Emma Blackery - F*ck You Google+ Lyrics

Woke up this morning and checked my Twitter
Went onto Facebook and moaned about the weather
And then I checked my friends' updates on Google plus
Wait, no I didn't, cos it sucks

So how do they make their investment back?
Well they took YouTube and fucked it in the ass
Leave us alone, we just want to make videos
Well we just want our website back
Why is that so hard to understand?

Fuck you, Google Plus
We don't want your fucking fuss
You've ruined our site and called it integration
I'm writing this song to vent our frustration
Fuck you, Google Plus
Your website can get fucked
If it was gonna 'work' it would've happened by now
Maybe ask Yahoo to fix it somehow?

See Google you're just bad at web design
Well I'd suggest trying to Google it sometime
Then there's the suggestion they don't wanna hear
Can you please fix the sub box that you fucked up last year?

Fuck you, Google Plus
We don't want your fucking fuss
You've ruined our site and called it integration
I'm writing this song to vent our frustration
Fuck you, Google Plus
Your website can get fucked
If it was gonna 'work' it would've happened by now
Maybe Vimeo could fix it somehow?

If you liked this video then please subscribe
Don't forget to give plus one if you enjoyed
We just want a working website back
Why is that so hard to understand?

Fuck you, Google Plus
We don't want your fucking fuss
You've ruined our site and called it integration
I'm writing this song to vent our frustration
Fuck you google Plus
Your website's fucked us up

Now nobody gets videos they subscribed for
Video responses are dead in the water
You can't leave comments unless you're linked up
Can you please listen to us?
Fuck you, Google Plus

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Emma Blackery F*ck You Google+ Comments
  1. Nicamon

    I've lost it at 3:15 - 3:23 "But anyway... *FUCK YOU GOOGLE+!!!!!* " 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Rest in Pieces,Google+!☠

  2. steven topper

    Boring video nobody cares! You have took the joy out of the day for us people who loved using Google Plus. What type of peanut butter and jelly mumbo jumbo is this? You need to get cancelled for being a horrible YouTuber! What a ignorant jabroni for making this screwed up video.

  3. itsjemmabond

    Please write a song called "Fuck COPPA".

  4. Raphael Lim

    Well, this is a nostalgic ride.
    Wow, I was cringy back then.
    Sorry for whatever negative comments I left on the original video.
    Nice song.

  5. John Striker

    It was a piece of s*** social network..... no need feeling bad ;-)

  6. Bobbie stephens

    this video and the old one give soooooooo much joy 😂😂 💜💜💜 emma your amazing!!

  7. Joe Soup

    I wanna plow you like a cornfield

  8. GAME Play MMO-RAW

    Google (alphabet corporation) will manage to kill the internet to if they gonna continue like this for long .

  9. Jessica Wagee

    The vocals are a SERVE

  10. Compliation Nation

    I've enjoyed every bit of this. It's D E A D

  11. Whe Lan

    How was the meeting with Google?

  12. JingerBreadMann

    Emma proving the value a good Bard can bring to a raid boss fight.

  13. Elisa Rose

    Suggestion: (I know I’m like a year late shh) “you’ve ruined our site and called it ‘integration’; I’m singing this song just for our celebration”

    Loving the nostalgia 💕

  14. Joe Jenkinson

    That is what I call a glow up.

  15. isobel mary

    I found your YouTube channel a while ago but lost interest. Recently I decided to Google your name and this was the welcome back I needed! 😁

  16. Jeff

    You're the best amazing talented and beautiful! I'm loving your book, you are so inspiring and helpful! Thank you so much Emma for years of the best original content and caring, healing energy! <3 <3 <3

  17. RaccoonPassingBy

    your voice sounds SO GOOD like honestly it was always good but now it's so much clearer and better and I am so happy for you

  18. Sam Smith

    "wait no I didnt coz it's dead.........😐🙂" ahahahhahaha 😬

  19. Joe Davis Music


  20. Pip Pipson

    Fuss <3

  21. docbones213

    Haha! Stadia next? Hahaha!!

  22. Benjamin Martin


  23. Ian Maher

    Why does this remind me of dumb ways to die?

  24. Obsessed Fan


  25. Ghost

    Love to hear this song again.

  26. Antalia Martin

    watch the original then this one. What a glOW UP ❤️

  27. ItsJordaan

    I was 13 when the first one came out. I remember watching it and reuploading it to a channel of mine. I use to call you Emma BlackBerry for some odd reason. It wasn’t til I was about 14 when I learned it was “Blackery”. Anyways, this was a huge dose of nostalgia for me. I remember laughing my ass off at the first one cause everything you said was so true. Unfortunately, the fall of Google+ didn’t mean the rise of YouTube. The damage has been done over the course of like 6 years. The YouTube we all once knew and loved is forever gone, only to be remembered in the minds of those who were fortunate enough to experience it while they could. I feel bad for kids who will be growing up in the future, as the only YouTube they’ll know is the piece of shit it’s become. But enough of the depressing shite, thanks for making an updated version of this song. It really brought back those sweet memories. Not just of YouTube and what it once was, but also of my childhood and the life I had back then. Thank you! ❤️

  28. Da Vinci

    Thank you for this.

  29. Scratch Pad

    +Emma Blackery I love how you use the power of music to vent your frustration! The language in the lyrics could use a mighty dose of bleach on behalf of those who are more sensitive to the use of strong language, but again, we need more people who choose to use the power of music to protest what they don't like instead of going on a rampage with military-grade weaponry.

  30. h x n

    honestly I liked it and it was the only social media I had. It was good but for some reason over last year the bugs just kept piling

  31. Isa's Happy Hour

    I feel like there should be fireworks going off in the background of this video

  32. Fluffy Goatbutt

    *I honestly forgot google plus' existence l m a o*
    Good riddance.

  33. AXLEGREASEframeset

    This song was trending on YouTube years ago, and that's how I found EB.
    When I noticed that I was able to comment again, I was in disbelief and this song began to play in my mind.

  34. Karin Hult

    This is what I've been waiting for!!!

  35. Wahíd_20

    emma you can sleep in peace now

  36. Bloober Bearry

    *_Google + users didn't like that_*

  37. citrus

    fuck you.

  38. Ellie Mountain

    Amazing z

  39. Dom Oliveira

    Hey Spotify, where's this song? Huh?!

  40. Dom Oliveira

    My kind of song!

    Such a sing-songy melow tune yet she says the word Fuck[ed/ing] 12 times.

  41. User 57

    Ah, the smell of sweet nostalgia... the song, not G+; fuck that

  42. Dom Oliveira


    Then I check my friends updates on Google+,

    Wait, no, I didn't

    'cause *it's dead*

    ...so how do they make their investments back...

  43. Lee Ward

    I thought the song couldn’t get better from the first time but I was proved wrong

  44. SongPitch

    This actually made me cry xD memories!! Your voice has improved so much it’s insane! This is amazing

  45. Romayne Lossing

    this makes me happy

  46. Cola Bend

    Gonna miss that website

  47. Florei .

    We saw this on google+ and we're not happy.

  48. Stan

    The prefect media site

  49. snow

    I love this so much fuck google+

  50. G. William Cowart

    Jesus Christ she got like GOOD GOOD.

  51. Sam Smith

    this version is so funny 🤣🤣

  52. Yunaaaa

    I absoluty love it. I found you over a now kinda dead group of german youtubers who were as frustrated as you. They mentioned your song in their video back then and i remember being 14 and singing this song under the shower xD
    Since then i absolutly adored your music. And i still do! So now i am 20 and singing the new version under the shower :3

  53. Jum-B


  54. Ghost Writer

    google + and you tube are both google, ironic? :-)

  55. Ghost Writer

    pur sarcasm :-)

  56. Ghost Writer

    4 million views with google + , and now without google +?

  57. Neko Ree-Ree

    Went to check Google +, oh wait no I didn't cos it's dead

    *sinister smile that we all know is seriously genuine*

  58. - Mike

    Are you featured in some old shower simulator game?

  59. JugglerJim01

    I just got my email telling me my virtually unused Google+ account was being deleted, and thought of you instantly 😎💖

  60. DoctorYT152

    Google+ is a site some of us both hate and love and even though it has been a problem ans still is ever since it was made some of us will actually miss it while others won't and that's ok because some of us enjoyed or tolerated it enough to call it a home. Fuck you Google+ but I and some others will kind of miss you. R.I.P.

  61. Callum

    Had no idea you were this desperate for views Emma!

  62. Nik On

    fuck g+ employees

  63. pxelcss

    You look much older now

  64. Saran Bonser

    Honestly, haven't watched your videos in a few years (nothing personal, just outgrown the content you make) but I just stumbled across this and oh my. The nostalgia.

  65. shelley teken

    This is such a wholesome closure

  66. Cate merritt

    Omg, I love how much you've improved. Song is still a fucking classic though

  67. alaa Saber

    That song just has something to it 😍😂

  68. hello bitches

    Your voice has improved so much you sound better now

  69. izzy mills

    omg i’m 14 and i remeber when the original was uploaded holy god almighty

  70. pee pee poo poo

    Is that a beratone?

  71. Jack Thornton 1400

    Ok, this is epic!

  72. JSAcousticJuice

    Are those the same Harry Potter books from the original video in the background?

  73. Turalcar

    Is there hell for websites?

  74. Wild Tamer

    Remember the first one, I also find the sub box joke funny because I just found this channel again after subbing 3 or so years ago and forgetting because YouTube decided that I didn’t want to watch my subs....

  75. darkangel305021 not telling!!!


  76. Jordan Payne

    "Maybe ask Yahoo to fix it somehow"

    Turns out they were too busy fucking up their own social network

  77. TehDanny

    That's my jam!

  78. UEAdmiral

    It was the original video that made me subscribe (though I probably found it some year or two late). Glad to see this chapter of history come to a close. Not so glad that they *still* haven't brought back video responses, fixed comments, or fixed the sub box.

    Cheers, Emma! Keep on killin' it.

  79. Alexandra Morgan

    God bless the epicness that is Emma Blackery

  80. synthetic

    HAHAHAHA WHY I AM JUST SEEING THIS NOW. This is how I found out about you XD

  81. SimplyKatexo

    I can't understand to you how badass and fu*king awesome this is

    Bye Bye Google +

  82. Marcus Wimmer

    The first chord activated my fight or flight response

  83. HeadlessFace

    I died so hard with your directness to Google+ 😂😂😂😂

  84. [T://Grey_shift.]#.mp3


  85. Grace Gordon

    Childhood complete

  86. Damian Phillips

    Brilliant, just brilliant

  87. Murdoch Reeg

    5 years... Am I really so old now? 😨

  88. Pedrobearoso

    I torpedod 3 of my legit channels with 1000's of hours of content back when the google plus stuff originally. Then I found you . Hell of a ride.

  89. Nicolas Gralewicz

    Your voice has improved so much! It's incredible! Your tone is much fuller, you have better breath support, and your articulation while singing faster got better too!

  90. Reagan Cole

    Can't wait for "My thoughts on YouTube Rewind"

  91. Benjamin Hodges

    Anyone been around since the first one (I have)

  92. DoomedX

    Finally, our great website YouTube is freed from the dictatorship of Google+.

  93. Dakota


    Sloth On Meth

    April actually

  94. Dave The great ass

    Time to move to mewe and have a battle to death to a tumblr user I guess

  95. zim

    I'm not your sub, but I recalled recently about your song from 2013 and decided to check it out. Just about the time as it turned out, because I was glad to find this

  96. ThatOneNerdGirl

    Judging by your hair colors I have been following you since later 2012. I was 12 then now I'm 18. Time certainly flies.

  97. Sayoko

    ITS PERFECT and just so nostalgic... I'm so happy ^_^ When I first watched Emma, my mom didn't allow me to have a YouTube account, so I added my favourite youtubers as shortcuts on my ipad. I didn't have an account, but I was still there when Emma read Fifty Shades of Gray and dinosaur porn HAHAHAHA

  98. Well, hellø there, felløw human!

    *Way too funny for me to even understand😂*