Elvis Presley - Life Lyrics

Somewhere out in empty space,
long before the human race,
Something stirred,
A vast and timeless source began,
Intelligence was born and then,
there was the world,
Powers filled the universe,
matter formed and broke the curse,
Of nothingness,
Love became an ageless soul,
nature reached her highest goal,
And breathed the breath of life,
Everlasting life.
Well creatures come from out of sight,
Daylight came from in the night,
and all was good,
Life became a masterplan,
Love produced the perfect man,
that understood,
The image of the makers word,
worshipped him with all he had,
But then one day,
From in the depths an evil seed,
grew and manufactured greed,
That changed the way of life,
Everlasting life,
Oh the loving power looked and saw,
Inside the heart of man a flaw,
began to grow,
Well, the fires of hell began to burn,
and so he sent his chosen son,
To let us know,
That love had surely made us all,
and hate would surely make us fall,
So from the cross,
Well he showed the world that dreadful day,
That love could be the only way,
or all is lost of life,
Everlasting life,
For life is love,
And love is life.

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Elvis Presley Life Comments
  1. Scadster

    The narrator of this video is pronouncing Tupelo like it is TWO PELLOW , but it actually is pronounced TOOP E LOW.

  2. Suzanne Houlden

    I went to high school with David Stanley... whoo hoo

    Suzanne Houlden

    And at the 30th anniversary concert, the one where Priscilla spoke... Michael Hutchence was one of the performers and I ran into him out in public later after the show. Another woo hoo.

  3. Cathy Masterson

    There was a time I went through a period when I couldn't stand Elvis. (During some of his movies). But after the '68 come back, and his new music, he was King again!

  4. Ron Trudell

    David Stanley. You didn’t say. I think he. O. D. It was AL STRATA You weren’t upstairs at that time. Every time you tell the story it’s different. You & you’re brother Ricky were bringing him drugs also should of mentioned that. I believe Ricky switched the drugs he brought up to Elvis. That morning. They were both druggies at that time What a shame he had these guys looking out for him. Everybody blames. Sonny & red. How wrong they are

  5. Susan Kelly

    My x husband and Elvis. Had the same birthday but my man was nothing like Elvis!!!! Complete opposite because mine was mean selfish and cold hearted!! Elvis loved his Mom but my hubby hated hated his mom!!! Elvis loved his wife but I was hated by my guy and agreed to Divorce years ago

  6. Lizz Doe

    Unfortunately his doctor was the Only doctor who would allow that mixture or those doses.... Broke the vows he took when he became a doctor. He enabled it and made it possible. He should be in trouble and disciplined(more than he was).
    But yes. Elvis did take the pills himself.
    It’s just shocking and tragic.

  7. Hussein Hussein

    I think there is a quote somwhere which says.....ELVIS IS THE MOST RECOGNISABLE HUMAN IN HISTORY

  8. Mag Magnet

    The part about his legacy is BEAUTIFUL! I cried. This is so well-made.

  9. Mag Magnet

    The person at 17:26 looks like David Bowie in disguise, LOL!

  10. no288

    30:19 not true he had not vomit...give the man some respect

  11. BlueEyed Scorpio

    15:40 *Elvis!!!!!* 💯😣😍🤗😭😢💯

  12. george xmas

    elvis was created because jesus's magic wasn't enough

  13. Ehdh Hdsj

    Elvis e nel cuore di tutti se solo lo guardi ti a letrizato figurati bambina se lo ascolti ti fa venire brividi oltre al immaginazione fai così prima di ascoltare bussa 2 volte e poi ! Elvis 👑💍💎❤

  14. Saphire Blue

    It always makes me angry when they accuse Elvis of moving in a sexual way. I have been watching him since day one, and although he always moved around a lot but NOTHING vulgar. NOTHING.

  15. anish anand

    I can't stop caring, say no to drugs

  16. J. B.

    Military Elvis was very, very hot!!

  17. Randy Harris

    Elvis is so big because he made people feel good his voice was incredible touched your soul

  18. Randy Harris

    Nobody knows for sure why elvis died


    There always has been, and will always be GOD!
    "JESUS said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I Am."
    John 8:58!
    "I Am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty." Revelation 1:8!
    Yes! He's coming SOON!

    Jackie Schiettekatte

    Révélation 1 .. 8 c es jehovah Dieu qu' il n'a ni de commencent ni de fin ! 👑 le cite JW ORG TÉMOINS dej jehovah répond aux questions que l ON se pose preuve à l appuie 📖


    My brother Alvin served in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne (Screaming Eagles!) When he came home, he called himself "The One dollar Man"...and I found out why later. Elvis got a little over a hundred dollars, but Alvin's mustering out check (after deductions) was ONE DOLLAR. I saw the check cut by the United States government. He was a Bronze Star War hero. Shame on America for that. But through it all, after arriving DOA at Mount Diablo Hospital in 1986, former agnostic Alvin FINALLY received JESUS! The surgeons gave him quadruple bi-pass heart surgery, during which he died THREE MORE TIMES! When he came to on the recovery room table he said, Beat THAT rap! My brother Johnathan said, Man you were cold! You were blue! You were DEAD! You did NOTHING! My sister said, The LORD! Alvin pondered... WHAT did the LORD have to do with THIS! But after careful rationalization, he received JESUS on the recovery room table! HALLELUJAH! Then he married again, had another child and became a Chaplain for the Illinois State Prison System. JESUS took him Home in 2004, after he had led MANY prisoners to the church rehab program! Souls for the Kingdom! Praise be to the Living Lord Jesus! 💓


    Another post said without Elvis we wouldn't have had the hippies. Without Elvis, they said, we wouldn't be where we are today. Mercy!
    St John 3:16! 💓
    JESUS is coming again SOON! HALLELUJAH!


    Another post said without Elvis we wouldn't have had the hippies. We wouldn't be where we are today. Mercy!
    St John 3:16! 💓
    JESUS is coming again SOON! HALLELUJAH!

  23. music2soothmysoul

    Funny this is under amazing ppl. He was the most fascinating, but the rest of the ppl on here could not come close to his story, life, charisma, patriotism, charity, humanity, not even close.

  24. Mithun Banerjee

    Legend never die !

  25. Agostino Ieraci

    Elvis for me deserved the highest price for all He do for the Story of the Music. Humble ,beatiuful ,great talent,charisma, wonderful great voice, passion ,wonderful son this is Elvis . The greatest forever.

  26. Tori Victoria

    I dont understand why very artistic icons always abused prescription drugs
    And usually die from it...

    Rip elvis

    Dan said

    because human beings are never meant to be worshiped, the deep down we know it.

  27. Dominick Mccurdy

    21:44 she think she slick lol

  28. martel732

    "Two-Pell-o" Uh, no.

  29. Robin Jofre


  30. Steve Mason

    Truly one of a kind... Only a super human could have achieved what Elvis did. I hate it when people and the press refer to him as a dug addict. Not even close to a skidrow junkie, but they sure want to make it sound that way. I understand completely the crazy schedule of show biz and needing little "pick~me~ups" to keep up with what the fans want. Then you can't sleep when you need to, so you take something for that. The addiction creeps up on you slowly. I never blame the star, but the money hungry doctors who keep giving the drugs.

  31. nelkka kim

    F you who put your thumbs down!!!!!!!

  32. Gabriele Gabr

    I LOVE VERY MUCH ELVIS PRESLEY😍💎💍💌💟💞💝💜💛💚💙💗💕💓💘👄💑👫💏😻💖💋❤😘😘😘😘😘

  33. Cheeky girl blue N

    King Elvis is ridiculously beautiful what amazing man 👑👑💙💙

  34. Graham Tinker

    Elvis made 31 movies the king of rock and roll

    Josephime Lehman

    I watched them all too. Still look for Elvis movies. My favorite singer, actor and not anyone comes close. Always will love Elvis!!

  35. Mike Wright

    Decided to google Elvis and learn more about him. It's safe to say that almost everyone in the world knows who he is but I wanted to know more. And he seemed like a real nice guy and revolutionized so much with his music. He also seemed to not care that he was pretty much at the top of fame, he acted like everyone else. That's very rare these days.

    Then the drugs. But with his very busy schedule and all that I don't blame him for having something extra to buff him, but they are highly addictive so he fell to the trap like many others.

  36. Pam Lyles

    Elvis will always be loved

  37. Elvis king of music tcb

    I hate Michael Jackson

  38. xhizors

    The greatest singer who ever lived


    That's the dang truth.

  39. nik1959jr


  40. columbusshort45

    Rock and roll was stolen from black people


    OR you could sound a little more positive by saying - R'n R 'acknowledged' black people's music, and helped make the whole world aware of their amazing creations.

    Sandrina Otelli

    Most celts are great whites and South had many blacks

  41. Michael Phipps

    Hello to all of u friends an Elvis Aaron Presley fans all over the nation im Michael Phipps listen up for hundredth time as ive bn sayin for the longest time i know an i can prove Elvis Aaron Presley faked his own death back n Aug. 16,1977 an he swore everybody to silence includin his only child Lisa Marie an his money ex wipe Priscilla Presley n Aug.he ordered an expensive wax dummy to b placed into the copper lined casket w/a small air conditioner at the ft.of it to keep it from desolvin an on Aug.16,1977 the casket was placed into the real hearst an they took it to wherever it wet w/16 white caddilacs followin behind the real hearst the way Elvis had prearranged to make it look as natural as possible an the same night a fake hearst backed up against some big bushes i call them hedge but anyway as i was sayin the fake hearst backed against some huge bushes an the very back door of the fake hearst opened up an the real Elvis Aaron Presley crawled out an he wiped his face an from then on Elvis went into hidin an i also know the real true story bout why he faked his own death an i also know who it was i know more bout Elvis Aaron Presley than anybody n his whole family i know where he was livin after he faked his own death i also know all bout the sneakin lyin stealin so-called col.tom parker too that's all im sayin for free cause it took me nearly 41yrs.investigation to find all this out as i was sayin that's all im sayin for free for the rest of my whole true story for any comment txt me at 931335-1868 it's worth the price an ive had offers but they wasn't reasonable enough

  42. Errol Nicholson

    Remember that Elvis Presley picked up a BLACK INFLUENCE at a Black Church!!!!

  43. Logan Helser

    Thanks it helped in class

  44. Tata Spain

    ELVIS he was uniquel!

  45. Shafiato Shaf Masta

    13:35 guy at the back must have made some doe off those pics...

  46. Manoj Balabantaray

    I love Elvis Presley

  47. 1962pjh

    Toopello? Besides that, Donny Osmond wrecked this for me in the opening minutes so, I will stop watching in case he pops up again.

  48. anıl erden

    I  love Elvis Presley so much. he and his music will never die and they will live forever.

    Kristin Griffith

    I love all of you so much I would never ever ever ever ever ever let him go in my heart I already have a necklace of him so I won't let him out of my heart and I will remember him every day so I will not ever ever ever go back to the old days to see him and seen from my necklace I love you all because you love Elvis Presley

  49. Lisa Milena Music

    Thank you for sharing your video of Elvis Presley’s greatness! ✨🎄

  50. Steve DL

    Elvis was as famous as everybody else put together whom lived at the same time as he did. Its just ridiculous how famous he was.

  51. CJ The Cherokee Indian Elvis

    And That Is The Name Of That Tune.Quote from his Minister.

  52. teeg gar

    He was an icon ! He thinking he wasn't he was amazing even n death ! International he was looking down Elvis you can see you are still missed and loved !

  53. Cockney Rebel

    Elvis, himself, once entered an Elvis impersonators' competition, and lost, so the story goes- (he only came third!) o.o


    That ain't true.

  54. MrSchmolko

    elvis...the tale of the boy that was sold and turned into a product, killing him in the end. fuck greedz america and everything being turned into business. never mind art or human feelings.

  55. Marilyn Clark

    Thank God the old stiff shirt blow hards didn't succeed in trashing Rock n Roll, what a bunch of old jealous wind bags.Lol.

  56. Mason Bush

    he died on the toilet

  57. Marie Darci

    I would of rather Elvis had giving his heart mind and soul to his spiritual side of his persona , to what he was searching for through out his short lived life , of which i believe , was a meaningful relationship as likened to the strong bonding he had with his Mother , that of Jesus would of been of more comfort and someone to have followed whole heartedly , that He the Lord God and Master of all mankind never used or abused or led any of us a stray , as sadly as many Celebrities left to their own devices and worldly pursuits , succumb as do we all to Satan s buffeting 's as in weaknesses temptations of the flesh , worshipping false idols etc his enticing s so subtle and beguiling
    Elvis was such a gifted talented entertainer in his own right , but for all his wealth , status and fame he never found true happiness or a sense of belonging in this world that he instead chose to push his own self destruct button , that many of his so called friends helped him push in turn Sadly far too early his demise .
    Thank you for what you did best Elvis to have used your God given talents your amazing voice , your generosity , your gift to give of yourself a selfless , caring disposition , sharing your wealth with those less fortunate , that he never forget his roots to his own impoverished childhood .
    A loving Caring man !!!!!!!

  58. Bob M

    Every guy wanted to imitate and every girl wanted to be intimate with Elvis

  59. Rachel S

    nobody will never be as great entertainer that Elvis Presley, The King was. 💙

  60. OhYeah?

    The narration sucks, no enthusiasm, no insight, and full of contradictions and errors. She keeps emphasizing he’s an _American_ icon but then admits he’s a world wide presence. Can the pathetic British ever get anything right?

    Jacqueline Zanetta

    orthotox she sounds aussie actually ☺

  61. Sivle Aaron

    That backstabbing phony Stanley shitbag needs to remember that Elvis only had one brother and sadly he died right at birth.Him and his mother have made up soo many lies about the King that's so outrageous just so they can keep milking him for money.Rot in hell asshole.

  62. Danielle Tirpkoff

    Some of the facts of the life and career of Elvis Aaron Presley that I would of never knew!❤💘💓💔💛💜💙❣💚💕💖💌

  63. Periwinkle Sloth

    I hate how some people remember Elvis as that guy who had sideburns the one who wore the shiny leather jumpsuit and cape but then there's other people who remember him as the godfather of rock and roll

    Vinnie Mutschler

    I don't understand your comment....... so you're saying that you hate everyone????

  64. Sean Anthony Theseira

    i love his hair

  65. ひろこ静香。にしのにの


    Vinnie Mutschler

    I agree...... well said!!!!!!


    I will always love Elvis Presley I've been a fan since I was 11years old
    ty u Elvis for ur love and time u allowed us to have with u
    I love u and miss u dearly. sandy hallman Whitaker uer dieheart fan

  67. donna iamiceli

    love him thats all i could say i hope when i die i will see him

    Kerrie Mayhew

    donna iamiceli I hope so too 😁 I think there will be a long line to see him too 😉 and at least he had a twin brother Jessie double the fun


    Or you could just google Bob Joyce?

    Pauly P


  68. GageTDC2019

    I miss u dad

  69. Sivle Aaron

    David Stanley is a trailer trash drug addict who used Elvis just like his whore mother..Now he hides behind the bible like he's a saint but he is a lowlife still trying to make a buck off the King.If Elvis was alive this dirtbag wouldn't say nothing to his face or E would knock his fake ass out.

  70. Anthony Dowd

    You kill him off halfway through this film, completely ignoring his movie schedule and lack of live performance in the sixties to focus on the impersonators. Why bother to make this thing at all? A waste of my time.

    Charissa Ramdoo

    exaggerate much?

  71. Barb Goodwin

    David and all his brothers are ASSES!!!!!

  72. Cp Da Don

    elvis lives

  73. Janice Lyons

    "American Singer & Actor Elvis Presley - Biography and Life Story".... Check this out!!

  74. Georgia Morena

    Oh, I hate those impersonators. There's only one Elvis. And Elvis did not try to be somebody else. If these men want to be famous as Elvis, they have to prove their own stuff; not borrow.

    Ray Adkins

    +Georgia Morena Awesome Comment

    Elaine Fatteicher

    Ray Adkins

    Dani Ollie

    AGREED!!! They are a farce. People making money off the back of a legend, by capitalising on the grief of the masses.

    Juanita Burns

    Dani Ollie o

    Pam Lyles

    I feel the same way and you wouldn't believe how many people get mad at me for feeling that way. They are making money from someone else instead of on their own and it really makes me sick.

  75. GermanMartin MB

    LMFAO, no offense, but Elvis' great grandmother was not a JEW! Jesus, no offense, but those people have to stick their noses, and claim everyone, and their mother is a JEW!I apologize Elvis brings people together, but these people, want to make you stab yourself with their damn propaganda!Elvis, was, is, and will always will be a Christian, and he did not regard himself anything else, and never, ever stated anything, or had any Jews around.

    Tamara Smith

    +Cp Da Don Really I don't care about his heritage. The only thibg that matters is the individual, Elvis.

    Cp Da Don

    +Tamara Smith but if it didn't matter then why are u commenting about it lol. I was just trying to help u out with what I know to be true. u brought it up before I did. damn ppl are so rude for no reason. u try to help a person out with wat ya know then they get all hateful for no reason. so being Jewish doesn't matter so being something else does. wow ppl are racist and biggots and it get worse as days go on. so reply with all the hate comments u won't I will not reply or condone this kinda behavior

    Tamara Smith

    +Cp Da Don I don"t know why you think I was being rude or hateful to you. I just meant to say that one's current religion does not mean that they don't have something else in their background or ancestry. When I said I don't care about this issue, I just meant that I would not be judging Elvis' worth because of what was in his family tree.

    Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

    Jenny Maher

    Elvis had both a Christian cross and a Star of David put on his mother's headstone. His friend, Marty Lacker, who was around from the fifties and was in Elvis' wedding party, is Jewish. Elvis identified as a Christian, but he didn't reject Jews in any way. He was also good friends with Sammy Davis Jr, another Jew.

    Papo's Rose

    GermanMartin MB His mother had Jewish heritage. Look it up!!#

  76. GermanMartin MB

    My fiances mother is a Christian from Iraq, and she talks about how during that time even in the Middle East, and Iraq people adored him. She says she would watch his films, and I do not know which one, but she said, he died in one of the films, and she says she would bawl her eyes out. He did impact the world. He was king! A true King!

    Tamara Smith

    +GermanMartin MB Elvis died in his first movie, "Love Me Tender".

    Cp Da Don

    I agree with u. thanks fr the story and insight and thanks for ur love for the greatest singer ,actor and artist every. thanks friend TCB godbless u sir.

    Cp Da Don

    +Tamara Smith and in flaming star

    Patricia w Collins

    ,He also died in FlamingStar

    Pam Lyles

    He died in Love Me Tender and in Flaming Star he was going to the hills to die. I cried in both of them, still do everytime I watch them. But I cried for days when he died.

  77. Caramel CuteSwagg

    I really do enjoy him. I love his courage to be unconventional and be the first to swing his hips when it was uncommon and taboo for a man. Lol me and Elvis as performers have courage and unconventionalism in common. I absolutely love that. Great job Elvis, whatta guy, whatta career. Do rest in peace. Surely you look down from heaven. Bravo Man. Lol love the music. :-)

  78. IamNobodysHW

    Great video, so glad I found this. I am a female and I have tattoo's of ELVIS and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. 8/16/15  It's hard to believe he has been gone 38 years but he will always live in my heart.

  79. Gocatgo

    His story, his voice, his looks, his charisma, continue to fascinate. Elvis was unique.

  80. RuthTCB

    Fabulous video about our beloved Elvis! He was betrayed by those he trusted and loved. He deserved so much better!! Elvis was a kindhearted and generous human being. He loved God and his family.  He gave his all to his fans!  Elvis was the greatest entertainer of all time and his fans will always love him! I'm an Elvis fan and proud of it!

    tony spicer

    +RuthTCB right with you sis. ive been a fan since i was 5 in 65 and there is only one elvis.

    Jean-Bernard Caffiaux

    Miss NOEMI QUILLOPE/ Telecommunication Control Bureau (T.C.B. in 1977 ) c/o Mr. CEFERINO CARREON - Dir./ Office just front of STO. DOMINGO Cathedrale/Basilique/Church of Eulogio Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines, beside National Printing Press/ A LICENCED & had a PERMIT on T.C.B. / it really sold like hotcakes/CREPES FRANCAISES/FRANCAIS...a boom of telephone portables/, whew ..que'lle technology, Info Tech/ since 2013, I was entertained/informed on You Tube- ELVIS PRESLEY, etc., etc,...very educational prog. re/ MASS COMMUNICATIONS/MULTIMEDIA! 18:50/15 JUIN 2016/Mercredi..

    Nilda Araga

    RuthTCB you're absolutely right !

    Josephime Lehman

    I also have been a fan all my life. To his singing and movies. Just listening to Elvis's voice was special. Long live Elvis!! I believe Elvis didn't die. Faking his death was the only way out. Elvis had medical issues to take care of. A rest needed to happen. Taking care of business.

  81. Jo Anne Keryger

    Has anyone ever been to Graceland? I was there 2 times myself.

    Lana Esslinger

    Jo Anne Keryger I'm going for the 2nd time in 2 weeks

    Karoline Smail

    Jo Anne Keryger twice myself too ..

    Sheila Moody

    I haven't but hope soon I am and Elvis fan I was born in 1973 love me some Elvis Presley

    Pam Lyles

    I went there on my honeymoon, best honeymoon I could ever hope to have. My husband passed away six years ago and I would give anything to live that time over again. We were married for 23 years.

  82. Jo Anne Keryger

    I always had a huge "CRUSH" (if u will) on Elvis. My mom knew this too. One day the new guy I was dating was to pick me up and meet my parents (he was 10 years older than myself). When my mom saw him her jaw dropped to the floor! She said, "Do know he looks like Elvis?" I did. I dated him for over 1 year. Oh, and he was from south Carolina... a country boy or I should say man... with manors, religious, donated his time to help a half way house, the whole 9 yards.. (thought i'd share that..lol).

  83. Suzanne Rodgers

    You can't beat a bit of elvis and the rest can try to be like him but there is only one king of pop and rock and roll music elvis rules and lives through his music which is still playing today don't hear much of the others who tried to copy him

    Jacqueline Zanetta

    Suzanne Rodgers no not pop.... MJ is king of POP

  84. fairybits

    I personally do not believe Elvis died on the toilet seat.They made such a claim,yet than said they found him on the bathroom floor.How could they know he was on the toilet seat? This is a MARIE BROOKS BS STORY.I bet he died elsewhere in the house.And somebody else claimed that Lisa was not there,or actually gone,but made the claim that he kissed her goodnight before going to bed.BS.

    Tamara Smith

    +fairybits I don't think he died on the toilet seat either. Only because they told so many stories before that. Why dod they always try to embarass hims?

  85. Janey C

    VERY well done ! Thank you for your video.

  86. Sandra Miller

    Elvis is still loved today by a lot of people all over the wold and Elvis to loved his fans Elvishis family. His faith never. Wavered. In God. He already was sad about his family not coming back then his body guards who proved not to be his friends. Betrayed him and was mean to his fans and Elvis. Iawyer thought it would be better to let them go. So Vernon fired them. And they wrote a book for revenge. Not to help him the truth is they were Jelious of Elvis because he was everything they couldn't or never would be you don't betray a true friend. Elvis was good to everybody he had a loving. Genious heart and people took advantage of him. Elvis was the greatest singer who ever walked this planet nobody will ever fill his shoes or place also he was a very handsome man who changed the wold he was a example of love and kindness. To people. But he was only human to he had feelings his heart was broken. He was a lonely man who needed love guidness and time w people who appreciated him. Elvis was special. I still love the man his music. A fan a friend always. Sandra Miller. 2015.

    Clara Vela

    Sandra Miller
    I am totally agree with you.

    Ron Trudell

    Sandra Miller Wrong. SONNY & RED. The so called bodyguards tried to to help him & tell him what he was doing to himself threatened the ones that were bringing it to him RED said he knew the drugs had him & were going to get him &felt. Sick he could help him. Red would of killed someone if they threatened Elvis Get the facts Question. How long did he last. WITHOUT THEM. Now you know.