Elvis Presley - So Glad You're Mine Lyrics

My baby's long and tall,
She's like a cannonball.
Say, everytime she loves me,
Lordly, you can hear me squall.
She cried, Ooo-wee.
I believe I'll change my mind.
She said, "I'm so glad I'm living".
I cried, "I'm so glad you're mine".

My baby knows just how
To treat me right.
Gives me plenty loving
Morning, noon, and night.
She cried, Ooo-wee.
I believe I'll change my mind.
She said, "I'm so glad I'm living".
I cried, "I'm so glad you're mine".

When my baby does what she does to me,
I climb the highest mountain,
Dive in the deepest sea.
She cried, Ooo-wee.
I believe I'll change my mind.
She said, "I'm so glad I'm living".
I cried, "I'm so glad you're mine".

My baby's lips are red
And sweet like wine,
And when she kisses me,
I get high every time.
She cried, Oo-wee.
I believe I'll change my mind.
She said, "I'm so glad I'm living".
I cried, "I'm so glad you're mine".

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Elvis Presley So Glad You're Mine Comments
  1. Richard Hillier

    He could sing anything

  2. Sensei Juan

    Everything on this song is perfection.

  3. Zlatica Vachova

    Je to 👌🥀🗝️

  4. Marie Meland

    Åh, i love this song!!

  5. Mlchael Wray


  6. Mlchael Wray


  7. Martina Arpino

    November 2019😍

  8. donrees1

    love this song bough the original lp all those years ago

  9. Mlchael Wray


  10. Debbie Marie Kivel

    I love it ty

  11. Felipe Miranda

    Oh yeah my friend.

  12. Natalia Fernandes

    25 people disliked this. Clearly not human.... are these people for real ?!

  13. donrees1

    very underrated song

  14. David Harrison

    Nice song

  15. d abdella

    Elvis makes this song cool, he sings it with such conviction
    Over the years I have found myself singing it around the house out of nowhere.


  16. Robert Huge

    From his second album "ELVIS." I went through hell and high water to get it...everyplace i went was sold out. Finally traded a Pat Boone album to a girl who got it for her birthday. Thanks, Pat!

  17. donrees1

    what a great song

  18. Dianna Burge

    So awesome! Love it!!

  19. Aaron King

    Hey Moody:.....Heres that nickel I owed ya

  20. Whiskey

    Many copy's but none will be as the one and only true King of Rock n Roll.

  21. Manne16

    This reminds me of my favourite part of "Good rockin' tonight" where he sings this with Moody Williams.

  22. Kev Dean

    That one squak from the horn still gets me Everytime!!!

    Ron Grover

    Me too!😎

    Kev Dean

    @Ron Grover Ever since I was 4 years old.

    Ron Grover

    @Kev Dean ,correction 14 years old!

    Kev Dean

    @Ron Grover No Ron I was listening to that song as a 4 year old.

    Ron Grover

    @Kev Dean da! Sorry!!

  23. VjSmith

    Discovered this song this year. I made it a goal to leave some Elvis cuts to discover over time......So Glad I Did

  24. Роман Иванов

    Marty Wilde version better.

    Bernard McGrail

    You gotta be kiddin!

  25. Lacey Lee

    We are both counting on each other

  26. Scotty 2 Hotty

    turning this song into a rock song made this song pop

  27. Irene Casio

    Excellent 💎💎💎💎💎✨✨✨✨

  28. Галла Ржавцева


  29. Elvis Yik

    The voice, rhythm and up and down note. Only Elvis at the early stage around 1954 to 58 before draft into military, the type of rock and all, no singer can ever do it. That's why he still the undisputed King in 2019 and beyond. We are all lucky to have you been here. You definitely make this world a better place. Tg.tg.Tg.

  30. Detelinka68

    I'm so glad I`m living! I`m so glad you`re mine! What a cannon-ball indeed! Love it! Thank you so much for sharing!!! :)

  31. Trudi Clements

    They called him “The Hillbilly Cat” super cool !,,

  32. walter toch

    Elvis there is only one like him.

  33. Alf Ching

    Elvis was on Fire when he Recorded this Gem in 1956.

  34. Alf Ching

    Nobody Knows What that Little Noise was caused by at 1:09 just before the Solo

  35. KnocksX

    Naughty song!

  36. Alli Kuikamoinen

    Great version Arthur "big boy" Crudups old blues! Elvis was truly blues singer too? Very good video as always! Great pictures..👏👏👍👍

  37. Ethna Mccallion

    Elvis was so gorgeous love looking at him ☓ 💜 ❤️

  38. Diane Hayse

    Love you Elvis.Miss you always. Your music is simply great music,that's why it will endure.

  39. the king


  40. Len Gasparini

    Elvis forever, or till the world ends.

  41. J Gamez

    This is just plain RAW !!!!


    Ooooweee I believe I changed my mind I'm so glad your mine 🎶🎶🎤🎸

  43. donrees1

    great song shoiuld be played more

  44. David Gibbs

    This is one of the Kings most underrated performances.Brilliant.The piano and guitar work also has to praised.

  45. Nigel Wilson

    Elvis Presley - So Glad You're Mine cool song 1956

  46. today is not yesterday

    Country , blues , R n B , rock n roll... everything.....he sang every genre to perfection !!... greatest rock vocalist EVER

  47. Sara García Fernández

    Love The King...Love him madnes!!

  48. Tata Spain

    What a voice!! Great photos .. Thankyou.

  49. bernadette primault

    Beautiful chant bien chanté superbe

  50. Allen Elman

    Makes ya pats yo feet zees!!! dat mean IT'S GOOD!!!!

  51. Mona Gaw

    The talent this man has is unimaginal He is dynamite and more

  52. Debbie Lundberg

    I wish he had never met Tom Parker.

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    When Elvis was Elvis book from 1956 to 1962 the nun commercial material is when he was at his best especially the rockabilly and blues material is when he was at his best the colonel took him away from his roots in his early career no one could touch him

  53. michael payne

    elvis was top notch during the 50s and early 60s

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    I couldn't agree with you more from 1955 to 1962 that's when Elvis was at his best from 1968 to 1970 that wasn't a bad time either thanks have a good day

    David Osterberg

    Not the 70s?

  54. diamondgirl33

    Great, great song! I would give anything to be back there and see him on the stage, in his early 20's, singing this in 1956. He was beautiful and charismatic. If the Elvis from the 1950's came back today, he would pull them in and make the women scream now, just like he did then. Its unfortunate that there was not much good technology back then , so that we could have more of those videos of him from the 1950's.

    Somewhere on YouTube, I've seen the original Ed Sullivan shows when he made his national TV debut...he was raw talent and smokin' hot. I think I'm being objective when I saw that there are a lot of great singers, bands and entertainers out there, but there was only one Elvis.

    Kent Smith

    It is my understanding and believe he made his National debuted on The Dorsey show

  55. richard binns

    Fabulous great brilliant fantastic wow

  56. Sean Fitzpatrick

    I love the early Elvis the rockabilly Rebel the coup Country Boy who can sing rhythm and blues with the collars popped up looking cool sullen and pretty at the same time the pure Elvis in the beginning some of his early movies reflect this image to very well Loving You Jailhouse Rock wild in the country let's pure Elvis to me and sounds like Mystery Train good Rockin tonight money honey my baby left me those days is how I remember Elvis so glad you're mine is a great piece of R&B mixed with rockabilly Elvis does a song with soul and son to perfection I call it rockabilly mixed with rhythm and blues love the early Elvis


    With a rock guitar sounding break.

    hersel loft

    He was at his best in his early years until the colonel decided to take him down a different path the rock a billy style was pure Elvis happy birthday RIP

  57. Mona Gaw

    Such a special voice and song love it .

  58. 22 MDH

    Love this Elvis what a talent

  59. Charlie Galloway

    best sound in the world


    What's the one sax note before the guitar solo....crazy.

  60. MrOnlystrongsurvive

    Scotty sound !

  61. mary gough

    i cried im so glad your mine <3

  62. Romolo Carpino


  63. Fabrizio Seghetti

    Folks, listen to our Adriano Celentano. The clip is the italian cover of So glad you're mine. Adriano's song is "crazy movie". Apart of the name, all the song is in italian

  64. 68comeback

    God brought him to us just for this purpose..he's the greatest of all time..my boy

  65. TheSmithChannel


  66. Anne Carrick

    No words to explain how amazing this is to listen to, sends me to heave.

  67. Lana Del Slay

    how does he sing like that, how

  68. radiocs love story elvis presley nikita

    Very moments show ricording de vida Adem presley Viva♡elvis♑☆ MaryGrazia♉☆ thank you very much

  69. Alison Wild

    The Man owed me at age 7, on the Dialing for Dollars Movie, it was on at 3 pm every weekday. I lost my heart, lost my mind.

  70. J OJ

    Pure Ooo-wee

  71. Jennifer Turner


  72. OhYeah?

    Make America Gyrate Again!

  73. mechelle clark

    so very awesome E. A Crudup too

  74. joejoeb9455

    First time i've heard this...Love this song and the quality of the sound engineering...As of 1997, Elvis had racked up a Billion records sold...In a few days that will be 20 years ago...Anybody know what the number sold count is now?

  75. HillBillyCat

    At first I thought he he is singing "My baby's long and tall, shaved like a cannon ball"

    Michael Pluta

    HillBillyCat that makes more sense!!!! Lol

  76. Alex K

    Elvis is the founder of rock music 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  77. tine

    Mais où allez-vous chercher toutes ces photos ? et ces chansons ?

  78. Cindy Nunez

    love this song

  79. Sharon McCorkle

    And the man could move like no other!!!

  80. Sharon McCorkle

    The real King!!!!!! Can't touch that voice , talent, or the physical appearance! Perfection!!!!

    Carole Griggs

    +Sharon McCorkle     Yes, so, so, so, true !!!!!!

  81. sandra mccarthy

    natural talent from the start!

    Little Jimmy Scumbag

    +TheMcGivvern The name under writer is Arthur Crudrup on his albums from the moment they came out so how exactly was he not giving credit? Secondly, Elvis was a singer, not a business man. He had very little control over anything business related.

    Michael Craig

    +TheMcGivvern BULLSHIT!! Other people wrote for him, he was not much of a writer, so they wrote songs for him, and he also covered other songs. It was all legal, and done that way all the time. He never ripped anyone off, writers brought songs to him.. that is how it really works. He was not a Jimmy Page, taking old obscure blues tunes and putting his name on them.. Elvis covered songs the right legal way..there is no law against having someone write songs for you, or covering them. If that was the case, hundreds of soul singers would be in deep legal trouble because Carol King wrote hundreds of songs for others before she recorded her own albums! She wrote tons of hits for everyone, but it was all legal, that was her job as an in house song writer.. and she got good right pay for it.. A lot of studios and record companies hired professional songwriters to write for many different singers and bands.. this was common and still is..to a point..this is how it all really went down..

    sandra mccarthy

    I meant natural talent for singing!

    sandra mccarthy

    smatic,gorgeous looking,great stage prescence,stylish,humble,he sang other people,s songs brilliantly,people can run him down all they want,there,s a reason why he sold over a billion records,he was that gooooooood!!!


    @TheMcGivvern ....spoken like a true deaf moron

  82. Bruno FRANZA

    Anni 50. I migliori.

  83. Malcolm Croft

    i love to do this song karaoke,only thing is not all karaoke jockeys have it in their system.brill song done to perfection by the king of entertainment. r.i.p.elvis


    +Malcolm Croft Thwe original was way better. (And yes I am an Elvis Fan)


    @TheMcGivvern Lol, you like easy blues over rougher-edged stuff....you must be a big fan of Billy Joel but hate Led Zep.....

  84. ssameiroyf

    Wonderful voice! Beautiful song and video! Thank you very much.

  85. KimberRules1

    This is amazing! x

  86. daniel silva

    I prefer Arthur's version. _|_

    Joe Black

    +daniel silva I prefer Elvis' version. Now we've established that, so what?

    Blind dude

    Um... 5 to 0. Somebodys losing. 😁

  87. Julien Vermierdt

    Beaitiful Song

  88. Julien Vermierdt

    Very Nice Song Love It

  89. Debra Hall

    This song is really different.

  90. orangequarter


  91. Saulo Silva

    naaah, não apela cara !

  92. Shirley Roemer

    Great video! It's been a while since I've heard this song"..Thanks, Adem , you do great stuff!

  93. pocohontasify

    Love Elvis singing the blues....also your video, so young and so gorgeous!

  94. motomichi okura

    One of my 429 favourites. My record hasn't come back yet.

  95. javier mc

    my song favorite from CHile ELvis

  96. stu pot

    I have always thought 1.10 was a sax because I cannot think what else it could be, although I realise it would be the shortest Sax break in history. Been lovin and listening to this for 35 years or so. Does anyone have an answer to what it is?