Emmylou Harris - I Had My Heart Set On You Lyrics

On our wedding day did you lie
Did you know that someday you'd say goodbye
Now that you're gone another just won't do
I had my heart set on you
We were so young when we met
Sweet memories linger yet
You were the one who made my dreams come true
I had my heart set on you

As the years come and go does your heart mind
When you think of the girl you left behind
I still wear your ring 'cause when I said I do
I had my heart set on you
Oh darlin' I had my heart set on you

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Emmylou Harris I Had My Heart Set On You Comments
  1. anthony belcher

    Brilliant voice 66

  2. Vernon Pennington

    I don't know who be would think she be is funny looking
    She is country beautiful . Lovely hair pretty face . You can't find anything ugly in that . 🐦🇺🇸🌟💞👍

  3. Jimmy Harris

    this is one of the first songs I heard from Emmylou in abt. 1974/75...
    Even Cowgirls get the Blues was the first and I was hooked !

  4. Aldo Comelli


  5. Matt Thompson

    Another one about Gram I hadn’t heard.

    Michael Majur

    I agree. Grams the Best. Even today !

  6. Maximiliano Castellon

    Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!

  7. Daniel Lucena

    Fan de Emmylou Harris a morir.Otro espectacular tema de Emmylou!!Se aprecia en Argentina también.

  8. Neil Ladd

    Recipe for a heartache.

  9. Pamela Bull

    Awwe this was the song my late friend Elizabeth use to like, now everytime I hear this song, it so much reminds me of my friend.

    jack bobrick

    When she had it, I got it,,,And when she loses it,,I'll still have it,,Thanks Emmy Lou, thanks for your time.

  10. Jose Vallejos

    Que temon , la pm cuantos recuerdos de amigos que ya no estan

  11. anthony belcher

    Awesome song

  12. Brian Saba

    Que hermosa canción, saludos desde Argentina!

  13. Paul Swass

    Emmylou’s angelic voice and Duane’s twangy guitar sound intertwine with one another creat something else.

  14. p2gee

    If I was married to Emmylou, sex would not be necessary. If she would just come to bed every night and sing to me, I would be satisfied

  15. Jim Thompson

    If emmylou were a book I would read her every night xx

  16. Fabian Alberto Ojeda

    Hola .que bonitas canciones .country .da placer escucharla .

  17. Jim Thompson

    Just keeps getting better

  18. Kerry Evans

    This is magnificent...
    Greetings from Dublin Ireland Emmylou Harris in Dublin Ireland march10th2018
    WE were honoured
    She is still deadly

  19. Nancy Analia Segovia

    mi vida nunka te olvidaremos hugo alberto segovia lomas de zanora .

  20. colin fairhurst

    3 thumbs down? ?? AND its got Duane Eddy on it too? what does it take to get people to recognise class?

    Jimmy Harris

    tooo many stupid people on this planet !

  21. Guillermo Arias

    maravillosa versión de emmylou!

  22. Lee Griffin

    How was this not a hit back in the day !?

  23. Brenda Nottaway

    I remember this song , back in days I used to sing along with gituar .

    Jimmy Harris

    one of my most favorite songs by Emmylou !

  24. Nick Poucette

    It's been so long since I've heard this song. :( this song is my mom and late dad's wedding song. I miss my dad its been three years sinde he passed away it only feels like yesterday. Im a daddys girl ive been with my dad 24/7 i was always there for him but now it feels like the whole world is against me... R.I.P Murphy randon Poucette dad until we meet again... :'(


    Nick Poucette 💖

    Peter Baxter

    Stay strong girl, it’s what your dad would want for you.

  25. 9MusicLover6

    Me encanta esta cancion,es hermosa!!!!!

  26. Jim Southern

    Such a great combination, Emmylou singing and Duane Eddy adding the spice to the mix. Love it!!!

  27. Mark T

    Absolutely incredible is all I can say.

    Amazing. Sublime.