Elvis Presley - The Love Machine Lyrics

Step right up to the love machine
You may get lucky when you zap a dream
Let the wheel go round, round and round
You may win that girl you've never found

She may be Suzy or Maybelline
She could be Cathy or Angeline
Let the wheel go round, round and round
Try your luck right now on the love machine

We're just a bunch of salty sailors
One thing on our mind
Takin' a chance on this machine
Maybe love we'll find
She maybe tall she maybe short
She may be wide
But Lady Luck stop that wheel
On 38-24-35
Step up, whose next in line
This love machine don't waste no time

Let the wheel go round, round and round
What will your fortune be on the love machine
All right

We're just a bunch of salty sailors
One thing on our mind
Takin' a chance on this machine
Maybe love we'll find
She maybe tall she maybe short
She may be wide
But Lady Luck stop that wheel
On 38-24-35
Step up, whose next in line
This love machine don't waste no time

Let the wheel go round and round and round
And round and round and round and round
What will your fortune be on the love machine

What will your fortune be on the love machine

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Elvis Presley The Love Machine Comments
  1. Raymond Hoagland

    I Love his movie music ! The King lives on !

  2. bernadette primault

    love Elvis




    As feministas devem se rasgar ao ver este vídeo kkkkk

  5. Hoy Sum

    Wow the love was created one year before i was born!

  6. Transcendal Scientist Dr Joseph Michael


  7. Ethna Mccallion

    Wow how beautiful and sexy in uniform love you elvis forever x ☓ 💜 ❤️ 2019

  8. Dylan Williams

    Only 22 but love all his tunes especially his film music 😊

  9. Alban Pfisterer

    I always love Elvis.

  10. Jason Lee

    Did Ben Wiseman write this song..?

  11. Alan Smith

    Got a northern soul sound to that tune

  12. Alessia S.

    He could sing the phone book.

  13. Chris Hughes


  14. danny preymak

    Only Elvis can make this song survive.

  15. Timothy Wright

    I want one

  16. Timothy Wright

    I there a real love machine?

  17. bernadette primault

    love Elvis love song

  18. Hello There

    Either Elvis was faking it really well but I think he truly enjoyed this song.


    He was a pro, and made anything watchable. He hated these songs.

  19. Timothy Wright

    see the new love machine when he can git his own place soon,,,.

    Patricia Marie

    I love you elivis preasliy music

  20. Never Unprepared

    Round And Round

  21. Sean Fitzpatrick

    I think most of elvis movies were good except8 this one paradice hawain style kissin cousins and double trouble ar peobly his worst and it makes me sad to see elvis in movies like easy come easy go becuase i know he was a good actor movies like kid galahad flaming star and loving you show how good he was even some of the eary 60s muaicals like fun in aculpoco and roustobout were very good but films like this ruined elvis and his talents to bad. He had the talent to do so much more should have got rid of the colnel in 1962 elvis career and life would have had better results love u elvis colnel parker was a loser

    Diego Van Buggenhout

    I like those movies, so you might have your opinion about it but i took any of those "bad, cheesy movies" about anything from today

  22. Sandra Miller

    I just wonder if anyone knew how sick a lonely he was feeling. God knew his heart like nobody else did. God knows everything about us. I truely believe Elvis had a good soul a was clothed in God radience light a Christ within him. That's why he was so loving forgiving a kind. A giving that kind of love comes from God not the devil Elvis was not Evil. He was a victim of mind controll a taken advantage of by alot of his peers. A used for money. Still is after 40 yrs. I don't believe Elvis would approve of robbing poor people who loved him for their money. He wasn't like that he was a giver not a taker. He loved his fans. A did his best to put on a good show. A make them happy. He was a good man.

    Reginah Reginah

    Sandra Miller when one is place we would go through tough times.he has his flaws his first in everything in entertainment industry n hollywood.his deprived of normal live.it is his genuine love for mankind humanity not in words but in action.

    Reginah Reginah

    Sandra Miller is sad people making money using his name. His scarifies he does to make others happy he has gratitude for all mankind.no other mr song man has made a lasting impac

  23. J B

    Before there was Tinder...

  24. Stephen Morse

    'Classic' seems to have changed its meaning . . .

  25. jennifur sun

    Musicians for the soundtrack: Guitar-Scotty Moore, Tiny Timbrell. Organ/Harmonica-Charlie McCoy. Drums- D J Fontana, Buddy Harmon, Curry Tjader. Trumpet-Mike Henderson, Anthony Terran. Trombone-Butch Parker. Sax-Jerry Scheff, Meredith Flory, William Hood. Vocals-Jordanires

  26. jack rohde

    I don't get what's wrong, I love ALL Elvis movies! Except Franky and Johnny.HIS MOVIES WERE TIME CAPSULES!

  27. john robertson

    sounds better than when it was issued, time heals

    Reflections 1964 Clambake

    john robertson ...Hi John this is oddly a different version to the issued single Elvis dounds more interested in the song . Maybe it wascrecorded live on the fim set.

  28. Ronnie Dean

    Definitely see that guitar was just a prop, lol

  29. Garabeca

    I like how people like to leave comments

  30. Kimberly Lenahan

    What a beautiful man

  31. Jorge Sanchez


  32. Tom Ward

    What a shit song.

    Never Unprepared

    Shows What You Know Dirty Mouth.

  33. bernadette primault

    aime le film la chanson et l'artiste

  34. Chany B

    oh baby ;-) i love this song !!!!!

  35. jojorobino5312

    What will your fortune be on the love machine. I put on a very low pitch voice and it freaks my girlfriend out.

    Diane Kiley

    jojorobino5312 [email protected]#4

    Diane Kiley


  36. Anna Davia

    dale pope dale

  37. Timothy Wright

    I love this too ..sing it daddy

  38. Liz barbier-szafranic

    I know if I was on that wheel, Elvis would pick me...lol

  39. Wairimu Mutiti

    A simple and lovely song so beautifully presented!

  40. Elvisrules 1935-1977

    am I the only one who can see Elvis faking a smile singing this lol

  41. Guido Verheyden

    geweldige muziek en mooi filmen die ik heb

  42. Antonio Yelland Sr.

    regardless of what one might think the music world owes a lot Elvis because he opened doors that were closed if Elvis was given the chance he would have made some great movies just as he always planned but the industry had other plans for him even so Elvis is one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever known long live the king

    jennifur sun

    Lei8ber and Stoller had that idea but Col. Parker put a stop to it. he was making to much money

  43. starconqueror

    Four nasty old ugly feminists didn't like this song.

    jack rohde

    starconqueror Ha ha I was thinking the rolling Stones, never thought about lesbos. thanks

  44. Stephen Stone

    I do love this song and Elvis' s delivery of the song for some reason. It's not like jailhouse rock or hound dog but it has a nice feel about it. He had a natural quiver in his voice that enabled him to sing any type of song that he wanted to perform with feeling and passion, which made him so appealing to a wide range of audience's world wide. His songs we're so appealing and diverse that it still influences different genre's of music audiences to this day. It won't surprise me if he has another no' one album in the future based on some of his film songs when exposed to a younger audience.

  45. André Louro

    «We're just a bunch of salty sailors
    One thing on our mind
    Takin' a chance on this machine
    Maybe love we'll find»

  46. Elvis Graceland

    i may be black girl but i love me some vanilla i love elvis <3

  47. medwoman83

    LOVE IT.

  48. mlongpre100

    1:14 the lyric should have been 'we're just a bunch of salty sea men one thing on our minds' HA

    Daniel W.

    mlongpre100 salty sailors

  49. Shane Crapper

    after this song they opened a nightclub named the Love Machine in melbourne Australia in the 80s it was huge met my wife now  when we have 3 adult kids enjoy the big E so much enjoyment.

    Jim Conlan

    Shane Crapper I remember it well. Off Toorak Rd. in South Yarra.

  50. Stefan Coppejans

    Such a beautiful song in the year that I was born.I'm shore that my mam like this too.
    I wish everyone a good saturday night,sweet greetings my dear friends!!! 

  51. cards1985

    I love this song. I wan to spin that wheel!

  52. Kevin Hoffman

    Probably his worst soundtrack ever. Even Harum Scarum was better than this....

  53. peetjemuilwijk

    So sad that he had to do this shit


    @peetjemuilwijk Agreed. But you can thank the greedy Colonel Porky for that because he wanted all of the publishing rites to all of the songs, so consequently the great songwriters of the past like Leiber and Stoller, Pomus and Schuman etc.. didn't come knocking any more.

  54. Emperor Sidious

    wheel of fortune stole this idea haha

  55. elvisgirl aşkım

    sexy soldıer ELV1S

    Patricia Marie

    elvisgirl aşkım he is sexy

  56. George Vreeland Hill

    Elvis songs that were considered average years ago are now classics.
    The more years go by, the more Elvis is loved and appreciated.
    George Vreeland Hill


    No he is less loved now. Kids my age and basically mostly all young adults listen to rap garbage. They dont appreciate Elvis


    +ProFishingGuys It goes both ways. Kids that are raised with values find value in these old classics. Those that don't, well. .....

    Hooked On You

    +ProFishingGuys I'm 15 and love Elvis


    Elvis is a venerated icon. He had that great an impact on our psyche.

    william rasp

    Yes George, although Elvis considered these movie songs so-so back in the day are now some of his best. im not saying all his movie songs were great, because they were not, but every so often i put on Viva Las Vegas, Girl Happy, Kid Galahad and i rock out! Now compared to what was going on in music at that time these songs might seem corny to the average hippie back in the 60's, but Elvis was Elvis; he was in a league of his own!

  57. laminarflow1979

    I think that the films Elvis made in 1965/66 were some of his worst. From Spinout onwards the films got much better again but sadly people must have been put off by watching terrible films like Paradise Hawaiian Style so they didn't bother seeing the late 60s Elvis movies. Also Elvis' popularity was decreasing while the Beatles and other groups were increasing in fame.

    jennifur sun

    Tickle Me and Spinout were my two favs

    Jim Conlan

    You can thank the greedy Colonel Porky and Hal Wallis for that.

  58. laminarflow1979

    Easy Come Easy Go is one of Elvis' better films. The underwater sequences are highly impressive, the songs are mostly good, Dodie Marshall is first-rate as the eccentric Jo Symington and there is great chemistry between her and Elvis. There is a great fight scene and soem laughs. It's nice that the focus of this film is not on romance like many others. The only bad things about the film are that dreadful yoga scene (which should have been removed) and some very obvious continuity errors.


    One of his worst movies.
    You could see he was bored by it all.

  59. Detelinka68

    Awesome - thank you:))

  60. Rebecca Arnold

    I loved all his movies except one,,,,,,, Stay away Joe!!!!!! that movie was so retarded.

  61. leidiane nenen

    oi aqui e a maria 37 anos a mãe da leidiane brasil 02/06/2013 continuidade! anjo! meu tão amado anjo bem sei que estas... e eu do brando sono hei de acordar para os teus olhos ver uma vez mais... mais o verdadeiro amor espera uma vez mais quando eu ti vi meu mundo amanheceu... mas você partiu sem mim e sei que estas em algum jardim entre as flores....! Elvis ti amo hoje e sempre! sempre ti amarei até a morte que deus esteja com você onde estiver meu querido bjs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. leidiane nenen

    oi aqui e a maria 37 anos a mãe da leidiane brasil 02/06/2013 essa canção e para você Elvis! Voa minha ave Voa sem parar viaja Pra longe te encontrarei em algum lugar... permaneço em ti como sempre foi mais perfeito e mais fiel mesmo sozinha sei que estas perto de mim quando triste olho pro céu... quando eu ti vi o sonho aconteceu quando eu ti vi meu mundo amanheceu... mas você partiu sem mim e sei que estas em algum jardim entre as flores... bjs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. leidiane nenen

    oi aqui e a maria 37 anos a mãe da leidiane brasil 02/06/2013 parabéns para você que postou os videos maravilhoso! eu sou a maria louca pelo Elvis Presley tem vários rostos dele no corpo tatuado todo o meu corpo pertence ao Elvis meu coração e dele meus olhos são dele escrevi uma frase jurando respeito eterno para o Elvis Presley! bjs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1967 {March 22nd} the Elvis Presley movie "Easy Come, Easy Go" had its world premier in San Francisco, CA...
    But for some reason it was not released to the general public until three months later on June 14th...
    It co-starred Elsa Lanchester, who was twice nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress {"Come to the Stable" in 1949 and "Witness for the Prosecution" in 1957}...
    R.I.P. Ms. Lanchester {1902 - 1986} and to The King {1935 - 1977}...

  65. Patrick Harris

    This is funny. It's great. I need to learn this song so I can be an Elvis Impersonator in Vegas. I play the bass guitar and sing at the same time. No one else can be Elvis and do this but me. I'm good with people. I can entertain. I wish I could follow that dream, but I need help of someone to manage me.

  66. wanda1262001

    Love Thisssss One !!!!!!!!!!!

  67. thejimyyy

    micheal jackson forever !

    Never Unprepared

    Rubbish He Was Lol.

  68. Andrea Jochinke

    elvis einfach für mich der größte aller zeiten


    Fun movie song.. (nice dub)
    Of note: I didn't like his hair, like that.
    The longer and less slicked look was so much better for his good looking face.

  70. Claudio Lopez

    I thought this song was in the movie it happened at the worlds fair?

  71. Chris Regan

    Even in the later movies...still GREAT...horus11121