Elvis Presley - Long Tall Sally Lyrics

Gonna tell Aunt Mary 'bout Uncle John
He says he has the blues but
He has a lotta fun
Oh baby, yes baby, whoo-oo-oo-oo baby
Havin' some fun tonight yeah well!

Long tall Sally has a lot on the ball
And nobody cares if she's long and tall
Oh baby, yes baby, whoo-oo-oo-oo baby,
I'm having me some fun tonight

Well, I saw uncle John
With long tall Sally
He saw Aunt Mary comin'
And he ducked back in the alley
Oh baby, yes baby, whoo-oo-oo-oo baby
I'm havin' some fun tonight

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Elvis Presley Long Tall Sally Comments
  1. Marcos Hernandez Cazan

    It's no match for the original but still a fine version! Enjoy it or Screw Ya'll!

  2. Sparky Wyman

    Love this!
    I also Little Richard’s version - both brilliant but quite different sounds.
    I can just imagine a young Elvis singing this - he kinda makes it swing - gorgeous.

  3. Jim & Hugh O'N

    Copying black musicians

    Marcos Hernandez Cazan

    So what! Black people copied others too! Quit being a lame-ass!!,

  4. Ali Baba

    What a bunch of inmature fools are those who comment this sucks, he stole it from Richard, or his is much better. He didn't steal it!, it does not suck! it does justice to the original and obviously the original always the best!! listen to something else instead and Grow up inmature babies!!


    Whether it sucks or not is subjective. Same with whether or not it does justice to the original. People are allowed to have opinions.

    I personally dont think its terrible, but it's not anything special either.

  5. Amoss amos

    A Boy From Tupelo

  6. Ian L

    Nowhere near as good as the original by Little Richard.


    Oh shut up

    Michael Ord

    Ian Lock totally disagree

    Ellen Caroline

    Totally agree with you! Just Little Richard and Eddie Cochran got this music

    Gage brown Kinsel

    Little Richards voice suits it better but, I think this version is good too

    Marcos Hernandez Cazan

    Ian .l. Amen dork!!

  7. Rodolfo Sial

    Naw little Richard bodied this track

    Rodolfo Sial

    Rafaz Alvitre he’s not the king bro Otis Blackwell wrote all his songs and pre recorded it for him to replicate dude just had the pretty boy image that’s all

    Dick Head

    Rodolfo Sial ok? I never claimed him to be the king, in fact, he himself disliked to be called the king.

    Dick Head

    Rodolfo Sial but he’s not just a pretty boy, he actually had talent, you just seem to be too arrogant to accept it.

    Rodolfo Sial

    Dick Head dude I wasn’t even responding to you lol

  8. Will Gamer

    É bom saber que ainda existem brasileiros de bom gosto

  9. marcia karina lopez hernandez

    La.mejor version de.long tall. Sally elvis presley

  10. Laura Stone

    LOVE IT!  Go Elvis!!!!!!!

  11. snippletrap

    prefer beatles version


    Little Richard is the original

    Marcos Hernandez Cazan

    Oookayyy another dork with the I prefer this I prefer that! So lame!

  12. robercik ribi

    In my opinion better than little richard


    Yes, of course that voice growling it with the way ht enunciates the lyrics, out but also it has great rhythm. LR was more wild and noisy.

    Lee Etchells

    Give over.

  13. don james

    The king wow

  14. Soltero.

    i love it!

  15. William Mohan

    Rock-N-Roll at its Best

  16. Omar Jose Camargo Moreno

    Mejor versión la de litte Richad por siempre el gay

    Marcos Hernandez Cazan

    Aun si fuese gay que tiene ver eso imbécil! Los 'hombres' entre comillas que critican a los gays son igual o peores! Tu Debes ser unos de esos pendejos imbeciles e inseguros!

  17. Vedat Gök


    Acervo do Elvis

    Thank you!!!

  18. Carlos Presley

    Melhor versão que já ouvi até hoje.

    Acervo do Elvis

    Grato, presleyano! Tamo juntos! Viva, Elvis!!!

    Marcos Hernandez Cazan

    Melhor cover* version