Elvis Presley - O Come, All Ye Faithful Lyrics

O come, all ye faithful
Joyful and triumphant
O come ye, o come ye to bethlehem
Come and behold him
Born the king of angels
O come let us adore him
O come let us adore him
O come let us adore him
Christ the lord

Sing choirs of angels
Sing in exaltation
Oh sing all ye rivals
Of heaven above
Glory to god, glory in the highest
O come let us adore him
O come let us adore him
O come let us adore him
Christ the lord

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Elvis Presley O Come, All Ye Faithful Comments
  1. Mr. RodeGagarius

    Elvis é vida ! Brazil ♥️

  2. Richard Rogers

    I can only imagine what Lisa Marie must feel when she hears this song (among many others). So very lucky!

  3. Brandon Vandine

    I love this version and the note at the end was great

  4. Jericho Houtrouw

    Sing it Elvis!

  5. kiowasuga

    My absolute favorite version of this song EVER!!!!! 💖

  6. Keith Moncaster

    What a wonderful Christmas song by Elvis....Amazing.

  7. Elvis presley King of music

    Brought this version when it came out you have got to play it full blast through your speakers fantastic. ELVIS IS ALWAYS TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS

  8. Jan Lindman

    Äntligen !

  9. PraiseHolyTrinity

    everlasting joy! Let us adore the Almighty God in the highest! Elvis forever!

  10. Thomas Ruergård

    Greatest of all…

  11. Mona Gaw

    Fabulous xmas song Elvis is the best of all xx


    the king of rock and roll praising the king of heaven and earth fantastic..

  13. NYC Construction Updates

    When I die, the first thing I'll do in heaven is go to an Elvis concert

    Freedom At Last

    You can't as they're sold out for all eternity.

  14. anna maria facchiano

    What a splendid performance! Elvis and the back singers are fantastic.

  15. Horacio Torres

    Esta versión es digna de admirar!... realmente

  16. Horacio Torres

    una voz que dice mas que mil palabras, es una voz que dice mas que mil palabras. Elvis genio!!!

  17. Steven Stempien

    Merry Christmas to All. TCB!!!

  18. Katie Miller

    Hey Elvis it's me your cousin's wife and her daughter I was just checking on you see if you were OK and so was her daughter she's 5 1/2 months old I promise I'll will always be there we're coming to spend Christmas with your name Purcell on Lisa mine

  19. Andrew Robinson

    mighty fine sir ..mighty fine

  20. Jarl Audun Rivedal

    Amazing, Wonderful, Beautiful song, No one above, No one beside Elvis

  21. sgauden02

    Long Live The King!

  22. sylvain vertez

    beautiful Christmas song , Elvis forever

    Horacio Torres

    +sylvain vertez oww yessssssss....

  23. gary lyons

    I've waited all year to listen to Elvis' Christmas music again. it's been an agonisingly long wait, but I'm glad to finally hear it again.

  24. Janice Lyons

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaah yeah............" BEAUTIFUL"............ "CHRIST THE LORD"!!!



    Horacio Torres




    Horacio Torres


    Russell Dianne

    @Horacio Torres


    MUITO LINDA ME ARREPIOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Patricia Foote

    I only wish I could meet him I love his type of music and most of all I really very much love him!!!

  28. david commons

    One of my favorite Christmas songs :) With the greatest legend to date. Amazing :) O'come let us adore him 

  29. thomas carr

    As Christmas draws to a close its nice to relax and listen to Elvis' beautiful voice seasons greetings to all

  30. Roberte Savary

    merci............thank you..............cette voix me transporte et je ne suis pas la seule...........................

  31. gary lyons

    I was born a few years after he died but I would give anything just to go back in time to see him in concert.


    Me too!!!!

    gary lyons

    Aloha from Hawaii concert is the one I would most definitely go back in time to see. His performance of American Trilogy in that one blows me away.

    Suzanne Mahoney

    Gary, I saw him in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, in 1956.  I was 13.  I am 71 now, and it is still one of the very best memories in my life!!

    gary lyons

    Hello Suzanne, wow that means you saw Elvis live when he was just starting to make it big in the music business as 1956 was also the year where he had his first number 1 hit, Heartbreak Hotel. It must have been good to have seen him in one of his first concerts then.

    Suzanne Mahoney

    It was the best time in my life----ever!!!

  32. Laura Stillwell

    the most beautiful and powerful version I have ever heard...the arrangements are phenomenal...the second verse with the crescendo into "sing choirs" gives goosebumps. Truly a beautiful tribute to our Lord and Saviour!

  33. gary lyons

    O come let us adore Elvis and his music.

    gary lyons

    Amen absolutely. It wouldn't be christmas without hearing his versions of famous christmas songs.


    I get out his Christmas CD every year. It's a tradition in our house.

    gary lyons

    I do the same thing. My two favourite xmas songs of his are Blue Christmas and Merry Christmas, Baby. But overall all his Christmas songs are good. While I do like his version of White Christmas I think Bing Crosby's is still the best.

  34. winogirlll

    O Come E back to this world. I miss this talented, beautiful and generous man. I was only 7 when he passed. This world will never get over losing him.

    The BoogieMan

    True that....RIP Oh Mighty King of Music

  35. Torete vaquilla

    Creo que los votos negativo en este video son por envidia

  36. Jericho Houtrouw

    gotta love the kings music. who the fuck couldnt?

  37. Wilken Vilaca

    Elvis Presley, forever in our hearts

  38. full name

    Always get emotional at this!

  39. Majik0715

    Awesome!  God Bless Elvis Presley!

  40. ssameiroyf


  41. Mitz Jesus

    muito lindo!!!!

  42. Davie Cartledge

    Ma wee girls will be in the video :-)

  43. Acezed VII


  44. George Vreeland Hill

    Christmas and Elvis go together.
    We honor and love Jesus on Christmas Day, but our Christmas gift from the Lord Thy Father was Elvis.

    George Vreeland Hill

  45. Word Unheard

    I'm an atheist, but I know great music when I hear it.


    It looks as if we have two atheist on here!

  47. BrittneylovesNicholasHoult

    I lost a grandmother who we all called nana I miss her so much this song makes me think of her

  48. 1wolfiesLady

    he's so gorgeous, amazing voice, beautiful, amazing personality, the best, the king, touches me so deep in my soul and heart forever!
    PEACE AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, all who's lost someone this year, all who rememberes their loved ones, all who need love but are lonely, You are NOT alone!

    LOVE! <3

  49. 1wolfiesLady

    amaaaazing ! <3

  50. Mauricio Casteglione

    The best singer of all time. Just perfect vocals and backing vocals. Thanks for posting.

  51. zaka503

    As Eddie Murphy says, "Ev-vis. Dats Ev-vis"