Enya - Athair Ar Neamh Lyrics

Athair ar neamh, Dia linn
Athair ar neamh, Dia liom
M'anam, mo chroi, mo ghloir
Moladh duit a Dhia

Fada an la, go samh
Fada an oiche, gan gruaim
Aoibhneas, athas, gra
Moladh duit a Dhia

Moraim thu, o la go la
Moraim thu, o oiche go hoiche

Athair ar neamh, Dia linn
Athair ar neamh, Dia liom
An ghealach, an ghriain, an ghaoth
Moladh duit a Dhia


Father in Heaven, God bless us
Father in Heaven, God bless me
My soul, my heart, my glory
Praise be to you, oh God

Long is the peaceful day
Long is the night without gloom
Wonder, joy, love
Praise be to you, oh God

I praise you from day to day
I praise you night after night

Father in Heaven, God bless us
Father in Heaven, God bless me
The moon, the sun, the wind
Praise be to you, oh God

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Enya Athair Ar Neamh Comments
  1. Teresa Osorio

    Voz belíssima com doçura e gratidão.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🏵️🏵️🏵️🏵️💖💖💖💖💖

  2. Néamh

    My mum named me after this song! My name is the Irish word for heaven

  3. David Burden

    i came home and shit my pants everywhere

  4. Sirpa Utriainen


  5. Constance

    "War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength;" is one of the three slogans of the English Socialist Party ("INGSOC" for short) of Oceania.

    What Happened To Ireland? E. Michael Jones and John Waters

  6. Altair Anjilo N de Almeida

    I love this Enya tune. We use it and many of Enya's other tunes in Biodanza

  7. TehLiquicityy

    This song puts your mind in a place of rest

  8. Jake Dragonfruit

    Thank you so much

  9. Елена Соболева

    Мне очень нравится эта певица. Я ее для себя открыла только в ноябре 2019. У неё очень приятный, красивый голос. Хочется слушать и слушать.

  10. Tanti Tantos

    Enya is a good composer

  11. Tanti Tantos

    Its such beautiful melody

  12. cookie Max pewee


  13. Tiago Stankiewicz

    The best

  14. warren wilson

    Terrific collection of photos of her. Thanks.

  15. Angelo Butera

    angélique 😊

  16. David Roberts

    I love this song beautiful father in heaven my soul is yours❤️🇬🇧David

  17. theresa mukuka

    God is always watching us no matter where , I love you God.

  18. Chiranthaka Samarasekara

    This is my favorite song!

  19. Fred Mcelroy

    If I need a voice that helps me write I go to Enya.

  20. Tanti Tantos

    This song deeply and beautiful

  21. Roger Abbring

    Roger Abbring

    Als ik deze Liederen Hoor dan wordt zeer erg zeer van In mijn Hoofd en daar wordt zeer rustige van in mijn Hoofd en zeker.als ik zeer erg verdrietje ben dan help deze muziek van Enya ook zeker

  22. Arif Setiadi

    sounds like a funeral song to me

  23. ethem bőke


  24. Uday Moray

    Beautiful lady with an angelic voice. Her music comes down upon us from a higher dimension. She is a blessing from God

  25. wench hoovabore

    This is heaven, this is what eternal peace sounds like

  26. Fred Mcelroy

    This song would be perfect for the credits of a movie about the Crusades.

  27. wench hoovabore

    I can hear heaven

  28. Never Unprepared

    God Bless The Gaels Of Éireann Forever.

  29. Boo Boo Bear

    I remember this is as a 14 year old girl going through a lot of depression. My mom use to have her CD and I would listen to it every time I was trying to fall asleep. It was the only time of the day I felt at peace. Thanks Enya! 😊

  30. Eduardo Lemos

    Considero éste ,el tema

  31. Nelson Candido Souza

    Pai Celestial, Deus nos abençoe
    Pai Celestial, Deus me abençoe
    Minha alma, meu coração, minha gloria
    Louvado Sejas Tu, oh Deus

    Longo é um dia pacífico (de paz)
    Longa é a noite sem melancolia
    Maravilhas, alegria, amor
    Louvado Sejas Tu, oh Deus

    Eu louvo-Te dia após dia
    Eu louvo-Te noite após noite

    Pai Celestial, Deus nos abençoe
    Pai Celestial, Deus me abençoe
    A lua, o sol, o vento
    Louvado Sejas Tu, oh Deus

  32. J Santos

    Enya is an angel of music, without a doubt.

  33. subodh kanade

    Who's here after Prince karl Philip wedding video??

    Eveline De Boer

    Me lol :)

  34. Ashlie Neevel

    It's 230am and I'm driving down the road and this song popped in my head

  35. timomastosalo

    Latin letters so don't fit for the Celtic languages: they should have their own letters. Feels like 2-3 sounds need about 7 letters to write :)

    Aaron Hernandez Burleson

    A. It does, though I can't say much more since Gaelic is a language I have very little experience with
    B. You just have to get used to that. In Italian if an i or e comes after a c then it becomes a hard "ch" sound, like ciao. In Swedish putting s and k together will make a "sh" sound, like in sköldpadda. You just kind of get a feel for what makes what


    @Aaron Hernandez Burleson B. know those langauges and their spelling. Swedish I've spoken since I was 9 yrs old, though not so often. Might be a year goes buy that I only hear some Swedish names.

    Italian orthgraphy I studied on my own as an adult - it's mostly very easy: the letters corrspond close one to one woth the letters. Some say there are 2 different e sounds, but well, maybe it just depends on the surrounding sounds, making them variants of one and the same sound.

    There's not too much adjusting there, in these 2 languages - usually 2 letters max to form a phoneme, a sound relevant in the given language.

    Swedish does have instances where you need 3 letters to from a sound, like in stjärna (star), where the stj is sh, or even closing to the German ch sound. It's a very peculiar sh sound, though in östsvenska (East Swedish) in Finland, it's said the global way, and I guess the traditional way, because the Northern Swedish tends to use that too. the difficulty is that the have 7 or more ways nowadays t write the sh sound, s the kids are bound to have some problems.

    On the other hand Swedish is very compact: like a word like pil (close to 'peel' pronunciation - though it means arrow. Think it's related to pilum in Latin, the throwing spear, javelin) doesn't neetmore than 1 i letter, though it's siad long. And the short i is realized by the spelling pill, where the Swedes say they hear this longer than in pil. Well, that double ll doubles in function then also, revealing the short i.

    Only a few exception, first coming to my mind is the word man (=English), which would logicallly spelled mann (like in German Mann), and with the article it is: - mannen ('the man').

    And some inconsistancies there are: kort can be said 2 different ways, being 2 different things. maybe the other should be spelled kårt, because so it's said.

    Also, the k in front of i & e, plus ä, ö & y is siad like the (t)ch in English. Well, in the older days, now it's the periphery accents who say it like that (the same ones as use the global sh) - the Stockholm area says it like s mixed with y sound of yes: a sound that the Slavic languages do a lot, or ow the Irish sin was maybe said earlier. Now it's like shin. And because it's the Stockholm version, the capital style, it's winign ground elsewhere too. Though some areas of Sweden are fiercely aware of their local speciality, and hold on to it, treasure it: like Skåne, for example.

    A. No, it doesn't - people are just used to it. We shouldn't bow to Latin as the ultimate truth - it isn't. Of course, it's easier to read when the foreign langauge uses the same letters as your own.

    But the whole point is, that the Irish would benefit for having 2 sets of letters for those that can have a soft and hard sound, like the L, N etc. And 5 vowel letters are just not enough.

    Kit Mooney

    ​No, latin alphabet is enough. Irish is like French, where the orthography is reflective of an older pronunciation, with the silent letters a result of conservation of archaic spelling despite sound changes. Irish orthography, like French, is extremely simplistic and surprisingly consistent. You simply have to get to know how groups of letters are pronounced. The rules don't change that much, unlike in English. I mean, you can say the same things about Irish with French. Why would one need all those other letters in "les œufs?" The u, f and s are all silent. Or in "temps," "trois", "êtes", "faites" where after the first 2-3 letters, everything after is silent? You don't need so many letters to pronounce "malheureusement," or "dutilleul." It's just the way the language has preserved the spelling when all those letters were still pronounced. People are just more used to French than Irish, but they are the same in terms of what is happening.

  36. Naveen Bokolia

    Father in heaven God bless us, Father in heaven God bless me wow :)

  37. Arthur Rankin

    Father in Heaven, God help us. 
    Father in Heaven, God help me. 
    My soul, my heart, my voice 
    praise to you, oh God. 

    Long is the day, and peaceful, 
    long is the night without gloom, 
    happiness, joy, love, 
    praise to you, oh God. 

    I praise you from day to day. 
    I praise you night after night. 

    Father in Heaven, God help us. 
    Father in Heaven, God help me. 
    The moon, the sun, the wind, 
    praise be to you, oh God.

  38. Hanzo Hattori

    The irish language!

  39. Levy

    Enya is truly an angel from heavens in human form...... Stay blessed..

  40. Cristiane Batezini Pithan

    Cadela mentirosa roubou me tudo com teus machos

  41. error_ 22

    Это что то неимоверное🙈💝💕🔥

  42. mopara19760203


  43. Activités Célestes

    Peace for gaia

    Never Unprepared

    For The World.

  44. Agnes Resistance

    Me encanta su música, hojala alguien pudiera traducirla al español, el inglés no lo domino, pero entiendo gran parte en las traducciones..

  45. andre paris

    Who's listening in 2019?

  46. Sônia Moreira

    Muito lindo,a música e o gaélico!

  47. Shin-i-chi Kozima

    This performance , This performance , The kingdom for this performance .

    From effulgent Tokyo in profound Japan 🍎

  48. Samuel Bahiano

    Meu coração derrente de paixao por essas músicas de Enya, me dá tanta saudade

  49. Char Aznable

    Wow, the Gaelic is a hard language to follow! But it's one of the most beautiful language groups on earth.

  50. iamthenerd

    Play at speed 0.75x

  51. Sable



    @Char Aznable sounds like it

  52. Arsln arsln

    *what language is this ?*

    Andrew Lyng

    Gaelic from Ireland

    Never Unprepared


  53. Eduardo Moreno

    1:06 Cierro los ojos y parece que estuviera entrando al cielo rodeado de angeles

  54. Thomas McCauley

    Tiarna Den trocaire.

  55. Mario Juchnowski

    Coś Pięknego

  56. shinomoritaka


  57. Maria do Carmo Marques

    Louvado seja Deus, que é quem inspira a Enya, esta cantora abençoada, em suas lindas músicas.

  58. Ross Sutherland

    Me bitter old heart belongs to fair, wee Enya Brennan of County Donegal.

  59. Arnel Ardenaso


  60. santus manullang

    Any one knows what's the language...

    Andrew Lyng

    Gaelic from Ireland

    Never Unprepared


  61. Hend Aly

    This song take us to another world❤⚘

  62. Hüseyin

    Cennet sesli kadın

  63. kaisergrendel

    The was next on my playlist after This is America. Wtf...

    Soy La Soñadora

    Do you regret a thing?

  64. Mukiibi Abdul

    a motivation 2wards worshiping, Enya you my finnest when it comes to music you really incredible

  65. Javen Palmer,Origin with Ramsay

    Love it!

  66. ülkü GAYRETLİ

    Aman aman aman nereye geldim az önce evdeydim

  67. s k

    enya in a world of her own.... she is unique 🍀💚🇮🇪

  68. Hüseyin

    Olm bu gavurlar cenneti bizden iyi biliyor bana orayı anımsattı

  69. Daniel FPV

    if i hear this i feel one with nature !!!

  70. zélandia tapi

    Merci de me faire rêver au delà des souvenirs love Enya

  71. Thomas T

    If there's music in the afterlife, this is what it sounds like

  72. Douglas

    I have only ever heard 2 perfect voices, Enya and KD lang. Pure, perfect, and very rare could listen to them for all time.

  73. Leonilda Queiroz

    amo estás musicas

  74. Scooby Carr

    wow, this song sounds like its in Gaelic

    Metal Nordeste

    It is in Irish Gaelic.

  75. Douglas Jenaro - Consultor e Perito Imobiliário

    *Simplesmente Dmaizzzzz*

  76. Jaime B


    Jaime B

    Le he añadido una pista de bajo acustico a esta obra de arte para hacerla aun mas inmesa . He added an acoustic bass track to this work of art to make it even more immense ..Thanks Enya <3

  77. Stacey got da sauce

    Enya's voice sounds so much like an angel😢😍😍😍😍😇

  78. Жасмин Изумруд

    Me encanta en ya su voz,su acento celta, refleja su espíritu sereno y todo el mito q rodea su hermoso país(elfos,hadas..

  79. Keith Curry

    This music calms my soul

  80. Emmanuel FP

    Dio, universo guarisci mio padre e sostiene quella Santa di mia madre. :(

  81. Margarida Semedo

    Belíssimo! 💝

  82. Kiss Gyöngyi

    Enya's voice is so magical&heavenly&perfect!😇🎤🌋👌

  83. Chandima Suriyapperuma

    Enya's godly voice is the voice of the century

  84. Maddalenavolpe01

    I swear this is what elvish in the lord of the rings sounds like


    When I Listen this music, I always Remember Lord Of The Rings Movies Trilogy

  86. TehLiquicityy

    I'm I dead?

    Never Unprepared

    In Death We Live.


    Never Unprepared indeed my brother

  87. Mona منى


  88. AidenCross 1997

    Siempre me ha parecido que el Irlandes es una lengua magica, casi como el Elfico de J.R.R Tolkien

  89. Yogsothot Nur

    its sound so magical and cosmic to me

  90. Alessandri Paúl Silva Romero

    Que hermosa melodia <3

  91. Neko

    This is evidence that Enya is an angel

  92. HowdyImSomeOne

    Hopefully this pronunciation guide, in Donegal Irish accent (where Enya hails from) will help those who wanna learn the lyrics :)
    The phonic spellings I used are words pronounced in English, while some aren't. Enjoy!

    Athair ar Neamh. Dia linn.
    (Air-her, ayr knee-ow, Jee-ah lane)
    Athair ar Neamh. Dia liom.
    (Air-her, ayr knee-ow, Jee-ah lohm)
    M'anam, mo chroí, mo ghlóir,
    (Moh ah-numb, moh khree, moh hlor)
    moladh duit, a Dhia.
    (More-loo doo-itch, ah Yah)

    Fada an la, go sámh,
    (Fah-duh ahn lair, go sow)
    fada an oíche', gan ghruaim,
    (Fah-duh ahn ee-huh, gun guru-why-m)
    aoibhneas, áthas, grá,
    (Eve-knee-uhs, Air-her's, Gr-air)
    moladh duit, a Dhia.
    (More-loo doo-itch, ah Yah)

    Moraim thú ó lá go lá.
    (More-ray-m who, Oh lair go lair)
    Moraim thú ó oích' go hoích'.
    (More-ray-m who, Oh ee-hh go hee-hh)

    Athair ar Neamh. Dia linn.
    (Air-her, ayr knee-ow, Jee-ah lane)
    Athair ar Neamh. Dia liom.
    (Air-her, ayr knee-ow, Jee-ah lohm)
    M'anam, mo chroí, mo ghlóir,
    (Moh ah-numb, moh khree, moh hlor)
    moladh duit, a Dhia.
    (More-loo doo-itch, ah Yah)

  93. maria rosenda calderon equihua

    Recuerdo ami mamá de esta canción de enya triste canción para recordarla de corazón

  94. David Mathis

    this song is So relaxing, not just of body, but mind.... really put me at ease...you could play before going to bed...or just turn down the volume a let it replay over and over while you sleep

  95. maria rosenda calderon equihua

    recuerdo de eya que la estraño mucho 😧😧

  96. maria rosenda calderon equihua

    recordando a mi mamá querida que la estraño mucho

  97. Nnenna Lelenwa

    I rather call you inpiration,,talking to God in your own language,,God hears all langages,thers no limitation,may all your duplications manifests for all of us your fans, love enya

  98. Eva Yaritza

    Love it