Emma Blackery - Going Home Lyrics

I’m at a loss for what to say
I never thought you’d be ripped away
Such a beautiful thing to lose
The world has just got darker without you

With hair a flash of blue
They fixed you at 22
You were the silver lining
But now the clouds remind me

You’re going home

Belongings on the floor
And your dog waiting by the door
Taken way before your time
Didn’t get to say goodbye

You’re going home

Your candle burned so bright
So many lives left to light
But it doesn’t matter now

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Emma Blackery Going Home Comments
  1. Rhianna

    Does anyone know why the original was taken down

  2. not nothing

    I wonder why she deleted this. Maybe people thought Emma was trying to use her death to get views, which is something Emma would never do.

    But it's an amazing song! I loved Christina and would listen to her cover of Fireflies on repeat all the time when I was 10.

  3. That One Commentor

    Ah, i'm so glad a found this again! I had the melody buzzing through my head yet I couldn't seem to find it on her channel, I believe she privated it due to criticism. A shame, though i'm just glad I can listen to it. It's so somber yet, beautiful. Thank you for uploading this.

  4. Yobroidkbtfm

    I love this so much I'm so happy someone made a lyric video so fast😍