Elvis Presley - First In Line Lyrics

When they gave out eyes like diamonds
That would shame the stars that shine
My darlin' my darlin'
You were the first in line
When they gave out lips like honey
That hold a new thrill every time
My darlin' my darlin'
You were the first in line

There may be others
that know you longer
Who pledge their hearts to you
But there's no other
could love you stronger
Any stronger than I do
Don't refuse me, say you'll choose me
I'm yours, oh please be mine
My darlin' say I'm your darlin'
The first, and the last in line

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Elvis Presley First In Line Comments
  1. hotwheelstar

    ❤️I love you my Celine ! ❤️. This song of the king is for you and me . " For the life and not for the afternoon ! " 😉

  2. Cristian Elvis

    Easily the greatest song ever made,who am I kidding every song this man made was the best song 💪 😉 RIP Elvis

  3. zerx harris

    ELVIS FOR LIFE!!😭😭❤❤

  4. patrick ryan

    Somehow a great pain expressed in this song - haunting. 10/2019

  5. QAnon Tube

    2019 and still listening!!! Love this song!!!

  6. Pierce Ryan

    One of me Mas favourite singers..Oui.