Ensiferum - Heathen Horde Lyrics

Too many times has moon travelled across the sky,
Since our fathers sailed out for glory and honour,
It's time to fulfill the vow once given,
Forge your plows to swords, send the word,
Raise an army countless as stars in the sky.

All heathen hearts,
Answer the call,
God of thunder bless our swords,
Our heathen horde,
Will never fall,
We are hungry for blood, steel and war.

Filled with strength, valour, determination,
Determined to conquer the land,
There is no power,
In their weak invocation,
Puny invocations to their feeble god,
Desecrate and drown it in their blood.


Ósnjallr maðr
hyggsk munu ey lifa
ef hann við víg varask
en elli gefr
honum engi frið
þótt honum geirar gefi
[English translation:]
A coward believes he will ever live
If he keep him safe from strife
But old age leaves him not long in peace
Though spears may spare his life.

Storm is getting near,
I can see land ahead,
Show no mercy for the weak,
Gold, land and women are ours to take so kill!


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Ensiferum Heathen Horde Comments
  1. Sherman Smith

    After hearing this, I'm wearing my Viking helmet, drinking from my ale horn and going to conquer a snowy territory!!!

  2. TsugaC

    I vastly prefer singing over grunting. This band is capable of sustaining melody and harmony, so I'd like to see them go in that direction. If I wanted Amon Amarth, then I'd be listening to them instead.

  3. We Are Venom

    Put my Wardruna Spotify playlist on last night to fall asleep to because I got way too high and needed to calm the fuck down. Next thing I know me and my girlfriend get woken up to this at 3am lmao

  4. Dave Hoch

    Reminds Of Old School Manowar \\m//

  5. Adrian Grimaldi

    A Hymn!! De los mejores temas de Ensiferum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thomas Dumond

    yeaaaaah...! warrior forever...! Metal....!

  7. Granola Bar

    whos the guy with the sword and shield in the clouds? :o

    Daniil Skobëlkin

    no He appears on every Ensiferum's album. I think it's their talisman. The latin word Ensiferum means "an armoured man"



    Dave Harte

    @Daniil Skobëlkin "sword bearer?

    Kurt Rustle

    It is Väinämöinen, he is basically the Thor of Finnish mythology. A godlike hero whose adventures are told in the Kalevala collection of myths.

  8. Alduin

    can't go through the comments without seeing a curse eg.Fuck,Shit


    Alduin Yes, in other news, the sky is blue and grass is green.

  9. Danise Michaelis

    eniferum, you just yourself a new fan!

  10. biesiad529

    feager vs steven strong neomania 5

  11. RayytheHomeyy

    Lol the opening riff is a clear copy off of In Flames' "Biosphere" from Subterranean. Good song regardless


    Youre fucking retarded. Theyre different in so many ways.

  12. Metal Maestro

    2:34 that is Heri Joensen from TYR!!

    Soufiane Artwood

    oh shit tyat might be true ! i always took it for granted that its Sami (their voices can be really identic sometimes)


    It is. He is credited for this.

  13. Ragnar Lodbrok

    Épica ! Ensiferum lml

  14. steve maenhout

    satan's ringtone

  15. Baldorsss

    vikings season 5 intro !

    Sohkar A Lensky

    +Baldorsss ohh yeah !

  16. el chino Kang:v

    beautiful song /m/

  17. SoundCeremony

    sounds like an OST from Fairytail

  18. sid oso

    the one who sings since 2:35 is heri joensen?

  19. Linus

    Not as good without jari :(


    aw fuck off..Jari left 12 years ago...

    Brandon Ensign

    Linus Summers i like it better without jari

    Chimpy Earl Grey Shayo

    better than that The Forest Seasons shit

  20. simone Puca

    great song.....

  21. wind

    I really love the chorus in this one.

  22. The Metal King

    Best song off the album but mostly because it sounds like they put the most effort into this song...

  23. sir nipples the frenchie

    Heri' voice with ensiferum is perfection!!!

  24. Dt0x75

    Hail my Heathen friends from North Carolina!


    @Dt0x75 no, just don't

    ᚾᛁᚳᚩᛚᚪᛋ ᛒᚱᛟᛚᛚ

    +Bushcraftapprentice Why not? Hail from Oregon!

    Ghost Stalker


    easton kilgore

    hell yeah brother

  25. topkek

    A good song. A beer shall be had, for the glory of this song.

    Deep 9

    I took a gym session instead


    Deep 6 I fapped to it

    Sachith S

    topkek I had a beer and went cycling listening to this

  26. Veilleurs des ombres

    Thanks for the lyrics !

  27. Colter Coker

    This makes me want to pack my shit and go fight ISIS


    +Tayyar do you even english bruh

  28. Niklas Larsson

    I have to say great mixing, loud voice is the best, it was way to low on the previous album.

  29. SiriusXification

    The mixing is atrocious. Great track. Shit Mixing.  
    Might be because it's a preview. Still though. Doesn't excuse shit mixing.

    T. St.

    Shit Mixing... Great Track... Shit Mixing... Preview... Shit mixing...

    Just wait for the Album... Which is maybe going to be shit mixed...

    P.s.: Have you recognized the shit mixing?

    David Hoenderdos

    @T. St. In fairness to him the newer version does sound a lot better


    SiriusXification True, I always thought this album sounded kind of plastic-y/overproduced. Raw productuon usually does extreme metal justice.

  30. jori1988

    Awesome! Can't wait for their new album.

  31. Sylvanas Windrunner

    I want a Finish to translate me the Finish part of the song!


    @Sylvanas Windrunner

    Icelander here.
    It's old-norse and I'd hazard a guess that most Icelanders will at least get the context of it.

    "Ósnjallr maðr
    hyggsk munu ey lifa
    ef hann við víg varask
    en elli gefr
    honum engi frið
    þótt honum geirar gefi"

    Translates to.

    "A foolish man
    thinks he will not live
    if he goes to battle
    but old age
    will not give him peace
    even though he has spears."


    +Sylvanas Windrunner HAIL SYLVANAS!!! ò,..,Ó\m/

    Anders Midnatt

    +Sylvanas Windrunner This is Old Norse, and Icelanders or Faroese people are able to translate this thing, cited from Havamal.

    Alfred Herman

    Its not finnish, but ancient north language kind of icelandic

    Jean Paul Blanchette

    hey sylavans gratz on being new warchief

  32. TheMadeBlade