Theresa here how are you i am ready to chat to you on Instagram.

  54. Angelo Butera

    C'est beau le titre de l'album ?

  55. xomthood

    Missing key lyrics - Love is come and love is gone

  56. Kitty xoxo

    she gives me inspiration to write, to sing, to paint and art <3

  57. Brandy Mundy

    I didn't know they made music like this outside of movies. I heard one of her songs in a movie and looked her up. I love her music. Absolutely beautiful vocals and instruments used.

  58. Prem Kumar

    She is angle in human form

  59. Luiz Dias

    Só eu aqui falando Português ? Cadê os outros ? Lindíssima Música , Belo Vídeo !!! . Adorei .

  60. Nyikie Masia

    Enya. I love you. Your music brighten my day. I wish I can see you perform live.

  61. Amina Khaibullina

    я одна тут русская?песня классная!

  62. Mia Story

    the love is not forever because love comes to hush us along. we are on a long way past many suns. we go to better forevers, that last and last

  63. Eurico Manishimwe

    Oohh God please help me and give me a chance to meet this angel you created from heaven and brought to earth... Let me tell her how angelic her voice is!! How sweet it is !! Enya is just a gift from God

  64. patricia Alvarez

    Su musica toca mi alma :)

  65. Tiago Da silva

    Adoro as músicas da Enya...sua voz é encantadora!

  66. Moataz Mz


  67. Garry Cowan

    My daughter is 28 and my son 23, they both still listen to Enya, the music they were listen to when i rock them to sleep.

  68. Carol Garcia

    Enya is the WonderWoman Save me

  69. Anna's diary

    This woman saved my soul ❤️

  70. Johnny Trotter


  71. streamofawareness

    Her songs aren't music, they are *experiences* that you get lost in and never want to come back from.

  72. Serge Belinsky


  73. Jonathan Lee Mason

    Enya's music brings life to the Universe in an imperfect World. Always like a new breathe of fresh air. So relaxing to a beautiful Soul.

  74. In Dev

    2:41 my favorite part by far

  75. Sig graf

    I listen to heavy metal since the 80's . I first heard only time came on the TV vh1 I think and it stopped me in my tracks. I got my son and wife listening to Enya. It's a mood thing for me. Beautiful voice, beautiful music.

    Ted Noah

    Sig graf so did you guys love the Dark Sky Island album? This song is my fav on the entire album!

    Chrysanthemum in the Box

    Do you still listen to heavy metal?
    I enjoy both.

  76. NenoMature

    Como foi feito esse vídeo?
    Qual programa?

  77. Roshan

    God bless Enta for her music!!

  78. Marcela Araújo


  79. Theresia Swiebel

    The songs of Enya is divine! 💖

  80. Nasser Drogba

    everyday in my office when i don't have anything to do, i listen to her songs. They are so deep

  81. A Gael


    A Gael

    I know you are following my internet-particularly youtube but get a life and follow someone else.

  82. batfly

    Feminine Majesty

  83. Tiger Lilly

    One of her best

  84. David Roberts

    👋 what beautiful music i like this ❤️🇬🇧David

  85. Thomas Rogers

    💙Very gifted artist.💙

  86. Art of insanity


  87. Whoistruelyhappy

    Who are the 663 stupid people who dislike this masterpiece?

    Alfie Bluemoon

    It's called opinions and tastes. Just because you like it doesn't mean suddenly everyone has to enjoy this.

    A. Sorin

    Interesting and good news. A few hours ago they were only 645. Right now, 642.

  88. My Romantic Treasures by Rose

    Oh, wow! Que hermosas melodias en este cd! Nos lleva a esos lugares de nuestros deseos e imaginacion donde todo es posible!! Insuperable artista!!



  90. JohnDgr81

    This woman is magically angelic!.

  91. Gwynbleidd

    So high I could fall so low....!oh boy that hit me

  92. Leandro Rafael Bayonito

    Enya may be snobbish for someone and picky for the interviewer and the group of people (family is her most priority).
    Introvert or not, reclusive for a reason, busy or needs time to relax.

    But when it comes to music, where should I choose the right music?
    Either Enya or Vangelis is better. Metallica, just to name a few, hurts my ear and composure.

    I have no choice! Her song is my few favorites if I wish for something heavenly or calms my mood.

    She may be rich but if I want some escapades, her song is enough to listen, together with Greek musician Vangelis.