Enya - Evacuee Lyrics

Each time on my leaving home
I run back to my mother's arms,
One last hold and then it's over.

Watching me, you know I cry,
You wave a kiss to say goodbye,
Feel the sky fall down upon me!

All I am, a child with promises
All I have, are miles full of promises of home.

If only I could stay with you,
My train moves on, you're gone from view,
Now I must wait until it's over.

Days will pass, your words to me,
It seems so long; eternity,
But I must wait until it's over.

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Enya Evacuee Comments
  1. Jose Saldivar

    Oh boy !

  2. KillerBeers

    As I lay here in Afghanistan, my heart and soul are weighted down in Southern California.
    Almost 30 years have passed; an entire lifetime ago, since I last heard this song and it still kicks my feels through my tear ducts.

  3. Samuel Bahiano

    Saudade dessa música

  4. Joseph Hock

    I’m drunk right now. And this music makes me want to come home to my Father. Life is so painful sometimes. People may not understand what I feel, but my soul is urging to come home. God please take me home so I can forever be at peace.

    Шот Даньян

    Я тоже хочу домой. Здесь слишком холодно...

  5. James M

    This is my favorite in her songs...its like a haven of peace and tranquility to me

  6. CallmecrazyinOH

    I think about my daughter when I hear this song. I miscarried her two years ago. I always imagine her reluctantly leaving me and then walking into the waiting arms of Jesus.

  7. 100zoubele

    Very nice video and excelent music.

  8. Feather of Forgiveness

    I loved you so much, but not in a way you understand in thinking it's thoughts. And not at all like love for you, but much more hopeful and less selfish - as with the earth, then you really would learn the ways of Whole the Earth, and how much more love is, as saved, as able to do anything about including animals, about not ever caring more about risks than they do. I will never be able to get over how you wouldn't do anything more than the most selfish style of love, and I don't mean my people, as trying, but forever turning away as to a lower lesser level of man, forever shifting in the safety of how he'd ever succeed, and growing forever in the pride of it, while denying its salvation: homosexuality: not itself, but releasing creativity as freedom, and more than each intense success-drive, to be able to ever be unselfish as a people without sin, and in so doing, being different from other types as diverse.

    But my people have little interest in the commercial stage of society's evolution in being drawn back, and not reaching a new age that has its distinct purpose, as radical and communal, like salvation to the age of faithful before, not their own savior's allotment of what Americans love as a class system, with its conservative populist component of freedom, that they can understand intellectually, but also simply drop as the last age's perk, it's practical preference. Trillions will die, which kills me, knowing that these simple mistakes are always damnable in the end.

  9. DJ H3L10S

    Someone had once told me this song was written for the many children fleeing London during the bombings in World War II. Some of which, never saw their parents again.

    Ricky Alton

    DJ H3L10S I heard something similar. This song is deep.

  10. Ash Hunter

    I could *so* write a book off of this song!

  11. Roxxana Sanchez

    cuando duermo, puedo ver fragmentos de una vida pasada, cuando escucho esta canción me regala pedazos de recuerdos de una vida hermosa y la trae de vuelta a mi, invitandome a salir de aqui y visitar ese hermoso lugar, donde esperan mi corazón y mis recuerdos

  12. Jacopo Orefice

    Meravigliosa canzone sulla separazione... e sul grande amore che continua ad unire le anime umane, anche distanti.

  13. joao maciel

    Bellissima canzione!
    É minha música preferida😉

  14. Talan Gwynek

    ganhei este cd de uma pessoa muito especial....so conseguia ter uma noite de sono se ouvisse ele...bons tempos...essa era muinha preferida...e ainda é

  15. josè antonio solano badilla

    es preciosa esta musica

  16. Bruno da Silva

    That's the best music for me.


    Can't agree more with you, no word for describe her fantastic music and songs.

  17. Avi Greene

    Hasn't anyone noticed that the opening of this song sounds exactly like the opening of Marble Halls?

    Ivory Dream

    +SJGster   As I recall, you're right, and it is a great effect.

    Jess Caron

    It's like themes or lietmotifs in movie soundtracks, perhaps.


    You’re not the only one. I was a little kid when I noticed that.

    Avi Greene

    @Jess Caron I know! I think Enya's music does sound soundtrack-type!

    Pigs and Pipes

    That's why I often skipped it because I already listened to Marble Halls and thought it was the same thing

  18. Shawty24

    Wish my mom and her siblings could have planned 2 do this song for my grandma's funeral. I just lost her this past early march. I'm in denial still & I miss her so damn much. She was 91. The strongest woman on the face of the earth.


    +TrapperMilan That must have been very hard. It's hard losing my grandma especially me being the youngest grandchild & granddaughter.


    TrapperMilan breaks my heart every time I listen to this. Just recently my grandma’s youngest sister died of lung cancer & she was a piece of her & she’s gone. Tears my heart 💔


    I used to cry thinking about my late daughter, this time I also thought of my mother. She died in June. She was 92.

    Avi Greene

    Coincidentally enough, this album was released in 1991 by Enya!

    Captain Nemo Nadie

    My heart goes out to you lass... I lost my mum 20 years ago this month and it seems that not a day goes by that I reflect on her in passing. Bitter sweet but I have many good memories that never fail to bring a smile to my face. The best of luck to ya...

  19. Laura Sue

    During WWII children sent away to 'safety' by their parents were called "evacuees." It didn't always work out well, and this song deeply touches my heart for those children

    Laura Sue

    I had to look it up and then it made sense. I imagine most children want to stay with parents, no matter what, but parents want to keep them safe - no win situation


    I know Enya and Roma wrote this about the WWII evacuees but I often wonder if Enya put a little of herself as a child going away to boarding school. Hugging her mom goodbye. Makes a nice bookend to "On My Home".

  20. McClernand4

    when we pass away, we'll hear this divine voice, opening the Heavens to us...go raibh mile maith agat Eithne, Banrion na hEireann agus anam na nGael...

  21. Neweint Leul

    I was gone for years, and my youngest sister had died. This song was part of my healing but it took soo long. I used to think about my mother too. Holly !
    Now my mother is close, but not too much.
    Anasimeon, and TheShortMan

  22. johnberg181

    I usually restrict myself to listening to J S Bach's sacred cantatas, but I sought to modernize just a bit, and I am unquestionably impressed by this melody. I know the feeling, sound, and longing of my soul.

  23. FeralSpirit

    My mother is chemically imbalanced...after a childhood/early adulthood of trying to cope with her mental illness, on top of hard core catholic religiosity, and a fundamental lack of reciprocation of ideas/values/etc. I have walked away...I felt I had to...but now I don't know what to do....I want to be there for her, but it's as if we can't exist in the same space w/o the other losing her mind. I love her very much and wish her the best..just wish I was capable or could find some way to do more.


    A priest told me long ago that one should send cards or letters for holidays and always let your parents know where you are and that you are okay. It might mean more than you think it would to her.

  24. Alejandra Centurion

    i love the lyrics. And, i'm waiting her new album!

  25. Jerkwad152

    That's actually how the song is on the album. It's a sort of counterpoint to Marble Halls.

  26. Kirk Dittmar

    I don't even need the lyrics..... her music and voice are all I need !!! Been listening to her since the late 80's. She is " da BOMB ", absolutely amazing !!!! Best ' going to sleep " music EVER !!!!

  27. marco brenni

    una altra perla....

  28. Inferior Cabbage

    I think she put Marble Halls at the beginning to symbolize something like all her dreams coming true and then something shattering it all.


    OceanStorm marble halls song was after this.

  29. pinkorangered88

    @face2face310 - the song is "Marble Halls". Not sure why the end of it is at the beginning of this clip. The effect isn't bad though.

  30. RacerXGTO

    A few minutes ago, I was stressed, a couple of Enya songs and I feel wonderful now.

  31. Stefani Stevens

    I was supposed to sing this at my mom's service but couldn't get the words out. I shared it with my loving daughters, so much love...

  32. Frankincensed

    Heaven on earth.

  33. Guigley

    It's hard to describe in words how utterly beautiful this song is. It just makes my heart ache for life and for beauty. This is not just music. It is balm for the soul.

  34. socal1982

    @ForeverCherryKirby I have always thought that.

  35. ForeverCherryKirby

    First part sounds like marble halls

    Avi Greene

    It is. Like she's having a dream that is shattered by a thunderstorm.

  36. Laura Sue

    @Anasimeon - Sorry for your loss. After my Mom died 23 yrs. ago, I would listen to this song and it helped my heartache - which never really goes away :( Beautiful song!

  37. Maurice Hudson

    Voice of an angel

  38. SchwarzundWeis

    just perfect...