Ensiferum - My Ancestors' Blood (Heathen Throne Part III) Lyrics

Not just for victory,
Not just to crush your enemy,
Not just for heir to be,
But for this moment and to fight the injustice...

It was written long ago,
This is what I've been told,
An army came across the sea
To conquer this low land.

They lured with their lies,
Shouted, "Peasant, kneel or die!"
Outnumbered, undaunted,
War cry rose to the skies.

On the homeland of the raven,
Where the eagles scream at daybreak,
And the clang and clash of armies,
Beautiful the strife for conquest.

Rains came over to the north,
Flood of lies to drown the old gods,
A storm rose within the hearts of the enslaved,
Ode for my ancestors' blood.

The seer foresaw the curse from above,
Like a roar of approaching giant horde,
In the moors and in the marshes,
On the borders of the woodlands,
They marched like approaching giant horde.

When I yield my life forever,
Bravely will I fall in battle,
Fall upon the field of glory,
Beautiful to die in armour.


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Ensiferum My Ancestors' Blood (Heathen Throne Part III) Comments
  1. Willimeister

    This is a good way to start the decade, I’m really starting to like Folk-Metal

  2. Juscilei Dos Anjos Candido

    O som deste álbum é maravilhoso, lindo demais, a voz, o ritmo, a melodia, tudo;

  3. Mīrzā

    I keep coming back to this album every few months, truly a great piece of music.

  4. Shana Badr


  5. Aurinkohirvi

    Toi oli upeeta! Sitä vois kuunnella koko päivän!

  6. themaster destroyer

    one of the most understimated albums in music history.

  7. DJ Meta Mantra


  8. Alexandru Șepețan

    I come back here like once a month.

  9. mc23243

    This is amazing

  10. Agung Rizki

    *Tracklist for smartphone users:*

    00:00 - Tumman Virran Taa

    00:52 - Heathen Throne

    11:57 - The Longest Journey

    24:22 - My Ancestor's Blood

    28:52 - Descendants, Defiance, Domination

    40:10 - end

  11. Anfauglith

    Meu Sangue é ancestral /../

  12. Christopher Norris

    *Heathen Throne [Full]* - for now...

  13. S. Tibbze

    One of my favorite band :)

    Ryan Baker

    Good to know there's still fans out there. I'm diehard for Ensiferum.

  14. jj vwguy

    Best album ever! RIGHT UP THERE WITH, Ride the lightning, And justice for all!.... maybe a little better actually \m/

  15. Alex M

    Υπέροχονο! Απλά!

  16. Caleb Bryan

    This is an awesome compilation of Ensiferum songs. These ones go together well even if they're from different albums.

  17. Pedro Rodrigues

    I love this band

    Juscilei Dos Anjos Candido

    Eu também amo está banda!

  18. buddy weiser

    Just discovered it... now. There's no bad track. Fully perfect.

    Ryan Baker

    A modern ensiferum fan! I thought y'all were dead.

  19. kameha meha

    Truly majestically epic and wonderfully awesome. Viking metal has been a part of my life for over ten years now and I can honestly say this music and this band still brings a tear to my eye every time I revisit these epic tunes.

    No one and nothing can compare. This is the definition of a masterpiece. I am crying. I love you all.

    Hail from Iceland. Peace be upon you brothers.

  20. Dopa M1n3rva

    Truly glorious.

  21. vancebarcelona


  22. Denis P

    fracking awesome

  23. Deutschland, mein Vaterland

    This music makes me smile.

  24. Benjamin Horn

    Fuck any negativity about how you organized the tracks. This flows phenomenally well.
    I play this pretty much every morning now during warm up and gym.

  25. Kless Arkein

    But why the last song sound like a far-west music ? It broke the immersion.

  26. Luca Pattarini

    got a boner with goosebumps

  27. Hael Asharvin Andrey

    fodatisco Folk Metal!

  28. Roman Lukáč

    hitting the like button after 3 seconds ? only me?

  29. Nataly London

    Is "My Ancestor's Blood" part of Heathen Throne too? I'd like if "Passion Proof Power" was.

  30. Michael 90CH

    I just have to say: <3!!!! Im so waiting for a new album after one man army! <3

  31. James Tiberious

    This is not a real album according to what Google knows :|

    Валентин Янков

    Did someone say it is?

    gerardo muñoz mardones

    James Tiberious Its the full mix of all heathen throne songs,in the Last three albums these song has been released in 5 parts
    Hopefully part 6 Come in the New álbum


    You don't say

  32. Freawulf

    Always felt that "Tumman Virran Taa" was in need of some reverb for added depth... Other than that, the whole album is a mastepiece!

  33. Schmiti •

    I very like! Great band!

    Juscilei Dos Anjos Candido

    Eu também, é uma excelente banda, nota 1.000;

  34. Rade Aleksic

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good album!

  35. Crameri A.

    i fucking love heathen throne solo i cum

  36. Mauricio Diogo

    the best song \,,/🌃

  37. WindRider

    I think Tumman Virran Taa should be between Heathen Throne and The Longest Journey.
    Thanks for the compilation anyway.

    Валентин Янков

    You do not know what you are talking about then. You got the Copyright claim whether you shuffle the songs or not. You even got this if you put just a part of a song that is on the list of the program that checks for copyrighted tracks. All of the money from this video supposedly go to Ensiferum now which I do not care about since I am not earning anything anyway. This is just the way I prefer to listen to these tracks and that is the way they make more sense to me. Arrogant or not I still have the rights to have a preferences about these kind of things.
    Best Regards.

    Wiskas M

    Commenter is right. Not about the arrogance part, but Tumman Virran Taa is the bridge between the two part. It's just bad listening it in the beggining, since the missing part breaks the two pieces, and the flow too. Bad decision, but if you like this way... Who are we to judge you, right? Btw, thanks.

    Валентин Янков

    It seems that you are getting it although you see it in profoundly different way than me. It is the Tumman Virran Taa put in between Heathen Throne and The Longest Journey that breaks the pace for me and that is why I prefer it as an intro of the whole composition. Also, this way The Longest Journey brings back a reccurring theme which I love even more.

    Roy Toomey

    @Валентин Янков For what it's worth, I agree with your choice to put it at the beginning. To the complainers: does it really matter what order Valentin put the songs in? How does this affect you in any meaningful way? People are always going to argue with you about anything you do anyway on the internet. Thanks, Valentin, for putting this compilation up for me to freely enjoy!

    Christopher Norris

    It's my first listen, and I think you fucking nailed the transition between 'Heathen Throne' and 'The Longest Journey' (with 'Tumman' as an effective intro).

  38. Brennenburg

    This just so fucking epic of a masterpiece.
    Ensiferum, u just gave me a feeling I cannot describe.
    This is just one of the best music that I ever hear in my whole life.
    It is like a summary of the principle of life at times of vikings.

    Edward Hess

    I agree and I'm a Christian who appreciates the roots of his people. Folk Metal is the best metal genres hands down. Ensiferum, Tyr and Korpiklaani being my favorites.

    Roy O'bannon

    why do people feel the need to say they're of a religion? its 2016 the fact you still believe in a magical being that farted out a solar system from his ass is hilarious. Are you doing it to label yourself like you're better then us 'non-christians'?

    Igor Izyurov

    I will reformulate, what this mom's christian-hater tried to say.

    Why religion (an ethics codex) should have something to do with liking a certain type of music? Ensiferum is about ESTHETICS, not ETHICS of scandinavian medieval people.
    You may like, for example the esthetics of american south before civil war, but be against their attitude to slavery. Or you may be a fan Ensi, but it doesn't mean you should share vikings morale.

  39. abucket14

    Part Viking Part Heavy Metal Part Screamo Completly Epic

    Ann Hiro


    this kills the man.jpg

    Boo Master

    Screamo = screaming emo.

    This is not emo. It is just metal roaring. Biiig difference. :p

  40. Jesse Bratton

    Thank you!

    Илья Пахоруков

    Russian listener: I like this , guys -very good,they CAN!!!!!

  41. Toa Gatanuva

    This should be an album in and of itself. Hm. Maybe i'll make a bootleg


    i'd buy it!

    Валентин Янков

    Save one copy for me as well.