Enya - Anywhere Is Lyrics

I walk the maze of moments
But everywhere I turn to
Begins a new beginning
But never finds a finish
I walk to the horizon
And there I find another
It all seems so surprising
And then I find that I know

You go there you're gone forever
I go there I'll lose my way
If we stay here we're not together
Anywhere is

The moon upon the ocean
Is swept around in motion
But without ever knowing
The reason for its flowing
In motion on the ocean
The moon still keeps on moving
The waves still keep on waving
And I still keep on going

You go there you're gone forever
I go there I'll lose my way
If we stay here we're not together
Anywhere is

I wonder if the stars sign
The life that is to be mine
And would they let their light shine
Enough for me to follow
I look up to the heavens
But night has clouded over
No spark of constellation
No Vela no Orion

The shells upon the warm sands
Have taken from their own lands
The echo of their story
But all I hear are low sounds
As pillow words are weaving
And willow waves are leaving
But should I be believing
That I am only dreaming

You go there you're gone forever
I go there I'll lose my way
If we stay here we're not together
Anywhere is

To leave the thread of all time
And let it make a dark line
In hopes that I can still find
The way back to the moment
I took the turn and turned to
Begin a new beginning
Still looking for the answer
I cannot find the finish
It's either this or that way
It's one way or the other
It should be one direction
It could be on reflection
The turn I have just taken
The turn that I was making
I might be just beginning
I might be near the end

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Enya Anywhere Is Comments
  1. Maf Maf

    Song beyond time

  2. Ron Garcia

    Great song 🎶🎧

  3. Anastacia Nevmyvaka

    When it goes "you go there, you're gone forever", I can't help thinking about epic heroes like Frodo and Tony Stark, and how infinitely lonely and desolate this world is without them.
    This song makes me want to be a better person somehow.

  4. Tribalstyler

    Its 2020 and I still keep on loving Enya and this song!

  5. deletedauto

    My Mum loves her music
    Miss you Mum ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Лариса Жерда

    Очень красивая душевная музыка....

  7. Kayla Torres

    I love your songs enya 😁

  8. Rob Hartles

    Where are my 2020 people at? 😁

  9. BeeBea

    Love her music- I discovered her in 1990. My cat extremely loves her!!❄❄❄❄❄❄🌟🌟🌟🌟💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹💦🐬🧊🧊🧊❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄

  10. どんでん返し


  11. Junior

    Brasileiros ouvindo em 2020 dêem um jóinha!

  12. J Roobins

    Lot's of Masonic symbolism in this video 🙊

  13. MrSidneighbour

    here bc Yoshis Island map theme

  14. Katlego Mako

    I've been looking for this song and I didn't even know the lyrics. I just knew the artist. Thank you Enya 🤣🤣🤣

  15. 섹순

    너무 명곡이다 ㅜㅠ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️🧡💚💙💜💖💛💝

  16. Free Dolphin

    I love the beats keep coming to your ears like waves hitting the rocks,soft but powerful.

  17. De Luboya

    The 3rd Verse is the perfection completion questions & answers to this Journey of Enya, i love how in the video it matches the lyrics *To leave the tread of all time And let it make a dark line, In hopes that I can still find
    The way back to the moment* as she enters the Clock time at 02:49.
    Enya's lyrics are so deep it's mind blowing

  18. Muhammad Ali Eesaa

    Enya is a very good artist.

  19. Itsme Sia


  20. Snek

    Used this as study music. Pretty good I must say

  21. Yevgeniya Sorokina

    Enya's sooooo beautiful here :) like an Eastern princess :)

  22. Nosferatu 85

    Timeless divine Music. I love her with all my heart. My goodness, i love her music so much!

  23. DJ Miku

    Woow este tipo de música de verdad me enamora esto es ARTE es esencia es todo la belleza en arte que posee la música te amo ENYA!!!

  24. Cily hair stylist

    for that year, this video was some of greatful

  25. Spencer

    I used to fall asleep to this song as a small child and some over her other songs. This is my favorite one probably so beautiful

  26. 한우석

    신비로운 분위기...너무너무 좋아

  27. Arturo Escobar

    larryandsergei:outoftheworld, NOW

  28. Ivan Vall


  29. Diva Faints

    OMG! I was 10 years old and I had this song on repeat! I don’t think I’ve heard this since the 90’s! Where has my life gone 🤷🏻‍♀️😫🤦🏻‍♀️

  30. Arul Baby


  31. Ivan Pedley

    Love this song

  32. Filippo Burroni

    “The Memory of Trees” was voted “1995 Best Album Cover”

  33. Hannah Ensor

    her music makes me remember memories that aren’t even mine

  34. Anders Termansen

    And the boomers says modern music is talentless.

  35. rossil john

    Hi who are you

  36. F Axel.

    史上最高の神曲やん!鳥肌毎回立つ( ・ω・)

  37. cherry desu

    Enya is a living legend


    M listening, this is I wanted since many years. Thanks Enya. Love and peace.
    Thanks god for blessing her with this kind of gift

  39. guinea.pig.luver. 138

    Coolest. Music. Video. EVERRRRRR!!!

  40. 97channel

    0:45 The moon upon the old sh!t is swept around in bullsh!t.

  41. 양희정

    my favorite enya song

  42. Pablo Dip


  43. 高橋和洋


  44. Monserrat Hernandez

    😊😄😍 la escucho desde niña

  45. Deus Vult

    Why is Enya so amazing?!

  46. douglas ritz


  47. David Klimala

    Lange nicht gehört, doch ist der Song unverkennlich und erstklassig!

  48. leo borbonio

    Chill out

  49. leo borbonio

    Me, right now

  50. Pythagorean X

    Could someone tell me what it means by 'Anywhere is'?

    Soy La Soñadora

    I think the chorus describes her dilemma:

    "You go there you're gone forever
    I go there I'll lose my way
    if we stay here we're not together
    Anywhere is"

    Assuming that there are 2 people at a current place, and if "you" go there, the outcome is undesirable (to be gone forever), if "i" go there, the outcome is also undesirable (losing her way). But yet, they cannot both stay as well, because they have to move on with life, as sung "I still keep on going".

    Anywhere is the same, always faced with such a dilemma.

    - interpretted by Josephlee94 on songmeanings.com 9 years ago

  51. Jeremy Chang

    🤗🤗🤗 Nov 16th 2019 Taiwan

  52. Basicaly cookies

    It is best song❤️❤️

  53. Наталья Филимонова

    Никогда не устареет!

  54. Nico Vercetti


  55. RuruDuTurfu_

    Who is listening in 2008 ?

  56. Muhammad Abidin

    This were the good times... Good music.. Feels good... Everything was in its place.. Smiles everywhere...

  57. Elisson Dos Santos

    ernya sempre foi foda

  58. Elisson Dos Santos

    alguém do Brasil curtindo essa princesa real chamada ernya

  59. Boitumelo Korogo

    I am speechless. What a great song.

  60. Daniel Baldasso

    Old but gold!

  61. Junior vieira deandrade

    world map theme Donkey Kong

  62. chip munk



    chip munk



    chip munk


  63. ale gonzalez

    I've missing the talent of this woman for so long! Underrated for sure

  64. JamonSass

    Who's listening in 2020?

  65. Hikikomori Gaming

    Journey of Life

  66. Dimitri Abreu

    Paz em 2020

  67. Игорь Баранчук

    Волшебные глаза, волшебный голос, волшебные песни...

  68. Siobhan Mc Allen

    I'm listening in 2019 and will PG keep listening in the future.

  69. Renzo Casa

    Piacevole ascolto.

  70. Matthias Drewenstedt

    love her and the tune , always

  71. Overshadowing Past

    No naked boobs and butts. No sex, no profanity and obscurity. That's real art and that's real music. That's elagance and dignity. As many said before... Long Live Enya! We love you!


    yeap, i agree. She is a lady, she dont need to show nothing. Her presence is enough.

  72. PuffedKirb

    Yoshi's Island

  73. John Daniel

    Enya is the best

  74. PoshLifeforME

    yoou gothere- I goe theyre

  75. 이페리

    와 ㅅ발 찾았다 웨딩피치 광고브금

  76. Sara Sánchez

    Me llevó 6 años encontrar esta canción :'3 y valió la pena

  77. Rexavia Stewart

    This is painfully beautiful.

  78. Marjolein Pls

    I want this song at my funeral

  79. burteriksson

    1 927 654?

    I remember songs from this album being played on the radio back in the day. "Sail Away" was another smasher from Enya!

  80. Eyas Al-rawi

    Angel of angels

  81. bryan fury


  82. Anna Michelotti


  83. MagirusDeutz Jupiter

    Enya is one hell of a sweet performer.

  84. Rusty Nail

    I’m single and I ask the universe to bless me somebody like Enya. She’s a gift from the heavens. The kind of woman that you can trust and who won’t commit infidelity.

    Husky Fan in Mass

    Good luck with that.

  85. Joe Scumbag

    This song reminds me of an old lady with two left hands

  86. Richard Avendaño


  87. Jodi C

    I love you, W.

  88. Manuel Riquelme

    🌹 enya qué maravillosa voz y música siempre se escuchará hasta hoy en día siempre 😘🎶🎤☝linda mujer 🌹 bendiciones y éxito para ti preciosa mujer enya saludos y gracias por tu música bellísima mujer enya 😁☝👂👌👍🌹🌷🍀

  89. Irvin Argon

    Anywhere is ... with you.

  90. ART of GAD

    This song is an effective stress reliever

  91. Matthew

    Yoshi's Island

  92. Ciaran Frame

    This literally melts me.

  93. Yuichiroooー Yamagis

    japanese is here?

  94. Dog on it

    yoshi island

  95. Antonio Carmela

    Bellissima ❤️

  96. Diego de la Vega

    Es como un ejercito de enyas

  97. Diego de la Vega

    @3:30 que se supone que pasa?

  98. Sad Cosmonaut

    She was my Xanax in the 90s.