Ensiferum - In My Sword I Trust Lyrics

Many men have crossed my way
Promising peace and my soul to save
But I've already heard it all
I've seen what they made with their freedom
But I, I have no need for your god
The shallow truth of your poisonous tongue
Brothers, it's time to make a stand
To reclaim our lives
Because only steel can set us free

Rise my brothers, we are blessed by steel
In my sword I trust!
Arm yourselves, the truth shall be revealed
In my sword I trust!
Tyrants and cowards for metal you will kneel
In my sword I trust
'Til justice and reason will wield
In my sword I trust

The sword that shimmers in my hand,
Do you have the mind to eat the guilty flesh?
To drink the blood of those who are to blame?
The time of change is here, unveil your blade!

Rise my brothers we are blessed by steel
In my sword I trust
Arm yourselves the truth shall be revealed
In my sword I trust
Tyrants and cowards for metal you will kneel
In my sword I trust
'Til justice and reason will wield
In my sword I trust

Cling your souls to your gods
Kneel, obey, follow their laws
Deceit, subjugate, cherish their greed
Disdain verity, glorify futile faith

O Old Man,
Bring me a fiery fur coat
Put on me a blazing shirt
Shielded by which I may make war
Lest my head should come to grief
And my locks should go to waste
In the sport of bright iron
Upon the point of harsh steel

Rise my brothers we are blessed by steel
In my sword I trust
Arm yourselves the truth shall be revealed
In my sword I trust
Tyrants and cowards for metal you will kneel
In my sword I trust
'Til justice and reason will wield
In my sword I trust
In my sword I trust

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Ensiferum In My Sword I Trust Comments

    Ensiferum they are what I like about folk metal.

  2. TheBlackCobra48

    New Thumbnail? 'Bout time!

  3. Lucius Amaranth

    i had some food and had a drink - it turn in to a feast and a barrel of mead listing to this

  4. Mace 92

    HandofBlood 🤘

  5. subversivepunk

    Greta Thunberg on vocals

  6. s j

    Meanwhile, behind the ren-fair: this


  7. joussef ben

    In Ensiferum I trust.

  8. Wilhelms Cream

    Lmao kvelertak owns this band

  9. Milos Tapuskovic

    Skyrim bandits playing some heavy tunes

  10. Adam Malarz

    Isn't a Bolków Castle? Looks familiar 😊

  11. brak brak

    Emmi przepięknie marszczy nosek
    Utwór the Best!

  12. Ole

    900s kids unite

  13. Yellow Man

    In 900s there was no electricity..

  14. Actus Purus

    Bolków Castle, "Castle Party", Poland.

  15. Janyel Lima

    Calcinha Preta é melhor

  16. Christopher Reeves

    This is so corny. My loss, I guess.

  17. Andrea Pecoraro

    I literally fell in love with viking metal from the first time I saw this video. Spectacular! Greetings from Italy. . .

  18. Liloleke Pako iki

    The only folk metal band I like

  19. S P

    I don't think a metal song has brought a tear to my eye before in my life, but this one really hit home. The message is good and the musicians deliver it with such authenticity. Love this band more with every track I listen to🤘

  20. Brad Dwc

    818 retards have listen to this song and have no idea Ensiferum is the best group on earth

  21. Daniel N.

    Very low budget clip... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Nocturnal

    Wish I could like this song a million times! It deserves it!

  23. LukeAss

    A warrior does not bare his heart unless an ax opens his chest.

  24. Unicorn Life

    Throwbacks to when i was out plundering with my brothers

  25. uby54ty06

    Now I'm ready to read Berserk

  26. Kevin Salazar García

    Skyrim belongs to the Scandinavians!

  27. Feedalee

    ez 4 ence

  28. Daniel Kemp

    Found this song a long time ago, I feel what they are singing..... people trust politicians and government.... Me...... I trust my sword, bow and arrow and my rifle and my dog!!!!!

  29. Alex Patriot

    This amazing song would be even better with soprano

  30. Teglat Pelasser


  31. Efrain Villa

    Petri looks out of shape

  32. Gonzalo Gordillo coronado

    Esta banda es de lo mejor del metal finlandes

  33. That Guy

    1:25 start the viking

  34. Matthew Hill

    This video could easily have been just a long shot of the five of them playing the song in that ... castle courtyard or whatever it is.

  35. Aleks Mann

    This song makes me so happy :)

  36. Daniel Montoya

    \m/ 2019

  37. Jor-El

    If Scandinavians have THE best metal, period, as some say, why don't they have any top thrash bands? I'm not trying to argue, I love all kinds of metal and I'm not biased to any country or type of metal, I'm just curious. I love many Scandinavian bands (Amon Amarth is one of my favorite not matter the genre)r, but I would say Germany also has a lot of great bands with greater diversity. Canadians seem to have a lot of thrash/power bands lately. The Scandinavians? Not so much I think.

  38. Daniela Shaina

    y pensar que estos wns vinieron a temuco... y yo pense que era webeo >.<

  39. Shane Fochtman

    The bass guitarist looks like Rake Yohn from JACKASS! LOL

  40. Shane Fochtman

    Been a fan for a long time! This is the most beautifully played metal! At the same time the brutality of it is amazing!

  41. noita akka

    this is just awesome

  42. candra lesmana

    Nice 🎹🎸

  43. Frank J

    How is it that I'm black, no Viking in my blood at all, but this music hits me so deep... I really love it.

  44. bluescreensupport

    Lindisfarne was an inside job!

  45. Metehan Disci

    We waiting again ROCK OFF FEST Istanbul!

  46. William Rand

    Love this

  47. Mike


  48. David Torrero

    Put this song, I become a berserker, tell me what to rush

  49. Dean Rossiter

    Great song the keyboardist is beautiful

  50. Eliane Fairfax

    Our old metal fishing boat just turned into a Viking ship after i played this

  51. kirat

    everyone: headbangs....and the drummer be like: "ez pz boiz snares here, snares there what should i have for dinner"

  52. Joje Pakito

    My butter knife heard this

    Now it’s the master sword

  53. Doomguy 7777777787

    Best folk metal band ever!!!

  54. Dorvuzak Uzn

    Jesus Christ this one is old.

  55. Ondřej Zajíček

    So fucking epic!!

  56. Kevin Joesph Reynolds

    Best motivation song ever written

  57. Jose David Ramírez Campos

    nice solo by petri

  58. HistoricPatriot76

    A bunch of old fat dudes with no muscle.... Put some shirts on you look horrible.

  59. giacomo staropoli rulz

    Awesome music

  60. Robbie López Lycan

    I love this song

  61. Juanmanuel Lobo Solitario

    El resurgil de nuestra patri visigoda los fuero juzgo el derecho español estuvo asta 1812

  62. Juanmanuel Lobo Solitario

    Sobres las ruinas de un antiguo palacio visigodo mi ancestro visigodos claman patria o venganza y imvoca a los dioses y ancestro haiil gaut hail patria spannia gotaland nuestra patria

  63. Kevin Joesph Reynolds

    All in favor of Emmi returning to ensiferium say i !

  64. Esther México


  65. natraan

    for those who like Hammerfall mixed with Amon Amarth.

  66. Coco Robbins

    This song is so badass.

  67. The Midgard Metalhead

    I give this band a 2/10 because I see no beards on these people

  68. Jolie petite Lili 25

    Je suis la seule française ?

    I Dakuran I

    Jolie petite lili 25 nop

  69. Nausicaä

    Life is so short
    Oh! son of the north
    You'll find your peace
    At the end of your journey

  70. Roman Sknara

    Hail from Ukraine!

  71. Erika Mediorreal

    Una muy buena banda!!! Se escuchan hasta Bogotá Colombia

  72. Videoorbiter

    Love the drummer. It’s like he doesn’t care.... he could be playing pop. LoL

  73. jose avendaño

    sendo tema por la rectttttm

  74. Sola fide

    Victory or valhalla!

  75. Руслан Олегович


  76. Jack Sparrow

    I am proud of this comment section. Rise my brothers we are blessed by steel!

  77. Chilly Mcfreeze316

    This one of those songs that makes you proud of being a metalhead..

  78. Cristina Huamani

    The vicking metal is awesome ❤

  79. Tim Othy

    When this song is your ear worm all week... it's not so bad.

  80. David Linton

    I have viewed this

  81. chumi paraca

    Me encantan diossss que buenos , gracias a Dios que hoy los conozco por primera vez ....

  82. Leaf Ericksson

    This is my new personal anthem ♡☆

  83. AHYO!



    @I Dakuran I and you stop listen to crappy metal like this

  84. Vendel Serke

    Sometimes while listening to this i feel an urge just to get up and throw away my current life, and go live in the wilds, build myself a hut by the lake, fish, hunt, and be one with nature every day. Awesome!

  85. American killing machine the great !

    I trust in God and in my sword

  86. Oregon97048 8675

    The singer kinda looks like Dwight from the office it cannot be unseen

  87. Lucas Biondi

    In Ensiferum we trust.

  88. James Wilkins

    Looks like jerry cantrell

  89. Sabaton Moshpit

    This drummer is godly honestly

  90. rafał leśniewski

    Who dare call. "coward".

  91. Andrew Cheng

    Just saw these guys yesterday, the pit was insane.

  92. Hilae Gilio

    One of my favourite bands .

  93. Leman Russ

    I'll bring my AXE and an AK.

  94. lefteris phasarias

    I wanna play skyrim with a 2handed Nord now...

  95. Антон Антон

    Офигенная песня!!!

  96. Hakan Chalanoglü L'Imperatore Ottomano

    Hope to see them again in Italy soon!! ♥

  97. kata lira

    i love this soooong!!!!

  98. TheKazy666


  99. m ünlü

    2019 came. still listening.