Elvis Presley - Love Me Lyrics

(Jerry Leiber - Mike Stoller)
Treat me like a fool,
Treat me mean and cruel,
But love me.

Wring my faithful heart,
Tear it all apart,
But love me.

If you ever go,
Darling, I'll be oh so lonely
I'll be sad and blue,
Crying over you, dear only.

I would beg and steal
Just to feel your heart
Beatin' close to mine

Well, if you ever go,
Darling, I'll be oh so lonely
I'll be sad and blue,
Crying over you, dear only.

I would beg and steal
Just to feel your heart
Beatin' close to mine

Well, if you ever go,
Darling, I'll be oh so lonely
Beggin' on my knees,
All I ask is please, please love me
Oh yeah

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Elvis Presley Love Me Comments
  1. Aaron Paul zx

    This is the precursor of BAD Guy.

  2. sir jimgreen

    Why did my first love not love me the way I loved her? I think I am not alone in this thought!

  3. joharely veliz

    Me encanta i like a elvis presley

  4. luca müller

    good song actully 2020

  5. hjfc80

    Este hombre me transporta

  6. Mary Wilson


  7. Rose Walsh

    The king.. Sooo beautiful

  8. rabdo doggy

    This was Elvis at his best. This song fit him perfectly .

  9. Juan Lara

    Beautiful song...this is my 2nd best L.P. the king recorded in my humble opinion I still have this record since I bought it 40 years ELVIS you will always be the KING not just of ROCK but the music world..LONG LIVE THE KING. R.I.P.

  10. Rose Bud

    This has always been one of my favorites! ! Gosh, I miss him.

  11. Greg Artz

    My FAVORITE Elvis song to sing!

  12. Len Drury

    Its too bad that the king started chasing that cocaine later on

  13. Ilovepotatos

    Jerry from Hawai 5.0

  14. sauquoit13456

    'Treat me like a fool, treat me mean and cruel'...
    On this day in 1956 {December 27th} "Love Me"* by Elvis peaked at #2 {for 1 week} on Billboard's Most Played By Jockeys chart, the week it was at #2, the #1 record for that week was "Singing The Blues" by Guy Mitchell...
    The week "Love Me" peaked at #2, Elvis had another 'Love Me' record on the chart, his "Love Me Tender" was at #6 on the Most Played By Jockeys chart...
    * And from the 'For What It's Worth' department, the week "Love Me" peaked at #2 on the Most Played By Jockeys chart, the rest of the Top 10 was:
    At #3. "Hey! Jealous Lover" by Frank Sinatra
    #4. "Moonlight Gambler" by Frankie Laine
    #5. "True Love" by Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly
    #6. "Love Me Tender" by Elvis Presley
    #7. "Banana Boat Song" by The Tarriers
    #8. "Green Door" by Jim Lowe
    #9. "Don't Forbid Me" by Pat Boone
    #10. "Young Love" by Sonny James

  15. slingbladejeff


  16. Carl Lambert


  17. Priscila Moreira

    Maravilhoso perfeito

  18. Lo Peezy


  19. Christian Di gennaro


  20. 60 panhead

    12/14/2019 .,,, boy could this guy sing

  21. Penny Giessinger

    His early days were his best songs ever.

  22. therese fassie

    Elvis had many voices but my favorite was from 68 to 71.Dude sounded like a rockstar

    Gabriel Flores

    My favourite is his '69 voice, very soulful But still raspy like in 68.

  23. bernadette primault

    du grand Elvis poutant tout jeune et déjà le king super super

  24. Meliaresort Mazara del vallo

    Elvis j love you and your songs

  25. braddockakalatis2

    Andy Kaufman's best bit.

  26. Linda Daniel

    MY SONG. Played at my wedding and sang on stage with a great dedicated performer.

  27. Choose A Better Name

    Nick Cage sings this ditty after beating the shit out of some punk in Wild At Heart...fav movie scene ever!!!

  28. Annie-france COHEN


  29. Bernadette Allmann


  30. C Synch

    Elvis and Robert Plant serenading each other in a private meeting is where my mind goes when I listen to this one. True story tho.

  31. elizalove

    *I Love You Elvis!!♡😊💦🌹 ♪♫ • 🇨🇷*

  32. Mlchael Wray


  33. Pelagia Garganouraki

    Elvis take me back to the past

  34. Irishman Rants

    This jacket is a symbol of my individuality.

  35. Danny Nee Music

    Good song and have a look at my profile ❤️👌

  36. Teresa Keiser

    I'm a 90s baby. But I love his voice so much. He was gone way too soon. 😭

  37. Franky

    ja...ok...very near...to my voice...and look...near....hehe....ahhhh...i love him...sooooooooooooooo much...-)

  38. Michael Wray


  39. Matthew Breen

    Elvis rocks

  40. Craig Jones

    I'm ashamed to say I've only just heard this song from the movie Wild at Heart. Amazing tune by the big man. RIP.

  41. Jan Schattenkerk

    Very Good Song,,,

  42. pilar rosales

    so beautiful he even sang this to robert plant <3 and he cried.

  43. Vinit Sharma

    My favorite song

  44. Jana Elizabeth Sekelski

    Love me ❤

  45. SAM The SHAM

    @Eurovisionwtf what are you some type of Stupid head? Calling your mama a Frog😂😂😂😂😂😒

  46. PJ Riverdale

    Written by Lieber and Stroller as an excercise in how to link every trite country and pop lyrical cliche' into a song.
    Listen without listening to the voice. Hard to do but try. Better yet just read the lyrics as posted elsewhere in the comments on this .
    It becomes laughable.
    But, sssshhhhh, don't tell a Pelvis "fan". To them, this borders on Shakespearian or even biblical.
    Or at least, gooder than ANYTHING Homer and Jethro ever did.
    Ironically, one of Presley's best but one wonders if L&S let him in on the joke..........

  47. bernadette allmann


  48. j,r lemAR

    HARD to believe you have been gone 42 years today doesn't seem possible rip ELVIS PRESLEY you are missed everyday your voice your charisma was unmatched there are only pretenders to your thrown god bless you

  49. don fegan

    One of my many favorite Elvis songs :D!

  50. rabdo doggy

    This song was the song made for Elvis. Perfect for his style.

  51. Kelly14UK

    Exactly 63 years old. August 1st 2019.

  52. Frostense

    Happy 69 Years Anniversary.

  53. anıl erden

    very lovely song.

  54. donrees1

    got this lp played it thousands of times

  55. Incognito Incognitov

    I like this song and sing it too.
    You can listen to my version on my channel. :)

  56. Brenda Orvis Shay

    Just great Song. ♥️

  57. Devon Harris

    I’m so sad I know so much about Elvis that’s when I tried to comment it all in it wouldn’t load into the comments :(

  58. Devon Harris

    Omg Taco Bell!

  59. Cookie Ceo

    Love this man. Whatever he sings calls to me. When I was 14 I had a life size poster of him on the back of my bedroom door. Close the door and there he was. 78 and he is still my favorite. Truly the King.

  60. Fabian Teran

    Amazing song, long live to the king

  61. pugg dogg

    Best song ever made.

  62. Dookie_Stainz

    165 Justin beiber fans . Thumb this down and die a loser

  63. Lisa Fury


  64. pusseycatselena

    When Elvis was at his best !!!!

  65. Bernadette Allmann

    Unvergesslich ❣🌷

    Bernadette Allmann

    ❤❤🌷 Liebe Mich

  66. ExVoto63


  67. VjSmith

    Ian Gillan (lead singer of Deep Purple) said, "you know why Elvis will always be the king of rock and roll because he's the greatest singer that ever lived"

  68. Joe Jackson

    How many songs in that era became number 1 on all the charts without ever being released as a single ~ only available on an LP?? This is the one.

  69. Boy Gapo

    This is Elvis’ number one song...

  70. Darleide Medeiros

    💞 Letra da música: *Trate-Me*
    Trate-me como um bobo,
    Trate-me de modo mesquinho e cruel,
    Mas me ame.
    Parta meu fiel coração,
    Rasgue-o todo,
    Mas me ame.
    Se você se fosse,
    Querida, eu ficaria tão sozinho
    Seria triste e amargurado,
    Chorando por você, minha única amada.
    Eu suplicaria e roubaria
    Apenas para sentir seu coração
    Batendo próximo ao meu
    Bem, se você se fosse,
    Querida, eu ficaria tão sozinho
    Seria triste e amargurado,
    Chorando por você, minha única amada.
    Eu suplicaria e roubaria
    Apenas para sentir seu coração
    Batendo próximo ao meu
    Bem, se você se fosse,
    Querida, ficaria tão sozinho
    Suplicando de joelhos,
    Tudo que eu peço é por favor, por favor me ame
    Oh sim...

  71. Sin Nombre

    Please love me!!..ouu yeah!!

  72. Peace Zone

    2499 Theme...

  73. walter randon


  74. Kayla Northrup

    Robert plant sent me here

  75. YuriH0777

    Elvis, thank you for your music, its Sublime 🎵🎵🎵

  76. Wayne Baker

    Fantastic backing by the jordanires

  77. Mlchael Wray


  78. rabdo doggy

    This song fit Elvis like a hand in glove. Hauntingly good memories!

  79. Edgardo Parales

    My Favorite Elvis Song since I was a little Kid, I’m 71 now and it’s Still my favorite

  80. Janett Grady

    In the mid-50s (1950s), my steady and I went parking one night, Love Me came on the radio, my future hubby turned it full volume, and we went at it like there was no tomorrow. Today, 2019, whenever we play Love Me, it goes full volume and we go at it like there might be no tomorrow. We're not getting any younger. Thank you, Mr. Elvis Presley. I love your song.

  81. Ro Qui

    Me in highschool trying to buy beer from my boss an getting slap in the back

  82. Tanya Parenteau

    Loooooove this song❤️❤️❤️

  83. jelica Djuric

    Love misica😍😍😍

  84. Aleatoriamente


  85. abandofgeeks

    Caught this on a local oldies station and was floored.

  86. BARB COX


  87. Pierce Ryan


  88. Atetti5 Gaming

    Love me is the Best

  89. John G.

    Ma belle Amande, évanouissons nous un instant sur ce moment.. 💕

  90. Greg Ritz

    this song is why billions of fans love elvis !

  91. Marky Marco

    Butt love me.

  92. Darryl Evans

    It is a great song I agree. Nice meeting you where are u.

  93. Darryl Evans

    Mercy the late and great Elvis put soul into this one mercy great song.

  94. Alexas Machine


  95. Trino Ponce

    God, what a voice. That man was gifted with a beautiful golden voice

  96. Lisa Fury

    Love and adore this one! XXXOOO LOVE LISA

  97. Gildardo Molina

    Still alive he's a preacher!

  98. jillkristin

    Couple years back NPR had a great program on the Leiber/Stoller/Elvis collaboration.
    And how two Jewish boys from New York and a boy from Mississippi by way of Tennessee could relate to each other so well.
    Tom Parker felt threatened, broke it up.
    The Colonel strikes again.

    Rene LeClerc

    I believe that Elvis would have been just as big a star if Bob Neal had remained his manager.  It was Neal who got Elvis on TV - in the beginning - not the Colonel.  It was that national exposure which created the sensation.

  99. Rain Bow


  100. Elvis Presley

    All my cars are in a museum but the music is still out there.