Emilie Autumn - 306 Lyrics

Three hundred and six
In only six years
If it was an accident
Where are the tears?
I am still unidentified
Behind the cathedral
Is where my body hides
But I'm not inside
Just one of sixteen
In early one day
If it was a game
Why couldn't I play?
I am the abandoner
But still I remain
And my frozen pulse quickens
As the black plot thickens

Like the story I heard
A lifetime ago
Where a girl (and this is funny)
Took her life
And what she doesn't know
Is how long it takes for the water to rise
And the breath to stop fighting
And the cold to close her eyes

Morality plays
On stages of sin
The easy way out
Or the easy way in
I am still overglorified
My reasons to live
Were my reasons to die
But at least they were mine
Now I'm freedom unbound
Cut the laces of life
The pistol
The poison
The noose
Or the knife
I have chosen my instrument
And said no goodbyes
And my frozen pulse quickens
As the black plot thickens

Like the story I heard
A lifetime ago
Where a girl (and this is funny)
Took her life
And what she doesn't know
Is how long it takes for the water to rise
And the breath to stop fighting
And the cold to close her eyes

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Emilie Autumn 306 Comments
  1. Caitlin Lynch

    Still listening in 2019 because it’s still so good 😍😍😍

  2. BlueGuise

    I really hate that top.

  3. Ms. Blood Diamond

    New favourite song

  4. Carlos Quezada

    especially near the second half

  5. Carlos Quezada

    my favorite of the bonus songs

  6. Aliezah Juarez

    I won't lie. emilie Autumn has a gorgeous, luminous voice. But damn... her words are brutal.😓💞💖👍

    Aliezah Juarez

    but true..

  7. chelonianmobile

    tag urself i'm the poison

    Samantha Renaud

    chelonianmobile noose

    Gundam Tanaka

    knife 🗡

    Lilith Galambošová

    chelonianmobile pistol

    Zak Thomas

    Damn all the options are taken, uh, uh, kill me?

  8. RealmRabbit

    My only criticism of this song is the end... She stops singing and then it is this really long period of background sounds... Although it is a very interesting song that I overall enjoy... But the second half of the song is background music while the first half is singing and I generally want them both if possible or at times just background music... But having both and then just background music feels like she took a 5 minute song and wrote 2 1/2 minutes of lyrics...


    Actually, that last bit of instrumental is meant to remind the listener of the time frame. That time frame was meant to represent the 3 minutes and six seconds (roughly) that it takes to die by drowning.

    Aliezah Juarez

    +MsDoodleGooberBug thanks for understanding

  9. RealmRabbit

    I like the harpsichord sort of sound (or what I believe is a harpsichord) in some of her songs... I don't play instruments really... Been awhile since I used a ukelele or clarinet, but in terms of sound I really like the organ and harpsichord instead of the piano... The harpsichord just has a very classic feeling to the sound it makes...

    I don't know what sound was in the very beginning, but it sounds weird... It's like a car's window wipers when the front window is dry...

    Jeremy Frost

    That is indeed a harpsichord you heard. As for the weird sound at the beginning, that was made by a synthesizer. I don't know for sure what it's supposed to be.

  10. BlueGuise

    Dark lyrics

  11. BridgeToNowhere1994

    I always quote this song in the newer and newer versions of my suicide notes, because I want to drown myself in the river.

  12. Harleen Quinzel

    This song is amazing and i love EA but as im french i didn't undertood all of the lyrics can somebody tell me the meaning of the song ? pls


    +lolstrass I might be able to explain or translate.


    It's a song about an event that happened, I believe in France, where 306 women drowned themselves in a river in the span of six years, the last one who was found was I believe sixteen years old and she was found washed up behind a church.


    the three minutes of no lyric is how long it takes for a person to drown and so she put that in to add to the song

    Harleen Quinzel

    @starishheart Thank you very much it's way more clear now!

    Aliezah Juarez

    @Harleen Quinzel true

  13. Song Thief

    You'd think music like this would leave you depressed. Its the opposite, it exorcises the bad stuff away. You just pour it all out, and fight back against the world. Thanks Emilie for writing these-- its good medicine.

    Devon Avery McAllister

    +Song Thief I've always felt that music is a way to purge the soul and Emilie does this beautifully. Whenever I'm feeling depressed or off-balanced I listen to EA and it helps. I'm so glad that EA is not afraid to write songs like this, most would shy away from the topic.

    Aliezah Juarez

    ikr? That's why I love her so much😃✌


    I agree. I think the problem with a lot of art these days is it tends to go the other way. Kind of coddling.

    Aliezah Juarez

    BlueGuise like you hear some people say "you listen to depressing music, you're depressed then"

  14. Alphabet Girl

    This song speaks to me in some weird way.

    Ortie Cannibale

    Do you know your ABC's Alphabet Girl ?

  15. Dylan Noe

    i really need to catch up on her new stuff

  16. Hallen Ahlström

    Me enamoré

  17. CheshireSmear

    to someone who broke their glasses, her hair looks like horns

  18. Jay Hadley

    It's kind of like she tried laying those maidens to rest, with such a song. c: she's great

  19. Midnight Shadowolf

    What's this song about?


    It's about the mass suicide in Fance


    Maybe about Jack the Ripper, its kinda related bit to it tough

    Juliette Roche

    +Midnight Shadowolf  The title comes from the 306 deaths of the seine river in France. Though, the song is indeed about  The unknown woman of Seine.


    And the girl that she keeps mentioning, she is now the CPR doll used in First Aid.

  20. Kuka Everett

    Best quality I've heard on youtube of this song

  21. skywriter211

    Her music is Victoriandustrial, which is a genre specific to Emilie's songs that she created.

  22. Carlos Bermudez

    This song is one of my favourites....

  23. Alduin's Companion

    I thank you for making this .

  24. wombat2164

    love this!!

  25. notaMONSTERbutaDEVIL

    Me neither :\ poor girl

  26. mrselaisa

    With history of hers, I really dont blame her to be asexual...

    Nicolette James

    mrselaisa Asexual? I don't think she's ever said she's asexual.

    Steward of Autumn

    Nicolette James I've heard she was too. Not sure where I heard it, could be the osmosis affect where info spreads via common interpretation or I've read it somewhere.

  27. AgentofChaos1966

    This song blows my mind every time I hear it, for some reason it reminds me of Alice Cooper's 'Pick Up the Bones'

  28. angesoie

    love this song

  29. *Mrs.Morpheus *

    its actually "In only on day" not "early" but its a really good video

  30. NorthForkFisherman

    Miss Scarlett in the Library?

  31. NorthForkFisherman

    Which is somewhat macabre in the fact that the image of her death is helping bring life to others. An odd kind of immortality I would venture.

  32. El cuarto de Churris

    Actually, she said she is "asexual" but who knows~

  33. ScotchiDom

    Her and Lana are honestly the only two women that would be able to turn me lesbian.

  34. Joseph Van Praet

    no one really knows

  35. Megan Bruce

    oops meant women....

  36. Megan Bruce

    why did those omen commit suicide?

  37. kidamaroo

    3:40-4:08 reminds me of Tim Burton

  38. Jacob Mote

    I love her music and she was awesome in The Devils Carnival!!!

  39. MeganBaxter

    For the people who don't know the last 3 minutes of the song is meant to simulate drowning because statistically that's how long it takes for a human being to drown.

    Viola Lockhart

    i didnt know that o.o

  40. MeganBaxter

    No one really knows why, but from what i've researched it sounds like a ripple effect. Women were having hard times at that point in time and when people were hearing about women killing themselves by drowning other women just choose to go that way. The most famous one is a 16 year old girl who was unidentified, because she had a smile on her face as if she was accepting death peacefully like she was happy that she was dying.

    Nicolette James

    MeganBaxter That's what this song is about.

  41. MeganBaxter

    i think your hearing instruments that are making it sound like that cause i got to listening and i can hear what your taking about.

  42. MeganBaxter

    yep thats true and the unidentified girl had an eerie smile on her face as if she was accepting death peacefully and happily.

  43. Eugenia123345

    mich auch <3

  44. Eugenia123345

    I REALLY wish I could go to one of her concerts!!!!!!!!

  45. Eugenia123345

    Really?!?! OMG! Where can i read more about this?!?!

  46. Alexa Ballantines

    Ich liebe diese Frau <3

  47. Anna

    I always here in the backgroud "without you"... these weird sounds. Am I the only one? Is it on purpose?

  48. Michael Boldrini

    Its possible they aren't all suicides. "I am the abandoner."

  49. Michael Boldrini

    Lives not libra. Damn phone.

  50. Michael Boldrini

    Statisticly speaking the numbers may be low, but when you are talking human libra its hard to measure the impact. A pebble in the water makes a ripple effect as they say.

  51. Kabenjra

    Mm She's at the top of my Lesbian list. (Yes, I have list.) My friends worry about me.

  52. Rave Graves

    Resusci Anne,the unknown women, her face is now used for CPR Dummy Dolls.

  53. Boo Plaguerat

    Hey Nikki. I'm interested too.
    My email is: [email protected]

    I don't care if anyone emails me, hence why I'm just putting it out in the open here. It's not my main email at all.

  54. Michael Boldrini

    This sound is AWESOME!

  55. Caspar

    If you have netflix and can have movies mailed to you there is a documentary
    I have a download link too, I'll message it to you though, youtube doesn't allow web addresses in comments

  56. Esprever

    Could you please tell me more about that? I'm french and never heard about it, im trynig to do some research but no french websites are able to gimme more informations ^^

  57. betterinblack

    Lesbi-honest... I'd turn into a Bloody Crumpet. Just because.

  58. Chesh Black

    Why did 306 women kill themselves in only 6 years...so many people...is there some reason?

  59. Susanna Davis

    LOL That made me laugh so hard. xD

  60. thistleflowers

    Something about this speaks to me but I'm sure why. <3

  61. SmoonSmile

    Me too ;D

  62. purplealligator11

    That pic of her makes think. If I wore that, I would feel like I would have forgotten something.... Something important. Something like a shirt. I'm glad she can pull it off, though.

  63. Kandy Krush

    The 306 is about the number of women who drowned themselves in the River Seine.

  64. Nocternal Hellfreak

    i did turn lesbian for EA years ago...and still am :D

  65. Nocternal Hellfreak

    covering myself in blood makes me look good.....so i have no doubt that it would make her look good. and yes I have problems.....I have done it before. as a prank. lol.

  66. burningcynders

    It's Emilie Autumn.
    She could have donkey Blood and Urine rubbed over her body and she's still be sexy... <3

  67. DarkNaruv

    Just search on google, however after some search I discovery that:
    "Unknown Woman of the Seine" was a girl found dead in a river, a staff member was so taken with her beauty that he made a cast of her face, creating a haunting death mask of the young woman, she was never indetified, however I don't find anything about 306 womans committed suicide.

    Ps: Youtube won't allow links in comments, search by you own it's a really interesting history ( sorry about my english )

  68. Samantha East

    @YandereDoll really can u give me the link for that story

  69. Lilith Brown

    Would turn straight for EA ... (JUSTSAYIN) xD

  70. Danielle Dillon

    I would turn lesbian foe EA... just saying.

  71. Persephone

    I've actually heard that this song is talking about a mass suicide in France where women threw themselves into the Seine River. 306 women committed suicide in the river in the span of six years. One woman, appropriately called the "Unknown Woman of the Seine", was unable to be identified.

  72. Darlene-Ashley Cheleze

    her ability to give emotions to the story she's telling is immaculate. i love her as much as any artist i know. she is a role model to me.

  73. ResidentEvilFan2015

    I played this on two diferrent windows, around one second apart. Cool eerie echo effect on an already cool song.

  74. Ditzykinz

    I heard that gothic lolita is about when emilie herself was raped as young girl, got pregnant years and years, had an abortion and in a result wanted to kill herself.

    This song sounds very familiar to the story she wrote in her book...

  75. clarie91s

    The chorus reminds me of the poem "Plena Timoris" by Thomas Hardy.

  76. TwistedClockwork

    Guys...think about the lyrics.
    "Three Hundred and Six,
    In only Six years..
    If it was an accident,
    Where are the tears?
    I am still unidentified,
    Behind the cathedral,
    Is where my body hides,
    But I'm not inside."
    Just think about that...most people would assume it's about a suicide or something similar, right? But when you look a little deeper, it really truly starts to sound like 'Gothic Lolita'. This song seems to almost mirror thoughts of suicide after a traumatic experience.

  77. Sock Knight

    Actually, from what I've heard, and what I think would really fit this song (unfortunately D: ) is that this song's about a suicide; drowning self to a bathtub, how it feels and what thoughts run through mind at the time...

    Steward of Autumn

    Vipellin not a bathtub, but a river. Though yes it is about suicide by drowning.

  78. Luna Fae

    I do know this. Some people have those isntances, and then they are not able to convey the emotion of it, she can.

  79. Luna Fae

    This song is so beautiful. And the last three minutes, really does bescribe the sensation of drowning. I adore how she has the ability to convey so much emotion in her songs.

  80. Hillary Chung

    what a story :3

  81. kaylin mink

    I just discovered this..thank you jesus..every song is SPLINDIFERIOUS

  82. Nevergiveup41

    holy shit... its scary how much I relate to this.

  83. Smerberous

    Go to Google and type in :
    That. Then click the wiki.

  84. Smerberous

    "The pistol.
    The poison.
    The noose.
    Or the knife."

    That part gives me chills. Every time.

  85. tacocatTACOCAT

    Yeah, fun fact about L'Inconnue de la Seine, I read a book on her and in it a paragraph said that CPR dummies' faces are based on hers.

  86. Jenny Oleinik

    It is C:
    Its one of the greatest stories and mysteries ever, and she's a genious for writing this song.
    The instrumental at the end signifies the 3 minutes that it takes for your lungs to fill up with water before you drown.

  87. Jenny Oleinik

    Its about the river Seine,in Paris, when they once decided to fetch up all the bodies at the bottom. They found 306. They laid them all out behind a church,and people came round to identify them,and such. People found their relatives,friends and all. Every single one was identified,bar ONE. It was a young girl. When they saw her-she didn't decompose, and she was..smiling. And nobody knows who she was. They call her L'inconnue de la Seine.

  88. KittuKin

    Her shade of red hair reminds me of Mrs.pumpkins comical dream x3 i love her voice so much... never heard another singer like this! <3

  89. Courtney CantelopeTurtle

    lol ok thanks

  90. nya gancy

    A mental Asylum... I believe.

  91. Courtney CantelopeTurtle

    whats this song about?<3

  92. tacocatTACOCAT

    I always sort of assumed that this song was about L'Inconnue de la Seine, the unknown woman of the Seine.

  93. Chloé Black

    what is this song about? ii love it but, what is it about?

  94. Nina April

    Teehee..Boobies again. And awesome song <3 One of my favorites from EA. Makes me proud to be a plague rat.

  95. Lauren H

    I want to have a tea party with emilie autumn

  96. Morgan Dryden

    Yes. And she said in that post that she wanted to cut the connection to EA, so that she could pursue her own art or whatever.

  97. ZombieTaco ZT

    You do realize that WingedZephyr is NOT Emilie Autumn. Just one of her fans who created videos here. She has posted about the video situation in one of the forums.

  98. annamwrites

    I think that this is one of (if not the) creepiest songs by her. It's a freaky and depressing story and I love the fact that Emilie uses her amazing talent to bring it into the spotlight.

  99. Morgan Dryden

    She wanted to do work as an artist and not to be known for ever for the EA vids, but for her own work.