Elvis Depressedly - Nakamura Lyrics

Rage blooms through you
And blossoms in the back of your mind
Laughing like a riot
Caving to the high

I don't want to be myself around anybody else

Pain moves through you
And settles in the back of your mind
Laughing like a riot
Caving to the high

I don't want to be myself around anybody else

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Elvis Depressedly Nakamura Comments
  1. Eshan Singh

    Is this the dude from coma cinema?

  2. dutchbagel

    needs a tambourine

  3. Jim Vasquez

    The thumbnail definitely would fit as an album cover

  4. Christhyane Torres

    I wanted to like this better but his voice turned me down too much.

  5. kj22697

    Is that an OP-1?

  6. Mr. Right

    Can't wait for Toy Story 4, man

    phoebe caulfield

    U stoked?

  7. Kevin Zkeekz

    This band sounds so much better live.

  8. Peyton

    Wish you guys would assemble a live album and release it on cd

  9. dutchbagel

    whats the instrument she's using?

    Aaron Rodriguez

    dutchbagel OP-1

  10. mike lodeon

    i dont wanna be myselfffffff

  11. tumble weed

    king of emo style?

  12. bigleebrink

    That OP-1 sounds annoying as fuck, kinda ruins the video.

  13. j2tellem

    Love this song! Anyone got chords??

    Noah Dainty

    Haha bro if u ever find them can i have them?


    @Noah Dainty same haha

  14. Ayana J

    just when I thought my local laundromats couldn't suck anymore.

  15. Ayana J

    can't buy your music bc I'm a poor student

  16. versnellingspookie

    i love how Audiotree usually features really loud bands that sometimes play really complex music, but to me these guys just nailed it, to me they have the best performance on this channel. They show that limited instrumentation but great songwriting is what really matters.


    versnellingspookie yea it’s all about emotions

  17. Tales From The Click

    Seinfeld + Elvis D. = perfect


    J’adore me balader sur YouTube et tomber sur des youtuber que j’adore commenter des toutes petites vidéos qui n’ont rien voir avec eux :D

  18. Deacon Rick

    What synth is that


    Deacon Rick its a Teenage Engineering OP-1

  19. Steven Hurwitt

    The streets demand a full elvis audiotree live session

    William Padgett

    The streets still demand this

  20. 9288Savior

    Pause at 2:57 to catch a glimpse of her eyes looking up {::^_^::}

  21. [KSG]Darkassassin

    I love these guys to much

  22. ezequiel gallardo

    me encanto aguante elvisssss

  23. Dakota Miller

    make a full set video for them yo!!!

  24. Chris Woestenburg

    He sings like he just got his wisdom teeth removed. Not saying he’s bad, just goddamn that’s a languid mouth.

  25. Iulian C

    What instrument is that?

    Anti Fluffs

    Iulian Crudu A guitar. :)

    Iulian C

    Anti Fluffs wow. amazing. dem recognition skillz.

    Anti Fluffs

    Iulian Crudu but in all honesty, it's some type of midi board?


    Teenage engineering OP-1

    Iulian C

    LVLthePOM Thank you :)

  26. Callum McCartney

    With every new music video Matt looks like he wants to kill himself more and more

    Mat Cothran

    Life'll kill ya.


    do you have a giant woman fetish?

    Mat Cothran

    you mean the playlist? It was compiled for the video for the elvis depressedly song "inside you".


    thanks was curious lol. also i love your stuff have every song, come to florida plz

  27. Fred Jonsson

    first time i saw this: Damn this fucking hipster shit has gone way too far
    15th time i saw this: Fucking hell thats a mesmerizing song, love it!

    Also, Love the beginning of this series, it will be lit!


    same with everyone i think

  28. Tom Weaver

    I've had this idea for ever to film something in a laundry mat and I've been beaten once again to something. Fuck.

    Great video though.


    watch Alex Calder - Strange Dreams live in a Laundromat then, you will laugh your ass off i swear ;)

    Perfect Pop

    search 'Lavomatik Session My Awesome Mixtape Me And The Washing Machine' it's a 2010 video

  29. jarjar jamjar

    you guys deserve shit for your name

    Mat Cothran

    So do something about it geek.

    jarjar jamjar

    fucking hipster shit
    still a good song
    but fuck them

  30. cristina 6


  31. des0l4te

    esto es realmente increible!, espero que audiotree entienda el comentario, me encanta la temática del video, muy bien logrado <3

  32. Genesis Camden

    luv them

  33. darthmon26

    One of my favorite bands

  34. Tiana O'Neal

    hey this is my favorite song by youse. xx

  35. Vincent Mangano

    I love these guys, so happy to see them on audiotree!

  36. Kelsey McGee

    lol. bunch of marks. NWO4life

  37. Axel Montiel

    Now teen suicide pls haha

    Chubby kid

    Axel Montiel My name is Axel too. Very cool to meet someone spelled the same way. Really gotten into the new album and the previous has absorbed me. I do the dishes with it and it takes me to another world. Bless up


    i have a cousin named Alex


    it would be the bestttttt

    Drewpsufan 2

    I met john at an elvis depressedly show recently and he said that they had broken up which really sucks

  38. Dannyslemondrop

    Love these guys so much

  39. WET SOCK

    more songs por favorrrrr


    Danny Devito Fanclub I'm the trash man

  40. The Daphnes

    Saw these dudes in D.C. They're great.

  41. endarior

    Incredible band name. 10/10

  42. Zeniak

    Huh, never expected to see them on Audiotree

    gage stdon

    lmao ive seen you on like 20 fucking music comment sections at this point we have very similar tastes

  43. Malloca

    cara muito bom essa mudança,love audiotree

  44. lptomtom

    Hipster levels are through the roof and on their way to Venus


    yall need to chill

    Dakota Miller

    hipster is the new depressed and suicidal

    Sailing By The Sunlit Sea PH

    hahahahaha. nice one bruh!


    i think you dont know what a hipster is then lol

    Josué Enrique Peraza

    lptomtom wot

  45. Finn O'Bryan

    anyone know what she's playing on?

    S P

    teenage engineering op-1

  46. Nick Toss

    Thank you audiotree!

  47. the ukuleloser

    his strumming is bothering me.

    the ukuleloser

    lol I feel like it's not in synch, so I've watched this video repeatedly only paying attention to the strumming

    Ayana J

    the ukuleloser your comment is bothering me; song sounds chill

    the ukuleloser

    Ayana J when did I ever diss the song? just stare at how he's strumming. it looks like he's playing with the force of a feather applied by a hang nail


    the ukuleloser the reason he probably doesnt strum too hard is because those instrument mics are very sensitive (especially from up close). I was playing my acoustic in church the other day, and whenever i leaned 2-3 inches too far forward (into a shure sm57) it made me feedback like crazy. So i guess thats why he strums the way he does


    pls keep strumming anyway

  48. christophermarang.

    Is this song named after Shinsuke Nakamura, if soooooo then it's my 3rd favorite song of 2016.


    They just sold a vinyl of their last release. Done!

    sleepwalker estate

    i actually misread it and thought it was a cover of Hiatus Kaiyote's Nakamarra
    was excitedly curious to say the least


    which songs are the first 2?

    Kasey Pettit

    How'd you know? :O

    Rex Perry

    The king of strong style