Elvis Depressedly - Pepsi / Coke Suicide Lyrics

Truest love
Void on fire
You have haunted my desire

Always real, always right
Always alright

Live across
Heaven's blood
I am forgetting to be someone

Always real, always right
Always alright

Kill me as
I become
The dull aching heart of everyone

Always real, always right
Always alright

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Elvis Depressedly Pepsi / Coke Suicide Comments
  1. gabriel, an intellectual

    This song is pure nostalgia to me. Miss you, my dear friend, although we don't talk to each other anymore, I hope you know I wish you the very best in your life. Forever.

  2. Иван Антонов

    This song has My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes vibes

  3. Migz Skywalker

    This song will always be my secret gem. Shout out to all the people who came across this song because they feel empty. This song is for us 🍻

  4. Side Flip

    This, is That song. Not My song, but That specific one.

  5. andreas hahn


  6. Mario Quinones

    Dude this band name

  7. Assad has his own nazbol gang now

    Someone on 4chan /r9k/ sent me here. If you see my comment, hello.

  8. Stephen Hancock

    Pepsi/Coke suicide artillery only.

  9. Reinhold Leistikow

    Das ist ein sehr guter Tag 🏷 und ich liebe diese Bilder und das Lied

  10. Clay

    Pepsi/Coke Resurrection with 1.25 or 1.5 speed ♥️

  11. Bob Langford

    It would be great if this guy dressed like Elvis and did that thing with is upper lip, but instead with his bottom lip.

  12. Joe Camenzind

    OK guys, I am having a down at the moment and am looking for songs like this one...to listen to alone at night in my room. Do you have any suggestions?

    Suzanne Bolin

    Yeah I do.

    Иван Антонов

    Friendships and love by Rocketship, Sometimes by My Bloody Valentine, any song by Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Another Weekend by Ariel Pink, Ivy by Car Seat Headrest, My Friends Don’t Know by Dandelion Hands

  13. SOPHIE

    People must know how to live a little when they know this song 💕

  14. J.A.Z

    I've always wanted to make a music video using footage of my parents wedding and then killing myself at the end

  15. Jonah Shriver

    Goodness gracious, Princess Diana looks just like my late grandmother when she was young. I love you Jean, your soul has left your cancer-ridden body and is now resting in peace. I love you.


    hmmm 😏car crash + marriage ...makes me wonder

  17. RottingAristocrat

    When I listen to this I feel enveloped in this oddly comforting, bitter sweet sadness. Idk how else to describe it. Its lovely.

  18. full Soundtracks

    Love it

  19. Michelangelo Timothy

    It’s kinda weird but this song makes me really happy but really sad at the same time

  20. Alan Hero

    A good friend recommended this to me

  21. Josh Mason

    I still find myself always coming back to play this gem

  22. Lil Bend

    1:02 por que pone esa cara de asco, pendeja horrible, nah mentira ahora debe estar muerta xd

  23. tedium1313

    how did I find this? I have no clue but thank God I did

  24. Isabel Collins

    where do you find all your footage?

  25. dented vegetables

    you make me feel so confused
    a need an explanation for middle school
    what was that?

  26. Sad Boi

    Hope ur happy with ur new one, 3 years might not be enough for us anymore. While I'm trying to recover myself from a sickness u give all of ur time to someone else.


    I'm A weird kid

  28. Brian May

    This is way better than any million dollar music video put out by the music industry today.

  29. Thais Circelli Ok

    mbv vibes

  30. Cockatoo Magnet

    I love their name.

  31. Aya Afterlife

    Salvia Palth <3

  32. ed sapien

    All love crashes and burns eventually...

  33. anna tzin

    I always come back to this when I feel sad. It means a lot to me without really knowing why

  34. Emilie Fontaine

    you shook my soul with that playlist

  35. Alex

    How the car hits the barrier when the beat drops 👌

  36. Salb814

    Elvis Depressly would have been a way better band name, but I wonder if Depressedly was chosen instead to avoid copyright issues?

  37. dutchbagel

    have a new album up that took me forever. inspired by these boys. look at it or youll die in 7 business days

  38. alex Bissell

    Not being creepy but I think u are hot

  39. alex Bissell

    How old are u

  40. Olivia Aguila-Perez

    i love this song but OH BOY do i have HORRIBLE memories associated with it

  41. Zach S

    I want to be sad but I'm just so numb :( I think it's my anti-depressants ...

  42. Jonathan Gorr

    Stupid fucking video. Good song.

  43. Scott Raynor

    Holy shit these bois know how to make music

  44. Tara O'Reilly

    That clip of silence at the end where ya heart grips in a vice

  45. BurningStoners

    They opened up for turnover when i saw them in November. Great show 🤙🏼

  46. clockworkofmadness

    i found this cause i heard it on the radio bout a year ago and ever since ive been listening to i

  47. Cozydragon

    Got my heart broken today. Life really fucking sucks sometimes.

  48. Zach Sutton

    Similar to the beginning of Mulholland Drive.

  49. Croissant

    Such an underrated song

  50. Kennedy Whitmore

    seeing these dudes later tonight 💖

  51. sadgasm /

    i made myself a cup of tea, sat outside with this song and a cigarette, and my ex girlfriend told me she missed me


    sadboi 1996 is that a good thing?

    sadgasm /

    Spotlessmind i think so cuz i thought she hated me

    Victor Eli

    How you doing a year later?

    6.57 Crew

    Hope you're good man

  52. Amal Handley

    remind me of early modest mouse

  53. memes musicales

    this happens when you drink bleach with feelings

  54. Tainara Cavalli

    que banda cabulosa de locaaaaaaaa

  55. arrabella

    I have decided that if I ever get the guts to kill myself, this is the song I'll do it to.


    thats the dumbest shit i ever heard


    InUtero1234 is it tho?

  56. Jimmy Burbank

    🅱️epis/coke suicide is one of my favorite songs

    unoriginal name

    Jimmy Burbank I know this comment is two yrs old but it still makes me laugh lmao

    fucking generic youtube account

    @unoriginal name i am eating my oats and smiling while i read ur comment

  57. Croissant

    I fucking love this kind of music

  58. TeamAntiSocial

    Could anyone kindly tell me what the effect used in this video is called? I thought it was datamoshing at first but it's too clean.


    Nevermind, it's luma keying.

  59. K Dread

    this song is genius is more ways than one.

  60. Hollow Lucifer

    I'm going to trip to this song and just play this for hours it really touched me thank you❤

    Nathaniel Rossi

    (: i'm am now brother <3 have a nice night <3 :)

    Shyanne Ramone

    Hollow Lucifer nnn

  61. HolAloH

    ver esta madre marihuano te dan ganas de suicidarte alv

  62. holku1990

    am I the only one who wonders how many of the married couples made it to a ripe old age, happy they're still together? and how many ended up in divorce or lived miserably until their dying days, never separating to give the other person the satisfaction of being rid of them.....

    Nykkii Sahl

    Leading cause of divorce is marriage.

    Leah Mitchell

    45% of marriages in the UK end in divorce

  63. team pancakes :-D

    elvis depressedly=underrated as hell

  64. FearHater

    video and song is a drug

  65. Up coming cloud rapper luca

    hit like before the video even started playing

  66. dræming.

    I like to imagine that this is what death is like.

    fucking generic youtube account

    i like to imagine that i am dead already

    Patrick Kettner

    In my experience it’s similar but more like a soup and more colorful

  67. uyhjj 13

    hallo, fährt jemand am 19. April von Tirol zum elvis depressedly konzert in salzburg?

  68. Shirley Bertrand

    good to trip on heroin

    Conscious Self

    I would imagine

  69. Ishtiaque Ahmed

    Need an iPhone/Android suicide song xD

  70. memes musicales

    i really hope that elvis wont have possers

  71. th3FT pUnK

    That's depressinglydepressfuldepression

  72. gill mane

    can't get enough of this band. RIP DIANA. David, your visual accompaniment is truly heartbreaking in the best kind of way. Thank you.

  73. memes musicales

    elvis depressedly its basically a fucking god, the only one that deserves the heaven

  74. Metamorfosis Crónica

    21 Años. No se realmente que quiero hacer con mi vida. Finalizando una carrera universitaria que me gusta nada. Cada vez mas solo. Dios este tipo de música como no me va a atravesar el alma.

  75. elliot

    fucking love this vid. gives me good vibes

  76. Yung Dakota

    u guys should check out Homeshake they got some good vibes

  77. annika ramone

    1 year ago today

  78. Dan Dinh

    chords? all i got from this was F major 7 and C lol

    James Lepore

    I play it as:
    F Major 7 - C - F Major 7 - C - E min - C - F Major 7 - C

  79. taylor crotteau

    i love all your work!!! so cool to see the clips you put together for all these songs

  80. RubberCement

    is this music video supposed to be about princess diana's death? very sad if so ;(


    >wedding in a tiara video - all the cars crashing

  81. André Viana

    Sinceramente, essa musica me deixa num estado de inercia tão forte, n sei explicar.

  82. Left Leg

    This some emo shit I might die if I keep listening

    Tara O'Reilly

    Left Leg d i e f 0 r e v eh

  83. Maddie Everlasting

    your account has all the best artists

  84. ponyboy

    Beautiful 😍

  85. nicksly.

    the name is fire

  86. freeblom who makes songs

    when i clicked on this video i had no idea it was a song

  87. elliot

    the visuals in this video are super cool and so well edited i love it

  88. A Skeleton that is both Spooky and Scary

    The name "Elvis Depressedly" mad me laugh way harder than it should have.


    A Skeleton that is both Spooky and Scary

    I have one of their shirts and the bandname always makes people laugh or it makes them question my sanity


    spoopy af

    Rainy Campbell

    More than johnny deppressedly?

    John Schilling

    dont be mad

    cyber mimi

    been thinking of your comment for the past 3 years whenever someone asks me about music

  89. Natasha Lehner

    i cant believe how good this is

  90. lame

    so beautiful

  91. Ana Santos

    É como se eu pudesse ouvir o momento em que minha alma se desloca do meu corpo, quando sinto que não sou real e o vazio me consome até os ossos. E o vídeo me machuca tanto quanto... Mas é um trabalho artístico muito lindo em conjunto (a música e o vídeo)

    Jen Ester


    Kátia Lamara

    vocês tem amigos?

    Ana Santos

    Kátia Lamara não muitos, dois eu acho

  92. Fuzzy Failure

    sick tunes

  93. Diony Sousa

    Não tenho como explicar o quanto a musica desse cara me toca.

    Thais Circelli Ok

    mto pica né mano

  94. sound

    Man I can't believe these guys are like 15 minutes away from me


    My mom knows and is friends with his family lol


    (talking about mat cothran)