Empire Cast - Hakeem + Blake Battle Lyrics

Yeah, uh, uh, yeah, uh

Lord forgive what I'm prepared to do
But if you look me in my eyes, you can see there's a zoo
I mean, I guess growing up in your beach chair was cool
Until a white boy got more street cred than you
You can hear my hunger pains, if we clash to fame
The type to chop your head off just to snatch your chain
Hold up, he thinks he's got the sauce, so he thinks he's swagging on me
Well I pack enough shells to turn your sauce to ravioli
Got to habit, to have it on me
It's magic like pulling rabbits from hats, I'm a hazard homie
I had a tragic and drastic lonely past
But now I got these guys all stressed
Cause I'm coming to collect like the I.R.S.

I'm a lion, you just lying on the oath, that's perjury
All of these diamonds cut around my neck, I need surgery
I'ma put this man in the dirt
You just a white boy lost, that's an amber alert
Okay, these next couple words may be very unfamiliar
Cash, coins, guap, money, moola, scratch, skrilla
I'm fresh, cool and fly, jets to Dubai
You belong in the cubicle with dress, shoes and ties
If you run around saying you the best, who am I
If I put you on the guest list, yes you denied
I'm the ruler, I'm the heir, the prince of Zamunda
This is a chest full of treasures versus the cooler full of beers
What's up

Uh, yeah
Okay, I'm going to the top
I'ma never stop
Plus you got the swag of an undercover cop
Or a plumber or an opp
The dude from dumb and dumber
Hold up, no wonder you got the floor covered, you a mop

How you think we even see even
You got your whole style from a BET season
How you pitiful and sloppy
Miserable and cocky
And I what separates the original from copies

Watch me
Meditate, levitate, you a featherweight
You was never great, I'm a heavyweight
If you hesitate, I'ma educate
You a minute man, just a second late
My crown is a heavyweight
If you put it on, your whole neck will break
And I got next, I expect the hate

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Empire Cast Hakeem + Blake Battle Comments
  1. Tynisha Marie

    The fact that he is Tom Hanks Son is so funny to me🤣🤣

  2. Bbb Vhhh

    Why I just realized this forest gump SON😂

  3. Marsha Walsh

    Golden Globes brought me here

  4. NBT FTW

    Who would think Tom Hanks son would have bars like this..Chet Fire

  5. Nickelia King

    all my family like you Hakeem

  6. Nickelia King

    best line you got the swag of in under cover of a cop

  7. nicolette king

    From Jayden king i LOVE the song is dope

  8. rachel amber

    Who else here bcuz they miss when Hakeem actually was in the show a lot more

  9. rachel amber

    “If u hesitate ima educate” I was like ah naw I’m sorry keem u my fav but this man killed it 🔥

    Lily K

    You are real

  10. Ellen Nghihepa

    White boy, white boy uuuu he can spit

  11. RJ Brown

    What happened to Blake I don't seem him in the new episodes

  12. lavish boss

    Blake did his thing...like it if true..

  13. MAINE Laboo

    This is just like emninem and jay z

  14. Sergio da matha sant'anna

    Really.... The both are dope

  15. Paid'nGames

    who watches this?! lmao

  16. Black Santa

    Raps in this show were trash😂

    Arends Family

    In the situation they came with this on the spot so its pretty good

  17. viewmaster617

    who's back here after hearing that fire track Hakeem thru down in season 6 ep 7

  18. Sa Tamalii

    Ok white boy

  19. M3RCURY:- X

    The 490 dislikes were from under cover cops

  20. Peter Prince

    Who's beat is this

  21. Born The King

    isn't it weird that the actor Hakeem plays a son of a celebrity will Blake actor(Chet HANKS) plays a hustle from the streets when it's the other way around

  22. Demarius Suggs

    U a minute man my crown a heavyweight if you put it on ya whole neck break bars fam bars 🔥🔥

  23. Nick Shay

    Y'all ever noticed how all the white people that are used to rap gave the same look and everything
    Same clothes

  24. Josh Allen

    Juicie supouya still doing the outro?

  25. I am Valerie

    Am I the only one wondering how long those cheese balls and popcorn been out

    Lily K

    You're are the best 😘❤️❤️❣️😘❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️😘❤️😘 😍😍❤️❣️

  26. Niksterkai

    Skin doesn't matter but your life and experiences do

  27. Ragequit gaming

    Well we did it boys racism is no more

  28. Alicia

    They both Good 😂

  29. abrianna loud

    hmm he reminds me of eminem

  30. NawfSide GOKU

    White dude killed hakeem I always kome back to watch this

  31. Julian Bell

    Amber alert 😂

  32. Selfmade J2 SMBxNHG

    Freeda gats one the last one🚫🧢they cheated

  33. Loulou Willis

    Tom Hanks son did his thing even though they tried to make him a laughing stock years ago when he said he wanted to be a rapper.

  34. Red Sinz

    Blake killed em

  35. Little miss sunshine

    Hakeem done kick that bowl of popcorn🥺😂😂💔

  36. Eliza Whitfield

    One of my favorite scenes

  37. Le'D T

    My favorite line: "If you run around sayin' you the best, who am I? If I don't put you on the guest list, yes! You denied!" (proceeds to kick popcorn) Hakeem literally dropped the hammer on that. It killed me.

  38. Niesha McBride

    "2019" anybody
    Hakeem with this lighting

  39. CTN LilSkitt

    Blake: Sorry to interrupt

    Hakeem: But you doing it anyway

  40. Benazza Chahine


  41. Trinity Brooks

    When Blake said when a white boi got more street cred than you Hakeem was like 👀👀

  42. Sqaure Giuliani

    “ Wassup “

  43. vazoumana sokoro Cisse

    Salam petit cool merci cisse sokoro Paris 😍🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💚💚💚👌👌👌

  44. Ravenclaw Queen

    When he said "white boy got more street Cred than you" Keem's Face said "Bish Please"

  45. Young Conscious

    This battle was better than the Freda battle in Season 2.

  46. Lord Awesome

    Blake's last verse tho!! I got that stuck in my head

  47. Dre Taylor

    They should've been a duo on Gawd

  48. char luna

    Cant wait for sep 24 9\8 return of the LYONS

  49. Brennan Hyung

    Blake is the most respectful rapper I have ever seen...

  50. Wayo Papè

    Yeah hakkem

  51. marlyii lanton

    Hakeem won

  52. richard mmari

    Good boy

  53. richard mmari

    Good boy

  54. Gloria Ford

    Takeem for life

  55. Zamyia Morris

    Hakeem is so fine

  56. Jr Kings

    Keem learned from Gatz

  57. Travis Drumgold-Parks

    Team Hakeem and empire

  58. Matthew Winfield

    That beat went hard af

  59. Lil Weibby

    Wats de movie title

  60. ImTed YT

    AMBER ALERT 🚨!!🤣

  61. Trey Williams

    Blake killed hakem

  62. Drippyboy_Ryland !!!

    I'm going to put this man in the dirt you just a white boy lost that's a amber alert

  63. Red Sinz

    Blake won this. All Keem did was talk abt money. No substance

  64. Erica Ellis

    Hakeem is my boyfriend

  65. S Rasul

    The white boy trying rap like black rappers

  66. Terry Wallace

    That beat slap🔥🔥🔥

  67. martin oduor

    wow,,,the only thing i heard in the entire clip is ""what u waiting for, subscribe to the channel"""

  68. Keona Johnson

    1:35 that face 😂😘😘❤️

  69. Amari Cater


  70. Fargo Drip

    I done watched this lotta times.....these ouens are on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. Rey Mos

    White boy lose that's amblert hakkem won

  72. Rey Mos

    Blake got bars

  73. jazeal_

    Sorry to interrupt but you doing it anyways wazzzup. Bars

  74. Mahlodi Seemola

    We need Freda Getz back please

  75. GentleAs ARose

    Blake can spit those rhymes 🔥💕🔥💕🔥💕

  76. christheblackreaper veal

    My brother when he trying to rap
    Me: you got your whole style from a bet season

  77. christheblackreaper veal

    hakeem is the freshes guy in the streets

  78. hoover bag

    the type to chop your head off just to snatch your chain

  79. Anthony Campbell

    That was lite

  80. Omone Iyogun

    Hakeem and Blake are both good

  81. No limit gang Gang

    King lion

  82. Juan Rodriguez

    I'm going to the top i am never going to stop

  83. Juan Rodriguez

    White boy got bars

  84. Ricardo Smith

    who's better Hakeem or Blake

  85. Curelon Taylor

    So good 👌🏿❤️🖤

  86. 7Wing Entertainment

    Anoyne know the daw he use?

  87. gamer 101

    Blake wins

  88. Cathryn Agbebi

    Hakeem killed it but this lit asf 💯

  89. Kid malone

    Blake is definitely better

  90. Danny Trezo

    Why does blake remind me so much of Eminem

  91. The One

    wtf am i watching wtf is this garbage

  92. Fabian Marquez

    Get the kkk out of here

  93. MrBdiddypop

    When it come to rappin'
    You gonna get spanked!
    Dats right, homie G
    My daddy's Tom Hanks!

  94. Yefter Ngabo

    White boy makes fire hakeem 😂😂