Ensiferum - Cry For The Earth Bounds Lyrics

The cry for the earth bounds
Who'll face the final sundown

On the last shore of this dying world
A man, a symbol, a sword
A vague memory of something that was
But the moment takes its grasp

Horizon so calm
Harbinger of doom
Sets the sky ablaze
Torn apart by the whirl of time
Slowly, grimly all is devoured by night

Through the night we ride
Till the edge of time
Comforting death
Under the crumbling sky

Your fights
Are over now
Lay down and sleep
Gone are
All hate and love
For eternity

No eyes to see
When the last light that dwindles
Fades to nothingness
No souls to save
In the endless darkness
No hope, no forgiveness

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Ensiferum Cry For The Earth Bounds Comments
  1. 6T6K6

    Esto es extraordinario

  2. PsyQo D7L

    4 people clicked on the video and expected jazz

  3. Caleb Bryan

    This song is epic

  4. Steven McDaniel

    this song sings to myself for I was raised to believe the greatest honor is a warriors death.

  5. Andre Mendes

    legal a ópera

  6. VicariousReality7

    My grandfathers name was One man army

  7. TheEriczeppe

    This music cured me from my gayness and turned me into a fullblown heterosexual


    U need a cock to cure

    ᚡ ᚪ ᛛ ᛂ ᚱ ᚪ

    I`m gay, and this music is awesome

    Rizky A

    @ᚡ ᚪ ᛛ ᛂ ᚱ ᚪ im not insulting you, but gay is wrong. every organism on earth are supposed to have sex with its opposite sex.

    Hugos Hobbies

    @Rizky A you're right in terms of "The sense of life is reproduction". BUT: Overpopulation is one of the biggest problems humanity has to deal with. So every one that does'nt reproduce for whatever reasons helps humanity to survive this times. Of course this only counts as long as humanity grows insanely fast. Humanity would extinct as well if nobody reproduces.

    There are lots of examples of gay wild animals as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexual_behavior_in_animals
    so this seems to be perfectly natural to some extent.

    canpakes wif buttah

    This song turned me into a powerful lesbian