Ensiferum - Retribution Shall Be Mine Lyrics

No sun rises today
No moon shares it's light
Eclipse of soul
Growing breach of faith

Pierced by bitter deception
Chained to the darkness
Left to rot
Growing breach of faith
Left to rot with hate

I can't escape from this living hell
But in my dreams the justice dwells
Betrayers are torn apart
And my hate will fade away with their blood

My hate runs deep
In the waters of grudge and unforgiveness

Leniency is for the weak
I'd rather die than show you mercy
Slaughter is yet to come

Retribution shall be mine!
Oh Gods of vengeance, fill my heart!

This is mine
The one and final fight
I choose not to die
With these demons by my side

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Ensiferum Retribution Shall Be Mine Comments
  1. brennpaul

    2:31 just for me

  2. Varangian Guard

    the first 30 seconds is so awesome

  3. Soma Cruz

    The North Remember!

  4. Jesse Henderson

    This sounds like something from the Dynasty Warriors soundtrack. Which is ok with me.

  5. Juan Monzón

    I feel theres more power than folk metal on this song and I love it!!

  6. Niko O

    Leniency is for the weak
    I'd rather die than show you mercy
    Slaughter is yet to come

    Retribution shall be mine!
    Oh Gods of vengeance, fill my heart!

  7. gianmarco bandinelli

    best song <3 <3

  8. talvikki77

    I really like From Afar, but I agree that without Jari a lot of the unique Ensiferum sound is missing, especially on this newest album. Now Wintersun doesn't really sound like Ensiferum anymore either, so...I think that old Ensiferum sound is just gone, or only to be remembered from their early songs and albums :(

    Caleb Bryan

    Jari's sound in Ensiferum was really something special, but I still think their new stuff is good

  9. SolemnCreator

    Indeed. A friend of mine bought the Iron album two years ago when he first started listening to Metal and compared to this....Iron is way more awesome. i don't know if it's Jari or Petri who make the difference, I just want for their next album to give me goosebumps

  10. Kakha Khmelidze

    Lol, you are such troll badass.

  11. Kakha Khmelidze

    This composition is masterpiece.

  12. fluffnstuff91

    its not as explosive as it was in my opinion im not feeling that jolt sensation through the body that i got from the originals

  13. ChaNdRa ~emerald

    Same opinion here. But I like both Ensiferum in almost equal measure!

  14. SolemnCreator

    What I've mostly seen in comments around Youtube has quite the same message. "I got to like it (cause one does not simply hate on Ensiferum) but only after listening to it a few times". Fella, when a band which used to rock the shit out of you fails to impress you on the first listening, that band has lost something :(

  15. SirMordred

    "Couldn't care less."

    Yeah, that must be why you commented in the first place.

  16. SirMordred

    I guess that just makes me glad I never listened to Ensiferum from their first album, because I happen to like all of their albums so far.

  17. Dark Zhiro

    Everyone's so jaded towards this album. I love it. There! Finally, some nice feedback on this album! They've done so much for us. Why don't you be grateful they made another album?

  18. aexalven

    Shitcore you say. You are adorable. You think you are listening to ultraheavy metal bands when in fact new Ensiferum and Norther is megagay shit. But live with your lies. Couldnt care less.

  19. Nicolas Canal

    You, good sir, should really listen and learn from good metal bands to even dare to make a comparisson of this folk and orchestrated piece to some old melo-death metal,, should you call me creature when you don't know what to reply other than "This is the perfect example of a fanboy of the shit metal" ?
    Make right know a fucking list of good bands for you, shitcore-lover motherfucker

  20. OfTheNorth

    Exactly what they have been since Jari left. "Good". Simply that. Nothing more, nothing less.

  21. Vuk Radulovic

    If you want Jari go listen Wintersun, Ensiferum is great band with or without Jari, they have awesome songs without him as they have with him, one man is not the whole band...Ensiferum continues to make good songs

  22. Karl Vahtre

    Or Victory songs! It's the best album they've got!

  23. metalhead6795

    They do have a way different sound than before, i still love all of their music though, new or old:)

  24. Aaron Lor

    ...Good thing I like Norther so much xD

  25. skjaldulfr

    I think this album is better than "from afar" though.

  26. Kane BAMBO

    i have loved every ensiferum album, EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE. its boring.

  27. Márton Kuklis

    It's so fucking nice feeling that I already learnt this song comletely!

  28. aexalven

    And, ladies and gentlemen, this is perfect example of fanboy of the shit metal genre. Creature cant stand, when truth is striking like a tiger from the shadows.

  29. aexalven

    Thats why it sucks

  30. aexalven

    Couldnt agree more. I just feel that they are targeting teenagers with their new songs. They are just... Meh. And i dont really like Petri vocals, Sami does better job. Same here, preordered time.

  31. drk pocoyo

    that mean Petri do it right :))

  32. Heavy Metal Scy7he

    I really like this song and "In My Sword I Trust"... buuut my fav songs are still "Death Bringer From The Sky" and "Guardians Of Fate"

  33. Jisker

    That's why I said 'In my opinion'.

  34. InsomniacMatt

    i like all Ensiferum except the dragonheads EP

  35. Jisker

    The self titled, Victory Songs and From Afar all beat Iron in my opinion. I never was able to get into that album like I could with the others.

  36. SlashORC

    From Afar was bland? Are you kidding me?
    It's an album that requires many listens to truly get the beauty of it ;)

    I love Jari and can't wait til Time 1, but some people really need to stop sticking their heads so far up his ass, it's not funny anymore.

    Yeah sure, the debut and Iron were perfect, but Victory Songs was good too, and From Afar imo is their best album ever, slightly edging the debut for me.

  37. Jisker

    From Afar bland? Lmao. That and the self titled are the best albums they've done.

  38. Jisker

    lmao. I assume you now to be trolling, because if you aren't you are just plain fucking stupid. Obviously in times when vinyls were prevalent B-sides were obviously the backside of the vinyl. In modern times B-sides refer to songs that were left off of albums because they didn't fit anywhere or because the artist felt they were of a lesser quality. So you are wrong. Again. Congratulations.

  39. Jisker

    They were unfinished songs, not B-sides.

  40. Jisker

    That's an ignorant and completely stupid ideal to have. If that were true then no albums would ever receive poor reviews. Also in case you didn't know, most of the songs on Unsung Heroes are songs that they had done in the past and just worked on more and more and built upon for this album.

  41. Jisker

    It's only your opinion and the other people who got something they weren't expecting with this album that it's mediocre. In case you haven't noticed the album has generally gotten praise from fans and unanimous praise from critics. Just because you thought it was boring or didn't enjoy it doesn't mean it is mediocre.

  42. Jisker

    Because they have one fully acoustic song that has female vocals you consider this album to be ambient? lmao. Not one single song on the album is ambient.

  43. Kristin Byers

    Whatever happened to songs like "Windrider," "Hero in a Dream," "Old Man" and "Lai Lai Hei"... ? I just don't dig this new stuff nearly as much...

  44. OfTheNorth

    "Now I await time" ... :P Time is the name of the album.

  45. metalhead6795

    Can't get enough of it! So good!

  46. Annamarie Saarinen

    well you are in luck sir, wintersun has an upcoming new album i believe you shall enjoy.

  47. metalhead6795

    Lol, their music is weird as hell, but that is why it is different and good:)

  48. OfTheNorth

    I'll probably reciever a lot of nasty comments for this... but.. man I just cannot feel it with the new Ensiferum. The magic they had that Jari gave them is completely gone. To me now they feel like every other folk/melo death band out there... Ensiferum was at one time one of the most unique at its style. Now I await Time.

    I am not being a Jari fanboy, I am simply telling what I feel. I have always been a major Ensiferum fan, and always will be... I simply don't feel it anymore.

  49. SJSharksSCC

    Ja Maailma

  50. centarproduction

    sveti savo je na kaveru XD

  51. Eduard Fronzilla

    Ensiferum is one of those bands that tries to stick as much as possible to the old style they played years ago. Hail Ensiferum!

  52. metalhead6795

    That is your opinion, and my opinion is that your opinion sucks! XD haha

  53. umklaus1

    you sure can capture feeling and atmosphere with fast music and ensiferum has done it quite fucking well before

  54. Seba Leonetti

    Come on, if you're basing these comments on Ensiferum's last work, just know that it AIN'T gonna be another album like From Afar. They've made something slightly different from what they'd been doing so far, what is the problem with that? There's no need to critizise the album because it sounds like Nightwish sometimes.. they both are Finnish, what could you expect? Ensiferum still remains as a band without compare.

  55. S. pp

    sound like norther.

  56. Jisker

    Speed =/= quality. This album is more focused towards atmosphere and acoustic/folk styles. I really like it.

  57. QuiveringPotato

    At first I was like, "Meh" towards this album, but after a couple of listens I'm really liking it.

  58. captain taicho

    Yeah, I can definitely feel some of that.

  59. tox0tes

    agreed. i like this song, in my sword i trust, and pohjola (i like the opera choruses). The other songs are not fast enough. luckily wintersun's time is coming out in like a month. that should be good.

  60. QuiveringPotato

    Sounds like Wolfchant to me.

  61. QuiveringPotato

    All this album almost sounds too classic rock-y for me.

  62. Doctor Velvet

    Only one word, honestly. Meh.