Ensiferum - Two Of Spades Lyrics

I go all the way
Night and day
Women, booze and money
It's all just a game

Hit and run
That's how I play
All or nothing
That's the winner's way

When I woke up this morning
Everything was clear
Besides my head
Who's the lady in my bed?

I'll shoot the moon
Nice girls won't tell
Thanks for nothing
I'll be on my way to hell

Sweet lady luck on my side
I got ace in the sleeve
Dead man's hand
I'm armed to my teeth

There is no trick in the book
That I wouldn't know
Cross me and feel
The embrace of the rope

I'm a high roller
Gambling my life every single day
I'm not a poser
Because the card of my life is two of spades

Jos käy niin, että tänään kuolen,
esi-isien luo, ajan tuolle puolen
edessäin seisovat Valhallan portit
kädessäin hyvin pelatut elämän kortit
[English translation:]
If I may die today,
To my ancestors, beyond time
In front of me stands the gates of Valhalla
In my hand well played cards of life.

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