Entombed - Returning To Madness Lyrics

I look about 27
And that I haven't slept well
I bang my head to sleep
With a bottle of bourbon-hell
I'm a character living
In a world gone wrong
Don't act so stingy about it
We're all in this song

Put on the face you use as a disguise
I can see it in your eyes
The kick you get from your own lies

I'm a man you can't kid
And a man you can't trust
I promote a lifestyle
You can't really live

Returning to madness
Lose my old skin

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Entombed Returning To Madness Comments
  1. John England

    Love Entombed, 1 of my favorite bands.Hope to see them live someday.

  2. doctorgeek

    0:31 Fantastic!