Emilie Autumn - Medicate With Tea Lyrics

I don't do crack
I've never seen cocaine
Unfortunately, I rarely pop an aspirin when in pain
'Cause I wanna be
Of alcohol or any drug at all completely free
But I self medicate with tea

Doot da doot doot

I know just where to go to get my fix
The beverage aisle
At Starbucks, I confess, I get my kicks
I'm notin denial
My oolong heals, your dealer deals for quite a hefty fee
So I self medicate with tea

Do do do do

It's not that I'm not miserable as any old drunk
My life is no more bearable than any old junkie's
I'd jump out a window, suicide's a sin though
I've found another way
there's no amount I wouldn't pay
to overdose on earl gray or English breakfast

When I'm hopped up on caffeinated chai
I'm feeling the buzz
And when you asked if I'd like to get high
I already was
It's black or green or in between
Sometimes it looks like weed
But my self medicating
Improves my mental stating

I don't need to go to rehab or to set up a meth lab
I may be a cynic but the Betty Ford clinic
Isn't ever gonna break me from my habit of choice
It's my Opium, my Xanax, and it's good for my voice
I hope you comprehend my reasoning
Twinings, Liptons, even Celestial Seasonings
Keep you marijuana I've got my own remedy
I self, self medicate with tea

It's camomile, yeah

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Emilie Autumn Medicate With Tea Comments
  1. PaintedDoll16

    I always medicate with tea before I write ☕️ 🖤🌹

  2. C. Lee

    These lyrics are the worst.

  3. spacewitch 333

    Wow, suddenly remembered this song. I hope if she EVER releases new music she sings more like this. The growling is not for me anymore. But I still love her. She's still a genius. I hope we get new stuff...someday.

  4. Jennacide Angel

    Love this so much! Thank you Emilie🌸🐁🌸🐁

  5. Kate V Crow

    How do you not love this woman?

    Jennacide Angel

    I know right! 🐁🌸🐁🌸🐁💕

    Karl Ruehs

    K V Crow I hate beatniks and hippies! That’s how. 😾

  6. aportraitofinsanity

    I couldn't really get the beat of this song until the last verse and omg now it's so cute UwU

  7. Sarah Paulson

    This this this song <3 

  8. Holly H

    My rat Otis poked his head up out of his cage and was listening intently while I was playing this song.

  9. ievilchick

    I sing this every time I make myself some tea. o.o

  10. liz brewer


  11. miikemanX

    starbucks pff brew pot of coffee, let it get cold then pour back into water reservoir and rebrew with fresh grounds

  12. GeneralBunnyManson

    How cute, I love tea

  13. Etrilla Rose

    Really? Because I could TOTALLY see her sitting down, really bored drinking tea. "I'm bored. This tea is good. Maybe I'll write a song about it..."

  14. Sadimal

    I believe it was a song she made up for one of her pets.

  15. Etrilla Rose

    I wonder if she was bored when she made this song....also, every time someone says anything that could be a key word in this song, I automatically start singing it...

  16. Etrilla Rose

    I asked him. He said yes.

  17. Lolita Rue

    especially that doo-doo-doo-do

  18. Вечный Сон

    awesome!!!!!!!!!! this is just great

  19. GayGhostPrince

    The dress in that picture is so beautiful. *-* I can't get enough of it.

  20. Oliver Quince

    That is the funniest thing I have heard in months! :D I don't know how I missed this one! Me! A chai-oholic!

  21. Trinity Prins

    I bet he does lol

  22. Nina April

    This is the cutest, most precious thing ever :3

  23. TheGayRaven

    Hence why Chamomile is a 'Herbal Tea'

  24. sophie macleod

    I would overdose on Earl Grey. Anytime.

  25. Zarafinawow

    I just found 12 boxes of tea in my cupard. and i mean all different kinds. 12 BOXES!!! I think this song fits me.

  26. georgina ann

    i self medicate with tea also ^^

  27. Etrilla Rose

    I have a Black Butler page on facebook. Ask him yourself!

  28. 143vampires

    i am addicted to tea also! it's a lot better than drugs and all that crap that is bad for your body.

  29. 143vampires


  30. Amber Moss

    But you get chamomile tea. It is very soothing :)

  31. NekoChanSenpai

    I know I'm being an OCD bitch (diagnosed! [kind of]), but camamille isn't really tea, its some herb, completely different.

  32. Alois Trancy

    That comment made my day. xD

  33. Streiben Bones

    dududududu... gosh i cant sing so fast, i was only dudududududud, so wonderful! <3

  34. XxAmberKilljoyxX

    This is beautiful holy shit

  35. Aelia's Manga and Book Reviews

    i wish this was on itunes so i could buy it...ms.emilie you are brilliant.

  36. Tanith of the Fae

    Tea: the best self-medication.

  37. TheGabsterella

    haha, this describes me, well... to a tea! Silly pun. But I really do love my tea :p

  38. Erin Franklin

    love this n_n

  39. Trixy Thorngoode

    Probably so, he drinks to much tea!

  40. Moira Russell

    Possibly the best thing on UTU.

  41. Adephonsus

    Don´t forget pure green tea, it keeps you young forever! (hysterical laughs)

  42. Shambling Abby

    Oh dear...This is my song...

  43. StrawberriRage

    Ask anyone. I medicate with tea, herbal tea for all my problems!

  44. Leandro Leite

    Hahahaha =D

  45. LordSia13

    This song... If I was not already enchanted with the dear miss Autumn, I would certainly become bespelled upon the spot.
    #sips his earl grey#
    As it is, I have to settle for falling in love all over again every time I hear this song.

  46. Sadie Collins

    *sniffles* this is wonderful.

  47. Yehya

    This is going to be my breakfast song

  48. sapphiresnowdrop

    Lady Grey is awesome! It's my morning breakfast tea. =)

  49. Hannah Dominguez

    I like to get my Earl Gray from a butler in a black tailcoat. it smells good...100 fan points to anyone who understands what im talking about :p

  50. Patrick SilverRose

    I love this. I want tea now!

  51. Ναταλία Σώφρα

    Can't live without a dose of English Breakfast!

  52. RisePatriot

    I drink Tea from China. I order it twice a year, a couple kilos at a time directly from the Yunnan Province. I drink 10 cups per day. China Yunnan can be steeped all day and is still mild. Puh-ehr, (aged tea often in cakes) is another world of Tea from China. While I enjoy an Assam... the Assamica is not really my cup of Tea. I Study the real "Kowtow" and do the best an Occidental can to properly Respect China.

  53. venomsugar

    Green tea for me please ^ ^ Though I could happily drink myself to death on Twinings Rose tea too. Yay let's have a tea party~

  54. Elizabeth Fox

    I self medicate with earl grey black tea.

  55. Sara Colwill

    mmmmmmm....... i feel like some PG tips :3

  56. TheGayRaven

    Neither. Lady Grey tastes better.

  57. TheWitchBitesBack

    Where did you find this?? =D

  58. chelmoekilljoy

    watching while drinking Stash fusion green and white tea

  59. TheGayRaven

    Overdose on both.

  60. TheGayRaven

    It's Chamomile....yeah*jazz Hands*

  61. witchGender

    *Watching while drinking Celestial Seasonings mood mender*

  62. H Adam

    I hate the smell, but love the taste :)

  63. xchiaroscura

    Sounds like a jingle.

  64. MissKaylaAnn29

    @MissKaylaAnn29 lot of exclamation marks in there haha i was just so gash darn excited haha oops

  65. MissKaylaAnn29

    LAPSANG SOUCHONG IS THEEE BEST! ive been searching for it forever and i cannot find it!! and no one else has heard of it! at least where im at currently! LordSia13 you rock! anyway Emilie Autumn is THEE greatest gift the universe has blessed us with

  66. LordSia13

    @TheFavouriteCupOfTea Fools, both of you! Lapsang Souchong all the way!
    On a related note, I haven't mentioned how much I love Emilie Autumn lately. Now, how much does it cost to rent some local ad-space...

  67. Margherita

    @Glowskully :O je hebt geen idee. dit is geniaal.

  68. tmo

    I was singing this in and my science teacher was like "OOOOOOKkkkkkk?" It was so funny

  69. tentaclesandteacups

    this is probably the best thing i've ever heard

  70. crazyaboutsquirrels

    This song really shows off Emilie Autumn's amazing voice. <3

  71. Mad Lady

    @MartyredxMaiden Also lemon tea with honey and blackberries <3
    I love it!

  72. Margherita

    This is a lovely song! My lifestory <3

  73. Sigh xo

    o.o It helps her voice... Tea here I come, I mean I always have dreamed of having a voice like hers <3

  74. Miranda McCoy

    It's chamomile ;D! -jazz hands-

    Epic xD

  75. technicallylex

    hehe~ I'm drinking chamomile :)

  76. Grace Hutcherson

    BOOM! It's chamomille... yeahhh

  77. Helena Orridge

    God I love her.

  78. witchGender

    Hee-hee, I'm drinking Celestial Seasonings tea right now! =)

  79. Demona Sephiroth

    @thePANDASgirl13 if you really are serious....
    then you sound like a fricken awesome person! XD

  80. liprincessprincess

    Cutest song EVER. (Said as i sip my green tea with mint...refreshing.)

  81. Autumn L.

    the funny thing is i'm actually drinking tea and i have a cold xD

  82. Lilith1777

    Love this, but I have to make the point that Starbucks has really bad tea :P

  83. Opheliac Maxx

    I can't believe I never heard this before!

  84. RavenEvanescence

    I am medicating right now. Lol

  85. Zoey2070

    I love this, her music is amazing even if it's just her voice, she sounds so happy unlike about half of her songs which are just sad or really angry.

  86. Jessica Frew

    omg no one dislikes this XD !

  87. Sheridan

    The fact that this has no dislikes proves everything I need to say.

  88. Nausicaa Kaze

    Lol I love this song, so, so much. EA is amazingly talented as a singer and songwriter.

  89. Liz Exists

    Amazing! Love EA!

  90. Alice in Wonderland

    Doo do do doo

  91. ShadowDwellerXXX

    this is the most adorable shizz ever XD

  92. MidnightCrumpets

    She doesn't even need music to sound good, her voice is so clean. Love it.

  93. Laura J

    This is so sweet!

  94. AkumaxTamashii

    sorry, i just misread the description.

  95. Heather Regan

    Lol I love her!! >w<

  96. tammer400

    i wanna do a tap dance to this for some reason

  97. LiirThropp

    Fishy is SO lucky!
    Emilie keeps us away from drugs XD

  98. anuphi13

    lol, she should make advert for tea