Ensiferum - Last Breath Lyrics

Lying on the ground
As battle rages on
Warm blood covers
The cold land of our fathers

Don't cry for me my son
Because I'm not the only one
Where I go you can't follow
This journey I will make all alone

I've bled so many times for this land
But this wound will claim my life
Death commands me to give my hand

Let not my people
Live under oppression
And remember the darker the night
The more beautiful is the morning's light

Fear no more
Just let go
Adore this world
Once more
The truth unfolds
In the Ancient Halls
Fear no more
Just let go

There is no shimmer of the light
In this pouring rain
I close my eyes
Has it all been in vain?

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Ensiferum Last Breath Comments
  1. Cristian Gómez

    Who sings this song, Sammi?

  2. T v


    Wheat Loaf


  3. Kevin Carey

    I get goosebumps listening to this and picturing it and cry big manly Viking tears

  4. Filip Rebro

    i always imagine barbarian warrior bleeding after battlefield

  5. Uhtred

    Makes me cry like a baby...


    So beautiful.

  6. Brent Lamoreaux

    incredible song. i have viking heritage and im a vet.... very powerful stuff

  7. Daniel Pokus

    This must play at my funeral until my body will drown with a burning boat ...

  8. Cygnus

    Brought a tear to my eye,

  9. Tudor

    i would play this at a funeral.

  10. Torpshire

    This song is a work of art.

  11. dasdsa sdadas

    and remember the darker the night,
    the more beautiful is morning's light

    that gave me the chills...absolutely wonderful.

    Bryden Schilz

    +dasdsa sdadas that might be my favorite lyric of all time.


    indeed, I get chills everytime


    These are words I live by.

  12. dechaphet

    they got skwisgaar for guest vocals


    wtf who s that ;

  13. Leonardo Chauvet

    wonderfull lyrics

  14. René Jørgensen

    This is their worst song. Horribly annoying accent!

    LP13 CurryFace



    Even if it is the worst, it is still freaking amazing

    René Jørgensen

    No. It blows


    René Jørgensen fuck you

    Frida Schneiderlein

    I love this answer ^^

  15. Éric Morneau

    Yasuo is that you?


    How is that even close to Yasuo?

    Éric Morneau

    Last Breath's his ult name.

  16. Jordie Jolly

    Enisferum giving us more than just metal to enjoy.

  17. Purplezepp Floyd

    02:12 - 02:50  <3 <3 <3 


    yes great :)

  18. xooperz

    Alright makes it even better...Sami is so fucking awesome, the best bassist in the world! :D and great singer as well.

  19. TheMrCabbage

    It's made out of the album cover however it's been edited. There's blur and there's the logo in the midle of it wich was added.

  20. xooperz

    hmmm..I don't get it what's different with the pic than the album cover itself???

  21. xooperz

    I think it's Markus Toivonen

  22. Arion Renée Leseux Diniz

    This voice remember me Jari Maenpaa Oo

  23. aod215

    haha yeah it's somewhere on my computer, i'll try to put a link to it somehow

  24. Gerardo Jimenez Figueroa

    Can you put a link to your image, its fucking epic, Thanks.

  25. umtaranakevna

    This is how REAL MEN sing!

  26. Grugoadje SchkaRat

    how can i find this picture...?it is pretty awesome!

    Trace Pagan

    Just screenshot it.

  27. aod215

    haha thanks man i'm glad someone noticed!

  28. kloemenes

    Don't you feel, when you are listening this part, like great warrior who is standing on the hill before the battle or sth xD?

  29. TheMrCabbage

    Nice job with that picture ^^

  30. Marc Poirier

    you no I love jari but he wasent ensiferum takes a band for that people think jari was ensiferum there s 4 other s that deserve much respect for that Rock on friends now petri is god SO DEAL WITH IT OR GET OUT

  31. aod215

    dude you can't get much more epic than Ensiferum haha thanks man

  32. aod215

    that's my fav part too haha it gives me chills everytime

  33. Kaizer Gibby

    3:13 to 3:34
    I love that part so much.

  34. 33COOLMAN33

    I made Chords and Guitar pro TAB of this. you can find it on ultimate-guitar or pm me and ill send you link :P

    Kevin Carey

    Seems to be a lot of E minor strumming

  35. nldragonlord7744

    Ensiferum is so epic. Good job man

  36. aod215

    no prob! thanks for being the first comment haha

  37. Ivan Cal

    Great song. Thanks for uploading.