Elvis Presley - Ready Teddy Lyrics

Ready set go man go
I got a gal that I love so

I'm rea-dy rea-dy rea-dy teddy
I'm rea-dy rea-dy rea-dy teddy
I'm rea-dy rea-dy rea-dy teddy
Rea-dy rea-dy rea-dy to

Going down to the corner
Pick up my sweetie pie
She's my rock'n'roll baby
She's the apple of my eye, 'cause

Flat top cats and the dungaree dolls
Are headed for the gym to the sock hop ball
The joint is really jumping
The cats are going wild
The music really sends me
I dig that crazy style 'cause

Gonna kick off my shoes
Roll up my faded jeans
Grab my rock'n'roll baby
Pour on the steam
I shuffle to the left
I shuffle to the right
I'm gonna rock'n'roll
Till the early early night 'cause

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Elvis Presley Ready Teddy Comments
  1. leeon12345678

    Fuck Elvis, it aint his style go listen to lil Richard

  2. el V

    THE most beutiful and sexy man 👄🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Elvis THE KING 👑 forever and ever.

  3. Ali Baba

    What a bunch of inmature fools are those who comment this sucks, he stole it from Richard, or his is much better. He didn't steal it!, it does not suck! it does justice to the original and obviously the original always the best!! listen to something else instead and Grow up inmature babies!!

  4. sinned lau

    Im sorry but this belongs to little Richard

  5. shivam kardile

    Lol, Grandpa was watching this on TV! This was non-HD though.

  6. Glenn Medina

    The 50's are the best time to live in the usa.

  7. Ray Lara

    simply a pure and raw performance that I never get tired of watching.

  8. Bloodborne Twotterman

    Ladies and gentlemen.... the KING.

  9. vinnie saxon

    I’m sorry to say but in my opinion there will never be anyone like Elvis!

  10. Malik Young

    Little Richard did it betta

  11. Malik Young

    Elevis Presley never got caught for the songs he STOLE!!!

  12. Jarel Kennard

    I fill if you're gonna steal someone song it should at least sound better than the original...an it dont little Richard sounds better hands down

  13. moviemagg

    Does anybody know what model guitar Scotty Moore is playing here and if they still make it? Thanks....

  14. Vio Lucia

    Ce voce fantastica, multi vor sa cânte asa! A făcut ceva special din talentul sau 😍!

  15. xLil Xavyx

    Can't match little Richard

    Ali Baba

    Amen dork!!

  16. Bodhi Sattva

    Elvis is still making the girls scream in Heaven!


    You can tell it's adults when they say "that rap shit"

  18. Aidan McDonnell

    This is music, today's is just noise and auto tune

  19. Tyler Robinson

    As much as I do like Elvis, it’s annoying that he stole this killer song from Little Richard

    Anecio Torres

    mods65 mods65 nah.


    Why it would annoy you when it was like 60+ years ago. It has happened and never can be changed nor any charges or civil case. Live with it. You know how many even care. You and maybe Little Richard.

    Tyler Robinson

    araymond1able chill out lmao

  20. Ellen L. R. P. O'Brien

    Good God how I wish this man had been gay. He's fucking heavenly.

  21. Jason McCoy

    Buddy Holly did it better.


    @RichardMiranda any #ideas as to where our #fathers #threads went ? We should #Ask #Shakopee #SecretAgentMan

  23. orangequarter

    This man was perfection.

  24. subatomic10

    Still Awesome! 2nd Jan 2019 !

    shivam kardile

    Aloha from Louisiana! 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Sade Cunningham

    He’s so goofy:)

  26. ç'est la vie

    Ready set go man go
    I got a gal that I love so

    I'm ready ready ready teddy
    I'm ready ready ready teddy
    I'm ready ready ready teddy
    Ready ready ready to

    Going down to the corner
    Pick up my sweetie pie
    She's my rock'n'roll baby
    She's the apple of my eye, 'cause

    Flat top cats and the dungaree dolls
    Are headed for the gym to the sock hop ball
    The joint is really jumping
    The cats are going wild
    The music really sends me
    I dig that crazy style 'cause

    Gonna kick off my shoes
    Roll up my faded jeans
    Grab my rock'n'roll baby
    Pour on the steam
    I shuffle to the left
    I shuffle to the right
    I'm gonna rock'n'roll
    Till the early early night 'cause.

  27. Денис Новиков


  28. Rick Page


  29. Keranu

    There's something holy about Elvis when he looks up to the heavens at 1:25

  30. Who Dat Dude?

    1:15 "ah boy, I'm ready to rock!" Pure energy and attitude by this man

  31. MkayNzmx

    That smile awww😁😁❤️😍

  32. general lee

    Real real good music not this bullshit rapping shit now in days !!!!! GOD BLESS MY boy who is the one and only Elvis Presley !!!!!

  33. Stickdick 3

    There will never be anyone in history that can electrify an entire audience than how Elvis Presley did

  34. Josh Brooks

    I like it

  35. Vanessa Etheridge

    Becky tell ur son my dad will never change his not at all but if my dad asks me about it 1rst

  36. Jake Farr

    Elvis Aaron Presley was the king of rock and roll January 8th 1935

  37. OmqItzzJordan

    😲. The rap 💩 people are now humiliated and shamed. The ones who aren’t? They don’t know what greatness they missed. I’m ten for poops sake.

  38. gessica souza matos

    lindo <3 love

  39. zyxmyk

    it never loses its power.

  40. John Smith

    Little Richards version is better


    You joking right!?

  41. Adam Hope

    The King at his best and the 23 dislikes who thumbs down clearly moron's, this is music and dancing at its purest Long live the King out side God of course

    Najeeba Abdullah

    Adam Hope *LITTLE RICHARD*

    4Years Late

    Najeeba Abdullah COVER.

  42. Lu Turner

    Wow, he was really handsome

  43. OmqItzzJordan

    Forget Modern music right?!

  44. Eddie LM

    2:23 lol he barely had to do anything, and the panties were already dropping.

  45. general lee

    dislikesss !!!! those are people that do not like or understand thee the meaning of good music !!!! fuck all you that dislikes all good real music !!!! FUCK YAAAAAA. !!!!

  46. Nana Miavsen

    SO gorgeous... Can't help but feel the butterflies, oh Elvis you keep making me fall in love :)

  47. Deon McSwain

    Yup, he stole it....


    How? Little Richard didn't write it and the song writter allowed Elvis to sing it.

    Gabriel Flores

    Yup, you're an idiot.

  48. Brylcreemshop

    Immer noch super Musik

  49. Claudete Binder

    Que cantor e dançarino.

  50. Gerardo Reyes

    pinche cutie😂👌

  51. Caiden Haas

    18 people suck

  52. Just A Man

    What an ass-opener....

    Just A Man


  53. Nathan

    The best white Rock&Roller of all times.White Privileges at it's best.

    Adrina The Great

    Elvis popularised black singer/ songwriter music.
    Acts wanted him to cover their song's as it brought renewed interest in them.
    Little Richard earned a fortune from Elvis covering his own hits, Richard being an exception here because he'd have become wealthy without Elvis doing covers, but some black artists relied on Elvis to cover their stuff

    Gabriel Flores

    Wite privilizges at his vest
    *insert brainlet wojak here.

  54. Donell Reed

    Not a King, a Thief and a iImitator

  55. Katie Necklen

    love u elvis gorgeous

  56. Parthian Capitalist



    It's everything on Youtube. Some just dislike because they can. You're going to get a certain percentage of people that will never get it and just to try and crush normal people's fun. They get a thrill of pushing the dislike button. Don't take it personal because they are never going to change anyway.

  57. Ryan Mk2 V-Dubs

    1:00 that was smooth af boy

  58. Romolo Carpino

    Il più grande di tutti i tempi. Elvis. ci fai sempre sognare.

  59. Georgie Thumbs

    That is a hard mofo song to sing because there is very little breaks to take a breath. There is the verse you gotta sing 2 times then the chorus and you got maybe a millisecond to take a breath

  60. jane crossland

    Simply the sexest ,greatest singer in history,truly was what one imaging a Greek God to have look like,and that wow wow that voice,sorry Sinatra ,Pedo Jackson you don't come close to the only Kings greatness Only One King except God of course but Elvis the King of music.🎶🎶👑👑👑👑👑👑🌠🌠⚡⚡⚡

    Najeeba Abdullah

    jane crossland Kings do not steal.

  61. brad fiser

    Who was born in the 50's ???????

    Parthian Capitalist

    I was born in the 1850s does that count?

    Lu Turner

    Adam Soli same here

    Unbekannt User

    brad fiser 1998 :(


    brad fiser 2002 😞

  62. brad fiser

    Ah Yes the Fabulous 50's

  63. Danny Zuehlsdorf

    And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the KING of rock and roll

    Najeeba Abdullah

    SwordsmanRyan Yeah.

    Dick Head

    SwordsmanRyan yet STILL better🤣🤣

    Bad Mani

    Dick Head nope


    SwordsmanRyan stolen? It’s a cover, ffs... alot of famous rock artists did their own spin on this classic (Elvis, Buddy Holly, and more).

    shivam kardile

    SwordsmanRyan answer one thing: Why is it covering for other artists but stealing for Elvis?

  64. Anna Criss

    So funny and cute how he makes faces such a great personality love u elvis

  65. walter toch

    Na GOD kwam ELVIS

  66. Yvonne Mcwilliams

    Fabulous memories of the King in his early days .wow could he move beautiful videos thanks for sharing them Elvis forever and always xxxxx

  67. hiei

    1:00 very cool

  68. Mtf

    The KING.

  69. Michael Smith

    yet sooooo cool

  70. Michael Smith

    oopd soory lol small misconception only 53 years sorry

  71. Michael Smith

    100 years is just a small jump in time. Hard to believe this song was recorded 70 plus wow lol

    shivam kardile

    You are really bad for Mathematics!

  72. Michael Smith

    king of rock an roll

  73. parina m


  74. Alain Faralahy

    richard anthony le train sifflera 3 fois

  75. Cesare Notardonato

    Scotty Moore the best guitarist in the world

  76. Bobby Escobar

    man i love elvis

  77. VOVAN h


  78. elsa martinez

    elvis presley died on 1977 i was not born. i was born in 2008

    Joseph Baho

    elsa martinez Okay...!!

  79. Kodiakbear Gaming

    I'm 18 right now and I love Elvis Presley

    guitar guy

    Same i am 18 now

    Gabe Lyle

    Im 10 and i love elvis

    shivam kardile

    17 and same.

    StOrMy COOL

    @FantasticKoala bro REALLY


    Nobody cares how old you guys are🤣

  80. grazi felix

    i'm in love with him!!! 😱😱😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    grazi felix

    Adam Soli Oh! Thank you! ^^


    grazi felix too bad hes dead

  81. Ocean Man

    IM 9 I love Elvis

  82. ssteph123

    Le plus grand

  83. Carlos Caldas

    El rockanrol en su máxima expresión

  84. Mark Birkes

    GREAT !  History in the making !..

  85. Love Bug

    King of Rock and Roll (;

  86. Marcos

    sensacional , Rei do Rock

  87. Nic Nac

    Little Richards version is way better, nice try though.

    shivam kardile

    NIC Nac why are you lying?

  88. ExoTiC Oblivion

    Elvis great guitar player and singer but importantly HANDSOME I WISH I WAS HIM THEN I COULD GET ALL THE GIRLS

  89. Marilyn Richter

    omg I in love right now I could die that voice is amazing and he sounds so hot and he is just perfect those eyes are so beautiful .I love Elvis Presley so much .

  90. 94KX

    This is real music, this stuff should come back to replace the shit kids listen to now


    @Nic Nac their is no better than him

    Vanz Girl1

    Nic Nac in your opinion, and in my opinion it's not. Elvis's version is better.

    Vanz Girl1

    Nic Nac he wasn't just ok🤨 he's not called "Then King" for no reason.

    Vanz Girl1

    Cleiton Da Cas he did leave the US when he joined the army. He went to Germany.

    Vanz Girl1

    Nic Nac well he's the King of music.

  91. Mark Birkes

    Awesome !.. Can't stay still to this one !!.

  92. Frank P

    Man oh man - Elvis was/is still extraordinary. I was like 8 years old when he came on TV singing this song. He was like a bright comet that came down to earth from some fantastic place! Then, again in 1956, my mom was introduced to him by the owner of the Crossbow in Panorama City, CA while he was on a date there with Tuesday Weld. Wow!! My mom loved Elvis for the rest of her life.

  93. Mirito

    Long live The ONE KING!! God bless him....

  94. Alex K

    Long Live The True King of Rock Music 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

    Grim Beorn

    Rock, gospel, pop, country, soul, ballad, opera, rockabilly and others.. What a singer! Pure King.


    Grim Beorn Michael is the king of pop but Elvis was the one that started everything. A true legend.

    Grim Beorn

    TheBoyInRed Yes. You are right. He was the one that started everything. And in fact, Michael was a star. Elvis was not a star. He was the Whole Damn Galaxy..

    Parthian Capitalist

    TheBoyInRed there was pop before Michael

    Way of the Dragons

    Music is good I could listen to this all day long but then I would change my play list that half of it is infected with today’s modern music and make two playlists

  95. jeffrey smith

    elvis will never be forgotten

  96. Truth Hitman

    The best

  97. mjazzguitar

    "Mr. Sullivan, we know that someone out there..."
    I wonder what he said after that?

    Cleiton Da Cas

    mjazzguitar If I'm not mistaken he sent his regards to Mr. Sullivan, who wasn't running the show that day.

    Gord Sexton

    mjazzguitar It goes something like this,, "Mr. Sullivan, we know that somewhere out there, you're looking in, and we will be back on your show October 28." Then, after a brief pause, he says, "Friends... as a great philosopher once said ... "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog ...". This performance on Ed Sullivan was notable because, for one thing, when he returned on October 28, he had his hair dyed black; and I thought it made him look older. I don't think that had to be bothered with.

    Scott Saunders

    Actually it was Mr Sullivan somewhere out there you're liatening

    Gord Sexton

    Scott ... Well, I did say "It goes something like this" -- so I had a hunch that I might be wrong, good thing.

    Gord Sexton

    mjazzguitar. What Elvis actually said afterwards can be found on the YouTube video, "Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan show." It plays for about 14 minutes. The answer to this mystery is solved, starting at about the 7:50 mark. It's a mix of German and English.

  98. Xx Gamer Girl _420 Xx

    Omg! His eyes at 0:45 and 0:46! Priceless! Elvis was such a handsome man! I love him. I wasn't born yet when he died or when he was alive! I'm 14 right now, and I absolutely LOVE Elvis

    itachi fan

    Brad Marchand Fan #63
    l'm 23,i love Elvis too, l love him since my 15 years ..
    its old passion .
    lm not born too when he died in 1977..
    in particular in this video at age 21,he's beautitiful, omg what à beautitiful boy hehe, i understand you, elvis was a handsome man.


    You know being 14 and liking Elvis doesn't make you special right? Special snowflake much?

    Xx Gamer Girl _420 Xx

    cami stfu. Lol. 15 now. Still like Elvis. Take ur negativity somewhere else

    shivam kardile

    itachi fan my grandpa was 18 and was watching it in his dorm TV at this moment. LOL!