Embrace - Refugees Lyrics

The snow on the screen we're going light speed tonight
Like Bonnie & Clyde except we don't die tonight
And the blister packs coats and crumpled up notes appear
It's a break from the swill, the piss they distill around here
A break from the swill, the piss they distill around here

Lift off of this Metropolis
When this town comes down,
I wish I wish
My first degree emergency
Is kettled by your cavalry
I wish I wish

The cash machine queens when ambulance teams arrive
In their skeletal jeans they take Refugees for wives
When their collars get felt their glorified belts won't keep 'em warm
And we'll run up the strand, your wrist in my hand
We know we're born
Yeah I know I'm born
Yeah I know I'm born

Lift off of this Metropolis
When this town comes down
I wish I wish
My first degree emergency
Is kettled by your cavalry
I wish I wish

And when all of your friends are my enemies
Wishing me gone as I'm running away
And my only defence is the worst of me
Out in the open for all to survey
When you settle for less than I promised you
Knowing that all of our barrels are scraped
If it seems like it's harder to say to you
It's cause some things are just harder to say

Lift off of this Metropolis
When this town comes down
I wish I wish
My first degree emergency
Is kettled by your cavalry
I wish I wish

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Embrace Refugees Comments
  1. Em Bee

    Honestly.... Why so little views!?....

  2. Robert Darby

    Should have been played on the radio more often


    How this band, these videos have so few watches is beyond me....

  4. Dr. med. Wurst

    Too much feelings!!!

  5. Dominik Jonscher

    # Honig im Kopf

  6. Inge Rebsamen

    beautiful - THX

  7. Natxo Txuri

    Una canción maravillosa. No me canso de oirla
    Saludos desde Donosyia

  8. Rebecca Hampton

    Genius! Very inspiring song

  9. nigel richardson

    video was shot up southawram nr brighouse , brilliant views of brighouse n halifax

  10. Craig Cullen

    Canny upbeat for embrace

  11. Sam Morrissey

    Always loved embrace

  12. Claudia Fernandes

    OMG now i got it. It's their history. Danny and Rick Mcnamara's history. Now i love this video more than ever #fuckdepression

  13. TheEpicGamer

    This us my friends dads band :D

  14. Raghupati Pradhan

    epic song :)

  15. Glittercloudedits X

    awesome song love it :)

  16. christopher felipe

    It's a great song

  17. vanessa

    Getting a DW vibe

  18. Phill Evans

    Pure class. This is music Mr Cowell now fuck off!

  19. Anthony Maddison

    How people can listen to this song and say Embrace aren't as good as they used to be is beyond me, classic.

    Rusty Nickels

    Maybe they're getting the original Embrace confused with this one.

  20. MyMotivationalStuff

    Always been a HUGE Embrace fan. This could well be my favourite song and that includes the early days. Been a fan since the start. It's such a good song.

  21. fooman65

    Don't know why more people don't get onto this band, their loss I suppose, quality Brit band

  22. miller77ize

    I love all of their albums and I have them all and are the only band that I can listen too everyday of the year for over ten years.

    Andy Mccleary

    If I could like this comment, I would.

    richard miller

    these are amazing dude so go and listen all year as it will do you no harm.

    mark holderness

    They filmed refugees right next to my house. Loved them ever since I was young. Underrated band yet so technically gifted and catchy songs.

  23. Una Miga

    sadness only!

  24. Wilmer Carrasquel


  25. Demon Eyes

    it all say dont die and refugees for life

  26. Demon Eyes

    Awesome song i wish i knew the lyrics

  27. Metalboy10 Campioni

    Great come back song from a band I've followed from the very beginning. It's a shame danny's voice doesn't hold up live. The last two times I've seen them by song 4 his voice has gone. Shame coz their an amazing band. Embrace and James are my fav brit bands.

  28. freddy ferble

    they played the Horseshoe last night didn't know who they were now I do blown away


    @freddy ferble They came to a tiny venue near Kinloss up in the North of Scotland when they were promoting the new album - they were fabulous, and great to see a band playing out of the way venues

  29. Tug

    One band I need to see live before I die.

  30. papillon770000

    Song of the decade! (Though admittedly the full album was just okay, in turn, their whole canon is brilliant.)
    Can't wait to FINALLY see them in NYC!

  31. Yenah Kim

    Purely beautiful!!

  32. Jose Luis Cotrina Ruiz

    que dice la letra ?

  33. Vince Mount

    one of the best compositions ever.
    and WOW, what an album. thank you guys!!! GENIUS MASTERPIECE!

  34. turbonator1310

    for me the best song ive heard this year

  35. backwoodsterrorist

    i have no opinion of the band or their music...but how are you going name your band embrace?! embrace is a fairly well known (a hugely popular band in the punk scene) featuring ian mackeye from fugazi. its like naming your band "the kinks".

  36. BillyTheKid Chambers

    starts off like bronski beat......anyone remember bronski beat lol !!


    Pmsl nothing Like Bronski Beat. BB were also faster from what I remember.

    Mark Richardson

    @Cheryl Stevens Bronski Beat my backside. Doesn't start like them or even continue like them.

  37. turbonator1310

    not even a million hits utter scandal

  38. Yamilet Rocio Justus Quispe

    me encanta   Embrace 

  39. Stop Looking at me

    love all embrace music

  40. A. H.

    Really good band

  41. Wisnu Mohammad

    A bit like Temper Trap perhaps?

  42. turbonator1310


  43. Andre Sihotang

    I love this song although I'm not sure this will works live (except there's some opera or video thing to accompany the live performance)

    robert bonovox

    it deffo works live saw them before xmas !amazing!!

  44. gibran nieto

    deberian ser a un mas conocidos no entiendo por que no lo son


    por que a la gente le gusta la mercadotecnia... no la buena musica

    gibran nieto

    @GERARDO MARTINEZ tienes mucha razon

    Anónimo responsable

    @GERARDO MARTINEZ El hecho de tener un video oficial (y muy orquestado) hace a esta canción parte de la gran mercadotecnia. De todas formas no culpo a la banda, hay gravedades ejecutando su accionar.

  45. Andy Jackson

    Great song.

  46. Red Hunter Music

    ............"not even adults, should go back if a firework has not gone off"
    It just has!
    8 yrs smouldering - A big welcome back to this great West Yorkshire band
    Just listen to 'Refugees'.....Better than ever


  47. christine curran

    This song makes the hairs on tge back of my neck stand up....woq goosebumps. The video intensifies the feeling!! Wow loving it

  48. marco trance

    awesome track, awesome album!!!!

  49. Sophie Pillow

    Love this song so much <3 haven't stopped listening to it for about 3 months!!

  50. Antony Bennett

    This is brilliant. Glad to see the lads back after such a hiatus. Welcome back Embrace.

  51. Hayley McColl

    Album is out now folks, don't forget to buy it. 

  52. Gabriela



    What a fantastic song.

  54. Darren Stephens

    What a great tune...:)

  55. Garrie Hynes

    The Lads are back. XX

  56. drizzit71

    swell :)

  57. Barry Allott

    How many times did he cross the Thames?

  58. Dominic Wilson

    Amazing song and video! Welcome back lads!

  59. budi santoso

    Welcome back embrace....

  60. dekyl935

    yes, finally

  61. Kiinell

    I love this, but wonder if it's about 7 years too late commercially? Hope I'm wrong.

  62. Yvonne Brown

    Welcome back Embrace!!... Luv this track. Was at ure gig at Fat Sams, Dundee. Amazing gig!!... Had a sore throat the nxt day wi all the chanting along. Already gt ma tix 4 ure Glasgow gig n May. Love n hugs Danny y x :)

  63. Marty

    Favourite song <3

  64. Red Sonnet

    Can hardly hear a word...

  65. Red Sonnet

    Different singer?

  66. Red Sonnet

    Embrace are great.
    We are worth a listen :)

  67. Sophia Johnson Gt


  68. Liam Thomson

    Being away for 8 years has done them no harm at all! 5 star performance in Dundee last week!

  69. sanday006

    It's been a long time coming.....I'm ecstatic : )

  70. james millar

    If only they sounded 20% like this at the Ironworks?
    Disgusted walked out after 45mins

  71. Stephen Harwood

    see u in bristol

  72. The Crow Draven

    Saw them last night in Dundee, they were amazing, loving the new stuff... has a different sound and its Glorious 

  73. Indie Rock Brit Pop

    Good Song!!!

  74. Kay

    Great song/video. Happy your back Danny, I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon, I hope. Xxx

  75. James Stonley

    anyone else remember the secret gigs? 

  76. Jerry Yepez

    Good good song

  77. Milicent Heaton

    Having followed them from the start, funnily enough ;), they're still so perfect though. Rick and Danny are both such strong singers, and I think everyone should share this loads and get a hype about the album and tour because this return will be awesome. Embrace welcome back, well done XD

  78. barry morrison

    Sunday inverness get on it!!!

  79. Andy Arnold

    If they dont play at Glastonbury i will shit on a duck!!


    You leave them dam dear ducks alone. You understand that don't you?

  80. daren evans

    just heard it on the radio i got out of my chair and jumped in the air what a return ,8 long years .

  81. Imagesound

    Love this! Hope it gets the play it deserves.

  82. Vincenzo Luongo

    ... only last 1 minute is good ... the song doesn't take off in the right time ....

  83. Blue&Green

    Shame it wasn't released in the summer, deffo feels like a nice tune to play when the suns blazing.

  84. WharfedaleProUK

    Great return ! Same great feeling but with a brand new edge... superb !

  85. underneonloneliness2


  86. Claire Wilkinson

    Loving the new stuff worth every second of waiting...bring on the tour

  87. Marhaba

    Driving song.

  88. Serafim Nitsios

    Open highways.... Volume up!! Driving fast in the dusk... Great work Embrace!!

  89. Starry&Bohemian

    the near eternal wait is over... i embrace this ambitious return of the brothers

  90. DiscoStuMBE

    Brilliant!! Best band in the World! Never write a bad song! Worth the wait!!!

  91. James Fisher

    Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it now, cannot wait until April 28, does anyone else think its Danny driving the SG20 car.

  92. david lennon

    I have respected embrace and supported them throughout thick and thin, love the band band to bits but this shit is brutal to hear nothing good bout this song, sound's like Chris Martin doing a jobby! Danny, you are so much better come back to what you know and not this re-gurgatated coldplay nonsense,utter pish, sort it out and don't sellout again!!!!! not ur gigs, ur band!


    It's just too easy to slate Coldplay whenever you rip into a band.
    There's far more to Coldplay than what people give them credit for. 
    This song is beautifully written and performed. 

  93. Lucid Panda

    simply amazed ..

  94. AshleyMarie D.

    I found those checks on me too!!! Omigod the silence!

  95. Jose Juan Lopez

    thank you for coming back.. 

  96. Grace Allen

    This is amazing

  97. TwinSauce

    0:09 The Silence.


    Likin that Doctor Who reference